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Carlos Garcia: What's the best food in the world? CORN DOGS, of course!

Logan Mitchell: You would post this. Hahaha.

Kendall Knight: I think pizza is better.

Katie Knight: Tacos!

James Diamond: Really? Are we really arguing about food?

Carlos Garcia: It's not an argument, cause CORNDOGS BEAST!

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Gustavo Roque: Comment on this status answering the question: Which BTR boy is the hottest and why? My favorite comment will win a date with the BTR boy of their choosing.

Kendall Knight: WHAT IS THIS?

Jo Taylor: Kendall! No dating other girls!

Camille Roberts: Logan is my favorite Big Time Rush boy. He is definitely the hottest. He has a great smile :)

James Diamond: This. Is. So. Awkward...

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Carlos Garcia: I think Carlos Garcia is the hottest because he likes corndogs. Nuff said.

Logan Mitchell: You can't vote for yourself!

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Kendall Knight: Can you take this status down, please? It's too weird!

Gustavo Roque: Dogs, you're all idiots. But I will take this down. I can't have your stupid comments ruining my street cred.

Carlos Garcia: You have street cred? You're not even cool.

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Logan Mitchell: Who's the most irritating boy in the world? Carlos Garcia, folks.

Carlos Garcia: All I did was squirt you with my water gun...

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Katie Knight: That's what she said.

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James Diamond: I think I'm sensing a bit of a bromance here...

Logan Mitchell: Noooooo!

Buddha Bob: Just found a broken water gun in the bushes... So confused.

Carlos Garcia: LOGAN!

Logan Mitchell: Ka-ka-ka-ka-KARMA!

James Diamond: La-la-la-la-LAME!

Kendall Knight: St-st-st-st-STUPED!

Katie Knight: You spelled "stupid" wrong. Stupid.

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Katie Knight: To all the girls who think my brother is hot, HE'LL NEVER DATE YOU!

Kendall Knight: Girls talk to you about me?

Jo Taylor: Wow, Kendall. That's all you care about?

Kendall Knight: NO! That's not all I care about!

Katie Knight: Oooooh Kendall. I can tell who wears the pants in this relationship.

Kendall Knight: I wear the pants!

Jo Taylor: Oh, no you don't.

Katie Knight: Do you want some ice for that BURN?

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James Diamond: Just finished watching Titanic... Gets me every time! :'(

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Carlos Garcia: You were watching Titanic? Isn't that a chick flick?

James Diamond: NO! It's an epic story about a love between two people separated by class.

Katie Knight: And don't forget the sinking ship!

Carlos Garcia: So what you're saying is that it's a chick flick.

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James Diamond: Well, Katie likes it! Why aren't you teasing her?

Logan Mitchell: Well, I don't know if you noticed or not, but KATIE IS A GIRL.


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James Diamond: I never said that!

Katie Knight: To all you James lovers out there, you better pray that I don't kill him in the near future. That is all.

Logan Mitchell: Wha-chhh! WHIPPED.

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James Diamond: But we're not dating! SHE DOESN'T HAVE ME WHIPPED!

Kendall Knight: If they're dating, I'll kill both of them.

Katie Knight: You have no control over who I date - but it wouldn't be James.

Carlos Garcia: Ouch.

James Diamond: Wait, you wouldn't want to date me? But... I have "The Face"!

Kendall Knight: You won't have "The Face" for much longer if you keep flirting with my baby sister!

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Katie Knight: I'm not a baby. But you can still kill James.

James Diamond: Why is it always me?

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Logan Mitchell: My top of the line graphing calculator just came in the mail! YESSSS!

Kendall Knight: You are such a dork.

Camille Roberts: A cute dork!

Kendall Knight: I object to that.

Carlos Garcias: Can you figure out this problem for me? It's 2 x 3. I can't get it!

Logan Mitchell: ... Are you serious? Or seriously stupid. Or both.

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Katie Knight: It's 6, dummy.


James Diamond: I don't know how you passed elementary school.

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