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Anywho, a couple of things I thought you'd appreciate me going over first…This story actually does contain full crossovers (as in, you'll see characters from other seasons of digimon in this story, not just the Adventure gang). That being said, it is still focused on Tai and the Digidestined. The other characters will have major roles in the story, but it will be focused on the Adventure characters…at least I think/am planning on it being that way. Anyways, this is my first attempt at writing characters from other seasons, so hopefully I'll write them well, but I really don't know if I will.

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Takato Matsuki, a twenty year old young man dressed in a blue hoodie and a pair of khakis and wearing a pair of goggles, walked slowly through the streets of Shinjuku, deep in thought. He was so deep in thought that he was hardly paying attention to where he was walking in the crowded street. Luckily for him, the crowd was parting around him as he walked, thanks to his digimon partner, and best friend Guilmon.

Guilmon was a large dinosaur like digimon. Most of his body was red, with the exception of his belly, which was white with black markings on it, and some other black markings spread over his body. He was currently leading Takato through the streets, and most people avoided him, opening up a path for the distracted Tamer behind him.

Takato was a Tamer, a Digimon Tamer. He was not a Chosen Child on a special mission to save the human or digital world, but rather a human who was trying to raise a digimon as his partner. Of course, he had been on several missions, many of them to save the world, but he hadn't been given a partner to perform those missions. He'd been given a partner so that he could raise him to be the best digimon he could be, everything else had just happened.

These days he was able to walk around freely with his partner, and not really worry about any of the people seeing him. The days of digimon being a secret from the world were far in the past. A large number of humans, especially in Japan, had become Tamers and that had led to an acceptance of digimon in the world. Acceptance didn't necessarily translate into liking all the time, which is one of the reasons so many people were avoiding Guilmon. People feared things that they didn't understand, and Guilmon was one of those things.

Despite all of that most people just avoided Guilmon because it was common sense to get out of a walking dinosaur's way, even if he was mostly harmless to humans.

At this moment however, all of this was far from Takato's as something else was currently occupying that. One of his closest friend's birthday was coming up, and Takato was still trying to figure out exactly what he should get her for that birthday, especially considering what had happened the previous year…

She can't get that angry again, can she? Takato wondered to himself as he continued down the street. I mean, she didn't talk to me for a week, all because of that stupid… Takato's thoughts were interrupted however as the digimon in front of him stiffened.

Takato stopped, knowing that something was going on when Guilmon stiffened like that. He was motionless for a minute before stepping up next to his partner. As he did he could see that Guilmon's eyes were narrowed, and his teeth bared into the night. The people on the street, who had simply been moving out of Guilmon's way before, were now trying to get away from the dinosaur as he growled into the air.

Takato would be the first to admit that when Guilmon got like this he could be quite scary, which is exactly what he was supposed to be.

"What is it boy?" Takato asked, standing next to his partner and looking around. He was looking for one of the telltale signs of a digimon emergence, the very thing the two of them were looking for.

Takato hadn't been on a pleasure walk, no, not in the least. He'd been patrolling the city, along with a dozen other Tamers, watching out for any emergence of digimon into the real world. Tamers took this responsibility for themselves since a digimon that emerged into the real world could cause massive amounts of damage, even if they didn't intend to. The ones they really watched out for however, were the ones that had come to the world to cause destruction.

Very few of them had come through since the large scale incursion two years before, but the destruction from that attack had left a permanent scar in every Tamers mind.

"A Digimon." Guilmon declared in a voice that could have belonged to a child. Even after eight years together Guilmon still had the same childish voice he'd had when Takato had first created him, not that Takato complained about that. It was part of what made Guilmon, well, Guilmon.

"Where?" Takato asked, knowing that Guilmon would be able to pinpoint it.

"There!" Guilmon declared as a massive fog bank suddenly appeared in front of him. Takato had been expecting the fog bank of bio emergence to appear, or be around a corner or something. What he had not expected was the sheer size of it, or the fact that it was expanding.

The fog, which had been about a block away from him, quickly grew in all directions, including his. He barely had time to pull his goggles down over his face before he and Guilmon were swallowed up by the bank.

Takato was now surrounded by the grey fog of a bio emergence field, limiting his field of vision to what was in arms reach of him.

"This must be a pretty big digimon." Takato said, more curious than worried. He'd never come across a digimon that he couldn't defeat, not after defeating the D-REAPER program eight years ago. "Ok Guilmon, where is he?"

Guilmon looked around, his eyes returning to their normal, playful look, though Guilmon was trying to look serious as he looked around.

"Over there Takato!" He exclaimed suddenly, starting to move forward. He stopped almost as fast as he'd started, turning to his left. "No, over there now!" He started and stopped again, before turning around. "There!" Guilmon stopped moving and instead started spinning in a circle, quickly becoming dazed and confused.

"Takatomon! This digimon is everywhere!" Guilmon exclaimed, reverting to adding a –mon to the end of Takato's name like he would in times of stress. Takato was nearly confused as his partner.

How could a digimon be moving around that fast…? Takato wondered to himself before a horrible thought came to his mind. Unless it's not just one digimon.

That would explain why the field was so big, and Guilmon was picking up digimon from all sides, but they hadn't had a bio emergence with multiple digimon since the incident two years before…

"Uh oh…" Takato said out loud, and then quickly pulled out his digivice. The device was about the size of a cell phone, with a screen surrounded by a gold band inscribed with writing. Below the screen were two buttons, and the sides looked like it was designed to have cards swiped through them.

Takato pulled up the digimon analyzer function that was built into the digivice, hoping that he'd be able to detect the digimon that were obviously surrounding him. Unfortunately for him, the digivice didn't recognize whatever digimon it was, and didn't display any information.

"Useless piece of shi…" Takato started to say, when the fog started to clear. This was both good and bad. It was good, because that meant no more digimon were coming through at this moment. It was bad for several reasons. First, it meant that somehow the digimon had fully bio emerged into the real world in about 30 seconds flat, which was never good. Second, Takato could actually see all of the digimon now, and wished he couldn't.

He recognized the digimon, not from a previous battle, but from the television show he'd watched when he was younger (and now when he got bored/nostalgic). In fact he was almost living out one of his worst nightmares, inspired by Digimon: The Movie. On all sides, the buildings were crawling with Diaboromon, an ugly, gangly, green and black digimon that had terrified him as a kid. Now that there were hundreds of them surrounding him he was still terrified.

"Takatomon…" Guilmon said as all of the Diaboromon turned towards the two of them.

The Digimon analyzer should have recognized them, unless…they're from another dimension, like the digimon who pursued Tai here… Takato thought to himself, frozen in place and unable to move.

"TAKATOMON!" Guilmon shouted, finally snapping Takato out of his daze, just as the Diaboromon lined up on the two of them.

"Web Wrecker!" The exclaimed as one, and hundreds of yellow energy blasts flew at the two.

"Biomerge activate!" Takato shouted, knowing the only thing that would save the two of them.

"Guilmon Biomerge to!" Takato and Guilmon were engulfed in light just before the attacks hit them, causing a powerful explosion, and leaving behind a large smoke cloud surrounding where they'd been.

"Gallantmon!" The smoke flew out from where Takato and Guilmon had been standing a second before, revealing what the two had managed to turn into just before the attacks hit.

Gallantmon was a tall, armored knight like digimon. Most of his armor was white, except for his shoulder pauldrons, the ends of his gauntlets, his kneecaps, the heels of his boots, and the dragon wings on his helmet, all of which were red. In his left arm he carried the massive shield Aegis, and his right arm held the lance, Gram.

Inside Gallantmon, Takato floated within a red ball, joined with his partner to unlock his most powerful form, and to fight with him.

I think it's time to take care of these digimon. Takato declared to Guilmon within Gallantmon.

Let's do it! Guilmon replied, sounding quite excited, which is exactly what he was. Despite nearly getting blasted to bits, Guilmon was excited to be Gallantmon once more. He hardly ever got to use this form, despite the fact that it was one of his favorites.

Right! Takato declare, bringing Gram up to face one of the groups of Diaboromon.

"Lightning Joust!" Gallantmon shouted in both Takato and Guilmon's voices. A blast of blue energy flashed out from Gram, impacting several of the Diaboromon as they were just sitting on the wall. Several of them were deleted on the spot, but not as many as Takato had been hoping for, especially considering that there were easily four hundred of them.

"Lightning Joust!" Gallantmon attacked again, but this time only a single Diaboromon was hit as the rest avoided his attack.

"Web Wrecker!" Several of them turned and fired at Gallantmon, who held up his shield to block the attacks. They hit Aegis, which was more than capable of stopping them cold.

"Web Wrecker!" Gallantmon lurched forward as he was hit from behind. He was completely surrounded by the Diaboromon, who were all now firing at him.

Takato! Guilmon whined as both of them felt the attacks hitting them.

Into the air! Takato replied, having Gallantmon lead into the air. He couldn't fly, but he could sort of float, which should be enough to give them a breather, and maybe take out some of the Diaboromon.

We just have to hold them here for a little while boy, then the others will get here, and we'll finish them off together! Takato told Guilmon, knowing that the others Tamers, especially his closest friends, should be rushing here. Takato was sure he'd even be able to see them flying towards them when they got high enough.

Gallantmon cleared the tops of the building, emerging into the sky above them, expecting to see his friends flying towards him. What he saw however made both parts of him sick. All around the city giant fog banks, just like the one that had spawned the Diaboromon, were covering buildings. Several had obviously already disappeared, as Diaboromon were spreading out from several areas, firing down into the crowded streets of Shinjuku.

From the looks of things the fog banks spread all over Tokyo, not just the Shinjuku district.

Takato took all of this in over several seconds, and then did his best not to be sick. He had to be strong, because the day he and the other Tamers had been fearing for over a year had finally arrived.

Only one force could have an army this powerful to send against the Tamers, and they weren't even from this dimension.

The Demon Lords had come for Takato's Dimension at last.

Digimon Demon Wars: The Fall