Caught! Need I say more about this theme?

"Katara! Zuko! What are you doing?" my brother half asked and half screamed at us. He had opened the door to my room to find me and Zuko on my bed with him ontop of me without his shirt.

"Oh shit, I'm dead," Zuko mumbled as he sat up.

"Oh yeah, you're dead!" Sokka yelled in anger, aparently having heard Zuko's comment. He ran over to my bed and yanked Zuko off of it by his shaggy hair.

"Ow!" Zuko yelped. Sokka led him by his hair out of my bedroom, then down the stairs to the front door, opened it and pushed him outside, closing it behind him.

"What was that for?" I asked/shouted when my brother turned back around to face me. I had followed them downstairs.

"What was that for? That was for being all over my babysister!" he shouted back.

"Sokka, I'm 17! I'm aloud to date!"

"Yeah, but you're not aloud to have sex or let him into your room without my premission!"

My eyes widened. "What the hell makes you think we were having or going to have sex?"

"I caught him on your bed with you without a shirt on! Why the hell wouldn't I think that?"

I face palmed myself. "We make out all the time without his shirt on! Sometimes we make out on the couch!"

"Oh... W-well, that still doesn't tell me why he was in your room without my premission," he told me.

I glared at him. "Well sorry if I didn't know that I'd have to ask you for premission!"

He sighed. "Sorry, I guess you're right. I did, maybe, overreact a little bit, but next time can you please tell me when you plan on going to your room to- you know...?"

"Make out? Yeah, I'll do my best to tell you and I can see how you would come to that conclusion," I told him with a small smile.

He returned my smile and asked,"Does this mean we have to hug and makeup now?"

I nodded and hugged him. We hugged for a good minute or so before we let go of each other.

"Now that that's done, can we let Zuko back into the house?"

My brother sighed and rolled his eyes at me. "Fine."