Harry James Potter had never been anything but trouble.

Harry, with all his Gryffindor glory, was probably the most honourable person that you could ever meet. He was kind, even with his overactive temper. He was considerate within his personal moral reasoning - it was nice to have around but, to be honest, a killer to try and put up with. Do you know what could possibly be worse than all that?

Being his twin sister.

I know you most likely haven't heard of me, to be honest I'm not really surprised. It's probably for the best considering what you would have heard of me never ends up being very flattering. I do not have the sterling reputation my older sibling hogs.

'You Potter's are always so malleable. A good mind - wise, observant. Your talent to read people is impressive...but you must be sly to do this...and oh, my dear, such bitterness! Fascinating. Just look at all that passion...you've a silent kind of courage, not quite so bold as he...for twins you're very diverse. You use your passions well, for good purposes and to great expense. You are a talent, my dear. So where do you belong? I can see you thriving in SLYTHERIN!'

That was all it took for a hat to ruin my life. I liked Slytherin, don't get me wrong. They have pretty colours and a lot of perks for miscrience like mine, but I have a distinct problem with handling myself and bowing to authority. Constantly being a general kiss-ass has never been a talent of mine, either.

I guess it's possible you heard some whispers of me in our first year at Hogwarts, when I was sorted into Slytherin, a feat that startled the entire school. It was some storybook cliché that started me off with a bad reputation before I had done anything to deserve it. You wouldn't have gotten to hear that I was the one who calmed down Fluffy and helped them get through the trap door in the third floor corridor, or that I grew quite close with the giant pups. You wouldn't have gotten to hear how I went down to Hagrid's hut everyday to go take care of Norbert, who I took a particular liking to. You wouldn't have even heard about me being down there when my brother found the Philosophers stone...oh, right. That's because I wasn't involved in that last, all adventures stayed away from my understanding unless they needed me as a distraction.

You probably didn't hear about how in second year I was put through the ringer all because everyone suspected it was me who was Slytherin's heir. Well, they all suspected up until I was petrified with the lot of the 'enemies of the heir'. Of course you would have heard that Harry speaks Parseltongue and paired with my paralysis, it knocked me out of the running for villain of the year. I sadly can't speak to snakes, but I tend to metaphorically understand animals...with all the regular language barriers. I can just comfort them and they seem to be drawn to me. At the end of the day it seemed like the Slytherin's were too afraid to hate me and they were too against my brother to worship me; it's one of the things I ranted about when I had a brief hold of Tom Riddle's diary. I'd had it just before my brother had, though it was stolen from me by Ginny around the time I was petrified by that damned basalisk. It had given her the perfect opportunity to get it back.

You definitely wouldn't have heard of me in third year, when the dementors came to town. You wouldn't know that we found out I'm actually a pretty decent Seer thanks to Trelawny's overwhelming analysis of my daydreams and migranes, or that the dementors have gotten some good bites out of me because I retrospectively had no happy thoughts. I do not remember my mother and father talking to me, I do not hear my Mum's voice when I black out, and I cannot produce a patronus at all - but the dementors and I did gain a rather one-sided, parasidic love affair when it comes to the consumation of my soul. I also do not know the details on the infamous Sirius Black's escape other than that Hermione had done some kind of impressive magic that let them be in two places at once. I love my godfather unconditionally and were it up to me, I would give him Wormtail in a silver dog dish. Sirius and I talk as often as we can, though I only met him when he was in the shrieking shack and while we were running away from Lupin. He promises to make up for the lost time and not to stretch fact, but I'd wager he's nicer to me than most others who judge me thanks to my relations.

What you probably have heard about me is that I'm Harry Potter's far less impressive twin sister. He is the-boy-who-lived and I was the-girl-they-didn't-have-time-to-get-to. I survived by chance, not a display of power - I was even scarred too, but not so epic a design. You've probably seen pictures of it, it's harder to hide than Harry's - I have a jagged scar in the shape of an 'X' over the left side of my throat. Apparently You-Know-Who tried to cut it in a way that would leave a message when I bled out - but I showed him, now didn't I?

I do have talents of my own, though they are not anything that has helped me save the wizarding world. My talents are ones that I can keep to myself without Harry's reputation smothering them. Yes, I have premonitions - not commonly useful ones, but it's something I can say I can do. No, my wand ettiquette still sucks and I am a joke in Defense and dueling, but I realized that I was pretty good with the intricate things. Like wordless spells and sometimes, if I'm really lucky even a wandless conjuring charm. It took forever for me to learn how to do it at will and yes, half the time my wand doesn't even work properly. Obviously you would think to get a new one, but a wand is a wand. You usually only have one in your life and it did choose me. And I can perform magic...it's just kind of sporadic; like an energy blast or some strange 'coincidence' I didn't mean to happen. My wand can just randomly go off, or at times something happens that I thought of but didn't prepare for - who knows whether or not it was me? Otherwise, I was basically a duelling punching bag.

Harry said it was probably best for people not to understand what I was, or was not, doing when we learned duelling and it was one of the few times I took his advice. My friends found out thanks to spending so much time around the strange 'coincidences' but it's not often brought up in conversation. It's nice to know they can at least be embarrassed enough to be seen with a freak that they'll keep my secrets. I guess it's just written in the Slytherin criteria while the Gryffindors are too loyal to sell me out.

Now, before you go spreading rumours let me straighten you out: I love my brother, no matter how much of a git he can be. He's been there for me through everything and I'm now a stronger person. He drives me absolutely insane and I tire of always having to save his arse, but Harry is one of the only true things that I have left. I'm not going to leave him behind, though I wouldn't doubt if he ended up leaving me...but I would stick by him to the end. I will stick by him to the end; through thick and thin, blood and pride, loyalty and ambition. He is everything and he is the only real family that I have left. Slytherin or not, I would even wager I'd die to save the lard.

But family never dies.