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Written by Mr Thom E. Gemcity.

Initially meant as a celebration
The Follies soon became more of a demonstration
Or perhaps a presentation
On what we in fan fiction hold dear
But one thing has become quite clear
On this I've more than just those ideas
So here for your elucidation
Are extra odes with information


One problem often come across
If fixed would be no small loss
Is that of there, their and they're
Please read the meaning and example here
Their is for people and there is for place
Get it wrong and you'll have egg on your face
(Oh and as a little aside
it's ei or that egg will be fried)

There doesn't need an explanation
It can be any location
Their means belonging to them
Their house, their cat, their feelings and so on and so forth ad infinitum
They're is for when you mean they are
Get this all right and you'll be a star

Here's an example using names you might know
Borrowed from a book not a tv show
"Look! Look McGregor, over there" Amy shouted and pointed without fear
She knows they all love her and is without care
"What is it o Amy the fair?"
"It's Lisa and Tommy in that car.
They're kissing. We can see even though it is far."
"As usual you are right. Their future now is not too bright."
"Why do you think so? What makes you put it in that light?"
"If Tibbs sees them sucking face
One will have to leave this place."

So if in a fic you have to write
There, their or they're do consider your readers plight
And try to get your word choice right