Jack & Rose: A Tragic Love Story

June 1918:

Theme Song: "A Life So Changed" ~ Titanic Soundtrack

Rose awakened early Friday morning, she stared at Jack, who was lying beside her, asleep. Rose brushed the hair from his closed eyes and smiled. She kissed him on his forehead and then on his lips, gently. She truly loved him, and the child she was carrying of his that was months away; she was truly happy that six years ago, he didn't let go, he didn't die in those icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean—he lived—for her—for them. Little did she know, this would be the last weekend she'd spend with Jack—happily again.

Theme Song: "Marry You" ~Glee

Rose had fell back asleep that Friday morning, when she did wake up later, she walked into the kitchen after smelling the tasty smell of breakfast. When she walked into the kitchen, she saw Jack dancing around in the kitchen while listening to beautiful, cheerful music and while cooking scrambled eggs. Rose leaned up against the kitchen entrance wall and laughed at seeing him dance happily around the kitchen. It just made her love him more. When Jack finally did turn around and see her standing there, he smiled and took her hand and pulled her further into the kitchen and began dancing with her to the music that was playing on the radio. Rose laughed happily as Jack spun and twirled her around.

Rose: (laughs) Ahh! Jack, you're so crazy! (she and Jack laugh happily)

Jack and Rose continue laughing until they trip and fall to the floor. They both laugh happily.

Jack: (smiles) Good morning, beautiful.

Jack and Rose kiss passionately.


Jack and Rose were sitting at the table eating breakfast.

Man on the radio: Breaking news in, we're hearing more about these reports of people all across the U.S. contracting this so-called deadly Spanish—(the man's voice on the radio became silent as Jack got up and turned off the radio before he or Rose could hear anything else)

Jack: (sits back down and smiles) So, Rose, guess what? I finally got the guy down on 54th to put my paintings in his art gallery next weekend, he would have put it in his gallery this weekend, but he said he was closing down his gallery this weekend because he's been feeling sick all week—something about him having a cold or something—(shrugs and shakes his head and briefly frowns) anyway, if my paintings ARE shown in his gallery next week, then I'm sure I'll make a killing off the drawings. (smiles) We'll be set, Rose.

Rose: (smiles and nods) Well I'll know we'll be set because you're one TALENTED young man, you drew that drawing of me and look how well that turned out. (smiles and winks)

Rose: Well, I have an audition Monday for the role in this new play on Broadway, if I get it, I'll be the LEAD in the play.

Jack (looks shocked and smiles): Oh that's GREAT Rose! I know you'll get it, sweetheart.

Rose gets up and goes over to him and kisses him on the lips, and as he pulls her down into his lap, she laughs and wraps her arms around him happily.

Theme Song: "Moonlight Sonata" ~ Beethoven {continuing through the end of this first chapter}

Later that day, Jack was out in the back of their house, planting flowers, it was something that both he and Rose both enjoyed doing. Jack enjoyed doing it because, every time Rose saw the flowers, it brought so much joy to her eyes, to see them in such beauty. It was very hot out, but not unreasonably so. Jack, however was sweating profusely. He began to feel himself become very weak—even nauseated. He almost tripped and fell as he was walking over to the next area where he was trying to plant some marigold flowers. He fell to his knees in the dirt, and saw everything in front of him go white. He wiped the cold, thick sweat from his forehead with the glove he was wearing on his hand and felt dizzy and as if the entire yard was spinning.

Jack: (low weak voice) Ro—Rose? Rose, help—help me, I'm feeling—weak.

As Jack stood up and began to walk back in towards the house, he felt his steps become harder and harder to take with each second and as he reached the back door of the house, he collapsed right in front of the door unconscious.

Minutes later, Rose came down from the bedroom, she was upstairs studying lines she had to know for her audition next week. She walked into the kitchen and had decided to go out to the backyard to see if Jack was finished planting and gardening yet. When she walked to the back door of the house and opened it, she saw Jack lying there unconscious. She looked shocked and gasped and reached down to turn him over. She pulled him inside the house and laid him on the kitchen floor and sat on the floor beside him.

Rose: Jack? Jack? Jack, wake up, are you ok? (she began shaking him roughly) Jack?

Jack lied in her arms unresponsive, sweat still streaming down his forehead.

Rose: (frowned with worry and fear, she saw this side of Jack before—six years ago that night in the Atlantic Ocean, only THAT time, he DID wake up, this time, he wasn't.) Jack! (tearful voice) Jack?

Rose dropped Jack to the floor lightly and ran and went to the old 1912 telephone (The one they had in those days) that was in the living room and began dialing.

Rose: (Shaky voice) Yes—yes Doctor Michaels, can you please come! It's—its Jack! Please—he's unconscious and won't wake up! Yes I'm at home! Thank you! Goodbye!

Rose rushes back over to Jack as tears fill her eyes, she pulls Jack into her arms again and shakes him.

Rose: (between tears) Jack! Jack please wake up!

It took Doctor Michaels thirty minutes to arrive at Jack and Rose's home. Rose was pacing back and forth in the kitchen of the home, her mind wrapped with worry, what could be wrong with Jack? She couldn't lose him—God, not now, not when she was expecting their first child together. The doctor walked into the kitchen and had a look that Rose had reason to worry over, it was not a comforting look at all.

Rose: (worried look) What—what is it, Doctor? What's wrong with him? Is he awake now?

The doctor frowned and shook his head.

Doctor: Well—he's awake now, but—but the news—the news isn't good, Rose.

Rose's eyes filled with tears and she frowned with worry.

Rose: (tearful voice) What's wrong with him, doctor—just tell me!

The doctor sighed and frowned more.

Doctor: Well, I'm sure you've been hearing the reports all over the radio. There's this deadly virus going around. The FDC is calling it The Spanish Flu and its attacking everyone up north of New York harshly, as well as all over the world—although there have been some small beginning reports of victims catching it here in New York too, and—and it appears Jack is one of those victims. He has somehow contracted the Spanish Flu and it is very deadly. The fatality rate of this flu is very high, as already about one thousand in the U.S. have died from this flu already. I'm so sorry, Rose….

The rest that the doctor was saying to her, seemed to fall on deaf ears, as it seemed she blocked him out at that moment, and listened to all the fears and worries that were beginning to enter his mind. Rose looked shocked and gasped as tears filled her eyes. What was she going to do? What if Jack didn't survive this influenza disease? This was the worst news she had heard since she heard the Titanic was going to sink in just a matter of hours. She couldn't lose Jack—not now, not after all they had been through, but with him now contracting this deadly disease, was that going to be exactly what was going to happen?


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