A/N: This series of one shots was born when Sophia, MaliBearsBuddy, so kindly indulged my attraction to pictures of Booth in a tuxedo and wrote stories so I could see more of his tux…or not [insert wink here!]. I've changed my twitter icon each time she's posted a story in anticipation of the delightful tale she had for us and have enjoyed each of them immensely. She is ready to focus on her ongoing stories now and has asked that I take over her Tuxedo Tuesday series. I'm shocked. I'm honored. I'm terrified! She set the bar very high and I'm straying into territory I've never written before. It is my sincere hope that I do justice to her creation. If you haven't read her Tux series...you simply must!

Sophia gave life to the Booth in a Tux stories and I'm forever thankful for her friendship. So, without further ado, here is my first offering for a set of characters I don't own, but dearly love writing about!

The Tuxedo and the Case

Brennan stood in the living room and held the tickets out for Booth's inspection. She knew this would be one of the last things he'd ever want to do and had confirmation when he spoke. "Opera? As in dressed to the nines, listening to people sing dolphin high pitches in a language nobody has ever heard of?"

She couldn't help but laugh. "We agreed."

His scowl was evidence she'd already won the argument. "I know, but...my surprise was fun."

She nodded. "It was. I actually enjoyed the game more than I thought I would. It was an excellent opportunity to study group dynamics. Although I still don't understand why they are paid so much to play with a ball."

"Bones, it's talent. They're paid for their totally amazing, gravity defying talent. And you have the noise, and the popcorn...and the beer." She loved the light in his eyes and the way his hands emphasized what he was saying as he talked about things he enjoyed. "I bet they don't serve beer at the opera. I bet it's all wine and stuffy people...and no noise."

She smiled as she closed the distance between them and put her arms around his neck, leaning in to softly kiss him. "Are you calling me stuffy, Booth?"

His growl had the opposite effect than he'd intended. "You don't play fair," he said, before pulling her even closer.

She was glad they were home and she could give in to her desires. She kissed him again, letting her teeth graze his skin as she gently sucked on his lip. She grinned as he moaned. "And you should know that by now!"

They finished getting ready in separate rooms since she had wanted to surprise him with her dress. She looked at her reflection in the full length mirror. Her hair was pulled up, but she had allowed a few ringlets to fall by her neck. She'd chosen some dangling diamond earrings and had gone for dramatic smoky eye makeup. The beaded off-the-shoulder bodice of her black evening gown drew attention away from the small bump she'd developed. She felt beautiful.

She placed her hand on her growing abdomen. Looking down, she whispered, "We're going to knock those crazy socks off your father's feet tonight." Smiling and feeling whimsical, she turned to find out if she was correct in her assessment.

She walked out into the living room, hoping Booth would appreciate her efforts. He was sitting on the couch, but stood and turned when he heard her enter. The image of him dressed impeccably in his tuxedo took her breath away. She momentarily forgot she was trying to have the same effect on him.

He opened and closed his mouth twice before he spoke. "Bones...wow."

She knew she was beautiful, but the way Booth reacted to her made her feel stunning...something she hadn't quite gotten used to yet. She smiled, shyly, "Thank you."

He came around to stand in front of her and handed her the long stemmed red rose he held. The simple gesture took her by surprise. She took a deep breath in as he leaned down to give her a gentle kiss. Pulling back, he held his arm out for her to take, "Ready?"

She nodded and he escorted her into the beginning of what she knew would be a wonderful night.

Brennan listened to the particularly romantic song, allowing her mind to drift over the evening with Booth. It had been magical in Brennan's estimation, not that she was given to such outlandish thoughts. Despite Booth's reluctance to come to the opera, he'd been the perfect gentleman. They had turned heads when they'd arrived at the restaurant. Dinner had been cooked to perfection and their conversation had flowed easily. He had walked with her around the opera house as naturally as patrons who came to every show. He'd been watching the performance as if he hung on every note. The occasional time he'd glance her way and smile made her feel more like she was living in the classic black and white movies she enjoyed watching. The whole night had been...perfect.

She was brought back to the present when she felt her phone vibrate. Booth moved in his seat and she knew his phone had alerted him as well. She had threatened everyone at the lab with bodily harm if she was interrupted, so she knew it was important. She glanced over and nodded. Luckily they were seated at the end of the aisle and leaving the performance was less obtrusive. She was disappointed that they would miss the rest of the opera and couldn't hide the sadness she felt now that her enchanted evening was over.

"It's the practical thing to do, Booth. Nobody will see me," she argued. "Your windows are tinted."


"Besides, there won't be any places to change at the crime scene," she finished before releasing her seat belt. She pulled her floor length hem up to her thighs and climbed into the back of his SUV. "I'm saving you valuable time by keeping a jumpsuit in here."

"Geez, Bones. Be careful. Let me pull over to the side of the road before you go climbing around like that," he complained.

"I'm not made of glass, Booth. I'm pregnant." They'd had this argument more times than she could count. Luckily, he chose not to continue arguing with her.

She undid the long zipper of her evening gown and saw Booth adjust his rear view mirror. "Keep your eyes on the road, Booth."

He chuckled playfully, "Don't you worry about where my eyes are, baby. I'll keep us safe."

Brennan stood at the back of the SUV, watching Booth put his gumboots on over the legs of his tuxedo pants.

He frowned. "I feel stupid, Bones. You know I hate these things."

She grinned as she looked over at Booth. "I think you look cute."

"Cute? Cute? I am not supposed to look cute." He threw his fingers out in air quotes to emphasize his statement.

"Fine, wear your dress shoes instead of your boots. But don't complain how you ruined them later," she stated as she turned to walk toward the bright lights of the crime scene.

She heard him following as he continued fussing. "Why'd they have to find a skeleton in a marsh?"

She didn't turn around when she answered, "We could always have you fitted for one of the Jeffersonian jumpsuits if you'd like."

He had been close enough to place his hand at her back as they made their way, but he quickly removed it. "What? No way. I am not wearing a squint suit. Not happening."

She smiled. "Then quit complaining, Booth. We have work to do."

They ducked under the yellow crime scene tape and Brennan couldn't help but grin when she heard the other agents snicker.

"Nice monkey suit, Booth, but you didn't have to get all dressed up just to come see us!" one of them hollered.

Booth came to a dead stop, turning to glare and point his finger at the other man. Brennan was enjoying this situation far more than she should. She watched as he reached up to yank off the bow tie he'd obviously forgotten he'd been wearing. He turned back around and caught her watching. She chuckled and was given a glare of her own. He started undoing the top buttons of his shirt as they finished walking the final distance.

Brennan glanced over at Booth as he drove them home. During the night, he'd removed his jacket and rolled up his sleeves. His hair was a mess and he had a smudge of dirt on cheek where he'd wiped some of the sweat off after helping her stand up. As handsome as he'd been at the start of the night, she found him just as attractive now.

He scowled when he looked over at her. "You know I'm going to have to have the truck cleaned now that you've got gooey stuff all over it."

She often found his petulance quite amusing and tonight was no different. "I didn't get anything on your seat. Besides, you told me not to change at the crime scene. You were the one who told me to keep this on."

He turned to look back at the road. "And for good reason."

She smiled as she stifled a yawn. She looked out the window, watching the street lights pass by. It was already early morning and the rhythmic flashes were almost hypnotizing. She was having trouble keeping her eyes open.

She felt his hand come to rest on her leg. "We're almost home, Bones."

Part of her resented that he recognized how tired she was, but the bigger part appreciated that he knew her so well. Publicly he argued with her when he thought she was doing something she shouldn't, but when they were alone, he was quietly supportive. He didn't call attention to the ways she was having to slow down and adjust. She knew he hoped the small things he did to make her life easier would go unnoticed...but she did notice...and she liked it. It felt strange letting someone take care of her.

She thought about how things between them had changed even though they were the same. She had thought they would have to be different people to be together. Now she realized she had never been more wrong about something. She was incredibly thankful to be the woman who finally accepted what he offered.

She rolled her head on the back of the seat to look at him. "Booth?"

"Yeah?" he asked, with the question on his face.

She sighed, smiling. "I had a very good time tonight."

He grinned, 'I gotta hand it to you, the opera wasn't as bad as I thought it would be." He nodded in contemplation before continuing, "I had a good time too, Bones."

She laid her head back to the side and let the lights lull her eyes closed, before quietly adding, "I enjoyed working with you too."