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Previously on Digimon Demon Wars: The Fall

The Digidestined have arrived in Tamer world to help save the day! Only they managed to get themselves scattered around a destroyed Tokyo. Luckily the Tamers came out to save them, and pretty much everyone was safely retrieved from Tokyo. However two groups were not. This prompted the Tamers to launch a full scale rescue mission, which went pretty normally for these groups, namely really poorly. The rescue team ran into two powerful adversaries, Tai and Rika, who were under some sort of mind control, and started attacking their friends. Takato and Guilmon, as Gallantmon, were able to barely beat Tai and Agumon, as EmperorGreymon, and free him from the mind control. The rest of the Tamer/Digidestined crew however struggled against Sakuyamon, until Matt pulled out the X-digivolution card, and Davis and Veemon, who'd digivolved into Magnamon, showed up to back him up. Unfortunately, they didn't get a clean KO like Gallantmon, and Sakuyamon tried to attack the defenseless Digidestined. Tai, doing his standard heroic idiotic thing, blocked the attack with a handy WarGreymon Brave Shield, and managed to get himself blasted into smithereens…or so I want all of you to think.

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Chapter 15 Recovery


He waited deep inside the large stadium in the center of Tokyo. It had once been used by the humans of the city to watch sports, but now it had but one purpose, a resting place for His great bulk. His body took up almost all of the space in the stadium, but it did the job of creating a resting place for Him perfectly. So He rested there waiting for news from His slaves about their conquest of this dimension.

His nose suddenly picked up the smell of His chief slave, the one that had been foisted upon Him by Barbamon and Lucemon before He had been sent to this dimension. He had acted very annoyed at the overtones His two equals were trying to make. To give Him a slave that specialized in tactics like this one was an insult to His intelligence, but He had decided to ignore those tones for a very simple reason. He knew He was not an overly intelligent digimon, and He was very envious of the plans that some of the other Demon Lords had come up with. Having a slave such as this one allowed Him to have masterful plans, ones that would be the envy of the other Demon Lords.

"My Lord." The slave said as soon as it entered His presence and knelt to the ground.

"Yesssssss?" He answered back, hissing as He normally did. "Do you have newssssssss?"

"Yes my Lord." The slave answered, and He could smell the nervousness about it. The news was obviously not something that the slave expected to please Him, which most likely meant that it wouldn't please Him. This slave had a good record of predicting how news would affect Him.

"And?" He demanded, knowing the slave would prefer to delay telling Him.

"The plan did not go as we had hoped my Lord." The slave answered. "The two captives were defeated without destroying this dimension's defenders."

He sat there silent for a minute as His slave continued to stand there waiting for a reply. His anger was great, since His slave had promised that this plan would work well, and probably destroy most of this world's strongest defenders.

"Your plan hasssssss failed?" He demanded, as one of His tails reached around and grabbed the slave. The slave was a powerful Mega Level digimon, but He could easily crush it without even getting up from where He was laying.

"N-n-not entirely my Lord." The slave managed to spit out as His tail tightened around it, slowly squeezing the life out of it. He paused as His slave said this, and loosened the pressure a bit. The slave let out a sigh of relief as it was no longer being crushed.

"Explain." He said, still holding the slave in His tail.

"All of the humans and their pets were injured by the attacks." The slave replied. "They are weak, and many of them are likely incapacitated. It is the perfect moment to attack them. They have never been weaker than they are now."

"And you call that a sssssssuccessssssssssssss?" He asked, tightening His tail once more. He could see data start to come off of the slave from the sheer force of how much it was being squeezed.

"N-n-n-n-o-o-o-o." The slave answered, and He released the pressure once more.

"Then what do you call it?" He asked, making sure the slave knew that its life depended on its answer.

"An opportunity, my Lord." The slave answered, and He loosened more of the pressure on it.

"Exxxplain." He said, intrigued by the slave's answer.

"They are weak right now my Lord. An all-out attack would succeed in destroying them, and it would not cost a large portion of our force to do it." The slave answered quickly, knowing that of it did not give an answer to His liking than it would be killed. "This dimensions best warriors would all be destroyed, making the rest of the conquest easy."

He sat there for a minute, contemplating what His slave had said. It had made several good points. Lucemon had asked Him to try not to lose all of His forces in frontal assaults, one of the reasons He'd been willing to try the slaves plan.

"There is one other thing my Lord." The slave said, suddenly interrupting His thoughts.

"What?" He replied.

"There was one success from the plan." The slave said, and then it paused for dramatic effect. "Kamiya was killed in the attack from what my reports say."

"Kamiya'ssssssssss dead?" He asked, shocked. The insect called Kamiya had been a thorn in the sides of all the Demon Lord's sides for years now, even managing to kill two of their number. Killing him had been one of the priorities of the Demon Lords when they began this plan.

"That is what the reports say, my Lord." The slave answered, and He lowered it to the ground.

"That isssss very good newssssss." He said. "Prepare my forcessssssss for an attack, I will inform the othersssssssss of thisssssssss."

"At once my Lord!" The slave replied before it quickly left the room. He didn't even watch it leave, instead focusing on opening the connection to the other Demon Lords. He couldn't wait to see the look on their faces when He told them that Kamiya was dead already, this early in the plan.


"Still no changes in the activity level anywhere in Tokyo." Tally said as she continued to manipulate the Hypnos system scanning the Tokyo area. Yamaki stood behind her as she did that, studying the screens over her shoulder. He didn't even acknowledge Tally's statement.

"Damnit Mitsuo." The third person still working in the Command Center said, startling both of the other two people in the room. Riley was standing up from her station opposite Tally, glaring at Yamaki, who simply looked up at her after her outburst. "There isn't anything to find right now."

"I can see that." Yamaki replied coolly. "But right now is our most vulnerable moment, and the enemy has to know that. If we aren't vigilant right now we could all be killed in an instant."

"And how exactly is that any different from any other second since those digimon invaded?" Riley asked. "You standing here asking for an update every three seconds isn't going to change anything, and is in fact is distracting both of us from our jobs!"

Yamaki looked over at Riley with a bit of amusement at her outburst. No one, besides Riley, would ever talk to him that way, and it was always refreshing when she did chew him out, somewhat.

"Fine. I have some business at the hospital anyways." Yamaki said after a minute, turning and heading for the door of the nearly deserted Command Center. He was sure that if he'd looked back Riley and Tally both would have had shocked looks on their faces, since he almost never listened to what others had to say to him, especially if it had to do with him being in the Command Center. "I'd better know about any changes the second they happen."

"Yes sir!" Tally called out as Yamaki stepped out into the streets of Chichibu, turning and heading for the hospital. He had a few other things that he wanted to take care of as well, which is one of the reasons that he left so easily.

All around him Chichibu was almost eerily quiet even in the daylight, since there was currently almost no one who wasn't in the hospital or assisting there. Everyone who wasn't there was currently at their defense stations, waiting for the attack that Yamaki felt was inevitable.

It didn't take him long to reach the hospital, which was packed with people. Yamaki could barely squeeze into the building as nurses and doctors ran around, attempting to help all of the people who were packed into the building. In addition to the rescue team, which had a lot of injured people, the distraction teams had taken their own casualties. Luckily most of them were not seriously harmed. The same couldn't be said for the rescue team.

Yamaki passed through the main area of the hospital to the smaller, quieter, intensive care area of the hospital, where most of the rescue team currently was currently being held. Yamaki looked around at the different rooms before finding the one he was looking for and heading for it.

Yamaki entered into what looked like a waiting room, with several other people already sitting around the room, staring out of the large window that dominated one wall. The people, mostly members of the rescue team, didn't even notice Yamaki as he entered the room and looked out the window.

The room that the observation room overlooked was obviously some sort of operating room, and the person currently being worked on was the one most injured from the recent rescue and battle in Tokyo, Tai Kamiya.

"Ok, bring in MarineAngemon." One of the doctors down in the operating room said, the intercom between the OR and the observation room picking up his words. Seconds later the door into the Operating Room opened up to reveal Kenta, wearing scrubs, and his digimon partner MarineAngemon.

"What are Kenta and MarineAngemon doing in there?" Henry Wong asked as the human and digimon in question moved up next to Tai.

"Testing a theory." Yamaki replied, finally drawing attention to himself for the first time since he entered the room. Everyone in the room looked over to him as he spoke, and it was one of the Digidestined who spoke first.

"What do you mean, testing a theory?" Sora Takenouchi asked, and Yamaki could tell from the tone of her voice she didn't like the sound of what he'd said.

"Exactly that, testing a theory." Yamaki replied, looking at the red haired Digidestined. "MarineAngemon has healing powers that have proven quite useful in the past."

"But his powers only have a limited effect on humans, only working on things like cuts and sprains. MarineAngemon wouldn't be able to help Tai out that much." Henry interjected, moving over to the window. "So I don't really see why he's there now."

"That's the theory we're testing." Yamaki said, moving over next to Henry as a brilliant glow started to emanate from the Operating Room. "Whether or not Tai has enough digital data for MarineAngemon to completely heal him."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Matt Ishida asked, stepping over next to Henry.

"No one else has spent more time in the digital world that Tai Kamiya." Yamaki answered, turning to look at the Digidestined and Tamers who were standing around him now.

"And?" Ishida asked.

"And, we've noticed a certain effect that happens with lots of time spent in the digital world." Yamaki replied, stepping back from the observation window as the light's intensity increased. "What do you know about what happens to humans when they travel to the digital world?"

"They get turned into data, right?" Henry said.

"That's correct. Humans are turned into data so that they are compatible with the digital world." Yamaki answered with a head nod. "Going back and forth between the digital and human worlds causes humans to be digitized and realized, but the same thing doesn't happen to digimon."

"You're right." Takenouchi said, looking over to her sleeping partner. "All the digimon we've defeated in the real world turned to data, just like the ones in the digital world."

"And they can still digivolve." Yamaki added, getting a nod out of Henry. "They wouldn't be able to do that if they weren't made out of data."

"Ok, I get all of that, but what does it have to do with Tai, and your theory?" Ishida asked, sounding fairly impatient with the long explanation.

"Easy, about six years ago we noticed a strange phenomenon with Ryo Akiyama." Yamaki said, and he noticed Ishida instantly stiffen at the mention of Ryo.

Hmm, I wonder what that's about. Yamaki thought to himself as Ishida forcibly relaxed.

"Are you talking about the Mt. Fuji incident?" Henry asked, and Yamaki could tell that all of the Digidestined were quite confused.

"Yes." Yamaki replied, then turned towards the Digidestined. "About six years ago, the government of Japan started working on an Electromagnetic Pulse device that could disrupt the data of a digimon in the real world."

"What?" All of the Digidestined in the room instantly reacted to that, staring at Yamaki who simply ignored their outburst and continued.

"Ryo Akiyama was scouting out the device, since Hypnos was looking at disabling the device somehow, as it could permanently delete a digimon if they were exposed to it for too long. Unfortunately Ryo was effected by the device, and unable to complete his mission. The reason for this is the fact that a certain portion of Ryo had been replaced with digital code." Yamaki finished and looked out at all of those gathered in the room, who were mostly looking at him in shock.

"With digital code?" Ishida's younger brother, T.K. Takashi asked, sounding completely incredulous.

"Yes." Yamaki replied, deciding to finish his explanation before the others regained their wits. "He had spent a large amount of time in the digital world, and a certain portion of the digital code that made up his body there remained with him permanently."

"So, Ryo's actually a digimon?" Terriermon exclaimed from where he'd been sitting quietly on Henry's shoulder.

"Not completely untrue." Yamaki said. "A small portion of his body has been replaced with the same code that made up his body in the digital world, making those parts of him similar to a digimon, but he's still human, just with a few digital parts."

"How much of him got replaced with data?" Ishida asked.

"Less than three percent." Yamaki replied, "Meaning he's still almost entirely human. Tai on the other hand has a larger percentage of his body that is now data."

The entire room went deathly silent as Yamaki said that.

"How much?" Tai's younger sister asked, clinging to Takashi's arm as she did so.

"Ten percent of his body is now made out of data instead of flesh and blood." Yamaki replied, and the entire room drew a deep breath. "In fact, that's the only reason he's still alive right now."

"What?" The entire room reacted at that, and Yamaki couldn't tell who talked first, so he just waited for everyone to calm down. Luckily it didn't take very long.

"Thanks to his digital make up, Tai is somewhat tougher than a normal human. Without that added toughness, he likely would have been killed by Sakuyamon's attack earlier. He should also have better speed, strength, and stamina than he normally would, thanks to his digital make-up."

"This, can't be true, can it?" One of the gathered people said, Yamaki couldn't see who as the group continued to speak all at once.

"Is he even still human?" Another asked, and this time Yamaki decided to shut the group up.

"Quiet!" He snapped, and the group all went silent instantly. Yamaki rarely raised his voice, so when he did, people listened. "The fact that this has happened to Tai doesn't change anything about him. In fact, the only thing it does is give our side an advantage. Without this, he never would have been able to bio-merge with his partner, and all of you would probably be dead right now."

Just as Yamaki finished talk the light from the Operating Room disappeared, signaling the end of the healing process. Everyone held still, barely daring to breathe as they waited for the doctors to say something.

"Procedure complete." The intercom spoke, piercing the silence, and startling most of the people in the room. "The healing process, was a success!"

A collective breath was released as that was said, and Yamaki turned back to the gather Digidestined and Tamers.

"Listen up, all of you." He said, getting their attention once again. "I didn't tell you all of that just for fun. You are all Tai's friends, and deserve to know what is happening to him. Just remember that you are his friends, and don't let the fact that some of his body is now digital effect how you act towards him."

With that, Yamaki turned and headed out of the observation room. This observation had spent enough time that he could probably return to the command center without Riley trying to kill him, probably.

"Yamaki's right. I mean, why should it matter if part of him is digital now, it's still Tai!" Yamaki heard one of the Digidestined say, followed by sounds of agreement.

Took them long enough to figure that out. Yamaki thought to himself as he finally left the room. Good to know my trust in their intelligence wasn't misplaced.


Tai slowly opened his eyes and blinked to clear his vision.

Ugh…what the hell hit me…? Tai thought to himself as he moved to sit up in his bed. Despite the soreness he felt all over his body, it didn't feel like any part of his body was broken (a feeling he'd gotten familiar with over time), so he wasn't that bad off.

As he sat up he looked around the room, picking out several details that indicated that he was currently in a hospital room. He also noticed that there was someone sleeping in the chair next to the bed, and he couldn't help but smile at the sight of Sora.

"Sora?" Tai called out, his voice quite hoarse. The girl in question didn't even budge at the sound of his voice, and Tai just shook his head. He knew that Sora was a deep sleeper, and probably wouldn't wake up easily.

Ok, I should probably let her sleep. Tai thought to himself, pulling the blankets that were covering him off, and sliding off of the bed. He didn't seem to be hooked up to any IVs, but there were sensors for a heartbeat monitor hooked up to him.

Don't want anyone to freak out… Tai thought to himself as he moved over to the steadily beeping heart rate monitor and turned the device off. He then took off the sensors that were attached to him, and headed for the door.

Ok, first priority is food and water, then finding some real clothes. Tai thought to himself as he looked down at the hospital gown he was currently wearing. He looked back at Sora, who hadn't shifted in the slightest, even with him moving around the room. He paused for a second before turning around and picking the blanket up from his bed and draping it over Sora's sleeping form.

"Sleep tight." Tai whispered before turning back towards the door.

"Stupid, big hair…" A voice murmured behind him, and Tai looked back to see Sora mumbling in her sleep with a smile on her face.

Dreaming about me, eh? Tai thought to himself, and found that he rather like that thought. With that in mind, and a smirk on his face, Tai headed for the door and made it all the way into the hallway.

"You know, you really shouldn't be walking around right now, seeing how you were nearly dead a few hours ago." A voice said as Tai started to walk down the hallway. He spun around to see a tall, blond haired man leaning against the wall next to his hospital room.

"Mitsuo?" Tai asked, recognizing the head of HYPNOS and one of the many people he'd met when he'd first entered the Tamer's Dimension.

"Still as informal as always I see." Mitsuo Yamaki replied, pushing himself up off of the wall. Tai just smirked at that remark.

Yamaki was one of the people that Tai knew best in the Tamer's Dimension, as he had spent quite a bit of time getting to know the older man when he'd been trying to find a way home. The man was a genius, and had worked with Tai to finally figure out how to open a trans-dimensional portal for the very first time. Surprisingly the two had found that they got along pretty well, despite their age difference and different personalities, and had become friends.

"Oh don't start that crap again." Tai said, turning away from Yamaki and resuming his walk down the hallway.

"If you're looking for the dining hall, it's the other way." Yamaki said, and Tai could see him smirking as he turned around. "Come on, I'll show you the way."

Tai followed after him, looking around the hospital as he did. Most of the rooms seemed to be occupied, though Tai didn't see any of the Digidestined or any of the Tamers that he knew in the rooms, thankfully.

"What the hell happened here?" Tai asked Yamaki as the two walked through the hospital.

"The mission to rescue your Digidestined didn't go quite as planned," Yamaki replied, glancing back at Tai. "Especially when two of our own started attacking us."

As he said that Tai thought back to what had been going on before. He'd been capture by Bagramon, and forced to fight Sakuyamon as EmperorGreymon, and then…

"Crap." Tai said out loud as he suddenly started to remember being the one to attack several of his friends, and the fight he'd had with Takato.

"Don't worry, no one blames you or Rika for being controlled." Yamaki said as he finally pushed open a door into a nearly empty dining hall. Tai grabbed a tray and some food before sitting down across from Yamaki, who had gotten a cup of coffee, at one of the long tables.

"So what exactly happened? The last thing I really remember is fighting Gallantmon." Tai said, remembering that battle quite clearly.

"Well, you and your partner dedigivloved before passing out. The rest of the rescue team battled Sakuyamon until they were able to defeat her, unfortunately whatever was controlling Rika and Renamon caused them to make a last ditch effort to kill everyone. Sakuyamon attacked a big group of the rescue team that didn't have their partners protecting them. You decided to jump between the blast and the people, and ended up here." Yamaki summarized quickly as Tai started to inhale the food that he'd gotten.

"Mghfhm mghfdfgt mgdght?" Tai asked as his mouth was full of food.

"No, you were the only person who was heavily injured. Everyone else had mostly minor wounds." Yamaki replied, anticipating the question that Tai had asked. "They're mostly resting right now."

"Good." Tai replied after swallowing his food. He stopped at that moment before looking over at Yamaki. "Mitsuo, what exactly happened here?"

"The very thing that we'd hoped would never happen." Yamaki replied.

"But what about the precautions I had you guys take?" Tai replied, remembering the information that he'd sent to the two dimensions he'd spent a large amount of time in before meeting the Demon Lords and their armies.

"Even with that information we weren't prepared." Yamaki answered, pausing to take a sip of coffee. "Even the information you sent us couldn't prepare us for the actual attack. They opened up Digigates all across Tokyo, and hundreds of Diaboromon were in the city before we even knew we were under attack."

"They attacked right from inside the city?" Tai asked, sounding quite surprised. The standard procedure for the Demonic Army, as the forces that followed the Demon Lords was called, was to completely subjugate a dimensions digital world before they did anything else. Often times they'd leave things at that, since they had little to no interest in the human world. The only exception was when a dimension had humans with Digimon partners. If that was the case the Demonic Army would destabilize the Digital World to cause chaos and destruction in the human world, and then invade. Tai had never seen or heard of the Demonic Army attacking a human world first.

"Yes." Yamaki answered, probably guessing at Tai's thoughts. "As near as we can tell, they occupied a small area of the Digital world before immediately attacking here. I'm assuming that they were fearful of what our Tamers would do if they attacked the Digital World first."

"Yea, that would make sense," Tai replied, before he gazed down at his tray. "After all, they knew all about what Takato and the others were capable of thanks to them helping me out."

Yamaki looked at Tai, who was continuing to glare at his tray of food after his statement.

"It's obviously entirely your fault." Yamaki said after giving Tai a few seconds of glaring. Tai reacted instantly looking up at the older man. "If you're thinking that you're an idiot." Yamaki continued. "Even if the Tamers hadn't gone with you, they would have gone to the Digital World when it came under attack. Their abilities would have been revealed then, and the Demonic Army would have attacked Tokyo then."

Tai stared at Yamaki for a few second before jerkily nodding his head.

"Thanks, I needed that." Tai said, pushing his mostly empty tray away from him.

"Hn," Yamaki grunted. "You can pay me back by taking out a few hundred demons."

Tai grinned at that, nodding his head again as he stood up.

"I'll do that, but first I need to go find some real clothing, and the rest of my stuff." Tai said, gesturing down to the hospital gown that he was still wearing. Yamaki nodded before standing up as well and heading for the door.

"Once you're done with that, come to the main command center. We need to figure out our next move." The blond man told Tai, who nodded in response. Yamaki left, leaving Tai as the only person in the cafeteria.

"Ok, time to find my clothes." Tai said to himself, heading for the door.

"I can't find him anywhere!" A voice suddenly shouted in the hallway, and Tai had a sudden feeling that it would be best to not be found by whoever that was.

He turned around and headed for the same door that Yamaki had taken, exiting in a hallway on the opposite side of the cafeteria from the voices. He then moved quietly through the hospital, hoping to find some sort of storage room with his stuff in it. He searched for several minutes before he found a likely door, which he quickly headed for.

"Taichi Kamiya." A voice said very softly from right behind Tai, who used every bit of his willpower to not jump into the air and squeal in fright. That tone of voice was straight out of the past and had also always promised pain for whoever was on the receiving end of it. That tone was easily three or four times scarier than facing down an army of demonic digimon.

"S…S…S…S…Sora?" Tai asked, glancing behind him to see said redhead standing right behind him, a rather evil grin on her face. "I see, you uh, woke up then." Tai replied nervously, turning all the way around to face her.

"Yes I woke up." Sora replied, in that same dangerously soft tone of voice, which caused Tai to start backing up. "And can you imagine my reaction to finding you, the hospital patient, who was nearly dead a few hours before, gone?"

"Uh…Sorry?" Tai tried as his back hit the wall next to the door, preventing him from putting anymore distance between him and the obviously angry Sora.

"Stupid TAI!" Sora finally exploded, and Tai closed his eyes in anticipation of the physical and verbal beating he was about to get. He was surprised then when, instead of a painful fist, Sora's entire body crashed into him, with her arms wrapping around him. Tai was too shocked to do anything other than wrap his own arms around Sora, who just clung to him tighter.

"Don't you ever do that again." Sora finally said after several minutes of the two of them embracing one another. "Don't you ever do something that reckless again."

Tai didn't reply for a second before he nodded.

"I'll try."

"No you won't." Sora replied quickly, finally breaking the embrace, much to Tai's disappointment. "But then, you wouldn't be you if you didn't do something stupid like that." Tai opened his mouth to reply, but Sora silenced him with a hand. "Just try and be a bit more careful. I couldn't stand losing you again."

Tai simply nodded before Sora hugged him again for a few seconds.

"Now come on, the others all want to see you." Sora said, grabbing his hand.

"Hey Sora, would it be ok if I grabbed my clothes first?" Tai asked, gesturing down to the flimsy hospital gown that he was wearing, which Sora just now seemed to notice.

"You were running around in that! You idiot!"


The steady beeping of the machinery was the only noise that was made in the hospital room Takato was currently sitting in. Even his partner Guilmon was silent as he sat next to Renamon on one side of the room. The last occupant of the room just continued to stare up at the ceiling, not paying any attention to the others in the room.

Damn mind control… Takato thought to himself as he stared at Rika laying in her hospital bed. Takato knew exactly what was going through his girlfriend's mind as she stared up at the ceiling, seeing how she'd been in this same exact position several times in the past.

"Well your streak of luck with these mind control situations seems to be holding." Takato said after several more seconds of silence, attempting to make a joke to break the mood.

"Shut it goggles." Rika said harshly, not even glancing at Takato, who in turn sighed.

"Are you really going to let this get to you, again?" He asked, his tine entirely serious this time.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Rika asked, hostility clear in her voice as she turned to glare at Takato. He in turn just sighed once again.

"Exactly what I said." Takato answered, looking right into Rika's eyes. "You're going to let yourself get depressed and blame yourself for hurting others after getting captured and controlled, just like the last time this happened to you."

"Yea, so what's it to you if I do?" Rika asked, her eyes narrowing at Takato.

"What do you think Rika?" Takato replied, shaking his head. She was always stubborn about things like this, and would continue to blame herself for all the damaged that had been caused by her being controlled.

"I don't know, that's why I asked!" Rika replied, her voice rising as she said that. "God, why can't you just leave me alone for once instead of bothering me!?"

"Because I care about you, that's why!" Takato replied, his own voice rising. "I'm not going to let you just sit here and beat yourself up over something that wasn't your fault!"

"But I almost killed so many of our friends." Rika answered, her voice no longer raised, but instead quiet and barely audible.

"But you didn't." A voice said behind Takato, causing him to spin around. Tai Kamiya was standing in the door, wearing a patched up version of his normal outfit, without his coat.

"Tai?" Takato asked, surprised to see his friend up and around so quickly. Tai just nodded and stepped into the room.

"Sorry to interrupt you two, but we couldn't help but overhear your conversation from the hallway." Another voice added, and Sora Takenouchi followed Tai into the room. Takato's eyes narrowed at the sight of the red head, who also sent a glare his way. Takato turned away after a few seconds and looked at Tai.

The older man was looking down at Rika, who was purposefully avoiding his gaze.

"Ah, grow up would ya?" Tai said after a second, pulling a chair up from the back of the room. Takato was a little surprised at his approach, and from the looks on the digimon faces they were as well. The only person who didn't seem surprised was Sora, as she just shook her head.

"You're one to talk." Rika replied, still not looking at Tai.

"Yea, you're probably right most of the time." Tai replied, leaning back in his chair. "But right now I'm not the one who's avoiding eye contact like a three year old." Rika turned and glared at Tai as he said that, with Tai just simply grinning at her for a second. "I'm also not the one trying to take the blame for something that was out of my control."

Takato's eyes widened at Tai's sudden shift from joking around to a more serious topic.

"Yea, well maybe I deserve to get blamed for what happened." Rika replied, looking away.

"And maybe you're an idiot." Tai replied before pushing back from Rika's bed. "Look, no amount of talking to you is going to convince you one way or the other. If you feel guilty, do something to make up for it, something other than moping around like a child."

Rika's eyes were wide as plates as Tai stood up and walked out of the room.

That may have been completely random, but it might actually have done some good. Takato thought to himself, just as a massive tremor shook the entire room.

~Chapter End~

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