Go Your Own Way

Chapter 1

Kurt slid into the empty desk between Mercedes and Tina just as the bell rang. Even though he had sprinted down the last stretch of the hallway, he had still only just made it to his first class on time. He'd been given a new locker this year, much to his chagrin, because the one he'd had the past two years was now broken. It was probably from the countless times he'd been shoved forcibly against it that had resulted in the lock finally breaking or jamming. Whatever the reason, he hated how far away his new locker was, and that he was no longer along the same row as two of his best friends. With his luck he'd be stuck in a hallway full of his bullies.

"Remind me again why I let you two talk me into taking AP English?" Mercedes said, eyeing Mr. Robertson with distaste as he slammed the door shut and dropped his briefcase onto the teacher's desk.

"Because it's better than suffering through the normal English class with Puckerman and Santana," Kurt reminded her quietly.

"Or the advanced one with Rachel," Tina added.

Kurt nodded as he pulled a notebook out of his backpack. "Glee Club alone is too much time spent in her presence."

Mercedes seemed satisfied with their reminders and nodded. The next second a huge, mischievous grin split her face as she turned to whisper excitedly to them. "So did you see the new guy?"

Up front Mr. Robertson called for silence, glaring at the three of them in particular since they were the only students actually bold enough to talk in his class. He began the roll- call in his droning voice, prompting the three of them to roll their eyes and begin doodling notes to each other in the margins of Kurt's notebook.

"What new guy?" Kurt scribbled out. On his right hand side Tina leaned forward to read Mercedes's response, looking just as curious as him.

Mercedes took Kurt's pen and wrote out "some transfer from that reform school over in Westerville. Dayton or Dullson or whatever it's called".

Kurt and Tina glanced at each other, wondering why this was of any interest to them. Middle- of- nowhere Ohio or not, it wasn't that unusual for there to be a few new kids at the start of every year. It didn't make an ounce of sense to Kurt why anyone would want to move to this hick town when he only wanted to survive it long enough to escape, but he liked to think that most people didn't have his intelligence, either.

Tina reached across Kurt for the notebook. "Why should this interest us?" she contributed.

Mercedes raised her eyebrows and shot them a sassy look full of attitude that clearly said the answer should be obvious. Because a) he's absolutely gorgeous b)he kicked Karofsky's ass when he tried to slushy him before first period and c)did I mention he's gorgeous?

Tina giggled, then covered her mouth quickly when Mr. Robertson glared at them again. Kurt quirked his lips a bit, but didn't respond. What did it matter to him if another gorgeous straight boy was walking the halls of McKinley? The bit about Karofsky was certainly intriguing, but if this guy came from a reform school like Mercedes had said, he couldn't honestly say he was surprised.

Kurt glanced back down at the notebook where Mercedes had given a better account of the incident she had witnessed in the hallway that morning. His eyes scanned over it briefly, taking in enough to get the gist of what seemed to have been a very short fight. Apparently Karofsky had been caught off guard by someone actually punching him.

"Now, class, welcome to AP English Language and Composition. Here's the syllabus for– "

The door was flung open so hard it bounced back off the filing cabinet behind it. Startled, everyone turned to see what the commotion was about. Beside him, Kurt heard Mercedes gasp and whisper in excitement. "That's him."

As Kurt felt part of his brain short- circuit he realized Mercedes had been right about one thing. The new boy was gorgeous. Breathtakingly handsome, really, Kurt decided, as he stared at the boy in his tight, dark jeans, white V- neck shirt, and black leather jacket. Dark, short curls hung around his ears. His skin was lightly tanned and he had smoldering hazel- green eyes. Eyes that were staring right at Kurt. Blushing furiously, Kurt jerked his gaze away and stared instead at the notebook on his desk, which meant he missed the cocky smirk that tugged at the boy's mouth as he strutted up to Mr. Robertson and tossed a note on his desk. Without a word the new boy walked to the back of the room, everyone watching him and whispering about the fight from earlier, and took the vacant seat right behind Kurt.

"Yes," Mr. Robertson said eyeing the note through his glasses, "Everyone, we have a new student. Blaine Anderson. Right, let's pass out the syllabus."

With a few glances behind them, Tina grabbed the notebook again and scribbled exactly was Kurt was thinking. Oh my god. He is so hot.

Mercedes practically squealed and they both dissolved into silent giggles. The boy in front of Kurt passed him the syllabus. Kurt sorted out three for him and the girls before turning to hand it to who was behind him –

Only to come face to face with Blaine. And not the usual face to face these desks allowed, because Blaine was leaning forward so far that his face was six inches away from Kurt's. He was so close Kurt could smell his spicy, masculine scent, mixed with peppermint and a hint of cigarette smoke; could see the four piercings in his right ear, the industrial one in his left, and the small silver hoop looped through the edge of his left eyebrow. He gulped audibly, hating himself for being so obvious, and hating this boy for being so irresistibly attractive. Blaine smirked broadly as he took the last syllabus from his trembling fingers, his eyes staring at Kurt hungrily.

"Thanks, babe."

This time Mercedes really did squeal. Tina did, too. Because, god, even this guy's voice was breathtaking. Kurt cleared his throat and tried to respond with a friendly "you're welcome" but he just ended up staring and mouthing wordlessly. If he didn't know any better he would have sworn this guy was flirting with him, but that was improbable. No male in Lima, Ohio would ever flirt with him. The guy would have to be gay for that to happen, and nobody around here would admit to that if they were. He'd pretty much resigned himself to spending his high school years alone. Once he left for college in New York ,things would get better. He'd find a boy to love then.

Kurt turned back towards the front, attempting to re- focus on what Mr. Robertson was saying. It was incredibly difficult with Mercedes and Tina giggling and writing furious notes to each other on his notebook, eventually deciding amongst a fresh wave of giggles that Blaine's voice was "like sex". Kurt thought it was an odd comparison. Especially when neither of them even knew what sex was like, at least Kurt didn't think they did. He didn't want to know if they did.

Mr. Robertson's battle for Kurt's attention was completely lost when something heavy dropped onto the book-rack under Kurt's chair. He stiffened, but tried in vain to at least appear focused on whatever it was he was supposed to be listening to. Kurt had enough experience to know it must be a foot on the book-rack. The school desks were so uncomfortable that it made students prop their feet up or stretch them out on the book-racks all the time. Normally Kurt didn't have a problem with it, but this time he could tell it was intentional. Only the jocks that liked to tease him ever dropped their feet down that hard, and it was to annoy him so he might go off and get in trouble. He wasn't sure what Blaine's intention was, but he imagined it was along those lines. The thought of having another bully to deal with made Kurt cringe.

But then something unexpected happened. The boot clad foot slid over to the side and started rubbing up and down his calf. Kurt gasped loudly and jumped in alarm at the sudden touch. Several people around him turned to look, and Mercedes and Tina both started. He couldn't stop himself from glancing down this time. A large black leather boot was resting against the inside of his ankle and – was that an ankle monitor? He knew he was blushing furiously as he turned around and put on the best bitch- face he could muster.

"What the hell is your problem?" he hissed angrily, though his voice cracked slightly on the last word. As soon as he saw those hazel- green eyes he blushed even harder.

Blaine leaned forward again, lightly running his fingers over the hand Kurt was gripping the back of his seat with. Kurt jerked it away at once, glaring hard and trying to ignore the way his stomach swooped under the callused fingertips.

"You look tense, baby," Blaine whispered huskily. "Maybe a good fuck will loosen you up."

Kurt was definitely gaping now. Not to mention absolutely speechless at the arrogance and nerve of this lewd, cocky, gorgeous – stop it, Kurt scolded himself. What was wrong with him?

"Something you boys would like to share with the class?" Mr. Robertson's annoyed voice called from the front.

For the first time ever, Kurt was glad for the droning voice of his teacher. Teachers usually never come to his aid when he was being accosted by bullies, so he wasn't sure what had prompted the change. But at least the interruption saved him from trying to come up with a reply. He was too shocked, not to mention incredibly embarrassed that he hadn't just snapped out a witty remark like he does with everyone else. Being propositioned like this wasn't something that happened to him every day, or ever, actually. Bullies he could handle without a second thought, but this was something entirely new. Something that he hated for exciting him so much.

"Share?" Blaine echoed, eyes still fixed firmly on Kurt, who hadn't moved. His lips quirked again, in a way that made Kurt's heart flutter. "I'm not much for sharing, but you're more than welcome to get your voyeurism on. We'll never say no to an audience, will we, babe?"

The whole class was gaping at the pair of them. Even Mr. Robertson was speechless. The only person who moved was Kurt. He had never been more furious. He'd been called countless names over the years, but nobody had ever been so bold as to imply that he was some sort of promiscuous wretch. He wasn't sure if it was the implications put out into the air for everyone to latch onto and tease him about, or the gorgeous, vulgar asshole himself that infuriated him, but he did the only thing his rage- addled brain could come up with.


His hand across Blaine's cheek echoed in the deafening silence of the classroom.

"How dare you– " Kurt started. His usually pale face was flushed as he glared at Blaine, who hadn't moved since Kurt had slapped him. "Like I would ever give you the time of day."

Blaine rotated his head slowly back towards Kurt, his cheek red and stinging. Ice- cold venom was blazing in his eyes as he rose slowly from his seat. He froze as Blaine towered over him in his seat.

"You're going to make this an interesting year, aren't you, little virgin queen?" Blaine growled, leaning down until he was only a few inches away from Kurt's face again. The comment seemed to finally snap Mr. Robertson from his shocked daze.

"Principal's office, both of you," Mr. Robertson ordered. "Now."

Those words sucked Kurt's remaining anger away. The color in his cheeks drained as he turned his horrified gaze onto Mr. Robertson.

"But– what– this is his fault– " Kurt exclaimed indignantly.

"Regardless of Mr. Anderson's inappropriate comments, I will not have one student slap another in my classroom," Mr. Robertson said firmly, gesturing towards the door. "Principal's office. I will be there once this class is over."

Blaine's face morphed back into that perfectly cocky smirk again as he grabbed his bag and headed towards the door. He stopped with his hand on the doorknob and turned back to flash Kurt a dazzling, lustful grin. "Are you going to walk yourself or would you prefer it if I carried you there bridal- style?"

Next to him, Mercedes spat, "Oh, hell to the no, he did not."

Kurt shushed her as Mr. Robertson glared at him and ordered, "Principal's office, Mr. Hummel. I will not tell you again."

Feeling numb, Kurt shoved his notebook into his own bag and stood, avoiding eye contact with his classmates as they broke out into whispers that rung in his ears like radio static.

"I will call ahead to let them know to expect you," Mr. Robertson added, looking pointedly at Blaine.

With a highly amused grin, Blaine saluted Mr. Robertson and pulled the door open. He motioned Kurt through the doorway with a ridiculous, yet impeccable bow. Kurt schooled his face into his angriest look and started up a brisk pace towards the front office with his head held high. He hoped Blaine would disregard the teacher's warning and just leave. Or stop smelling so damn good.

Because it was impossible to not inhale his scent when the other was bobbing along only inches away from Kurt. Again. Blaine chuckled, his hot breath ghosting over Kurt's neck making him shiver. Whether he was shivering from repulsion at having Blaine so close to him or from the little thrill he felt because of how pleasant Blaine smelled, Kurt wasn't sure. He pressed his lips together tightly and walked faster, trying to ignore the strange sensation in his stomach. "We make quite a good team, Hummel. I almost thought I'd have to sit through the entire class, but bam! You certainly know how to create a fantastic scene."

"We do nothing together," Kurt snapped. Then he realized how open- ended he'd left that statement and cursed himself. Blaine had already shown himself to be of quicker wit than Azimio or Karofsky.

Blaine grinned slyly at him, stepping in front of him and making him come to a halt. "We could do something together." His eyes darkened as he continued, his voice dropping to a rough growl. "I could think of a very specific something I'd love to do with you."

Kurt glared down at him, relishing in the fact that he was a few inches taller than the arrogant boy. "I highly doubt we could do anything of the sort until you get your head out of your ass," Kurt shot back as he side stepped Blaine and continued down the hallway. The vindictive part of him couldn't resist calling over his shoulder. "Maybe once your head's been retrieved you'll actually be the height of a normal human being."

Kurt heard Blaine laugh quietly as he followed after him. Just as they entered the front office, Blaine leaned up to whisper in his ear. With Blaine's damn breath ticking his earlobe, Kurt almost didn't register what he said. "You virgins are always such teases until you're on your knees."

Kurt clenched his jaw, fighting down the urge to smack the boy again as the receptionist waved them towards Principal Figgins's office.

This was not how Kurt had planned his first day of Junior year to go.