55 Snapshots of Sterek

You need to watch the episodes if you want to get some of the references. If anyone wants any stories of these, just tell me. oh and please review.

1. Shut Up

Derek kisses Stiles all the time and Stiles is beginning to suspect it's to shut him up.

2. Mine

It's safe to say that Derek is overprotective, there's a guy with a bloody nose to prove it. Besides Stiles can tell from the way Derek growls mine in his ear.

3. Blood

Stiles doesn't ever want to see that much blood come out of Derek again.

4. Bruises

Derek's extremely grateful that he's a werewolf just because he can heal, Stiles would freak if he saw the bruises on his body.

5. Family

Stiles is Derek's family.

6. Love

Even though, Derek doesn't say it a lot, Stiles knows that Derek loves him.

7. Shh!

"Stiles, shh" If they're not quiet, Stiles' dad will hear them.

8. Stay

It's not even a conscious decision anymore, Derek will always stay the night and be right besides Stiles in the morning.

9. Camaro

"Stiles, what happened to my Camaro?"

10. Ice Cream

"No, Stiles, no we cannot stop for ice cream!"

11. Danny

"Oh, come on if I didn't do that, Danny wouldn't have helped. Besides this means your attractive to gay guys." "Stiles, you're gay!" "Yea, I know. I meant other gay guys."

12. Leopard

Sure, he may look like a leopard after sex, but Stiles wears his marks proudly.

13. Glass

Derek could hear the glass break and immediately asked "What did you break, Stiles?"

14. Opposites

They are complete opposites, but maybe that's why they work.

15. Panic Attacks

He got panic attacks all the time after his mom died, Stiles can't even begin to imagine what Derek went through after he lost his family.

16. Nightmares

Derek still gets nightmares now and again but now he has Stiles to hold him.

17. Concentrate

Stiles can never concentrate but it's even harder to try with Derek on his mind.

18. Alpha

No one, not even the Alpha can stop Derek from getting to Stiles.

19. Heartbeat

No sound is better than Stiles heartbeat.

20. Homework

"Derek, I don't want to do homework, I want to kiss you."

21. Dad

"Dad, this is Derek. Um, he's well he's my … I'm his mate."

22. Smiles

Stiles smiles all the time when he sees Derek.

23. Argue

Yea, they argue. But what couple doesn't, the point is they always make up.

24. Lick

Only Stiles is allowed to lick Derek.

25. Boxers

Stiles is mortified when his dad catches them and he doesn't need Derek to point out that there are both in boxers.

26. Miguel

"Do not call me Miguel again!"

27. Appreciate

Scott doesn't appreciate him like Derek does.

28. Blue Eyes

He can't help but want to see those blue eyes all the time so it's not his fault that he purposely tries to get a rise out of Derek.

29. Bite

Stiles knows that Derek won't bite no matter how much he begs.

30. Give

If Derek's not careful, he'll give into those big brown eyes.

31. Full Moon

It's a full moon tonight, and Derek told him to stay home, but Stiles not a very good listener.

32. Graveyards

They both hate graveyards.

33. Drunk

"Stiles, a-are you drunk?"

34. Team Derek

He use to be on team Jacob but now he's on team Derek. "Hey, Stiles. Where did you get that shirt?"

35. Batman & Robin

"Okay, Stiles you can be Batman and I'll be Robin."

36. Die

"Oh My God, I'm going to die." "Listen to me you are not going to die."

37. Forever

They may not have forever but they do have the rest of their lives.

38. Fast

Derek's fast so when Stiles trips, he's there to catch him.

39. Young

Stiles doesn't believe he's too young for love.

40. Mad

The fun and games usually stops when Derek is mad.

41. Again

"Stiles, I never want to hear you say that again."

42. Promise

Derek says sweetly, "I'm going to rip your throat out." "You promise?"

43. Arm

"Or what you're going to threaten to make me cut your arm off." "I said I was sorry, let it go."

44. Curfew

"Did you forget you have a curfew?" Stiles replies with "Did you forget that curfews don't apply to me?"

45. Lied

"You lied." "Nu-uh, I was standing." Derek stares. "Oh, you're referring to the one that means dishonest then yea I sort of lied."

46. Run

"Stiles, come back here, don't you run from me."

47. Chase

Derek will always chase Stiles.

48. Tell

"Stiles, are you going to tell Scott or do I have to?"

49. Lydia

"You had a crush on Lydia? Should I be worried?" "Nah, she wouldn't be able to handle me."

50. Taken

There are numerous ways to make Stiles blush, but he has a favorite way to do it. All Derek has to do is remind Stiles why he's not so innocent anymore and then a blush has taken over Stiles face.

51. TV

"Okay, no more TV. No more Family Guy, Two and a Half Men, or South Park." Derek can't take anymore quotes.

52. Dog Jokes

"If you make another dog joke, I'm leaving." "Oh come on, it was funny. Where's your sense of humor? You do know you don't have to wag your tail, I'll wag it for you. Wait Derek don't leave."

53. Wolf Man

"No I'm not watching Wolf man." "But it's a great movie!"

54. Control

It's hard for him to control himself sometimes around Stiles but he does.

55. Hurt

"If you hurt Stiles, I'll kill you." Scott says. "If I do hurt Stiles, I'll let you kill me." Derek answers.