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Kaderin's POV.

"This is the last time" I choked out, hardly louder than a whisper, as I pulled my leather thigh high boots over my dainty feet and shapely calves. I felt my lover shift on the crimson canopied four poster bed behind me as I zipped up each boot in turn, suddenly her strong and elegant hands were gently caressing my slender shoulders and lithe upper arms. I barely stifled a responsive shiver, but Gods in Valhalla, a feather light touch from my older lover could send ripples of awareness coursing through my veins like a typhoon, reducing me, Kaderin The Cold Hearted, to nothing more than ball of nerves, craving the feel of her warm, magnolia pale, flesh against mine. She was an addiction, in the best possible form, and she had been my drug of choice since the moment she'd first taken me to her bed, well over fifteen hundred years ago when I was nothing more than a young Valkyrie eager to prove herself to the Coven and my lover had already become one of the most feared, reputable and famed figures in the Lore. To this day her name was Legend, spoken in hushed whispers across the globe.

"That is what you said last time, and the time before that, and I even think you said it the time before that..." Her breath tickled the pointed shell of my ear as she pressed herself against my back, despite my intent, I moaned in the back of my throat at the feel of her hard stomach and her full ample breasts melding into me, she possessively trailed her inch-long, retractable, claws up my arms until she had wrapped both her hands firmly around the slender column of my neck. I found her hold wildly exhilarating, though I was two thousand years old and widely renowned for my skill with a blade in our world, she could easily tear my head off if it pleased her. But I didn't feel fear, not even for a moment, I felt safe in her arms.

"...Accept it kitten, he cannot make you feel like I do, and he never will..." She purred smoothly, with a confident smirk gracing her succulent lips, into my pointed ear, I felt my ear twitch like a felines when they became overstimulated. And I was in serious danger of crawling onto my stomach and shamelessly begging her to make love to me again. I always hungered for her, her touch, her scent, her taste the sound of her voice. I had felt dead when she was incarcerated in her watery prison, after discovering her escape almost six weeks ago and it was like the sun had finally risen after half a century of darkness.

She retracted her vicious claws and slowly began tracing her short fingernails down the column of my neck and down my upper chest, I clenched my oval shaped jaw to hold back a desperate whimper when she deliberately halted her wondering palms just above the generous curves of my breasts. Passion flooded my veins like a tidal wave, my breasts swelled in carnal need of her hands covering the ample mounds, my every fibre thrummed and tingled with arousal, and my sex grew almost embarrassingly slick for her, again.

Her melodic, honey-like, voice still held twinges of an exotic accent long lost to the human realm, those who weren't born Valkyrie were created when a female warrior, human or Lore creature, died in battle and shrieked for revenge on those who killed her, only the strongest fallen warriors were chosen to become Shield-Maidens, in return for immortal life and power beyond comprehension she swore undying fealty to the Gods, Woden and Freya, I was such a Valkyrie. My lover was only half Valkyrie, she had been turned after suffering a fatal blow in a gruesome battle dating five hundred years before I was born, she was a skilled fighter, ruthless and incredibly violent when need be, but that was in her very nature, she was after all, half Furiae.

"...And you're seriously deluding yourself if you think you could ever be happy with anyone other than me, we both know that, but trying to make a life with one of them...I am so going to enjoywatching his face crumble when he realises you've been unfaithful." Her hard growl flowed into a mocking laugh as she pressed herself more firmly into my back and whispered into my ear. Her long, silken, raven-dark mane fell over her shoulder, melding with the fall of my own thick, equally long, light blonde strands.

It never ceased to amaze or amuse her, that we had been meeting up at this relatively costly hotel room for over six weeks, vigorously making love for hours on end, and no one had even raised an eyebrow at my routine disappearances, not even Dasha or Rika. A pang of guilt suddenly stabbed through my stomach as she trailed her hands across my chest until she was massaging my slender shoulders. I was helpless to do anything else but lean into her talented touch, still, my thoughts travelled toward Sebastian, my vampire husband, the man who loved me dearly. I abruptly felt tainted by her touch but it didn't stop me tilting my head offering her access to my throat like a submissive shewolf seeking heated contact with the Alpha, her husky growl reverberated in my clavicle as she trailed her lips down my neck before sucking on my erratic pulse point. A rumbling half-purr, half-moan, broke free of my chest before I could quench it, she smiled smugly against my neck as she worked on leaving a love bite high on the side of my throat in plain view for all to see, the mark of her possession would vanish before I got home tonight, but the feel of her suckling on my neck would remain with me, driving me insane with arousal, until the next time she was inside of me. And there would be a 'next time' just as she'd said, because no matter how hard I tried to make my heart beat for Sebastian, after what he had done for me and my blood sisters in the Hie I owed him that much at least, but there was only one person I lived for and it wasn't him. She dominated my every thought, even when we weren't together, she made me feel alive in so many ways, I didn't have to be the strong one all the time with her because she was like a pillar of unyielding marble, I longed for her when we were apart. I loved her, she made me scream as much each and every time I was beneath her, and I knew she felt the same, though she'd yet to admit that our love was just as vibrant, just as potent, as it had been before she'd left for battle five decades ago, but I was one of the only two people in the world she let passed her cold and unapologetic exterior, the other being her beloved twin. I've seen the tender side of her, the side a thousand others would claim doesn't exist, she loved me, I felt it beneath the blatant possessiveness in her touch, I saw it shinning brightly in her blazing purple eyes in the aftermath of passion, I heard it under the clear fury in her words when I came to her wounded, she was just too damn stubborn to say the words aloud.

"I bet he can't even do this without biting you, can he?..." She sneered in my pointed ear, before her lithe arms quickly encircled my tiny waist tightly and her hands covered my straining breasts, vivid waves of pleasure shot across my flesh like electricity, setting my blood aflame. She groaned with primal satisfaction, tracing the shell of my delicately shaped ear with the tip of her tongue as she kneaded my breasts through the material of my white, long sleeved blouse. My needful cry echoed loudly in the hotel room when she ripped my shirt open, sending tiny pearl buttons flying in all directions, and exposed my blue lace covered breasts to the air-conditioned room. My nipples hardened against the cups of my bra, it was so uncomfortable, I needed her, naked skin on naked skin.

"...Answer me Kaderin..." She demanded nipping my earlobe, her sharp, longer than usual, even for a Valkyrie, scratched over my sensitised skin. I blinked rapidly trying to remember what she'd asked me, but to no avail, all I could concentrate on was the fell of her scantly clad body pressing into mine from behind.

"...Can the leech do this without tainting you?" She repeated herself, before teasing my hardened nipples through the obstructive material of my bra, I hissed as the pleasure travelled over my heated flesh down to my clit, I clenched my thighs together trying to relieve the pressure growing between my legs, but the action just emphasised how wet I already was.

"No" I moaned, my brain was barely functioning properly, my senses and instincts were taking over, and they demanded that I forget about Sebastian, forget about the coven, the ongoing war, everything but her touch was inconsequential. I bit my lower lip hard enough to draw blood when the very thing I craved was taken from me, a whimper of longing left my throat as she broke all contact between us, crawling up the king sized four poster bed, under us, to lean back against the rumpled pillows propped up against the mahogany headboard.

"You can leave now" She dismissed me as though I was nothing and that hurt more than any wound I'd suffered in two thousand years, I knew why, still the ache in my chest didn't disperse. Her brusque attitude may hurt me, but I had married someone else while she was being tortured by our enemies. I had felt obligated to work at a relationship with Sebastian. Without him, I would be dead, without him, I wouldn't have been able to go back in time to the day Dasha and Rika were killed in battle and safely taken them back to modern times. I owed him so much, but I didn't love him, I had tried so hard to feel something more for him than affection and trust, I just didn't. And in trying to placate Sebastian, in an attempt to repay that debt I unquestionably owed, I had wounded my lover. I had tried to explain the circumstances of my faux marriage to her, but she refused to listen. In her mind, I had betrayed her, and to an extent, I thought the same.

"How can you act like this means nothing to you?..." I asked bluntly, staring intently at the carpeted floor. I had to make her see, that she had been in my heart every day since we'd met. We had a future, my marriage was a sham, I'd been debating the issue of divorcing Sebastian for some time now, I owed him, I owed him the truth. Her escape from her watery prison held no sway over my decision. But now I did feel like instead of walking away from Sebastian and into the unknown tide of life, I was headed home. Finally.

"...You say that no one makes me feel the way you do, well you're right, but it is the same for you"

"I'm not debating that, but the woman I cared for has turned into leech's whore" She snarled, distaste and aggression marring the melodic tone of her silky smooth voice. I flinched at her answer.

"You abandoned me" I whispered brokenly. It was the only defence I had. Fifty years ago when she left to do battle with the Horde King, Demestriu, Nix the Ever knowing, our half crazy soothsayer of a sister Valkyrie had foretold of my lover's fate and still she'd left, knowing she would fail to kill the ancient vampire King, even though I begged her to stay where it was safe or at least let me fight alongside her. She had refused both my pleas, and I couldn't physically force her to comply.

"I was fated to leave so that the rest of the Coven could fulfil their own destinies. Do not blame your weakness on me" She snapped, her barely discernible accent thickened with rising hostility.

"You could have fought Fate. Face it, you ran away because you couldn't hide what you felt from me anymore" I growled, my voice strengthening as past memories flashed before my eyes, I glanced over my shoulder, toward where she lay propped against the pillows. Her beautifully lithe body, clad only in a black revealing bra and G-string tensed, her hard abdomen rippled warningly, her graceful hands twitched at her sides, she radiated aggression. But it wasn't directed at me. I was one of the most prolific hunters in our history. But even I didn't see her move, until I found myself being tackled to the ground beside the four poster bed, face down on the cream coloured carpet. My lover effortlessly flipped me over onto my back, straddling my tiny waist and catching my wrists in her hands, pinning them above my head. She growled down at me baring her longer than usual incisors as her eyes narrowed dangerously and began to glow, her deep purple eyes were ringed with black circles, she could never pass for human unless she wore sunglasses. Most people were unnerved and fearful of her eyes, the electrical air of power that surrounded her like a cloak threw anxiety into nearly everyone, but her eyes, they were so intimidating. Just not to me, I thought they were beautiful, captivating, mesmerising. A nightmare to others, a sweet dream to me.

"What was the last thing I said to you Kaderin?, don't even try to pretend you don't remember" She growled leaning down to me so close our lips were just mere millimetres away from each other. I didn't realise I was panting heavily until I tried to talk, I licked my suddenly dry lips, watching her eyes latched onto my mouth. She looked ravenous.

"'Only a coward tries to change their fate'" I recited perfectly, wishing she'd stop talking and kiss me.

"It was my fate to confront the Horde King and it was my fate to fail, where Emma would succeed. It was my fate to leave so that Lucia, Danika, Emma, Regin and Myst could find their true mates without fear of my retaliation. I left because I love my family and I would do anything to protect all of you, so don't talk about why I left Kaderin, you don't understand a damn thing about it" I stared up at her dark purple eyes, detecting the undertone of suffering in her voice, I wanted nothing more than to sooth the lasting remnants of the torture she had endured for half a century, chained to the bottom of the ocean, alone, bound by the very chains used to contain Fenrir, the more one struggled the stronger the chains grew. I could only imagine how she managed to break free, after drowning over and over again just to have her immortality revive her, so the cycle of agony could be repeated. Nix had estimated my lover had already died over four billion times, in sequence. There wasn't a moment I had stopped searching for her, but I hadn't been successful, she had broken free from her watery prison, by herself and when she had returned to me, the first thing she'd noticed was the platinum wedding ring proudly adorning my left hand. I hadn't worn my wedding ring since.

"Over two thousand years together, and you still can't admit that loving me scares the hell out of you, can you?" I tilted my head quizzically. Her long slender fingers tightened around my wrists, her hold was firm, but not enough to hurt me. My lover's eyes softened as we stared back at each other. I was suddenly very aware of her settled on my lean hips, I suggestively rolled my hips up into the cradle of her statuesque body, arching my back in offering. I knew she'd never accept my words of comfort, that was just who she was, but I could show her how much I regretted the past fifty years, how much I had missed her, how grateful I was to which ever God had helped guide her home to me.

"Say my name, tell me who you really belong to"

"Furie" The Valkyrie Queen.