So first, thank you everyone for all the positive responses about the book! It means so much to me that you guys are as excited as I am about it. I've been meaning to post another "chapter" since the announcement but haven't stop to do it until now. I'm going to answer a few questions as well as announce that there are two separate giveaways for free copies of my book.

But first questions. The two main ones were about a sequel to this fan fiction and about whether or not this story will be staying online.

I can happily say that yes, Go Your Own Way, in its fan fiction form will remain on this site as well as AO3 and Scarvesandcoffee. If it does disappear, please, let me know. Contact me through tumblr or twitter, etc. and I'll see what's happened and if I can't put it back up or find an old PDF that other people made a long time a galaxy far far away...

Second: A Sequel. I've mentioned before that I have a few ideas, and I'm excited to say I started working on one a while ago. It's on the backburner for right now because I'm looking for a full-time job now that college is over and writing my second manuscript that's due in a few months, but I really want to get it written. Once it's finished, I'll start posting. But I don't know when that will be. Late summer perhaps, or fall. Also, for anyone reading Owl Post (and reading this note) I'm working on it, it isn't abandoned, I've just got a lot on my plate right now and unfortunately fan fiction takes a back seat to real life :(

Right, so GIVEAWAYS! If you follow the link on my profile to my tumblr, there should be a post about Go Your Own Way giveaways. There are two different ones. If you're in the US then there's one through GoodReads, and if you're outside of the US, there's one through rafflecopter that you can enter! There's a few copies for each giveaway, so if you're short on money or just like free things (and who doesn't, let's be real right) you can enter! I'm going to try to post links to the actual giveaways, but it takes a while for profiles to update on this site.

Thanks again for all the well-wishes and I can't wait to get back to writing on here!

- Zane