Author's Note: Willowsnake and I have challenged each other. I choose six genres for her. She chooses six genres for me. THE WAR IS ON!


Joey moaned as he turned onto his stomach and sighed, then frowned as paper crumpled against his face. He leaned backward and pulled the paper from between his face and the pillow. The folded piece of paper was a cerulean color seen of most post-it notes, and, as he unfolded it, he realized that it was, indeed, a sticky note.

If you want to know who I am, you'll have to find the next clue.
Go check your door.

The blond blinked slowly, frowning growing more concerned, then gasped and sat up. "Who the fuck got into my apartment!"

He rushed toward the front door and squeaked as he found it locked, then went through each of the rooms. Each window was closed and locked, even the tiny bathroom one that he'd left open after his shower last night. It creeped him out to the point that he no longer felt safe in his apartment.

Remembering what the note had said, he rushed back to his front door and yanked it open. The sudden rush of wind knocked another blue sticky note from the wood so it fluttered toward the floor, where it landed on his welcome mat.

Joey immediately picked it up and read the message on the back.

Took you long enough. And I didn't steal anything.

The blond scowled immediately. He felt as if he'd been insulted, when the person had probably just meant to reassure.

I'm going to assume you want to know who I am even more, even if it's just to punch my face in.

Damn straight!

Your next clue will be where you spend most of your time.

"…Most of my time?" Joey frowned and cupped his chin. "I spend most of my time at home, don't I?" It couldn't be that simple, though. He knew it couldn't. Where else did he spend a lot of time? Well, he did work a lot…

And when he wasn't working, he still chilled out at the place he employed him. Duh.

"The game shop!" He smiled proudly. "This should be an easy game!"

"Nice boxers, old man!"

Joey squeaked and jumped a little, blushing when he realized he was, indeed, standing outside in his boxers. When he realized that it was one of the ten-year-olds that enjoyed throwing insults his way whenever they saw him, however, he ducked inside and grabbed one of his bombs from a bucket kept by the doorway for just such an occasion.

He glared at the little bastard and roared, "Who ya callin' old man, ya little brat!" So saying, he took aim and flung the bomb on him.

It exploded with a splash, leaving the child drenched in water dyed a light pink. His white shirt hadn't stood a chance. Before the kid could go complain to his mother, however, the blond was back in his apartment, and his mother would never believe that such a quiet, hardworking boy could ever be mean to a child.


Yugi jumped when his friend burst into the shop, then sighed. "Joey, you're going to break the door."

"Did someone leave a note here for me?" the blond asked quickly. "Like a sticky note? Or somethin' like that?"

"…Yes," the smaller boy replied slowly. "Please stop banging my door open."

Joey paused, waiting for his little buddy to produce the note, then scowled. "Winter's comin', Yug'."

"Promise you won't throw my door open anymore," Yugi replied, scowling back at him.

The blond glanced at the door and frowned. He supposed he was sort of rough on it. "…I promise. …I'll try." He ducked his head. "Sorry."

"Thank you. Here's your note." He rolled his eyes as the post-it was snatched out of his hand and turned to go get a box from the back room. "Have a good day, Joey."

Joey grunted and opened the note quickly.

I'm going to assume that you were so intent on getting here that you forgot something to eat.

The blond blushed as his stomach growled, seemingly in response to the note. How did this person know what he'd do?

Take this gift card to Burger World and get something to eat. You'll find your next clue there.

Joey frowned and looked at the gift card, confused and a little alarmed. Who was this person? How did they seem to know exactly what he'd do? Were they watching him now?

"…I hate mystery movies!" the blond snarled.

Yugi, back from retrieving a box of cards, blinked at him slowly. "What?"

"…Gotta go," Joey muttered, scampering out of the store.

Yugi stared after him and raised an eyebrow, then sighed and returned to restocking some cards.


Joey sighed as his food was set in front of him, frowning. He put some ketchup on his fries. He poked at his burger. He took a sip of his milkshake. Breakfast of champions.

'Who's doing this? Why? Why break into my house? Why go see Yugi, or leave enough money to pay for my food? Why go through all of this trouble? Especially for someone like me?'

It was probably a cruel game. Someone was messing with his head. He was already trying to figure out if he could legally change his lock without telling his landlord. He didn't feel like explaining, 'Someone came into my house, shut the window in my bathroom, and left. No, they didn't take anything. No, I didn't call the police. Yes, I'm sure someone was in my house!'

That was a conversation he could do without.

Well, he was hungry, and this creeper had technically paid for his food. Sighing again, he began to eat.

Halfway through his burger, he was interrupted by one of the waitresses stopping by his table and asking, "Are you Joey Wheeler?"

He blinked up at her, stunned. "Mmph?"

She laughed. "Oh, don't I just always have the bad luck of coming up to people right after they've taken a bite? Just nod, then. Are you Joey Wheeler?"

Joey nodded.

She smiled and placed a now familiar blue paper on his table. "This is for you. Enjoy your meal!"

"Mmph." He watched her go, frowning. Why was it that waitresses always stopped by the table when he had just taken a bite?

Well, in any case, now he had his next clue. He hurried to finish his burger and fries, then wiped his hands on his pants before he reached for the little post-it note. Opening it quickly, he was both anxious and hesitant to read it.

Full now?

Yes, he was.

Good. I won something for you over at the arcade. I think you'll like it.

Joey frowned. How would this person know what he'd like or not? Was that why they'd broken into his house? To investigate?

…This was becoming a different sort of creepy now. He fully expected to be murdered in his sleep tonight.

Well, he'd never get to the bottom of this if he didn't continue on. Besides, something had been won for him. He liked things when they were free.


'What am I supposed to do now? Just go up and say somethin' was won for me?'

Joey figured that that was exactly what he had to do. So, taking a deep breath, he walked up to the prize counter and waved the man over. "Uh, hi. I—"

"You got tickets or somethin'?" the man asked, cutting him off.

The blond frowned. "No, but I—"

"Then get lost," he spat, turning to walk back to the other end of the counter.

Joey had been treated like crap before, and he supposed he deserved it, considering the people he used to hang around with. But this blatant disregard for him, simply because he hadn't spent any money in the arcade, it just pissed him off.

He had been told he was very unpleasant when he was pissed. He wasn't quite sure, of course; he didn't always remember what he did.

Catching the man by the collar of his shirt, he dragged him around and leaned over the counter, glaring at him with so much fury that the man shivered in terror. "Listen. I got this note sayin' that someone won a prize for me. I have no idea where else to go or what else I can do. So ya better be able t' help me, otherwise I'm gonna leap over this counter and beat ya within an inch of your life."

The man gulped. "O-oh! So you're Joey Wheeler!" When the blond snarled at him, he cringed. "R-right! I'll just go get your prize then!"

Joey watched him scamper into a back room and growled. "Damn right you will…"

When the man returned, he thrust a black stuffed animal at him before quickly scampering back into the back room and slamming the door shut.

Joey blinked, examining the little toy, then smiled when two ruby buttons stared up at him from the plush black face. "Hey, Red-Eyes!" He played with a wing for a moment, then tilted his head as he felt paper crinkle beneath his fingers. Pulling the sticky note from the plushie's back, he tucked the dragon toy under his arm and opened the note.

There's a vendor at the park that has the most delicious ice-cream. I think you know which one I'm talking about. Do you want some?

His stomach rumbled. What the hell? He'd just eaten a burger and fries and had guzzled down his milkshake! How could he still be hungry?

Joey sighed as his stomach rumbled again. Yes. He wanted some.


"Hi, I'd like a chocolate—what is that." Joey blinked.

The man at the ice-cream cart laughed and lifted the white plush dragon. "Oh, this? It's for a customer! He's supposed to have a—Oh!" He looked at the black plush dragon still tucked under the blond's arm, then laughed again. "I guess you're the customer this is for then! Come, hold out little blackie!"

The blond blinked again but did as he was told, too stunned to do anything else. The ice-cream vendor held out the white plush so the toys' noses were only an inch away from each other.

Joey blinked again as a force pulled the black dragon closer, locking the dragons' snouts together in a plush kiss. "Wha-?"

"Ohoho! They are in love, yes?" The man laughed.

The blond could only gape. "I… Uh… They… Eh!" He lifted the two dragons, pulled them apart, and watched as their snouts immediately snapped back together. After a few tries, he realized that it was magnets sewn into the plush toys' noses drawing them back together each time. "Wha-! I-! Why?" he whined in confusion, looking up at the man.

The man only shrugged. "I have no idea. You would have to ask the young man on the bench."

Joey turned so quickly he almost gave himself whiplash. When he saw the brunet watching him with a stupid smirk on his stupid face, however, he was immediately enraged. He stomped over to the older boy, glared at him, and snarled, "Why?"

Seto raised an eyebrow, unable to help feeling smug. "Why not?"

"You-! I-! This-! UGH!" Joey felt frustrated, hurt, but most of all… used. The CEO had always said that he wasn't worth his time. This really had just been a game. A stupid, stupid game, and he was the butt of the joke for playing along.

He was tired. It had been a long morning.

Sighing, the blond sagged onto the bench, feeling completely exhausted. He'd been running around since he woke up, and it had all been for the amusement of the one man that hated him. "…Are ya happy?" he asked after a moment.

Seto frowned. "…What do you mean?"

Joey huffed, resolutely saving his tears for later, when he was alone and in the relative safety of his home. "Are ya happy that I was so easy t' manipulate?"

"…Did you think I was just doing this to prove I could manipulate you?" the brunet asked in disbelief.

The younger boy huffed again. "Weren't ya?"

"That was not my intention. There are less expensive and more amusing ways to manipulate you," Seto stated, scowling.

The blond blinked. "…Thank you?"

The older boy snorted. "You're welcome. In any case, I did this because I like you, not because I think little of you. If I thought little of you, I wouldn't spend money on you. How much do you think it cost me to get those dragons made? I had to have them custom-made, and let me tell you, that wasn't cheap."

"…You could have just asked me out, ya know. I'd punch ya the first few times, but I'd get it eventually that you weren't making fun of me," the blond mumbled, leaning back against the bench.

Seto snorted again, this time in contempt. "I don't look good with a black eye, Joey. I didn't want to risk it." He turned to face the younger boy and leaned his head on his hand. "So? What now? Will you date me, or are you angry?"

Playing with the wings of his plush toys, Joey frowned. "…I could go for some ice-cream before I decide."

"Alright." The brunet stood. "Chocolate?"

Joey stood as well. "Yeah." Once he had his chocolate ice-cream cone and had taken a few looks, he decided that having the brunet spend money on him wouldn't be so bad. Who knows? Maybe he'd even begin to like him! He was clever enough to deal with his quirks, and—

"…Kaiba…" The blond turned toward him slowly, eyes narrowing. "How'd ya get into my house?"

Seto blinked at him a moment. "Uh… I have no idea what you're talking about?"

Joey snarled and shoved the ice-cream cone into the brunet's face. "Asshole!"

"…I see that you've dropped your ice-cream, sir!" the vendor exclaimed, smiling, and began scooping another cone. "Allow me to replace it!"

The brunet huffed and wiped the ice-cream out of his eyes, glaring at the vendor sourly. "Right, just give him more ammunition."

The vendor frowned. "What do you expect? You broke into his house!"

"I didn't break in! The landlord gave me a key!" Seto exclaimed indignantly.

Joey seriously considered smashing his new ice-cream in the brunet's face again, then decided he'd just change his locks, and if the landlord complained, he'd threaten to sue the pants off him for giving a 'stranger' a key to his apartment. So, he began to lick his ice-cream anew and began to walk away. "Kaiba, come walk with me. We'll discuss this privately."

"You just want to kill me and not have to take care of any witnesses," the brunet muttered, but fell into step beside him anyway.