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Romance (Rated M)

"Help me," Seto deadpanned to his secretary.

Aimi raised her head and stared at her boss, noticing the strained expression on his face. It seemed as if he was trying to hold himself together. "What do you need help with?"

"What is the proper first year anniversary gift?"

"The proper…you mean traditional?"



Seto just stared at her. "Excuse me?"

"Paper is the traditional gift for a first year wedding anniversary," she replied calmly. Why couldn't today be her day off?

"Paper," her boss repeated. "Paper?"

"Yes. Paper," she replied. Three…two…one—


Aimi took a deep breath. "Why me?" she mumbled. "Mr. Kaiba, would it be helpful if I offered some ideas?"

The brunet's anxious yet livid expression seemed to dwindle as he pondered that suggestion. "I suppose. What did you have in mind?"

"You could do a genealogy gift…or not? What about a family tree?"

"Not enough family."

"A wedding scrapbook?"

"I don't have the patience."


"Won't take it."

"…origami money?"

"…what the hell is that?"

"You take dollar bills and fold them up like origami," Aimi replied with a smile.


"Gift certificate?"

"He won't even take money?"

"Gift card?"

"Are you really that obtuse?"

Aimi groaned. "Then what about a bottle of wine with a cute little card attached to it?"

"He doesn't drink alcohol."

"Then pick something from the anniversary flower gift list! Or the modern anniversary gift list!" she snapped.

"…there are different lists?"


"Why didn't you say so before?"


Seto flinched. "What's on the flower list?"

"For first year anniversary?" she replied as she tried to calm herself. "Carnations."

"No. He doesn't like those. What about the modern list?"



"Yes. Clocks."

"…you're not very helpful with this sort of thing."

"Fine! Go wear a paper thong for all I care! Just leave me out of it!" Aimi screamed before storming off.

As Seto watched her go, he said, "It must be her time of the month."

"Can I open them now?" Joey asked as Seto led him—stumbling—to their bedroom.

"Not until I shut the door."

"Huh? Why?"

"You'll see," Seto answered. "All right. Open them."

When Joey opened his eyes, he gasped.

"Happy Anniversary."

"This is my anniversary gift?"

The smirk Seto was about to let grace his features faltered. "Is there something wrong with it?"

"Seto…it's almost a life-size version of you…naked…outta origami paper."

"But—wait. What do you mean almost?"

"Your dick ain't that big."

"Excuse me!"

"I'm not bashin' on your size. It's perfectly fine. But this…are ya tryin' to compensate for somethin' or what?"

"I'm not trying to compensate for anything."

"Then why the bigger d—"

"Just drop it," Seto cut in, losing his patience. "There's more."

"Ya got a naked statue, too?"


"But ya want one, don't ya?"

"Of you, maybe. But that's not the point," Seto said hurriedly. "Each folded piece of paper has a…request."

Joey smiled. "Ya mean I can cash in these little requests and ya do stuff for me?"

"It's more the other way around."

"What?" Joey started, looking offended. "How is that for me?"

"Because you're on the receiving end."

"…oh. Oh!" Joey exclaimed in realization.

"Yes, they're those kinds of requests."

The blond headed over origami Seto and pulled off one of the pieces. "Now it's the right size."

"Joey," Seto warned, but the blond just laughed it off.

"I like the idea, Seto, but it's not very romantic."

"Then we'll light a fucking a candle!" the brunet snapped. "This whole anniversary thing wasn't easy! I mean…paper?"

"Ya were goin' for traditional?"


"Then I love it and it is romantic," Joey said sweetly before he sauntered toward the bed. "Now let's try one of these babies out."