Backyardigans: A Nightmare on Normville St.

The story starts off in the backyard with Tasha in the backyard drawing on a note book as she heard Tyrone's voice


The voice said as she heard it but did not see him

"Tyrone where are you? She asked fallowing the voice through Austin's gate door as she went through the gate she realized the Backyard changed into a dark metal room surrounded by pipes


She the voice as it continued calling her getting more demonic every time it repeated

"If this is a sick joke I'm not laughing show yourself now this is not funny!"

She said as she felt a hand on her shoulder turning seeing a man with disfigured skin wearing and Black coat over a red and green sweater wearing a dark brown hat

"I was laughing" he said as his right hand transformed into a clawed glove running it across Tasha's dress ripping it as she woke up screaming as her parents opened the door

"Sweetie, are you ok?" her mother asked

"I'm fine I just had a bad dream"

She responded

"What was it about?"

Her Father asked

"Well there was this man but he looked like a monster"

She replied as her mom approached her

"What did he look like?"

She asked

"he had messed up skin wore a brown coat and matching hat, a dirty Christmas sweater and hand long fingernails on his right hand"

She replied

"I'll make you some hot chocolate Tasha but then it's back to bed"

Her mother replied leaving the room coming back 10 minutes later with a cup of hot chocolate giving it to her as drank it giving her mother the cup

"Sweet Dreams honey" she said kissing her taking the cup leaving turning her nightlight on and the light off.