Author's Note: And so the genre challenge comes to an end. :C At least it was fun while it lasted.


Seto looked out over the beach and sighed, unable to help a smile as he watched the clear-blue water lap up against the white sand. "I think this is better than our first honeymoon."

"'s 'cause on our first honeymoon, ya brought yer laptop and yer cell phone."

The brunet fought the urge to flinch. "Right." He turned his gaze from the beautiful view and smirked as he was met with the equally beautiful one of his lover dozing on a plastic green lounge chair, arms crossed under his chin. He straddled the blond's hips and chuckled when the blond yelped in surprise. "I just thought I'd put lotion on your back before you burn."

"Jerk, scarin' me like that!" Joey muttered, trying to roll onto his back, but the brunet's knees kept his hips pinned down. "Agh, jerk-face, lemme turn over!" He squeaked as he felt the cool lotion dribbling onto the backs of his shoulders. "Seto! Gah!"

"Should I have warmed it in my hands first?" Seto teased, smirking, and began rubbing the lotion into the younger man's skin.

The blond groaned, eyes rolling back as the CEO's strong fingers dug into his muscles and forced them to relax. "God Seto why are ya doin' this t' me uuugh."

Seto leaned down to nibble on the shell of his ear and purred. "Because I just can't keep my hands off of your beautiful body."

"Ngh…" Joey sighed, biting his bottom lip and whimpering quietly as the brunet's lips moved down his neck. "Jeez, you're so lucky this is your stupid island, 'cause I wouldn't let ya do this shit if we were at a public hotel—"

"Who says I'd let you stop me?" the older man hissed, smirk growing, and slid his hands down the blond's sides.

The blond growled. "Damn. Ya know just where t' touch me, doncha? And I put myself in this position too, damn it."

Seto chuckled and wiped his hands on the blond's shoulders. "Well, if it upsets you so much, I'll just leave you to sunbathe."

Joey rolled his eyes in frustration. "Ugh. Seto. It's not that it upsets me; it just… Ugh. I was relaxin' and now I'm horny."

"That's too bad, because I'm going for a swim." Seto paused in the doorway. "…In the ocean." He turned to smirk at the blond smugly. "Naked."

Joey jerked a little, used his arms to shove himself upward and onto his knees, and whined, looking up at him with wide eyes because he knew Seto was a sucker for puppy eyes when used correctly. "You're gonna go swim naked without meee?"

"Well I never said you couldn't come," the brunet muttered, scowling at him. "Jeez."

The blond jumped up and scampered past him. "Last one t' the beach is a rotten egg!"

"What?!" He hadn't heard that since he'd left the orphanage. He'd thought the saying had been forgotten.

Clearly not by Joey, who was running out the door and across the porch, pausing only to peek back and make sure he was still coming. When he saw that he was (and quite quickly, because he was competitive even on his best and worst days), he smiled and sprinted across the sand.

Seto caught the blond around the waist and laughed. "Nice try!"

"Agh!" Joey scrabbled at his arms wildly but couldn't help giggling as he was lifted onto the brunet's shoulders in a fireman's hold. "Seto what are ya doin' aaaahhhh!" He yelped as he realized the older man was walking into the water up to his waist. "No Seto stop don't AAAAAAAGH COLD!"

The brunet couldn't help a yelp of his own when the younger man retaliated by splashing him in the face. He tackled the blond into the water and mussed up his hair before they both resurfaced, laughing.

The fact that they were still wearing their bathing suits went unnoticed.


Seto sighed and scratched the back of his head, knowing he should check his email but not wanting to get up. "Joey."

"Hmmm." The younger man wiggled further on top of him.

"…Well, I was going to ask you to get something for me, but never mind."

"Hmmm." Joey nuzzled his neck. "If I had the energy t' get ya somethin', I'd have the energy t' roll on top of ya and ride ya again. And let's be honest. I'd rather ride ya then help ya do your work right now."

Seto groaned. "Then I'll have to spend more time working on it later. That's more time away from you. …On our second honeymoon."

Joey paused, then climbed on top of him. "If I have sex with ya, ya won't remember ya need t' do it until tomorrow."

"Nooo, I'm tired…" the brunet muttered. "Forget I said anything…"

"Yeah, ya probably couldn't get it up again, anyway," the younger man retorted.

Seto hissed. "…Actually we've had so much sex today that I have to agree with you."

Joey slid his finger down the brunet's chest. "Well, ya know…" He giggled. "I probably can't get it up again t'night either. But tomorrow! Tomorrow we have sex alllll day!"

"…We have another week and a half here, you know," the older man pointed out, raising an eyebrow. "We can have sex the rest of the time, can't we? Is there some curse on us that I don't know about?"

"No, I guess not. But I get ya for two weeks all t' myself." The blond glanced away bashfully. "…'m tryin' t' make the most of it."

"…Well, I would like to have romantic discussions with you at some point." Seto frowned. "I know you're not really a talker, but I think I could verbally woo you all over again."

Joey sat up and looked down at him, blinking slowly, then giggled and leaned his forehead against the brunet's. "Oh? How 'bout a preview then." He gave him a quick peck. "Woo me!"

"Oh. Uh." The older man blinked. "…I can't do this at the drop of a hat."

The blond kissed him again. "Try."

"Um…" Seto cast around his mind wildly before stating, "You have cute feet."

Joey froze, staring down at him in confusion. "…I… have… cute feet?"

"…Yes, you have cute feet. You're so… dainty when you're running. Dainty is the wrong word. Damn it, I had this all planned out in my head earlier," the brunet muttered, scowling. "Graceful. You're graceful when you're running and when you're jumping over fences or railings I just can't look away." He paused. "…I'm so sorry. I had this all planned out for some romantic dinner and all that is coming out of my mouth is stupid."

The younger man tilted his head, then smiled, kissing him lightly. "If that's what ya gotta say about my feet, I can't wait t' hear what ya have t' say 'bout the rest of me."

Seto let out a quiet, desperate keen. "…At least give me a few minutes to collect myself before I continue."

"Nah, I'm ready t' pass out. I think you are too, callin' my feet dainty." He smirked and kissed the brunet again, then rolled off to his side, cuddling up to his chest. "You can tell me the rest t'morrow."

"Mm. Okay. Goodnight."

"'night, Seto." Joey nuzzled his chest and sighed. After a few minutes of listening to his heartbeat, he muttered, "Please tell me you're not workin' out how you're gonna tell me the rest of it tomorrow."

"…Of course not," Seto muttered, glancing away casually. When the blond smacked his arm, he smiled. "Maybe a little."

"Shut your brain off and go t' sleep, Brainiac."

Seto nipped his ear before smirking. "Sure. Just fall asleep at the drop of a hat, whenever you tell me to." He kissed the blond's ear gently before sighing. "Oh, let's not have this much sex tomorrow. My back hurts."

"Guess ya really are turnin' into an old man," Joey teased, smirking up at him.

"I'm only thirty." Seto frowned. "I should start seeing a chiropractor again. Sitting at my desk all day is clearly wreaking havoc on my spine."

"I could do some really awesome stuff t' your spine," the blond cooed. "With my tongue and my teeth."

The older man groaned, rolling his eyes in frustration. "Shut up. I thought you told me to go to sleep. I can't do that when you're actively trying to arouse me."

Joey chuckled and tilted his head to kiss him again before rolling away from him. "Fine, fine. I'll shut my stupid face."

"It's not stupid; it's just noisy." Seto rolled onto his side and wrapped his arm around the blond's waist, pulling him back against his chest. "Come here."

"Mmmm." Joey snuggled back against his chest, smiling. "Seto, I can't believe I ever called ya an icy bastard."

The brunet blinked. "…Um."

"You're so fuckin' warm, it's like you're a furnace."

"…Thank you. …I think."

"You're welcome, oh great furnacy one."

Seto looked down at the blond in confusion, but decided it would be better to just let it go.


"Your feet and legs are elegant and when you are running, jumping, and leaping, I feel like I am watching a graceful and beautiful cat. I feel the greatest appreciation that I am allowed to see the human body—your body—at its peak that I love it when you push yourself to the limit simply so I can watch you."

Joey looked up at the brunet in surprise, spoon still sticking out of his mouth even as he blushed at the tender way the brunet was looking at him. "…Hm?"

Seto paused, then explained, "That's what I wanted to say to you last night but was too flustered to say it and instead called your feet cute and your running dainty."

The blond's cheeks burned hotter. He almost wished the older man wasn't holding the pitcher of milk so he could press it to his warm cheeks. "Ah… Seto, and that was only about my feet…!" He bit his bottom lip, then leaned toward him and smiled coyly. "So whatta ya think about the rest of me?"

The brunet's eyes widened, the lightest dusting of pink across his nose and cheeks appearing. "…You have shiny teeth?"

Joey snorted and covered his mouth as he watched the older man cover his face in embarrassment. He couldn't even imagine what Seto had been planning to tell him about his teeth.

But, as he watched the brunet mutter and grumble and groan, he decided he wouldn't have him any other way.

He reached out to grab the older man's hand and smiled at him, showing off the pearly whites that Seto apparently liked so much. "Seto, I think I'll keep ya."

"…You're stuck with me whether you like it or not," Seto stated, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah. But I just thought I'd tell ya that I like ya. I mean, ya know I love you. But I like ya lots."

Seto blinked at him slowly, tilting his head, then smiled and leaned across the table to kiss him lightly. "I like you and will be keeping you too."

Joey wrapped his arms around the brunet's shoulders before he could pull away and closed his teeth on his bottom lip lightly before whispering, "Ya like when my teeth leave bruises on ya, Seto?"

Seto squeaked in surprise, then groaned. "Ngh, yes. Can I finish my breakfast first, though?"

"I suppose. Wouldn't want our cereal t' get mushy," the blond teased, kissing him again, before letting him go so he could fall back into his seat. He chuckled as the brunet let out a flustered string of curses because damn it his back hurt why was he doing this to him after they'd almost screwed to death the night before and reached out to grab his hand. "Seto, breathe. I'll do all the work this time."

The CEO took a breath, released it, then leaned his head on his hand in defeat. "…Thank you."

"And then I'll give ya a nice massage and then we can go for a walk and I can take pictures so that my friends will have somethin' nice t' look at when we get home."

Seto grunted in annoyance, but maybe a walk would take his mind off of the throbbing in his back from last night's romp.

…He'd be lying if he said he wasn't looking forward to their next romp too, though. And the romps they'd be having during the rest of their stay at the island, too.