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Summary for the story so far:

When Miku sacrifice herself for the village, her life has changed forever. She is now the wife of the cold, ignorant water god. But putting that aside, he was undeniably attractive, and that is what make it so hard for Miku to lay her eyes off him.

Chapter one: Difficult start of everything

A land so beautiful, it looks like no fire or bombs can destroy it

It's my home, my land, and family

All the memories, events are cherished deeply by me

I can't lose them, or I'll die and not be the same person I am

Someone save me…

A girl stared at the water uneasily. It reflected back her image, and she gulped loudly. She wasn't ready for this…It was too sudden, but she had to go sooner or later. Oh well, at least she could relax at her favorite spot in the village before being the sacrifice to a god.

The girl grabbed a handful of her jade hair that was braided. She was going to be the sacrifice to the water god soon…Then a miracle would happen! The place wouldn't be in a drought anymore, and everyone would be happy! That is, except for herself. Being sacrifice to the water god means you become his bride. There were many rumors that the water god was the hottest person anyone has ever seen, but also ignorant. She didn't want to deal with anybody like him!

Somebody called her name, and the girl slowly lifted herself off the ground. It was time for her to be a new bride. Before she left, she took one last look at the water and growled. This was going to be the worst day of her life.

When she arrived in her village, there were lanterns lit everywhere. Peoples' faces were all bright, and they ran down towards the direction that led to the lake. The girl clutched her stomach tightly. Then, a person grabbed her wrist suddenly, and pulled her into a building.

"We have to get you dressed pretty, Miku…" The lady said, as several other ladies came by. Two of them grabbed Miku's hair and started unbraiding it, while the other ladies started to take something out of a box. Between their hands lay a beautiful kimono that seemed to be made out of sapphires. It glittered brightly when a spot of light hit the kimono.

One of the ladies pulled her out of her dress and placed the kimono over her. Miku just closed her eyes, wanting to pretend that it was her wedding. Wait…It is going to be her wedding. She sighed tiredly and opened her eyes. Her dream was to get married to someone she knew, someone that she loved, and cared for. However, here she was, getting sent off to be the sacrifice to the water god, being his bride and all. Well, that is if he accepted the sacrifice.
Make up was finally applied to her face, and her hair was curled. It was time for the ceremony. The ladies slowly grabbed Miku's hand and pulled her towards the lake where all the villagers were.

Miku felt her stomach do somersaults as she saw everyone except her family in a bright mood. Her only family was Mikuo Hatsune, her older brother. The boy had very recognizable details that could be easily identified as Miku's relative.

Mikuo glanced at her, and she felt her stomach twisting painfully. What was she going to do? She couldn't leave her brother like this…but it had to be done. He slowly walked over to her and tried his best to smile. However, he failed and hung his head on his sister's shoulder.

"Do you have to go…?" he whispered, to where only Miku could hear.

"Yes, I have to go…" her response made Mikuo's head snap up.

"You don't have to at all, Miku. We can send someone else instead!" he protested, but Miku placed her fingers softly on her brother's lip. She smiled tenderly and walked past him. Something pounded against her chest, but she chose to ignore it.

The head council of the village saw her and immediately went over to her, only to grab her wrist and pull her. He took her to the shore of the lake, and Miku gulped loudly. If the Water God didn't accept the sacrifice, she would be dead. That thought kept running through her head. Was she going to die? It's most certain that the god wouldn't keep her.

"Seiryu, the water god, please accept our offering!" the councilman shouted, and without any warning, he pushed Miku into the lake. Miku's eyes flew open, and she gasped as the shallow bottom was growing deeper. The water was rising, and Miku tried her best to stay out of reach from breathing the water.

The torches that surrounded the lake started lighting up, and the water pushed itself off the ground. It made its way up to the sky, as if it was touching it. In one spot, the water was spinning in a spiral. Miku was captured in it. The water somehow binded the girl against the water, which made her unable to move.

What is happening? I can't believe this is happening! I'm going to die! I'm going to die!

Miku gasped as the water started covering her body, and she struggled to get out. Miku eyed the villagers who stared, horrified, especially Mikuo. Suddenly, Mikuo started charging towards the shore, but a couple of people went to stop him. He glared at the people angrily and pushed to the ground roughly without caring. Then, he charged towards to the shore where the head council blocked his way.

"What are you doing here, boy?" The head council yelled and tried to pull Mikuo away from reaching the lake.

"That's my sister! I need to save her!" Mikuo yelled and shrugged the man away. He then looked at this sister with his green eyes. "I'm going to save you!"

Even though Miku couldn't hear them, she could read what his lips said. The only thing that stuck in her head was to yell and keep Mikuo away from the lake. That was impossible for her to do, though.

"Mikuo!" She tried yelling, but the words cut off as the water finally covered her face, almost like a mask.

Her brother's eyes flew open when he saw the water completely swallow her up. "Miku!" He yelled and collapsed on his knees. "No…This can't be happening…She's going to die!" And without any warning, the water spiral slowly disconnected from the sky and bolted into the lake. Once the water from the sky hit the body of water, waves started crashing and many big waves started heading towards the shore.

"We have to get out of the lake area now!" The head council started motioning people to go back, but only person stayed where they were. "Mikuo…I know how bad this is for you, but your sister won't be happy if you stay here and be depressed."

Mikuo tried smiling, but he failed. He sighed tiredly, and looked at the lake. "The Water God stole my life away from me…He took my only family away from me…" He choked on his words and started sobbing loudly for the first time. His heart ached painfully, and he lowered his head into his hands.

"Son…Your sister is going to be happy if you go back to the village. She wouldn't like it if you were crying for her…" The head council saw Mikuo finally lifting himself off the ground, and he started walking towards the direction that lead to the village.

Miku looked around the area. Where was she? Everything was pitch black, but she could hear sounds of laughter. A light started hitting a spot, and Miku rushed over to it. Once she reach there, it disappeared.

Her eyes flew wide open, and she sat up. Her hand was on her forehead, and she found sweat drops clinging onto it. She blinked a couple of times before she traced the room with her eyes only. It seemed like she was in a room alright, but there was a casement window. Nothing really special, but the thing was that there were no trees or grass where they should be. It was just the blue sky and several clouds!

Miku jumped off the bed, and collapsed to the floor when her muscles pulled tightly.

"Are you okay?" She heard a woman gasp, and suddenly felt someone's arms around her. The woman cupped her face and narrowed her eyes when she felt the warmness. "This is not good…Seiryu is going to kill me!"

"Who are you?" Miku asked, puzzled. The older woman looked at her. Her hair was the color of cherry blossoms that she had planted back in the village. The sky-blue eyes stared down at her hard before she jerked away from the lady.

"My name is Megurine Luka…You can call me Dr. Luka. And yes, I am a real doctor. I was assigned here to help you since you weren't feeling well…" Miku stared at her suspiciously.

"Who sent you here?" Without thinking, Miku grabbed a flower vase and threw it at Luka. However, she missed and the flower vase broke against the touch of the wall.

The lady glared at her and walked towards her. "I was sent here by Seiryu." Miku was about to reach for another object to throw at her, but Luka grabbed her wrist and pushed her onto the bed. "Stay in bed, or Seiryu will be displeased!" She turned around, headed for the door, and slammed it loudly.

Miku finally let out a sigh of relief, and she looked around the room again. Where was she? And that Luka lady also mentioned Seiryu. Wait…Did that mean he accepted the sacrifice? If so, he will pour rain down onto the village. Then she can go somewhere else and hide from her supposed-to-be husband!

Ignoring Luka's advice, she hopped off the bed and opened the door. Miku's jaw dropped when she saw the land. It wasn't Earth at all. This place was so beautiful! The grass and trees were greener than anything. There was also a hallway that led to some other place. The good thing was that the hallway was sheltered from the sun, and it was supported with marble columns.

Miku gawked at the place, and she shook her head. She had to find Seiryu right away so she could leave this dump! It's not exactly a dump, but it's considered one since it belonged to the man who distastefully didn't want to share rain with the villagers!

The hallway seemed to have a stopping point, and was now leading into different intersecting ways. She didn't know what to choose, and she wasn't going to go right now. In the middle of the direction ways, sat a big fountain. It showed at about twenty seven figures, but only about eight-fifteen stood out the most. All the figures were carved in marble.

One of the figures was pointing at something, as if it was going to shoot someone with just its fingers. Miku reached out to touch the figure, only to get a slight shock, and was glad she immediately jerked away or else she may have been electrocuted. She took a last look at the figure and noticed it was incredibly handsome, and something told her if he was a real person, they may have gotten along pretty well.

The next figure was, surprisingly, a girl. She had long hair that tied very low, but it look really elegant with the kimono she was wearing. Miku also noticed the girl, or lady, had a tender look on her face that would have captured anybody's heart. She did the same for this figure as she did with the other; she touched it gently and saw a light shimmered around the figure before she pulled back. Miku stared at the finger she touched with and realized the light left a warm feeling that relaxed her.

Another figure stood tall and proud, and in one hand, he was wielding fire. And for some reason, Miku knew that if she touch the figure, she will burn herself.

She stared at another figure that was a girl, and she had her hair up in a small ponytail. One hand held a elegant bow, and in the other, an arrow. Then, Miku gawked at the girl's face, who had a smirk expression. When Miku took a step back, she realized the figures were all captured in a big spiral that was very much like the one she was in.

All the figures were stacked up until they reach to the top where a figure was pouring water out of his hand fell down to the bottom of the fountain. His expression was cold looking, and he was incredibly handsome. It made Miku ponder who that guy was…well…if he is real. Suddenly a thought strike in her head, but she shook it away. This couldn't be the man she was marrying. If he was…Miku once again shook her head furiously. No way was that the water god!

Then she looked at the crystal water. The water was not so deep looking if you look it from outside, but when you look at the water for real, it was deep. Really deep. Without even knowing, Miku felt someone tugging her into the pool of water. Wait…someone? There was certainly nothing tugging her into it, but it was rather the water.

"What the-?" Miku suddenly flipped over into the fountain, and she tried her best to reach the surface. However, something was pulling her back. She turned to look and found a tail of water was wrapping it self around her ankle. Her eyes flew wide open, and Miku tried to kick the tail away. It didn't work, and frustration grew as seconds passed by.

Holding her breath for one minute was something she couldn't do, but she wasn't going to give up. Not after all the stupid mess she had to go through! She wanted the god to give the village the dang rain and set her free like a little bird, the same he does with the other wives that had been sacrifice to him.

She twisted and made a reach for the tail. When she touched it, she immediately pulled on it tightly and somehow "punched" it. The tail jerked and released its grip around her ankle. This was her chance! Miku started pulling herself out of the water and felt her shoulders finally relaxed when she was finally out of the pool. But she chose the wrong time to be relieved.

In front of her was a man taller than her by at least a couple of inches. He had the most handsomest features she ever seen. His flaxen hair glowed radiantly, as if it was some mystically thing. But the most noticeable and beautiful feature was his cobalt eyes. They stared at her coldly, and Miku wanted to yanked her sight to somewhere else. Though, it was really hard to look away, for he held eye contact.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, the tone matching his eyes.

Miku stared at him even harder before she said, "I'm looking for the Water god." Silence hung between the two until the guy took a step closer to her.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Hatsune Miku, the bride of Seiryu." Another silence hung between them, and she find herself staring at the guy's neck. Since when did he get this close without her noticing?

"Nice to meet you…" The guy roughly pushed her onto the floor and water splashed into the young girl's face-surprisingly.

She looked at him, her eyes rose in shock. Her mouth was hanging open, large enough for a house to fit in it. Just what the heck was going on! Her life turned into a twist without her knowing it would happen at all, and she had a feeling that it would all turn out badly.


Before anyone ask me questions that may be predictable, Len is the water god (kind of obvious). Seiryu is his name as well, but when he's in his animal god form. Seiryu is one of the four symbols of the chinese constellation (and its a dragon). And the dragon is blue, so I imagined the dragon controlling the water, and that's how it came to my head.

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