Summary: A mysterious girl who was briefly a part of Eric's past shows up in Bon Temps to help him regain his memory, defeat the witches, and delve deeper into understanding faeries.

Set after Episode 41 (4x5) "Me and the Devil", though it will have parts of the next episode "I Wish I Was the Moon".

Rated M for later chapters...

A/N: Now, don't misunderstand the summary: this is a Eric/Sookie pairing. The girl is only there to strengthen Sookie's growing love for Eric and help them understand what exactly Sookie is. Though this is a small chapter, I hope you'll continue reading and giving me feedback!

A small village outside of Athens, Greece. 1177 BC.

Slap. Skid. Slap. Slap.

I focused on the sounds of my sandals smacking against the dirt road. My feet were covered in blisters from running, and I knew he was playing with me like a toy. He could easily catch up to me and do what he willed, but he liked the chase and choosing the time of my demise. This was his favorite game and he wasn't intending to finish it before he needed to. After all, I couldn't run forever and the game would be over soon. He wanted to savor it, I could feel it within his emotions.

Damn it! Why did he have to feed me his blood? He could track me now if I ran all the way to Troy! Ugh, the disgrace that would bring. Though I'm sure my parents would've preferred that then me being murdered. Not like I could ask; they were dead by this filthy vampire's hand, or fangs I guess.

I dodged each column and building I could, but he was growing tired of playing with me this way and was catching up. As I rounded the corner, there he stood. Grimy, brown hair covered his head and face in thick strands and his pitch black eyes were sparkling in the moonlight. Why couldn't anybody stay up after dark in my village, except for the vicious vampires.

Jeremiah stalked forward like a lion, every move was planned and smoothly carried out. I decided then that I would not run any more, I would not scream, and I most certainly would not fight him; because if I did, that would only make his job easier and more fun. So I stood there, completely immobile, as the man walked up to me and drained me dry.

All I could think before I blacked out was, I hope he doesn't turn me into a bloodsucker.