Miranda blew a little party horn-kazoo thing in Mikayla's face. It was New Year's Eve and the two girls were spending it together. Actually it was their first together. The two had recently moved into the small California apartment, excited to be going through with plans that had been made at the age of fifteen.

Miranda blew it again, and her best friend growled low and animal-like. It was almost scary, and anyone else would have probably turned tail and ran, but Miranda giggled at her nutty friend and skipped back to the living room. Mikayla finished her book within the next few minutes, and joined Miranda in the living room. Mikayla looked at the super-festive decorations that her sister had set up all over the apartment, and scoffed lightly. Mir always seemed to go overboard.

"Mikx, help me hang up this banner!" Miranda called from above the door. Mikayla saw her holding a huge banner that basically screamed 'HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!'

"no." Mikayla crossed her arms over her chest. "We have no reason to set up. No party, no one coming over, no decorating!" Miranda looked at her and put on the puppy eyes of awesomeness.

"Pleeeeaaaase?" she begged.

"Nope." Mikayla walked over to their small loveseat and sat her happy ass down there, pushing the power button on the large sound system they had brought with them. She flipped through to Miranda's favorite country song. Mikayla hated country, but she knew the only way to get Miranda to listen to her favorite band was to listen to her music first. After a few of the annoying twang-filled songs, Mikayla put in her newest CD- Set the World on Fire, by the Black Veil Brides. She and Miranda both began head banging to the first song, "New Religion", loving every second of their time together. It was only eight at night, but it was already nearly dark.

A knock sounded at the door, and the girls quickly paused the music. They opened the door to see their kind-hearted neighbor, George. He was a raging homosexual that had a soft spot for the two gothic girls. He had helped them move in, even helped with setup until they were good to go. Now, he smiled at them.

"Darlings, Riley (his boyfriend) and me are leaving now, I'm pretty sure everyone else has cleared out, so be careful tonight! If you need anything, don't hesitate to call!" he hugged both girls tightly, then pulled four huge bags of pixie stix from his purse. "Here," he said, handing them to Mikayla, "enjoy yourselves tonight, girls. Mikayla, don't hog them all ok?"

Both girls squealed and nodded, tackling the man into the hallway. The three laughed together, soon joined by a smaller man with spiky black hair and sexy snakebite piercings. "RILEY!" Mikayla called out. She tackled him, hugging him super-tight. He had been a really good friend to her, also helping with the move. The two had known each other through the internet before hand, and were ecstatic to actually meet.

"Alright, sweetheart, don't kill the boys before we see them kiss!" Miranda laughed, pulling Mikayla off Riley. The men blushed, looking at each other lovingly. They hadn't kissed yet, and it was well-known that Mikayla and Miranda were wanting to see it (*coughcough-andrecord-coughcough*).

Mikayla began squealing and jumping up and down. "OMJOMJOMJ! The guys might kiss at midnight! No! We must see it!" She darted into the house, grabbed a small battery-operated lamp and a video camera, and returned to the hallway. "Mir, hold this!" she handed Miranda the camera and set up the lamp so it was over the two males. "Now, kiss." She watched the two expectantly.

The boys blushed deeper, little Riley looking even smaller next to his boyfriend. They looked at each other and Miranda turned on the camera to catch the moment. With a smile and giggle, Riley darted forwards and connected his lips with George's. With a fangirl squeal and a thud, Mikayla fell to the floor. The three left standing looked at her and smiled.

"Guess the hotness was too much for her." Miranda chuckled and wiped away the nosebleed she got from the boys. "I know it was for me!"

The couple laughed and turned away. "Call if you need us, sweetie. We'll be off now."


Mikayla's POV

I woke up with a groan, a slight throbbing in my brain. What the hell had happenedā€¦. Oh yea! Hot gay kiss *drool* so hot. Ok back on trackā€¦

I was sitting on the loveseat in the living room. I picked up my phone and checked the time- only nine p.m.

"!" Miranda tackled me off the couch, stuffing a bag of sugary goodness in my hand. I grinned, and threw her off of me to down three stix at once. Almost immediately I felt the small buzzing form, telling me to move around. I obliged, jumping in place.

"Mir-Mir, music?" she nodded at a million miles an hour. I bounced over to the system and pushed play, restarting the Black Veil Brides CD. By the seventh song, Savior, we might as well have been drunk. We were staggering around, both on our second bags of flavored sugar (*coughcough-crack-coughcough*). Rational thought had stopped forever ago, and it was all we could do to not hit each other like a mosh pit when we danced. We were rocking out to Youth and Whisky, when a loud knock sounded at the door.

I turned down the music a little, but refused to turn it off completely. I walked to the door and opened it slightly. Everyone in the building was out partying, so I didn't really know who it could be. I didn't want to let anyone in that would hurt my Miranda. I couldn't see anything in the dark hallway though, so I was forced to open it fully. I saw five large guys standing there dressed in all black. They all looked really pale, and were wearing a little bit of make up around their eyes. Immediately I knew who they were and called to Miranda.


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