Story of Jessie (RedShipping)

"How the hell did I get stuck in jail with you?"

"Don't you think I'm asking the same question? Oh no, wait, I'm wondering how a ten-year-old can end up in jail!"

Ash and Jessie had fallen into the same odd predicament together. They were both behind bars at the jail in Rustboro City. Jessie, James, and Meowth were attempting to steal some prized stones in the Devon Corporation's headquarters and sell them off for money. When Ash heard about the news from outside the Rustboro Gym, he rushed over to stop them.

James and Meowth had figured they had grabbed enough stones and darted for the exit. When Ash arrived, Jessie was still snatching up every stone in sight. As Ash tried to stop her by hand from taking more stones, the police arrived.

And from what they could tell, Ash and Jessie were the ones stealing the stones.

"I cannot believe this…" Ash grumbled. "Can they throw children in jail?"

"I don't know and I don't care," Jessie clenched her fists. "All I know is that James and Meowth left me! Those bastards!"

"That's because you were being so greedy!" Ash yelled. "If you would have left with them, we wouldn't be in this predicament!"

"So…are you meaning to say that you encouraged our escape?"

"Of course not! I'm just saying that if you had gotten away, then I wouldn't have been mistakenly credited as a criminal!"


"You would have gotten caught eventually…"

"Twerp, do you know how many times James, Meowth and I have actually been in jail?"

"No, how many?"

"Only, like, four times."


"What can I say? Maybe Officer Jenny's not as good at her at job as everyone thinks."

"Hmm…" Ash frowned. He was hoping that Brock, May and Max were trying to convince the police that they had thrown the wrong person in jail. Then again, they probably didn't even know where he was; when Ash heard the news from outside the Gym, he was by himself. May had dragged Brock and Max to go shopping with her.

…They had no idea Ash was behind bars.

"Argh! How am I gonna get outta here?" Ash shook the bars of the cell effortlessly.

"How about we?" Jessie corrected. "How are we gonna get outta here?"

"You belong in here! I do not!"

"Listen here you twerp—!"

"No, you listen—!"

"Hey! Shut up back there!" a guard officer yelled from across the hallway.

"Damn…" Jessie pounded the cell wall with her fist.

"…I need to get out of here…" Ash put his hands on his cheeks, visibly frustrated.

"…Twerp, if you want to get outta here, we're going to have to work together."

Ash spun around. "What?" Work together? Are you nuts? I'm not working with you!"

"You don't want to be stuck in here for…however long, do you?"

Ash paused. "No…"

"Well, working together is our only option right now," Jessie was now talking in a whisper.

"Fine…but do you have some kind of plan? They took our Pokémon…"

"Sheesh, you don't need Pokémon…" Jessie reached in her skirt pocket and pulled out what looked to be…explosives of some sort?

"Huh? What is that?" Ash made a face.

"What does it look like? Stuff to make bombs."

"Whaa—?!" Ash nearly shrieked before Jessie threw her hand over his mouth.

"Shut up!" she said through gritted teeth. "Do you want to give away our only chance of escaping?"

Ash shook his head. "N-no, but how did the police not confiscate those?"

"Cause I'm sneaky~!" Jessie winked.


"Okay, let's wire these together…"

"These aren't going to hurt anyone, are they?"

"We just need a small explosion…"

"What about our Pokémon?"

"We'll get them. This jail isn't too big; we can worm our way through the guards."

"What about—?"

"Twerp! Stop asking questions! Here," Jessie handed Ash a few small bombs. "I'm done with these. Don't drop them."

Ash began to panic as he was holding the mini explosives. He didn't like this idea, but he trusted Jessie to get them out of jail, even if it wasn't right to let her escape.

…Wait, did he just say he trusted Jessie?

A few minutes later, Jessie had finished with the rest of the bombs. "Okay, I'm going to blow a hole through this wall and I want you to start running. If anyone gets it the way, the bombs you're holding won't do any harmful damage so just throw them at their feet. We have to get our Pokémon before rushing out. Got it?"

Ash nodded in consent.

"Ready?" Jessie and Ash stood as far back from the east side of the cell wall as possible. "Go!" Jessie yelled as she tossed one of the bombs at the opposite wall, blowing chunks of brick and concrete everywhere. Ash quickly scrambled through the new hole in the wall and sprinted down the hall with Jessie directly behind him. A few guards stumbled out of the side doors after hearing the explosion, only to be bombarded with small flashes of light and smoke as Ash threw his set of bombs at them.

They finally reached the front room where their Poké Balls were sitting on a shelf. Pikachu had been sleeping next to them on the table.

"Pikachu!" Ash called out. Pikachu quickly woke up and smiled as he saw Ash, but stood on guard when he spotted Jessie.

"I know, Pikachu! Just bear with me for a moment!" Ash told the yellow Mouse Pokémon as he grabbed his Poké Balls. When he turned to see Jessie throwing more flash bombs at the guards, he threw Jessie's Poké Balls in his jacket pocket.

"Jessie, I have your Pokémon! Let's go!" he yelled as he scooped Pikachu off the table.

"Gotcha!" Jessie followed after Ash as they ran out of the building. They didn't stop until they reached an alley, out of sight.

"Phew…" Ash breathed. "We're gonna have to get out of this city…"

"See, now you're saying we," Jessie said.

"I meant May, Max, Brock and myself…"

"Whatever…" Jessie huffed. "I gotta go find James and Meowth."

"Well, I guess this is where we part," Ash said.


"Here's your Pokémon," Ash handed Jessie her Poké Balls.

"Thanks," Jessie nodded, beginning to turn around. "And thanks for your help, Ash."

"I should be thanking you!" Ash said. "I mean, you're the reason we got in this mess, but I guess we got out. Well, illegally…" Ash didn't like the idea of now being on the run from the cops.

"Well, anyway, I'll see you later," Jessie winked again and waved before rushing out of the alley.

"'Bye," Ash waved back. He felt odd, having just been convicted of being a criminal along with the real criminal, then escaping along with that criminal and was now on the run from the law. What a day.

But he was kinda glad Jessie had a way out and had been willing to help him. I guess mostly because he was there with her, but whatever.

…Wait, did Jessie call him by his name instead of twerp? Ash felt his cheeks twitch. He then quickly shook his head.

"What am I thinking? She's the enemy!" Ash said to himself. "Hmm. C'mon, Pikachu. We have to go find May and the others and get out of here!"

"Pika!" Pikachu agreed.

Maybe Jessie was the enemy. But for that hour they were in jail together, the word enemy was just thrown aside.

They had been partners in crime.