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Summary so far

Miku was sacrifice to the Water God, Len. When she arrives in the world of Vocaloid, she meets new friends and possible her enemy/husband. The two have a relationship that could be described as not so couple-ish when you have both of them fighting constantly everyday. Ted, a person who works for the Emperor, informs them that they have to go to the kingdom so they set ahead where new encounters of surprise, shock, and love hit them in the face. When they had finally arrived at the kingdom, Miku discovers more about the mysterious god and learns that he had suffers so much that his heart is closed up. However, that wasn't what Miku had just discovered during her staying at the palace. She meets two new love rivals: Neru and Teto, both who escaped death. With Teto's arrival, Miku is not sure what to do and is afraid that Len might choose her instead of herself. What is actually going on? Why is Teto back? Why is Neru back? Does this tie down to one person who is behind all of this?

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You are stronger than that, idiot

I'm stronger than that

We both need to fight against our problems

They will last for a very long time;

So we need to take action against our past

If I have to go back, just promise me one thing

Do not go see me off...

Silence was exchanged throughout the three. They could only stare at each other, unable to read the other person's expressions. The situation only seemed to be growing worse when Miku took a step back from the two men. She was glad they didn't take a step closer to her, but it was too early to be relieved yet. Tension was rising in the atmosphere, and they all knew it. Only one person found it amusing. Ted could only smile as Miku became pale while her brother's glare became more fierce.

"I see you two have met before, huh?" Ted said, his voice cutting the silence barrier. "Siblings, right?" The two green-heads still didn't talk, but they directed their eyes on the red-head.

"H-How did he get here?" Miku stuttered, trying to avoid Mikuo's gaze on her. It was the first time he had glared at her like that. What had happened while shewas away?

"Why don't you ask him yourself? I don't have the right to answer," Ted said with his smile curling devilishly. He was about to walk away when Miku grabbed him by the wrist. Slowly, he turn around with curiosity and saw how pale the girl was.

"Don't leave me here..." She muttered under her breath, shaking a little bit. The red-head could only give her a faint smile this time as he pulled himself away from the girl's grip.

"It is not my place to interfere," he simply said. Quickly, Ted fled the scene, leaving Miku and Mikuo to face each other. When he had left, Miku force herself to look directly into her brother's eyes. His green hair grew longer, all messy. Those beautiful teal eyes that use to light up were now surrounded by darkness, giving Miku clues about how much his heart had changed when she was away.

"They call the war, Bakumastu," he finally spoke after minutes had passed by.

"Grandfather's predictions were correct after all," Miku thought aloud to herself. She saw how confusion was written over her brother's face, and she knew he would demand an answer. "He knew war was going to take place soon..."

"The day when you were sacrificed, they found Lenka locked up in her house," Mikuo informed her. His sudden change of topic caused Miku to be stiff. The boy had hit a spot that she didn't want to remember, and she knew that he knew he had struck a sensitive spot. "When the people unlocked her, Lenka was behaving unusual. Very unladylike, which I'm pretty sure you know how that act is. She even shouted something quite interesting..."

"Quit it," Miku begged quietly.

"I'm not mad about you being a fake bride..." He admitted after seeing how pale Miku went. "I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at Seiryu because of how he's been treating you! And now that I'm thinking about it, I'm mad at you now! Miku, why didn't you stick up for yourself? There is a reason why I taught you martial arts: so you can defend yourself! However, you act like a weak duckling!" He shouted now with fire crackling in his eyes.

"Whoa! How do you know about Len's, I mean, Seiryu's treatment?" Miku asked, feeling suspicious about what was going on.

"Ted told me," he answered honestly. "He was the one that got me inside of Vocaloid after I told him my reasons to be here."

Miku couldn't help but feel a little betrayed. Why on earth would Ted tell her brother something that was meant to be private? Even more, why did he bring Mikuo into Vocaloid just because of his reasons?

"Sister, you know that I'm the only one who can understand you the most. From your face, you want to know my reasons."

No shocker there, Miku thought to herself.

"I want to kill Seiryu and get you out of Vocaloid," he revealed with his face darkening again.

"What?" Miku gasped, seeing how much hatred Mikuo felt against Len. It was no secret that Mikuo always resented the water god, but she could see how much his hatred had developed into. It was truly a terrifying sight to see because the man himself look berserk.

"He doesn't deserve to live after all he has done to you," Mikuo roared. He came closer to her, putting his hands on her shoulder to grip it as tightly as he could. His sister want to get away from him, but his hands would only tighten more.

"Everyone deserves a second chance! Plus he finally realized that he has been treating me unfairly!" Miku told him with tears about to drop. Laughing all the sudden, Miku stop struggling as she stare at the person who looked like her brother but was not. She couldn't help but think to herself, 'Who is this person? Where is my real brother?'

"Don't make me laugh. That has to be the most horrible joke in history..."

"What?" Miku wanted to tear her hair out now in frustration. Has her brother ever been this annoying? "I'm not kidding around! I'm serious here!" She tried telling him, but she knew her words weren't getting across to the man. He wasn't even looking at her when she was talking, and it annoyed her even more because it was on her top ten list of pet peeves. This man seriously wanted to play with fire if he thought getting under her skin would do anything.

"Because of Ted, I discovered some interesting information." Glares turned into daggers as they moved onto Miku, causing her to take another step back in fear. "I hear the water god isn't immortal." A devilish grin shot up on his face, causing Miku to finally realize his intentions.

"You plan on killing him," she gasped. Her face grew pale, knowing that her brother was dead serious about this. Even a blind person could tell he was serious about this, his eyes and vibe told everything about what he is thinking. And without thinking, she pulled a fast trick up her sleeve. It seemed like Mikuo knew it was coming because he backed away a couple of paces when she made one erratic move.

"You have to do better than that," he said with his glare penetrating deeper into her skin. "If you think that landing a punch on me will change my mind, think again. I'm not going to let him loose and killing him would be easy." Miku raised one eyebrow, curious on what he was up to. Clever was the only word that could come to her head when she tried figuring it out. He was always a clever person since he was allowed to have an education. Sighing tiredly, Miku tried sending a glare back at him but failed when she saw how their glares were on different levels. His glare was the sight of a mad person while hers was just...a person trying to be strong when they are not at all.

"I'll stop you!" Miku shouted angrily at him.

"You think you can stop me? You are a woman, meaning there is no way you can win against me," he said with an arrogant tone. That one statement added another stab into Miku's heart, and she was trying so hard not to let it offend her. If she kept crying-wait. What was the use? There was no use to crying anymore because it did nothing to help solve the problem. She cried here and there, another over there as well. The way she was acting now was unacceptable, and she had to stop shedding tears. She had to prove herself as a woman if she wanted to stop Mikuo. Though, he is unpredictable.

"If I see you making any moves against Len-I mean-Seiryu, I promise you that I will tell the Emperor to send you far away from here. After all, he's his father," Miku tried threatening him. Hope was flickering lightly, but she couldn't let it get too bright or else something terrible might happen. Mikuo's eyes narrowed, which made it hard to decipher how he really felt since his face was clouded. For some reason, the way Mikuo was acting was exactly like how Len acted with her when they first met. Though, Mikuo didn't treat her as bad as Len did.

"When the water god has to chose who will be his wife and-," Miku couldn't help but swallow nervously. She was afraid to say the words out loud because if she said them out loud, she had this feeling bad luck would be in her favor. "-if I'm not the one, we can go back home...That is if you don't make any moves against him." Silence swallowed the tense atmosphere when she saw Mikuo's face lighting up all the sudden.

"I see," he quietly said with a smile that looked suspicious. Then, he crept towards her in a cat-like way, making his sister feel uneasy. "If you don't keep your promise though, it won't be just his head that will be gone. It will be your new friends as well..."

The light grew larger and larger, trapping the water god inside. He was pinned to the floor because the light happened to have a spell to suck all his energy out. This spell was more powerful than the water god himself, causing him to be in shock with the situation. If he remembered from his past life, Teto was a human. Humans don't have the ability to do spells and magic, so he was wondering why she was doing this. He did have suspicions, but he didn't think she would not be human. When he slowly lifted his own face, he saw Teto glaring at him. It was obvious that she was unsatisfied with his reaction; it seemed like she was expecting more from him.

"Are you really Len, the water god?" She asked with a tone that would have offended him if he didn't have such a cold heart. He didn't answer, only giving her a glare to shut her up. Not taking the hint, she continued with the insult. "The water god is supposed to be powerful, strong, smooth, and majestic in everything they do. Is this the best you can do? Pssh, I bet they all nominated and voted for you because you're the Emperor's son."

Finally, he snapped with thunder clapping outside. "You shut the fuck up. I don't know who you are, but you are the kind of person I hate the most. If you want to be Teto, it's impossible. Dressing up as her and acting like her won't make you become Teto," Len growled with his eyes becoming ice blue. His eyes started to glow, making the girl gulp nervously.

"I can tell you love to point out the obvious, huh?" The girl hummed with a lazy look laid upon her face.

"Who the hell are you?" Len ignored her statement, feeling annoyed with the situation.

"Why should I reveal myself to you?" She asked in disgust, not believing he would actually ask a question like that in this situation. Slowly, she came closer to examine his expression. From one side, he look indignant, but from another angle he look sad. It was strange to her, but she didn't really care.
"Are you stupid?" He countered back, confusing her now.

"You just asked me who am I...How the hell am I stupid?" She asked, feeling more annoyed than ever.

"Don't you know it's not a question to be asked?" Len told her, narrowing his eyebrows.

"Why on earth would you say it then?" The impersonator could feel one of her veins about to explode into tiny pieces. This person was really getting to her, which was bugging her a lot! He also isn't very intelligent; he only knew how to 'act' smart so people won't make fun of him. People like him sicken her.

"I said it so you would answer my question..."

"What?" 'Teto' shrieked angrily. "You are annoying! I can see why he wants to kill you!"

"Him?" Len frowned and then slowly brought himself back up when the light was starting to fade away. Immediately, he knew his plan was working. The girl's weakness lies within focus, which is a really big advantage for him since he knew how to manipulate people- usually.

She realized what she had done and quickly cupped her mouth, trying to find a way to fix the problem. While she was doing that, Len could only smile wider when the light was shrinking. He could feel his strength and energy coming back into his body all at once; it was such a refreshing feeling. The feeling almost felt like bathing in warm water, which he hadn't done for days. Finally, his energy was restored, and slowly he pulled himself up. To make sure he could fight, he flexed his arms and back.

"Y-You found out my weakness!" The girl bawled with shock evident in her eyes.

"It takes a really smart person to figure it out..." Len told her. Then, he walked towards her, practically adding ice to her body as he got closer.

"Get away from me, or I'll use another spell that is far more powerful!"

"Like what?" He stopped, his cold eyes landing on her. Without even expecting where the attack came from, he was surprised when he found her in his face; he had assumed the attack would come from behind. The water god was unable to move quick enough, allowing the girl to touch the tip of his forehead with a light beam shooting. It sent him back, his forehead bleeding tremendously after two seconds had passed by. If this was any regular spell, he wouldn't be affected by it. However, there was something about this girl that made her spells effective towards him.

"Len, you sit back and relax while I do my magic," she commanded him. Immediately, binds shot out of nowhere, wrapping themselves thick and tight on his wrist. He struggled to get them off of him, but it felt like it was glued onto him. The bind was secure around him so that he couldn't move his hand at all, making it impossible to get out. An idea popped in his head, and he didn't even think thoroughly as he summoned the remaining water from the ground to rise up. It melted back to its original form, and he used his mind to make it strike against the bind.

"Ha!" 'Teto' laughed when the water couldn't break the bind at all. "It's impossible to break the binds. By now, you should have known why your powers aren't working against mine..."

"You are sided with the demons, aren't you?" Len growled softly when he saw the girl smile with a devilish grin, which was truly menacing.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Hastune Miki, loyal to the demons," she said with a bow.

After she said that, Len couldn't help but feel uneasy about her statement. He knew he had heard the word, Hatsune, somewhere before. Though, he couldn't grasp onto the thought since his head was becoming dizzier after losing too much blood. Now, all the blood was either staining the wall or his clothes- 50/50.

"W-Why...are you telling me?" Len asked, feeling pain striking against the side of his head. "Using this information, I can inform the Emperor about this. War is already going on between the gods and demons for thousands of years. Your attempt to murder me will only cause the war to last much longer..."

"It's okay," Miki reassured him. "That's my intention in some way. I want the demons to win the war. Once you reach the age of 18, you are able to go in the war since you are a novice god right now. No matter how strong you are, they can't let you go 'till you are 18. Not that I'm complaining because if you reach that age, the gods would surely win." In one hand movement, she made the binds tighten even more, making the god whimper. "If I kill you, the demons would win and one person will become happy..." Suddenly, her face softened as if she was thinking of someone special. "He deserves to reach his goal. It will make him the happiest person! The only way I can do that is to make you suffer. When you die, the face you will remember is your dead wife killing you. I can only imagine how pathetic you will look when that happens!"

"Well, that will never happen because I already found out your intentions and who you are," Len pointed out. He couldn't express how embarrassed he felt for the girl to be that stupid. It's common sense that you never reveal your plans to your victim/enemy. Seriously, he was embarrassed for her, and he couldn't find it funny.

"Oh, I'm not that stupid to reveal all my intentions without a reason. It's fine that you know, but you won't remember in the future," she told him with a mischievous face.

"W-What?" He was bewildered by the light growing behind her. Powerful was the only word that could come in his mind as it grew larger and larger until it reached its maximum point where it started to shrink to form a ring around the orb. The black light kept repeating the process until it was inches away from Len's forehead. The distance between Len and Miki had to be at least five feet, and the water god knew immediately how strong the spell was going to be. He saw the ring closest to him gathering black particles out of the air, which made him sweat a little bit because he knew seen a spell like this. Judging from the color and strange technique, it must have originated from the demons.

"This is a spell to wipe a person's memory. It is supposed to make the victim suffer through pain as each memory is pulled from their head. There might be some internal bleeding along the way," Miki informed him. Easily, she could tell that the water god was trying hard to hide his emotion: fear. In her mind, she could hear her voice saying that, it's not easy. Just because your dead wife took away your heart does not mean that fear will never appear.

"You'll forget everything, starting from when Teto died. You'll especially forget Miku. Between those two passing periods, everything will be forgotten. The curse will be lifted off, since you are going to be living in your past-self. So...say goodbye to all of it, Len." Miki then release the black light, immediately charging towards him at full speed. The spell was a very strong impact against Len's head, making him bleed even more. As the process kept going on, Len could only scream in pain. Shouts, tears, and cries could not be heard, even to the one closest to him at heart.

Night quickly fell, and Miku couldn't help but feel uneasy about everything. Ever since she had arrived at the Emperor's palace, everything had turned into a twist. It was almost like a maze; every time you choose a new path, you find new things that make everything confusing. Today was not what she had expected it to be. First of all, she thought she was going to spend some time with Len, but he had disappeared for some reason. Second of all, she never thought Ted would ever pull that kind of act on her. Third of all, her brother arrived in Vocaloid. Two out of three was all Ted's fault. Because of him, she had to make a promise to her brother. A promise she knew may only cause more problems in the future. However, she didn't want her brother to kill Len without knowing him. Rumors are rumors; they never tell the truth.

"Miku!" She turned to see Miisha (orange fairy) with a childish face, as usual.

"What is it?" The green-head couldn't help but ask softly.

"Play with me and Note!" She tried pulling the green-head by the wrist but failed, realizing how weak she was. Helplessly, Miku grabbed the fairy and placed her softly on her right shoulder; they both walked towards Note (purple fairy), who was carrying a large paint-brush. He heavily dipped the brush into the black ink and lifted it up, stumbling after holding its weight.

"What are we doing?" Miku asked curiously, looking at the paper. It was made into a chart with a bunch of X's and circles.

"We are playing tic-tac-toe!" Miisha exclaimed excitedly. "It's so fun! You see you have to get three in row, depending on your shape." Showing her how to do it, Note and Miisha went into battle mode, trying to win. Observing carefully, Miku nodded at every movement the two made, understanding the game.

"You know there is a game much more fun than that," a voice whispered into her ears. It caused Miku to jump up at the sudden noise, and she turn around to see Ted smiling at her.

"Jeez, you appear everywhere don't you?" Miku commented with a frown on her face.

"I know you love it though," Ted said with a smile. It made the girl blush deeply, and she turned away so he wouldn't see her reaction.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, her redness slowly fading away after calming herself down.

"I wanted to talk to you about the competition..." His face instantly switched for a serious face, telling Miku this conversation was going to be important. "Did you know it is going to take place on Saturday?"

"Tomorrow?" She gasped, not aware of the information. "Why so early? Teto just arrived yesterday!"

"The Emperor and his men had a discussion about this yesterday. They think it'sbest to make the decisions early since they have too many matters in their hands right now. Also, Len has a close relationship with you and Teto, so that makes the due date even earlier," He explained to her carefully.

"Does Len just tell his father that he chooses someone?"

"No, it doesn't work that way," he told her. "Since Len is still considered as a novice god, due to his age, he has to let the Emperor and his men choose for him."

"Choose for him? What? That is unfair!" Miku shouted at him, causing the fairies to jump back in fear.

"You didn't let me explain how they choose for him..." Ted pointed out, his eyebrows narrowing. "The candidates to be his wife will have to show off their skills in all housewife departments. I'll tell you that the judging is very strict, and they tend to be picky if you are just a little bit off with each skill."

Miku let out a sigh, knowing she will fail in everything. It was impossible for her; she couldn't be a housewife no matter what. "I know I won't be his wife, after all I fail in every department..." She let out another sigh, feeling all beat up.

"There...also is another department you have to excel in..." Ted said slowly, having this worried look on his face. "The people judge you more strictly when it comes to your personality. Like, do you represent a goddess? Are you strong enough to be a goddess? Do you have what it takes to be Len's wife, the water goddess?"

"Huh?" Miku could only say, confused on what he was talking about. She could see Ted was tired of explaining things, but he went on doing it anyways.

"If you want to be Len's wife, you have to become the water goddess." Ted then frowned even more when he saw Miku having a more confused look on her face. "Okay, I'll try to explain this as easy as I can. The judges will grade you to see if you have the abilities to be a goddess. There are certain things that they are looking for: how strong you are, personality, intelligence, beauty, confidence, and courage. The most they would grade critically are: beauty, confidence, and how strong you are. If you fail in those categories, then you can say goodbye to ever becoming Len's wife," Ted explained more in more details.

"Teto was the water goddess then?" Miku posed with curiosity pounding in her head.

"Not quite...When the girl heard that she was going to become a goddess, she started to freak out and beg Len to not change her into a goddess. And as usual, Len had to be a rebel and decided to go against the rule. I can tell you that the Emperor was not pleased with his action but decided to let it go since Teto didn't have the exact traits they were looking for in a goddess."

Suddenly, Ted leaned closer to Miku. Not knowing what to do, Miku stood there with her face turning into red ink. "If I were a judge, I would surely make your grades really low..." Hearing this, Miku had a wake-up call, and she pushed him away from her with an indignant look.

"You are mean! Why on Earth would you do that?" Another shout came from her, and it made the fairies jump back again. She could hear them all whispering behind her that sounded almost like they were disgusted with her. However, she knew better than that. They were actually talking about Ted since the fairies always had a suspicious feeling about him. Recalling from their conversation in the afternoon, the fairies told her that he was always very cat-like: mischievous, quiet, almost shadow-like, and clever.

"You don't understand anything about love, do you?" Ted started to yell, causing Miku to squirm under his gaze. "Do you not know when a person is in love with you?"

"I do know when a person is in love with me!" She started to yell as well.

"Then why do you not know that I'm in love with you?"

"Eh?" Miku couldn't help but stare at Ted with her eyes wide open.

"You still don't recognize me after all this time? Who do I remind you of? Can't you see who I am?" He grabbed her shoulders, having a strong grip that would surely make a bruise if he kept his hands there. As he added more pressure on her shoulders, Miku remembered all the times she had encountered Ted, which was only two times to be exact.

"Miku, look into my eyes..." Ted pleaded, releasing his grip on her. Obeying his command, Miku stared into his eyes that always reminded her of blood. She still couldn't see who he was until his eyes shifted into another color that made her gasp. Slowly, she took a couple of steps back, not knowing how to react.


"You finally know who I am..." He breathed out a smile that showed how much pain he was in. "It seemed like you didn't seem to think of me anymore...After all, you are in love with Len now, aren't you?"

"Is Ted your real appearance, personality, and name?" Miku queried, dodging his statement.

"Yes, this is my true self..." He revealed with a melancholy look. "I had to disguise myself when I went on Imperial orders to go down to the village. The Emperor wanted me to check up on you, and I'm pretty sure you know why after meeting him..." Miku could only nod, feeling her heart breaking little by little when she realized she had been lied to all along. "I disguised myself as the person you know as Rinto..."

"You lied to me this whole time..." She felt tears swimming in her eyes. Quickly, she wiped them away, telling herself she had to stop crying. Too many tears were shed these past days and shedding more would not do anything in life. "Is that why you weren't there when I was sacrifice? Did you have to go back to the Kingdom?" She said softly this time, hoping that she would be able to calm herself again. When she saw Ted was just nodding, she couldn't think of anything to make the situation less awkward than it was.

"I don't want you to become Len's wife...He stole too many things away from me," Ted admitted with a menacing expression. "I know that you made a promise with Mikuo that if you don't become Len's wife, you have to go back home. As much as I don't want you to go home, I don't want you to be his wife."

"Why do you hate him?" Miku noticed that Ted stiffened a little bit, and she took another step back when he shot a glare at her. Obviously, he was telling her that it was none of her business and she shouldn't even ask in the first place. What's up with men these day? They all have mood swings now and it's freaking her out. Maybe this is why Mikuo is always protecting her when it comes to guys. Then, Ted went towards the door and slammed it shut, leaving the room silence. After he was gone, the fairies all flew up to her with a strange look on their faces.

"See! This is exactly why we hate him!" Katsuo (navy blue fairy) cried. "He's always like that, and he always confuses me! I mean, I'm always confused, but he makes my brain hurt whenever I'm confused around him!"

"He makes me cry all the time!" Miisha (orange fairy) wailed with tears streaming in her delicate orange eyes.

"He called me yellow when I'm obviously gold!" Neon (yellow fairy) grumbled, pouting her cheeks. "Why can't anyone see that? I mean it is the obvious..." She then rolled her eyes, emphasizing her point. It only made Miku have sweat drops clinging onto her forehead, feeling embarrassed for the fairy to not know what color she actually was.
"He said I look like a walnut..." Monyako Ouroku (yellow-green fairy) croaked, surprising Miku because it was the first time she had ever seen her so down. The fairy is usually really energetic and had this large smile that made her so unique.

"He always picks on us," Mirai (pink fairy) confessed to the human. "He has a grudge against Haku, the goddess of light and also our mommy, since she was the one who said Seiryu has every trait of being the water god...If it weren't for her support, he would have never been the water god. It would have been Ted instead..."

"Ted?" Miku gasped, feeling lightning travel through her veins.

"He was one of the candidates to be the water god," Tia (silver fairy) explained to her. "We really do not know how you become a god, so it is better if you ask someone who had experience through the competition. I can tell you, though, that it is really hard to get through."

"I see..." Miku hums to herself.

"What is it?" Alpha (gray fairy) ask, noticing she was frowning.

"It seems strange to me how every day I keep getting new information...I mean, it doesn't hurt to learn because I always wanted to learn, but what I'm trying to say is that-"

"A picture is forming, and the information represent as pieces, right?" Alpha pose, cutting Miku off unintentionally. He saw Miku nod, agreeing with what he was saying since it was exactly what she was going to say.

"Now that you think about it, it does make sense..." Ren (red fairy) thought out loud. "Everything that you told us is like a puzzle piece to the picture..."

"Exactly...I think this has to do with Teto's death," Alpha assumes.

"Why would you think that?" Miku ask, interested in hearing the doctor's thoughts.

"From what I remember you said Rei knows something about reincarnation..."

"Oh! He said that you can't reincarnate until a 1000 years had passed! But if you done a great deed to the world, 500 years must past!" Miku remembers out loud.

"Two hundred years had approximately passed by since her death, and she always remembers everything that happen in the past...Isn't that strange?" Kaname (violet fairy) looks at Alpha and then Miku, waiting to see what they would think after catching on to what they are saying as well.

"That is a good point. Usually when you are reincarnated you don't remember everything..." Leti (pearl white fairy) spoke up, not speaking in a shy tone for the first time.

"There's something about that girl, the way you describe her, that ticks me off..." Neon (yellow fairy) added with a disgust look on her face. "I want to meet this girl! When I see that girl, I'll beat her up for messing with you!"

"Neon, that won't solve anything," Ren (red fairy) tells her, annoy with her thoughts.

"It will solve something because unlike gods or goddesses, we can tell a person's true color just from looking inside their heart!" She tells him haughtily, hands on her hips and legs spread apart. Then, she let out a mighty laugh that made the red fairy take several steps away from her.

"The only one who is best at that is Mirai!" Miisha corrected the yellow fairy.

"Before anyone gets into an argument, I'm not even sure if finding a person's true color will reveal how they got into Vocaloid..." Miku stated, interjecting into the little fairies' conversation. Next to her, Alpha shakes his head in agreement. "We are back to square one right now. Alpha can you explain to me about your theory?"

"I don't think she reincarnated...In fact, I think she's an imposter!"

"Imposter?" Miku repeated after him in shock.

"Teto's death was news everywhere...Many people didn't believe she was dead until the God of Death confirmed she was..." Alpha informs her as Miku's eyes grew larger.

"That makes sense now, expect for how she knows about Teto and Len's past..."

"Most likely someone is feeding her the information," he said.

"This is frustrating!" Miku moaned, giving up already. "Everything is confusing now...And I just found out Ted is Teto's brother this afternoon! This really proves how slow I am..." She wails a little bit, only to be comfort by Miisha and Note (orange and purple fairy).

"Not really! You quickly found out that each new amount of information is a piece to the missing case of Teto's death! Plus you understood immediately that the one that looks like Teto is an imposter!" Monyako Ouroku points out. "If anything, you learn things quicker than anyone!"

"Aw...thank you," Miku smiles brightly. "That means a lot! Well, I'm going to go take a walk outside and possibly run into the Emperor because I need him to tell me something."

"I want to come!" Miisha and Note exclaims excitedly in unison. "We want to go outside of this room, please?" They both gave puppy faces that made Miku look away, regretting her decisions when she let out a yes. The three of them went of the room slowly after putting each fairy in bed since it was getting late.

Quietly, they walk down the hallway and into the path that lead to outside. One place that Miku had in mind was the garden where Len opened up to her for the first time. She always kept the doll by her side when she was in the room, afraid that she will break it outside. Suddenly, she stopped, feeling her mind being occupied by the thoughts of the water god. Even though she loves him, she still hates him as well. People would say their relationship is very complicated, and she agrees a 100 percent. They never show any affection for each other, yet alone kindness. However, when they arrive at the Emperor's palace, everything changed. It was that obvious lots of thing had changed, and it is scary to imagine it all in her head.

"Miisha likes oranges, not chocolate!" The orange fairy fusses loudly, giving the purple fairy a menacing glare that truly gave Miku goose bumps.

"I thought you like chocolates...Everyone loves them," Note tells her.

"I've became everyone to you?" Miisha screams, tears drumming up in her eyes and slowly makes a steam down her cheek. "I-I thought I was special!" She started to wail now, her head resting on her palms so she could hide her tears.

"I didn't mean it like that!" Note was completely clueless in this situation, and he tried giving her a pat on the back but that only made her cried harder. "Miisha, you know you are special to me! So stop crying please?"

As Miku watch the scenes unfold, she couldn't help but be a little jealous. It was no dead giveaway these two may harbor feelings in the future. They have such great chemistry, something Len and her were lacking in their relationship. She was sure the two fairies didn't know that their actions could be consider as romantic, which only made Miku feel even more jealous now...Had Len ever did something romantic that came from his heart? Yes, he had but that's a rare thing to see from him. Unconsciously, her hands reach up to touch the soft band-aid. When he placed the band-aid on her cheek, there was a soft and warm touch radiating from his hand. It made her feel like she could trust him, and he wouldn't betray her. Though, it's a dream. She had to wake up from reality because she already knew that Len was only acting like that to get something out of her. Either way, she couldn't help but feel touch by his actions- even if they were fake. A dream that couldn't possibly come true, yet it did happen. Although, Miku still couldn't bring herself to be the happiest when reminded of his true intentions.

"Len, I still can't believe you fell off the tree when you were trying to get me an apple. But...you do know that I wanted a bread, right?" Hearing his name, Miku turn around to see Teto and Len walking besides each other. Both of them had their arms wrap around each other with affections, causing Miku's breath to hitch up in her throat tightly. Finally, Teto notices Miku was there, and she smiled kindly that made Miku took a step back in shock.

"That's Teto!" Miisha gasp behind her.

"Sssh! Don't say anything and look for her true color, got it?" Note tells her.

"Hi, Miku! What are you doing out here so late?" She flashed a smile that was even more angelic.

'That's what I want to ask with you and Len...' Miku thought bitterly in her head, staring at Teto and Len with an unintentional, sappy look.

"Who is she? Is she a new maid?" Len asks, looking at the green-head with a blank look.

"Len, that's a very nice insult," Miku replies sarcastically, earning a frown from the water god. "Why are you so embarrassed? Do you not want people to know that you know me? Especially, in front of Teto? Well, I can tell you that she already knows me so quit with the act!"

"Ugh...I really do not know you?" Len look over to Teto, his face clearly read as: that girl is really weird.

"Len, you are acting like a bastard again! I mean, one day has pass, and you acted really nice to me, but now you are becoming an asshole again..." Miku snarls, ready to punch the water god if he dares make another insult towards her. She had enough of his mood swings, and she will remember not to ever believe in this guy. How stupid was she when she thought he actually changed? Never in her life had she felt like the stupidest person...

"I don't know what you are talking about!" He shouts at her, feeling frustrated already. "I don't who you are, but I don't like it when I'm called a bastard- especially from people I have never seen in my life!"

"You are seriously going to keep this act up? What is the matter with you? I never thought you would stoop this low to pretend that you don't know-"

"Miku, please be quiet!" Teto cuts her off with a glare. "For some reason Len had amnesia so now he doesn't remember anything about you or the events that happen this past two hundred years...It's really strange I have to say," she says with a sympathetic look on her face. "However, I'm glad he didn't forget about me!" That smile came across her face again, but Miku immediately understood that the smile held a message. 'He remembers me only so I'm the one that will become his wife, not you.' Not knowing how to react, she could only stand there with a dumbstruck look on her face. Her body was stiff, not wanting to move. Though, it didn't hurt as much as her heart. Cracks were all her heart, and Miku could feel each piece slowly coming off.

"That bitch!" Note whisper behind her. Fortunately, Teto didn't hear his statement so he still have a life to live.

"I can't believe it!" Miisha whisper a little bit louder, but Teto still was unable to hear the two.

"Is that so?" Miku could barely hear herself when she talked. "I'm sorry, Len...I didn't mean to be rude to you at all. I thought you were messing with me like you usually did." She rubbed her arms back and forth in embarrassment, though she was only acting so she wouldn't let the imposter see her true feelings. Worthless, that's how she felt. He forgot about her, but he stills remembers Teto. It proves that Teto is much more important to him than her...

"It's alright, I guess. May I ask who you are?" Len stare deeply into the girl's eyes, seeing how teal they really are. But when you look even more deeply, you can see it was actually a dark shade of blue. Her eyes reminded him of blue roses, dangerous yet beautiful. No wonder why he was captivated by them when he first saw her.

"My name is Hatsune Miku," she introduce herself.

"What kind of relationship did we have?" He ask suddenly.


"Len, let's not bother with her. Why don't we go to the garden?" Teto didn't wait for Len's reply because she was already dragging him away. When they were gone, Miku couldn't help but fell on her knees. Her heart couldn't be mended anymore. Pain had already reached their maximum space, now swelling inside her heart.

"Miku..." Miisha felt tears coming to her eyes again as she stare at the human. An angel has fallen...No matter how you see the scene that sentence will always come to your mind. Truly this scene fit perfectly for that sentence.

"Miku, come on! Get up!" Note tries, but Miku didn't listen to him. Her eyes that use to be the color of teal were now an empty color. "Miku, please! You have to get up!" He grabs her by the arm and uses all his strength to move her. Still, she stayed like that with her empty body.

"He forgot about me..." Miku bit her lips, trying hard to hold back all the tears. "Great, I'm feeling down because of him again..."

"I thought you were stronger and smarter than this!" Note shouts now, sending her a dagger glare. "Did you not notice the girl's act? She was obviously lying!"

"It doesn't change the fact that he forgot about me..." Miku sighs with a tire expression, causing Miisha and Note to look at each other with concerns touching their face.

"Miku, isn't it strange that Len would randomly loose his memory?" Miisha bit her lips when Miku stared at her with her eyes, empty and soulless. "To forget about you only, but remember Teto...Isn't that a bit strange as well?"

"Yeah, it is strange..." She comments with another sigh.

"While you were talking to Teto and Len, Note and I discover something interesting!" Miisha waited for the human's expression but was only disappointed when she just nod her head. "Her true color is actually really dark! It represents the color black!"

"So...what? It doesn't change anything..."

"It means that Teto is really an imposter! Plus, she's using Seiryu! The color she was giving off is darker than black, which is really impossible! Normally, the color you would be showing off, when it comes to love, would either be red or pink!" Note informs her, finally breaking the spell off of Miku.

"She doesn't want Len in a romantic way?" Miku sees the two fairies shaking their head back and forth quickly. "That doesn't make sense!" She thought aloud to herself, pondering what is her true intentions. If she doesn't want Len that way, then what was it? It's entire impossible to figure out her motives since they don't know each other well. Whatever it is, she knows it won't be anything good at all.

"Little Usagi, are you still down?" Turning around quickly, Miku finds herself in front of Kaito, along with Rin, Akaito, Gakupo, Rei, Luka, and a woman. The woman had to be around five feet and eleven inches, almost as tall as Kaito. She had scarlet eyes that seem to glow softly, and her caramel hair ran flawlessly down to her shoulder. Goddess was currently in her vibe from the way she was standing and dress. Red kimono that was elegantly wrapped around her and her stance was proper as well too.

"Hi," Miku forces a smile at all of them.

"Geez, what's up with that stupid smile?" Rei asks, already irritated by her.

"Rei, give her a break. She's going through a hard time!" Luka scolds, shaking her hands angrily at him.

"Long time no see," Gakupo says with a cheeky grin that flashed brightly in her eyes.

"Ugh...We met yesterday for breakfast," Miku points out, feeling embarrass for him.

"Miku, I want you to meet my wife, Meiko," Kaito interrupts politely.

"Hello, I'm Shion Meiko. It's a pleasure to meet you," the lady said with a proper bow.

"I'm Miku!" She returned the bow back and stared at her with curiosity. "Do you happen to be a goddess as well?"

"Yes! I'm the lightning goddess but before I use to be the goddess of love!" She exclaims with flowers popping out of nowhere. When she noticed the flowers, she puffed her cheeks out in frustration. "Unfortunately, I'm also the goddess of flowers as well." Then, she sighs tiredly. "I get so excited easily, which is why flowers would pop out at such a random time..." Miku didn't know how to respond to that since she would have never thought that Kaito had an interest in proper ladies.

"Anyways, Miku, you seem to be down again," the lightning god notices.

"I'm fine..." Miku averted her eyes somewhere else so she doesn't have to feel guilty about lying.

"Miku, I think I told you this already, but you need to stop with the bull-crap that is coming out of your mouth!" He snaps angrily, causing the human to gulp nervously. "You are always such a gloomy person. What happen to the girl that I met who radiant brightly like an angel? What happen to the girl that became my sister because she made me smile a lot? What happen to that girl? You are always open up to me but now you are always close up in a shell. I want to help you get out of your suffering but do you think I can with you slumping around like a turtle?"

"You don't know anything!" Miku argues, releasing all the locks of her pain. She had enough of holding back all of her anger and pain. It hurts too much and to suddenly have one of your best friends yell at you without knowing about anything really sent the keys to go unlock everything. "Do you know how much I've been going through? No, you don't know! For your information, I also like to have my privacy too! There are things people don't want others to know because they have to keep a safe distance..." She huff, taking in a deep breath.

"Miku, I'm-"

"No, I'm going to finish my words!" She cuts him off quickly. "I agree that I smiled a lot in the past weeks, but do you realize that sometimes I want to cry as well? I tried to keep my feelings all lock up inside, and I try to defend myself as well because I'm not strong. Even though, I have courage and determination, I also have fear and self-conscious. Plus no one even ask for your help! You were the one that shove your noses somewhere it didn't belong at all!" Without even thinking, she spills those words out. Now, she wanted to take them back after hearing how sharp the words were. Even more, she saw how deep the words cut into the lightning god's heart. He could only stand there; speechless after hearing those words came out.

"Miku!" Luka sent a glare that clearly read out: I'm so disappointed in you! Look at what you have done!

"Kaito, I didn't mean to-" Quickly, the lightning god disappear in a flash- the gifts of controlling lightning. After he left, Rei also sent her a look of disapproval.

"We wanted to help you because we care about you..."

"I...I know," the human stutters, feeling her nose squeezing tightly as tears would develop in her eyes.

"Kaito clearly understands how you are feeling, but he doesn't want to see you in such a weak condition. He cares about you a lot and treats you like a sister. To see you like this worries him, and he's afraid to loose someone important," Rin explains to her. She, too, also has a disappointed look on her face.

"I'm just so-" Miku stops to let one delicate tear to drop from her eyes. "I'm just heart-broken right now!" She screams, falling on her knees as she buries her head into her palms. "Len has completely forgotten who I am! I just finally admit to my own feelings for him but now its too late! I completely wasted all my opportunities! If I wasn't so mean to him, maybe I could have known my true feelings for him and get him to love me as well! It's too late now!" She sobs loudly, startling everyone. They weren't really sure how to fix the situation, yet alone know what was going on exactly. However, the fairies were there to tell them what exactly happened a few minutes ago. As they told them, they all had mix reactions. The fairies even told them about their theory of Teto, how everything fits together, which brought dramatic responses.

"Oh my..." Meiko says to herself, placing her sleeves over to her mouth to show how much she pitied the young girl.

"You have to be kidding me," Rin gasps with wide eyes.

"Len has amnesia and forgets about you but not Teto?" Rei bit his lips, not wanting to say anymore words when the wind goddess shoots him a glare. "And Teto is an imposter?" He quietly mutters to himself.

"I hate this! In my whole entire life, I never knew love could be so complicated! To be honest, I think he's my first love. With the guy I had a relationship back at home; I never felt such strong emotions." She then hiccups and buries her face even more into her palms.

"Miku, you heard the fairies tell you this already so why is you so down?" Luka asks, trying too hard to sound soft.

"Because he can easily forget me in just a day! It tells me exactly how important I am to Len...I'm just a bug that no one cares about..."

"Miku, even though I don't know you..." Meiko starts out sweetly with a smile that matched her angelic appearance. "I think you are very sweet, but...YOU NEED TO BUILD UP SOME WOMAN POWER! IF YOU ARE ACTING LIKE THIS, I'LL JUST CALL YOU A LEEK BECAUSE YOU LOOK LIKE ONE!" Her mask suddenly drops, revealing fires in her eyes as she starts to lecture Miku what to do. Poor human was stuck in the lightning goddess's class, being yelled at for something that is reasonable. Her finger was pointed in front of her face, making Miku feel even more intimidated as spits flew everywhere. 'Eww...' Miku thought, mentally crying inside her head.

"I saw this coming..." Rei confesses quietly, his face growing pale.

"No kidding...Meiko is one scary person," Gakupo adds and then shivers at one memory he remembered when he done something to trigger Meiko's twin sister, Ms. Demon. Rumors had say that her mother was a goddess, while her father was a demon. One thing, for sure, is that the rumors were definitely true but no one knew that except for a couple of other people.

"Wow, what a great way to ruin the tension. (=_=;;) I swear that's how my face looks like right now!" Rin sighs, rubbing her forehead to calm her veins before they could explode into tiny pieces.

"You guessed correctly," Gakupo tells her as he kept staring at the scene before him. The lightning goddess kept yelling at Miku, making her squirm in fear until she slaps her across the face. Sounds of flesh hitting flesh echoed loudly in the hallway, causing Luka, Rei, Gakupo, Rin, and Akaito (who was quiet the whole time) to let out more dramatic gasps.

"You understand me? There is still time left to win over his heart! If you keep whining and crying, what good will it do?" Meiko's words reminded Miku of the words she kept telling herself earlier. It made her feel stupid now because she didn't even listen to what she was determined to do. "We can't change anything now that he has forgotten about you, but we can change his heart. I'm sure Len has a special place in his heart that is reserve for you and only you. That place might be even more special than Teto's place, so fight for his heart!" The green-head could stare in admiration at Meiko's encouragement and nod with her eyes flickering back to life.

Miisha (orange fairy) hops over to Miku, grabbing her by the cheek with a smile that lit up brightly. "Yeah! Miku is back! Note, do you see that?" She turns to him with her cheeks turning pink in an adorable way.

"Miku, are you alright?" Note asks with a worry face that quickly fades away when Miku shows him a smile that was perfectly meant for her.

"I'm sorry, guys. I'll return back to the person who I use to be once. More importantly, I have to apologize to Kaito after my rudeness. I hope he'll forgive me since I didn't mean to offend him..." She slowly trails off when the others just roll their eyes, knowing the obvious answer.

"I guess it's true. You will always stay stupid," Rei says with a frown.

"Hey, that's mean!" Miku hisses but her face was telling the opposite.

"We need to all go to bed, especially you since tomorrow is the big day for you," Gakupo suggests. He then pokes Miku's cheek, catching her in a dumbstruck mode. "Don't give them rabbit look tomorrow in the morning or else you will become raccoon in my book." The human can only let out a helpless sigh and a smile, following everyone as they start to walk towards back their room.

(Next day)

It's finally here; the moment where Miku founds out if she becomes Len's wife or not. Terrified and nervous, she paced back and forth before the ladies came in to fix her appearances. As they examined her, inch to inch, they would make comments that were unnecessary.

"Ugh, look at that hair! It's so yuck!" One of the girls scorned in disgust.

"O-M-G, I know right? It's so frizzy, and it also looks like it hasn't been wash like forever!"

'Motherfucking bitch! I should say the same to your faces!' Miku thought quietly to herself, having a blank expression as they kept making comments. Finally, they start to pull out equipments to work their 'magic' on her. Apparently, it was just wands with sparkling things. If there was anything that would annoy her, more than Len, it would have to be those. She saw those things back in the village whenever they have festivals. The girls would wave them around and sing into those wands, making them look like foolish monkeys.

"Let's make her hair silk as a blanket!" A girl suggests, getting several approvals from the other crews. Swish, bang, kabooom! It took one, long, journey to shake those sticks, allowing magic to do their job as they dance around in her hair to make it thin and soft. They all made oohh and ahh in admiration, making Miku sweat a little in embarrassment for those girls.

"Gah! I think shoulder length hair makes her look a little prettier," one assumes. She then touches Miku's hair, making more sweats collect around her forehead. It took her awhile to finally understand what they said because she then cries,

"NO! I don't want my hair shorter!" Her hair went below her shoulders and stops at the tip of her legs. When she made that statement, she earned several more disgusting looks from the girls. Oh how badly did she want to punch those girls in their faces.

"Look, we are here to make you look more 'attractive' for Mr. Hot God." The girl who said that was smacking on something that made a few popping noises, which was dying cows in the human's ear. "If you have shoulder-length hair, I'm pretty sure you are going to look prettier..." Not even hearing the green-head's protest, the girls all waved their wands around to make hair clip to the floor until it reach shoulder-length (a little more than shoulder-length but close enough). Then, she hands Miku a mirror to see how she looks now. When she looked in the mirror, she saw how much more pretty she looked before, which was a big shocker since she thought she looked better in longer hair.

"We already have your outfit picked out," another girl informs. Again, they flash their wands around to make a beautiful kimono appear around. Scarlet red was the base color, but it had other bright colors for the flower designs as well as the dragon designs as well. The ribbon that was tied around her waist for the kimono was golden yellow, capturing everyone's eyes. It was a perfect combination with the scarlet kimono, for it was pleasing to each eyes that will lay upon on the dress.

"Wait, aren't you going to do something my hair? Like, aren't you going to put it up with an ornament?" Miku asks curiously.

"No, we think this will fit more your image. Even though you will look prettier with your hair up, we think it's best if you keep it down. We were also told to keep it real, meaning we also have to keep you as you. Your hair down gives you an innocent look," one girl explains to the best of her ability.

"So no make-up either?" Miku presses.

"It doesn't fit you as well," they all reply in unison.

"Um...okay." Miku then scratches her head, not sure what to say else. "I guess it's time for me to go..." Slowly, she pulls herself out of the room, feeling a little bit queasy. Naturally, she would be calm, but she couldn't surpress the sweats clinging on her forehead. Lately these days, she's becoming more nervous about everything, especially Len. Knowing that she had fifty percent of getting sent back home makes her ten times more nervous. The good thing though was that when she and Teto are competing, her friends will there to cheer her on. There were rumors saying that they had people pay to see this event, but why in the world would people want to watch this? It's just two people showing off their skills in the best so they could be Len's wife. Immediately, Miku fell on her knees, her head hung down when she realize that it was the main reason why there were people watching. Can she get any stupider?

Footsteps can be heard, but she didn't turn around to know who it was. Mikuo's aura had this distinctive type that made it special, so Miku could instantly find out who it was. They didn't exchange any words yet, only kept the atmosphere quiet and somewhat peaceful. It was only for a few minutes until Mikuo coughs loudly to clear his throat.

"Are you nervous, sister?" He asks with a tone that couldn't be identified. However, it almost sounded like he was trying to make fun of her. Then, he leans closer to intimidate her.

"What does it look like? Of course I am!" Miku groans and then rolls her eyes in annoyance.

"Don't forget about the promise you made to me. If you forget, I'll kill everyone that is close to you," he whispers into her ears.

"You have to keep your promise too," Miku tells him bitterly.

"I hope he chooses the other girl," he tells her with one eyebrow raised.

"It doesn't take a smart person to know that..." She takes a step back away from him, trying to get away from the boy.

"Put on a fabulous show for the audience!" He waves as he started to take down the path that lead to the Emperor's court room.

When no one was around, Miku couldn't control her breath from shaking. "You are planning something, aren't you?"

Len stared at the kingdom from a balcony. The village, which he could see from the distance, had changed a lot. There were a lot more buildings, and the village seems to be ten times busier than before. Everything had changed so much that it made the water god confused. No matter where he goes, he couldn't help but feel pain. He felt even more pain whenever he tries to remember the past. It didn't make sense to him. He remembered being at the water palace with Teto, but he was suddenly at Kingdom. Then, Teto explained to him that he had amnesia so that's why he couldn't remember anything. Something is odd though...He feels like he has a big hole in his heart.

Averting his attention elsewhere, he turns to look below him, only to see an ugly duck. Very offending, but he knew that it was a swan immediately. After all, he has been living in this palace for over 600 years. There were many swans that were trailing down the lake, which was a very beautiful sight to see. Suddenly, he sees the same girl from last night, who was the one that called him a bastard. He remembered that Teto had told him she was a candidate to be his wife and didn't say anything more. His curiosity grew larger when he thought about the girl. Her name was Miku, right?

Placing one foot on the railing, he slowly floated himself down to the ground. He could see that he caught Miku's attention, looking up at him with a bewilder expression. When he reached the ground, he flew his shoulders and then stares at her. The girl gulped loudly and then looked into his eyes, fearfully of him.

"Hi Len," she greets quietly with an elegant bow.

"Hello," he replies back. "Are you okay? You are very pale, you know?"

"I am?" She cries, reaching a hand to touch her face. "I'm sorry! I'm just not feeling too good..."

Len just shakes his hand with a faint smile. "The event doesn't start until an hour, so why don't we head to the garden?" He then lends a hand, earning wide eyes from the green-head. She hesitantly took his hand softly. The water god nodded and then gripped her hand tightly, though not too tightly. He led her to the garden; both of them were in a heavy silence that was uncomfortable. As he led her to the garden, he could tell Miku didn't want to be around with him at the moment. It offended him, but he wanted to talk with her. All kinds of question were forming inside his head about his memory-loss, and Miku seems to be the only one who knew.

Finally, the garden was in sight, and the two slowly crept over to the bridge. Being a gentleman, Len pulled an umbrella out, which he had made from the pond near them. He propped the umbrella over the girl, causing her to blush deeply. They both walked into the garden, and Len spots the chair near by the Maiden Lilies. It sent a grimace expression on his face, but he quickly wipes it away when he made himself think the flower was called, Maiden SeeU and not Maiden Lily. Quickly, they both sat on the chair, still having the silence atmosphere following them.

"Miku," Len calls to her. She turns to look at him with her teal eyes, which seem a little dull today. "Can you tell me about our relationship?

"Our relationship?" The green-head repeats, dumbstruck at his question.

"I want to know because I feel like there is a barrier that is preventing me to know about it. Plus your sudden statement to me last night made me wonder what kind of relationship we have. Teto told me that you are one of the candidates to be my wife, but I'm not sure why though. I'm already married to her, so I don't understand anything," he confesses with a long sigh.

Miku shuffles around in her seat, her hands tuck tightly together. "Our relationship was not bright, to be honest. It happened on June 26th, 1853 when you received a new sacrifice, which was me. You treated me with cruelty, and you even said that my village was not worth being showered by rain. Those words coming out of your mouth made me snap, and I talk-back to you. I even made insults to you, which makes infuriates you. Because of the tension clash we had created, we always have been fighting non-stop. Sometimes, the things you say make my heart crack just a little..."

"So...I was abusing you in our relationship?" The girl only nodded silently.

"Though, you were nice to me sometimes...Most of the time, when you are surrounded by people, you always kept your cool. Your personality is very cold-like, and you always judge someone with disgust. Plus, you get angry easily when it comes to me because I know how to push your buttons like no one else," Miku then smiles very sadly.

"I'm sorry..." Len looks into her teal-eyes. "I don't know why I did that to you."

"That's easy; it's because I'm a human," Miku tells him with a bitter expression. "You were a lot different before I came here. For one, you were a lot nicer. But when I came here, you were cold to everyone. Well, you were cold to everyone before I was even here..."

"Why was I mean?" Len asked, feeling confused. "I don't-I mean-I don't see myself as a mean person," he stutters with a frown.

"The irony of our thoughts, look, you can perfectly play as a mean person. In fact, you can be the scariest person in the world with the cold personality and attitude of yours. Plus, I can't see you as a nice person." She then stands up, giving him a glare.

"Look, I don't like it when someone insults me. Especially when it comes to someone that I don't know," he reminds her again. Then, he shoots a glare at her too, expressing how annoyed he was.

"Do you want any information or not?" Miku asks angrily. "I suggest wisely that you don't want to go down that road because I'll warn you something about me. I don't play nice; I play to be a victor." She adds a hiss after that statement, shooting a glare even more threatening than the last one.

"I'm sorry," he apologizes deeply. "It's just one thing I hate about humans. They are always so judgmental."

"Big mistake, mister," Miku growled. "However, since I'm dressed like this, I won't do anything to hurt you..."

Len look at her from head to toe, realizing how beautiful she looked in a red kimono. It seemed like the artists were right not to put any make up on her, for she was already radiating beauty without it. If she had put any makeup on, it wouldn't captivate the innocent personality she had.

"You look really beautiful," Len said with a charming smile. He didn't know that his smile had sent an arrow through the girl's heart, causing her to stiffen and blush like a tomato again.

"T-Thank you..." Miku stammers, feeling her heart pounding excitedly. Letting out a cough to clear her throat, she started to speak about his lost memories. "About the competition coming up, they-" She stops all the sudden, her tongue tied around. 'I can't be stupid! If I tell him the truth, he'll be devastated to find out that his wife was killed once.' "They thought she wasn't good enough to be the water goddess candidate..."

When those words slip past her lips, Miku knew she had committed a crime. From what Ted had told her, Teto never wanted to be the water goddess with Len agreeing to it. She could feel his aura changing, feeling intimidated now and wishing she had never said a word.

"No! That's not what I meant!" She quickly changes her mind. "It's something I don't know about much either! You have to wait for a while since it's complicated to explain..." Suddenly, the water god's aura started to calm down, making the green-head sigh in relief.

"Alright...I can be patient," Len says with a nod. Then, he noticed that the candidate had something in her hand. "What's that?" He asks, pointing at the object.

"Oh! This is um..." Miku bit her lips when she lifts it up for him to see. "Someone special gave it to me..."

"I see..." Len observes the doll closely. Somehow, the doll was very familiar. If only he could think back to what happen, then maybe life wouldn't be so complicated. "This person must be very special to you!"

"Yeah..." Her eyes turn soft with a light gleaming into it. "He's very special to me," she quietly mutters.

"Special, huh?" Len hums to himself, even though in the inside he felt a little jealous of the man. What he didn't understand was why would he be jealous of the man for the girl who he doesn't even know much? "How special was he?"

His question caught Miku off-guard as she could stare at him with wide eyes. "Excuse me? Did you just ask that question?" He only nodded, waiting to hear her answer. "Well, he's very special to me since he has a place in my heart like no one else."

"I see..." Len grumbles unintentionally, wishing the man never shows his face or else he would punch him. Again, he didn't understand why he has these thoughts over a girl he barely knows. Maybe he was attracted to her beauty, that's all. The only person he loves is Teto, right? "I think we should be heading back," he suggests and props the umbrella over the girl again. "You know, you look a lot prettier now without the makeup you used to put on."

"Really?" Miku asks, surprise by his comment.

"Most girls look beautiful with makeup on them, but you have a natural beauty look already. I would be surprise if anyone thought you were ugly." They both walk past by the pond and into the flower fields filled with all kinds of flowers.

"Well, I had been called ugly by everyone..." She whispers loudly enough for Len to hear.

"Then they are blind if they cannot appreciate true beauty," he simply said with his eyebrows furrowing together. Unaware of his actions, it caused Miku to blush again and her heart to pound against her chest. As the two walk side by side, they were not alarm of a projectile charging towards them. It took a while before Len sense that one particular feeling, which he knew belong to the demons. Turning around, he saw a massive flying arrow with purple flames surrounding it. It was cutting through the air quickly and was aiming for Miku's back. If this was any ordinary arrow, he wouldn't have to worry since he can quickly just use water to smash through the thing. However, the arrow here is made out of metal and since it is completely cover by a demon's spell, water has a 50% of breaking the projectile. When it had reach around the nearest tree's height (about 20 feet), he saw the arrow suddenly increasing in speed with purple particles fanning through the air. There was no time to think because he knew the person was trying to kill the girl. He jumped over to Miku, wrapping his arms around the waist, and tried skipping away quickly. Though, it was too late though. On cue, when he had grabbed her, the arrows increased their speed even more, causing arrow to penetrate into his back with purple flames licking parts of his skin.

"Aish!" He moans in pain, feeling Miku shift under his hold.

"Len, what are you doing?" She asks, feeling her heart pounding even more. "Let go of me!" His arms around her tighten, and she turn her head to see Len with a grimace expression. Worried and concern, she asked if he was alright. No response came from him, but she felt his arm twitch. It was a signal that Len was going to twist around. When he twist themselves around, Miku heard Len moan again in pain.

"Len?" She calls to him, but he didn't reply. "Len? Hey are you okay?" She's shouting now. His grip on her started to loosen and then he fell to the ground. Red- she could only see red as she took a step back so it wouldn't reach her. It was everywhere, and it was Len's blood.

"Len!" She screams loudly. Stepping over the blood to reach the god, she didn't even care if her dress would get dirty or she would smell. "Len!" Miku shakes him, but he doesn't respond. Carefully, she placed his head on her lap. "Len, wake up!" She screams again, tears already making their way down to her chin.

One eye peeked open, and she found herself staring in his cobalt blue eyes. "Miku, are you alright?" The girl couldn't find herself to answer the question because she was the one that should be asking the question, even if it was pointless and obvious.

"I should be asking you that!" She sobs loudly, grabbing onto his hand.
"I'm fine, Miku. I'm fine as long as you are okay," he whispers now. His eyes started to close again, causing Miku to jump out of her skin

"Len, stay with me! Stay with me while I go find someone to help us!" More tears fell from her eyes as she kept gripping his hand tightly.

"Don't worry...I'll be fine, Miku," he says again with his eyes close shut peacefully. "As long as you are safe and sound..."


Before you guys try to kill, oh you die hard fans of Len :D *Grabs a shield* Throw all your attacks on me TAT I can take them on! Look, anyone and especially I know Len can't die that early :P He's a god, durrrrhhhh However, if it had hit Miku, well let just say she falls to the ground, cough blood up, blink several times, sees the world growing darker? [wth o_O] and then leaves her body with a wheee ...Basically she dies D: Why? She ain't no god power :D No WHY AM I TALKING LIKE THIS D: Sorry T_T I'm still upset from my unlucky days...Two hearbreaks in two days D:

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1. Title: You are my shooting star

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Now let's start giving them personalities, shall we?

-Hatsune Miku [Real Name]:

*She was born on August 31st, 1994. Her birth place is Seattle, Washington so she could speak fluent English. Her American Name is: Hatsune Risa

*Personality: Miku is very sarcastic and can be lazy to times. She likes to pick fights sometimes when she's bored AND always tries to win. Her bluntness tends to make her random, and she is also very clumsy. Sometimes, she can act really childish (almost like a six year old o_O) and makes really weird comments at almost everything...Almost like a child owo; She tries to annoy Len, but she fails since Len is a really easy-going person [most of the time xD]. Instead, it's the other way. Len annoys her with his kindness xD She's also not the smartest person when it comes to social life, but she is smart in academic. Oh, one more to add, she likes to express her opinions about everything and always call herself a Dinosaur [well actually Risasaurus] ^_^ Although, Len likes to call her a raccoon because she can be sneaky and amusing at the same time :D One of a kind person, you know? Oh she talks to herself too :P

Nickname(s)/Name(s) she goes by: Miku, Risa, Risasaurus (name she gave herself), Raccoon (name given by Len)

-Kagamine Len:

*He was born December 27th, 1989. His birth place is Kyoko, Japan. Father is American so he can speak fluent English

*A popular idol in Japan/Singer and Actor

*Personality: Len is a nice person and has a good sense of humor. He can be perverted sometimes whenever he wants (such as sometimes wanting to spoon Miku when they sleep right next to each other ugh...there is only one bed? xD) He finds Miku really amusing and calls her raccoon because of her personality. Also, he's very cocky of himself because he works out in the gym and has 8 packs... o_O He often calls himself sexi, but he's a dork sometimes :P Which makes him really adorable xD Sometimes he likes to complain whenever he's bored, lazy, or just wants to annoy Miku, which he does a heck lot better than she does to him because everything she does it just amusing to him (: Despite singing and acting, he also dances really well (especially at break dancing or b-boying xD) Len is not really up-to-date with feelings you know? He's not romantic o_o; Well, he can be but he's just stupid when it comes to relationship since he doesn't know a girl's feeling...you know what I mean? Though girls expect him to be. Just like Miku, he can be childish as well! He also gets jealous when guys are around Miku since he wants her for himself (:

Nickname(s)/Name(s) he goes by: Len, Fathead (given by Miku), Koala bear (given by Miku), Pedo bear (given by Miku), Yummiest Potato pie (Given by Miku...? ugh yeah it's weird :C but trust me its not), Mr. Shorty (given by Miku, Kaito, Gakupo, and many more boys that i don't like to list D:) and Mr. Banana (ugh...I can tell that you can tell that I'm going to say Miku) and Mr. Thingy...(Given by Miku and boy does that sound wrong O_O)

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3. Plot: Hatsune Miku was get off out of her house by her mom and then was shipped to Tokyo, Japan to be a maid for some idol. Why? She's a lazy pig that does nothing in the house, and her mom is getting sick of it. When Miku arrives at Tokyo, she meets Len at the airport, who's suppose to pick her up.

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