List of References

1. The prank played on Tasha- Elm St 1 Glenn scaring to prank Nancy with a gardening tool

2. Austin's ability to control Dreams- Elm St 4 Dream Master

3. Uniqua's nightmare in the tub-Nancy's dream in the tub

4. Freddy in the TV –Elm St pt3/6 Morgan's/Spencer's death

5. Austin finding the glove-Pt 2 Jesse finding the glove in his boiler

6. Austin's mom (Nancy) fighting Krueger in past-Pt 1 Nancy's parents

7. Freddy taking over Austin-Pt 2 Freddy using Jesse as a puppet

8. Austin (Freddy) clawing Pablo-pt 2 Schneider's death

9. Austin speaking to Uniqua in Freddy's voice first time –Pt 2 Jesse almost killing his sister

10. Freddy saying "I'm Austin Now- pt 2 Freddy saying "I'm Jesse now"

11. Uniqua hotwiring a car-Pt 2 Jesse's "Deadly Dinosaur/Transformers 1

12. the kids and the song-Every Elm st

13.I'll get the guts you get the glory-Freddy vs. Jason Freddy's speech

14 Uniqua visting Austin in Dream world-Pt 3 Nancy visiting Kristen

15. Uniqua breaking Freddys control-Pt 2 Jesse's control being broken