Oppy and Oatis become friends

Oppy comes home from school and asks Andy if he can go play with his new friend.

Andy: Sure son what's his name

Oppy: Oatis

Andy: Oatis !

Andy: What Grade is he in?

Oppy: I don't know what grade he's in Pa

Andy: Where did you meet him? Is he a new boy in town?

Oppy: He isn't a boy anymore he's a man.

Andy: Op you aren't hanging out with Oatis Cambell are you?

Oppy: I don't know what his last name is but he slurs his speech.

Andy: Op I would rather you didn't hand out with him.

Oppy: Why he gives me t'hese really good tasting drinks that I don't get anywhere else and I feel good after drinking them too.

Andy: How many times has he givien you drinks!

Oppy: about 4 times especially on the weekends why are you upset that he's giving me this drink pa?

Andy: He is giving you alcohol and it's illegal for 7 years old to drink. The drinking age is 21.

Oppy: that s alcohol?

Andy: yes and it's not only illegal for you to drink it. It's illegal for me to let you drink it and it's illegal for him to serve you some.

Oppy: Gosh pa I didn't mean to get everybody in trouble. I didn't know what it was honest. I won't drink it anymore I promise. Your not going to send me to jail are you pa?

Andy: don't worry son your not in trouble, you didn't know any better, but your friend Oatis Cambell is going to jail.

Oppy: Oh pa don't arrest my friend

An dy: I will teach you a very lesson a friend that talks you into doing something illegal isn't a friend at all. I'll talk about this with you latter I have arrest I have to make.