Dearest One

Vampire Knight

By: Evangelina Amaryllis

Genre: Romance, Drama

Type: Multichapter

Spoilers: Few

A/N: Hello again, everyone! I've started a new multichapter that will be updated VEEEERY SLOWLY about Vampire Knight. It's Zero/OC/Ichiru, and other couples are: Kaname/Yuuki, Akatsuki/Ruka, Rima/Senri, Yori/Takuma and I might make an OC for Hanabusa.

Zero was already confused at the fact that his own twin brother had enrolled into his school and class. What would Ichiru want in Cross Academy? To top it off, a new girl slipped into the seat next to him. She had mid-length brown hair, and deep, brown eyes. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail, and her ribbon matched the heartstring. She smiled at him. "Hello. My name is Dawn, and I just transferred here. I thought I'd sit by you, since everyone's crowding around the other new student, and this is the only quiet seat. Do you mind?" Zero looked into the brown diamonds that should have been eyes. They sparkled and shined in the fluorescent light of the classroom. He shook his head. "I don't really care. My name's Zero Kiryu." He glared at the crowd around Ichiru. "The new student's my twin brother, Ichiru." Dawn blushed and nodded. "Sorry, but it's nice to meet you!" She held her hand out for him to shake. He took it carefully; shaking it ever so gently for fear that it would break at his touch. Her eyes drifted to the brand on his neck, and her fingers went to it, gently brushing over it. "You're a hunter?" His eyes widened in shock at her knowledge. "Y-yes. . . But how do you know?" He asked, curious. She moved back and smiled at him with her beautiful, pink lips. "I just do." She sighed. "Shouldn't class start? I hate it when the teacher's late." Zero smirks to himself at the thought of Yagari hearing her words. At her words, the navy blue haired man walked in. "Everyone return to your seats and settle down. The two new students stand up and come up here." He called loudly. Everyone returned to their seats, except for Dawn and Ichiru, who walked to the teacher. Ichiru began confidently; "My name is Ichiru Kiryu, and I hope I can come to be good friends with all of you." Yagari nodded and gestured for him to return to his seat. As a girl tried to sneak to the seat next to him, he shot her a glare which caused to her to scurry back to her seat. Dawn shyly stood forward. "My name is Dawnitrea Marie Sun, but everyone just calls me Dawn. I hope you can all accept me into your class." She bowed formally and shyly. Yagari nodded and patted her back for her to return to her normal standing position. As she scurried to her seat by Zero, Yagari introduced himself to them. "My name is Toga Yagari. You would refer to me as Mr. Yagari." Dawn paid close attention to every word he said, while Ichiru's attention was focused on her. "Mr. Yagari, may I ask a question?" Ichiru said, raising his hand in the air. Yagari nodded, not used to being asked questions in the middle of class. He usually explained everything fairly well. "How did you get that eye patch?" Yagari shot a glare at him, knowing full well that he knew exactly how he got it. He was about to tell him that he lost it saving his brother from the same thing he loves so much, but held himself back. "I cannot answer that question, Kiryu." Ichiru nodded and shot Zero a smirk. A brown haired girl looked back at Zero and Dawn, and the latter smiled at her. The girl smiled back then returned her attention to the teacher. She continued paying attention until the bell rang. "Class dismissed." Mr. Yagari called. As Dawn put her things away, she couldn't help but wonder how the teacher got that eye patch for real. She decided to stay behind. "Aren't you coming?" Zero asked. She shook her head. "I wanna ask him something. You go on ahead." Zero shook his head and sighed.
"I have to show you around." He reminded her. She nodded and smiled, holding up a finger to show that she'll only be one second. She scurried to the teacher after everyone left. He raised an eyebrow. "Yes, Sun?" He asked. She looked at Zero, who was leaning against the doorframe, waiting for her. She didn't know it, but it was quite unlike him to be so patient with someone; especially a girl. "I was wondering how you really got that eye patch."
He nodded and sighed. "If you tell anyone, I can assure you that you will die." She raised her eyebrows in surprise, but nodded, smiling at Zero for a mere second. "Your little friend Zero here was my apprentice, and I lost it saving him from his own stupid naivety. He actually thought a Level E vampire could be good." Zero frowned at the memory, but Dawn pouted. She folded her arms and scurried to Zero. "No way! No one's stupid for thinking someone could be good! Even vampires can be nice!" Yagari raised an eyebrow. "Is that implying that you have my experience?" She smirked and shook her head. She put her hands to her hips and bent forward slightly. "I've got more than your experience." Yagari nodded. "I expected that answer, Sun." She smiled and nodded, giving a wave before walking out.

There were so many questions Zero wanted to ask; how did he know her? How did she know about vampires? He just couldn't bring himself to ask her, since it seemed rude of him to demand such information when they only barely knew each other. He showed her around the school, until they reached a gate. "This is the moon dorm, where the Night Class stays until it's time for their classes." The girl tilted her head to the side. "Why do they have to stay away?" She already knew the answer, because Kuran was there, but she wanted to be sure that he was here. He sighed. "Since you already know, I think you can understand that they're. . . Different. They don't like the sunlight; I'll just say that." She nodded in understanding. "Yuuki Cross and I are guardians, so we keep the day class students safe. We barely get any sleep." Dawn smiled. "I know about that; and I asked the headmaster to join you guys!" Zero's eyes widened. Who was she? A guardian? She was definitely mad. He shook his head. "It's almost sunset. I'll take you to the girls' dorm." She pouted and took his arm, looking up at him with the eyes she had that could make any normal person melt, but of course, Zero wasn't normal. She didn't know it yet, though. "I wanna stay with you, Zero!" He rolled his eyes and sighed. He nodded and started walking to the stables with her. "Are we gonna ride together?" She asked. He nodded and smiled the smallest smile anyone could make at her. She giggled and hugged him from behind, causing him to stop. She looked at him and giggled again. Her laugh sounded like bells ringing, but they were tiny and they sounded very nice, much unlike the usual bells that could pierce anyone's ears. His cheeks became very slightly pink as he walked her to the stables.

She scurried to a white horse, but fell back as it reared. Zero rapidly caught her. "Lily, down!" He yelled at the horse. "Are you alright?" He asked Dawn more quietly. She nodded and sat up in his arms, smiling at him. "I'm fine, Zero. Thanks for catching me." He nodded and stood up, pulling her with him. "I'll take Lily, you take Agate." As he said that word, he looked at Dawn's eyes and realized that that was their colour. She smiled and nodded, taking the horse he pointed at. At the sight of her eyes, it relaxed and went easily with her. Zero helped her with the saddle and the reins, then got her some boots and a helm. Finally, he picked her up in his arms and blushed at how close they were. She smiled at him as he set her on the horse. She thanked him before he mounted Lily. So Dawn and Zero set out on their horse on Agate and Lily. First, they were trotting calmly around, until Dawn decided to test her skills. She made the horse speed up slightly and Zero smiled. Soon, she was galloping. Zero followed her on Lily, until they were side by side. He looked at the sky. The sun was near setting and he sighed, not wanting to ruin the moment. He stopped Lily, which caused Dawn to stop Agate and turn to him. She frowned. "Are you okay, Zero?" He nodded and turned Lily towards the stables, riding her there in a gallop. Dawn grew worried as he rushed. She galloped after him and only reached him when he was returning Lily to her position. She jumped off Agate and took the saddle and reins off of her, before tying her to the iron ring. She turned to Zero as she removed her boots and helm. "What's wrong, Zero?" She asked him, worry in her eyes. Zero sighed. "I have to get ready for patrol. And you have to go back to your dorm." She sighed and nodded, slipping her shoes on before walking to him. "Thank you, Zero. I'm so glad I met you." She waved at him as she walked out of the stables. He ran after her. "I'll take you to your dorm." She nodded and walked with him. The girl who smiled at her before ran towards them as they neared the building. "Zero! Hurry up!" He rolled his eyes and brushed past her, pulling Dawn with him. "Don't just ignore me like that! Zero, come back here!" Zero shot her a glare.
"I don't take orders from you, Yuuki. I'm gonna get ready and I don't need you to tell me to." Dawn stopped and folded her arms at him. "Zero, that's not nice! Apologize!" He sighed.
"Why should I?" Dawn raised her eyebrows at him.
"Because if you don't, I'll tell the headmaster that you were slacking off and riding horses." She smirked. He sighed. "Sorry, Yuuki. There, happy?" Dawn nodded and took his hand, waving at Yuuki.
"Bye, Yuuki-chan!" Yuuki waved back, smiling.
"Bye, Dawn."

As they arrived at the girls' dorm, Zero removed his hand from hers. Here's the girls' dorm. Yours is 2065. Right on the other side is the boys' dorm. Mine is 1353, but I don't think you'd wanna go into the boys' dorms." She smiled at him and nodded, thanking him.
"Good luck with patrol. I hope to join you someday." He wished he could spend more time with her, but didn't know why. He also knew that he couldn't. He didn't want her in danger, and didn't want her in trouble on her first day. She pecked his cheek and skipped off, waving at him. He waved back slightly, before returning to his dorm, his hand on his cheek all the way. He took the bloody rose from his drawer and slipped the band onto his arm, preparing for another day of keeping girls away from the celebrities.

Dawn saw her room and walked in, only to find that she had no roommate. She sighed and put her things away, before letting her hair down and brushing it. She heard girls giggling and chattering and one girl opened the door to her dorm. "Dawn! Come on!" She called. Dawn raised an eyebrow in confusion, according to Zero, the Day Class students weren't allowed out. Before she knew it, she was being dragged out by the girls. She found herself in the very front of a group of girls screaming at Zero and Yuuki to let them do as they pleased. As Dawn saw how hard Zero was working, she became inspired. She took Zero's unused whistle from around his neck and blew it loudly. "Those of you who don't go back to their dorms will have a week's detention with Mr. Yagari, and I'll ensure it! Those who still wanna stay will be suspended!" Zero and Yuuki stared at her in shock. All the girls backed away, until they were all gone. Dawn simply returned the whistle around Zero's neck and turned to return to her dorm. At that moment, the gates opened and the most beautiful people stepped out. A blond one with blue eyes raised an eyebrow, looking around. "Where are all my adoring fans?" He complained. A girl with long hair rolled her eyes. "Probably sick of you." The blond glared at her, but she simply rolled her eyes again. "Tell me, Disciplinary Committee, how did you do it?" The one Dawn recognized as Kaname Kuran. Yuuki was speechless, but Zero spoke coldly to him. "Dawn was dragged here and threatened them with detention with Yagari and suspension." Kaname raised an eyebrow at her, then nodded.
"Thank you, Dawn." She nodded and gave him a sympathetic smile, being probably the only one who knew of his true past. She got onto one knee and bowed her head. "An honor, Lord Kaname Kuran." All of the members of the Night Class gasped at her knowledge. He nodded. "A pleasure, Dawn." She stood up and turned to Zero. "I'll be going back to my dorm now, Zero. See you tomorrow." She smiled at him then at Yuuki. "I never got to introduce myself properly, Yuuki. My name is Dawn. It's nice meeting you." They shook hands and Yuuki smiled at her. "Nice meeting you, too!" She bowed to the Night Class.
"A pleasure, Lord Kaname, Sirs Takuma, Hanabusa, Kain and Senri, as well as Ladies Seiren, Ruka and Rima." She smiled and bowed. They looked at each other but nodded. Hanabusa took her hand and smirked. "How about you come to class with me?" She rolled her eyes and slapped his hand away.
"I'm polite, but not that polite, Hanabusa." He raised an eyebrow and stepped back. "Bye, Zero, Yuuki, Night Class." She bowed before running back to her dorm.

Zero stood at a tree, thinking about the girl who seemed so interested in him. She knew every important one in the Night Class. Her beauty was incredible. If not for her normal teeth, he would have thought her a vampire. When she pouted at him, he felt like doing anything to return her smile, despite how cute she was when she did. He frowned and shook his head. He had feelings for Yuuki, not Dawn. Dawn was simply an interesting friend he had, and he would never have looked twice at her if she hadn't sat by him. In his subconscious mind and in his heart, he was happy that she had. He waited until all the Night Class students were back in the moon dorm before returning to his dorm. He opened the door to find a surprise waiting for him. Dawn was sitting on his bed, looking around his room. She looked at him and smiled as he opened the door. "I couldn't sleep and thought I'd wait for you here." He sighed and returned his gun to his drawer. Suddenly, he collapsed to the ground, clutching his chest and his eyes growing bright red. Dawn gasped and got onto her knees in front of him. "G-go!" He ordered, but she refused. She held his shoulders, and he found the scent intoxicating. He couldn't hold in the desire to taste her blood, and fell forward to her neck. She caught him and gasped as she felt fangs sink into her neck. Soon enough, she heard the sound of Zero drinking her blood. She understood that he was a vampire and soon calmed down. She held him close, letting him drink until he was satisfied. He pulled back and wiped the blood from his lips by the back of his hand. "I-I-" She put a finger to his lips and smiled. "It's okay. Do you have something I could put on it?" He nodded and got a very thin neck brace for her to wrap around her neck. She put it on and smiled at him. "It's okay, Zero. You can drink my blood anytime you want." He blushed and sighed. She stood up and had to hold her arms out to balance herself, during which time she was in the arms of the very man who had drunk her blood. "I'm so sorry. . ." He sobbed as he held her close. Tears fell from his eyes onto her shawl and nightgown. She sat on the bed and pulled him with her. She didn't say a word, and only shyly undressed him. She took his nightclothes and gently slipped them on him. As she returned to him, he held her close, as though begging her to stay. She brought him under the covers and kept her hand in his until he fell asleep. She waited until it was near sunrise before slowly sneaking back to her room. She collapsed onto the bed and for the first time took in the look of the room. Each of the four corners of the room had a potted plant. On the one by the door were some red roses. Across from it were some white roses. On the opposite side of those were some yellow roses, and finally, her favourites, blue roses near the bed. She smiled happily at the roses. The bed was made of oak, and the pillows were made of cotton to avoid allergic reactions from any of the girls. The covers were decorated with flowers, with the bed sheets blue and the covers brown. Across from the bed was a dresser, by which was a full-body mirror. Next to the mirror was a closet with two shelves on. There was a window by her bed, with mauve curtains. She had an end table underneath it, on which was a lamp and some photo frames for her to put pictures in. She had a chair near the door, by which was a sofa. By the sofa stood a foor lamp, and by that was a large bookshelf filled with books except for the bottom two rows, which were for her own books. She smiled happily and relaxed in the room, collapsing onto her bed and falling asleep, thinking only of Zero Kiryu and how much she wanted to help him.

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