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Result of their Love

Words: 514

She was a mix of both of them. A mix of the two most opposite people on this planet. No, in this universe. A mix of the rather clumsy, beautiful, high-spirited, not-so-bright young woman and the intelligent, quiet, handsome yet rather cold young man. She was a mix of said two people.

She had gained her always-shining, lovely bright brown eyes, warm smile, heart-shaped face with bright pink cheeks, bubbly personality, hard determination, cute voice, and infinite love for her father, while, at the same time, inherited his ruffled brown hair, brightness, intellect, levelheadedness, and ability to become rather easily annoyed by rather stupid people and when her mother immediately assumed things or ended up messing something up with her clumsiness.

She would always compete against her to gain his attention and love, ending up winning almost all the time, and call her 'stupid' whenever she lost, sticking out her bright pink tongue behind his back, which often infuriated her as she turned around, stomping away angrily as she muttered furiously under her breath.

She would also tell her that she didn't want her to pack her lunch, as she didn't want her friends at school to think that her mother's burnt sushi was some kind of thick, black worm stuffed with undercooked vegetables.

She would run to him whenever needed, complaining that she wouldn't let her do whatever she wanted, which included getting a new toy, playing with her dolls, or trying to help her with cooking. In the end, she would eventually get what she wanted with his help, laughing at her as she pouted angrily at his actions.

She would, however, always tell him that, no, she didn't want him to give her a bubble bath, because she would always mess up, slipping on the bubble soap she had spilt all over the bathroom floor, looking really funny, covered in bubbles and always making her laugh at her clumsiness.

She would also tell him that she wanted her to rock her to sleep, not him, because even though her voice could be a bit loud and annoying at times, it would immediately quiet down at 8 P.M to softly sing her to sleep, and her arms were sturdy and loving like a mother's arms should be, her movements so smooth that she would instantly close her bright brown eyes and fall into the land of dreams.

She would feel her heart break in, as she called it, a 'gazillion bajillion pieces' when she heard them fighting loudly nearby, and would, despite her deep love for him, start yelling at him when she saw her eyes start to produce small tears which would stream down her cheeks. But she would feel like she was on top of the world, dancing in heaven, when she saw them make up, apologizing, their faces smiling at each other as they hugged one other tightly, never letting go.

She was the mix- no, the result of the two. She was the result of their infinite and pure love for each other.

Her name was Kotomi.

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