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Chapter 5 ~ The Plot

Dani's POV

I woke up later in the morning and stretched in my bed with a big sigh of contentment. I rolled over and looked at the bedside clock to see that it was now 10am. I also saw a piece of paper sitting next to the clock. I blinked in confusion, till I remember that the Box Ghost gave it to me.

I reached over and grabbed it as I jumped out of bed and stood in the middle of the room. I remember Boxy said the it was from Vlad and someone named Slade. I quickly ripped it open an pulled out the letter from the torn envelope.

I unfolded the paper and quickly read it over.

Dear, Danielle Phantom

I narrowed my eyes at the opening. That was obviously Vlad talking there.

It as come to our attention, that you had a fight with you brother(clone) Daniel Fenton aka Danny Phantom. We had captured you brother with an ectorainum net and we now hold him here with us as 'guest' you could say. But I personally wouldn't want to be in his position if I were him.

It has also come to our attention that you are now living with the Teen Titans, Jump City's teen superhero's. And I have come across a particular man by the name of Slade. I came back down from earth about a month ago, trying to find a way that I could get my old life back, but seeing as how that is not going to be happening while both you and your brother are alive, I have decided to make a bargain with you.

I want you to kill the Titans, well Slade does, and I will give you back your brother, in what condition is no concern of mine. We will meet you at the docks at 12am sharp, with your answer. And no, Daniel will NOT be with us. I cant risk you making and 'rescue and escape' now can I dear 'daughter'?

But remember. Your action for killing the Titans will reflect on both you AND your brother. Your Choices are simple.

Save your bother and kill the Titans but be marked as a murderer.

Or save the Titans and Risk your brothers life.

Choice wisely,

Vlad Plasmius



I growled out loud and in an instand the letter was now a pile of burnt ashes at my feet. I glared at the pile and felt a driving need to beat the snot out of Vlad and this 'Slade' person.

How dare he! Of course this train of action is SO much like something Vlad would do. Give me an impossible choice.

But little did Vlad know That I have my OWN plan.

"Ah 'daddy'," I said mockly with a evil smirk on my face. "Never underestimate a Phantom."

With that I transformed into my ghost half and phased through the floor.

~Well this was a short chapter. HAHA. And it must agree with Danielle. Never underestimate a Phantom, either boy or girl. Haha, They will always find a way through something, no matter how difficult.~