Epilogue - time: the beginning next school year

"Sorry I'm late guys." Dave said in a rush as he grabbed Kurt with one arm and pulled him in for a quick peck on the cheek. He smiled hi to Mercedes who answered with her own warm smile.

"Oh no it's perfect timing," replied Kurt in a snotty tone and an arched eyebrow. "You very cleverly arrived just as we are finished setting up for our meeting." Dave cringed a little, for Kurt was in full on Diva mode.

"I was corralling all the freshmen and encouraging them to come here, look!" Kurt's icey demeanor quickly melted as he glanced around the room and noticed the good sized group of newbies looking around the room a bit bewildered. He hugged his man tightly.

"Dave, how did you get so many in here?" Mercedes asked "What threat did you use?"

"Cedes you wound me. I didn't threaten anybody. I used a little good natured cajoling that's all. It was Santana that did the threatening. I just got them here safe and sound."

Kurt looked pleased, and finally let go of his boyfriend. "Look, there are even more students filing in. We might not have enough chairs! This pflag meeting is going to be a great success, I can just feel it!"

"I don't know why you sound so surprised Kurt," Mercedes said chuckling, "there has been a buzz about the meeting in the halls all this week."

"It is just so hard to believe! What a difference our school is from last year. It's as different as night and day!"

"Well that incident in the locker room made people realize how wrong bullying was." Mercedes responded passionately, "What happened to you went way too far and it became a wakeup call and rallying point for us."

Kurt just smiled brilliantly at Dave, "Disgust with what was done to us did help. But really it was all Dave. He didn't hide our relationship; he came out and handled all the jibes directed at him with good grace and candour. He just charmed people into believing that everyone deserves respect."

Dave flushed red at the praise. Kurt just loved the 'aw shucks' expression Dave wore when being flattered. "I didn't do anything really. I just think that everyone figures - well if Dave Karofsky of all people can be out and proud, so can I."

"Santana and Britney came out right after you and that guy Jerry, from the hockey team. Dave, you are my hero and I wish you would just accept how wonderful you are." Kurt stated proudly rubbing Dave's back and squeezing into his side while staring up into his boyfriend's eyes.

"Oh please! My teeth are aching, you guys are so god damned sweet!" laughed Mercedes

"Sorry Cedes! And this is us trying to tone it down!" Dave said chuckling.

Suddenly, Mercedes' warm smile vanished and a disdainful cold grimace took over. She motioned to the door with her chin. "What the hell is he doing here? If he thinks he's gonna come in here and cause trouble then – "

"Relax Cedes, I invited him. He won't cause any trouble." Dave quickly gave Kurt one last squeeze and moved towards the big burly ebony skinned teen that was hovering anxiously at the door.

"Hey Az, I'm so glad you came! Now get in here and sit down, you're blocking the door."

Az grunted and moved in slightly, quickly looking around and taking everything in. His posture was hunched over; he looked defensive and angry but Dave knew all too well that Az was hiding a whole lot of hurt and insecurity. "Hey man. This ain't right, I shouldn't be here."

"You should be here 'cause I want you here, for support." Dave responded motioning Az to some empty seats.

It turned out Kurt was quite prophetic when he described what would happen to Az. Dave might have had a few uncomfortable moments when rumours circulated at school about the "gay sex tapes" but it really bit Azimio in the ass. Though there were no sex tapes or copies being passed around, word quickly spread about the school that Az forced Dave and Kurt to kiss in front of a camera.

'Child porn creator' and 'sexual pervert' rumours about Az were far more interesting than gay rumours about Dave. Another fact in Dave's favour was not only that he did not deny the rumours; he openly showed how much he loved his new boyfriend Kurt. Kurt's Glee friends were the first to welcome Dave and support him, followed by the cheer leaders who were mostly girls and loved the drama and the romance. Eventually most of the students became used to the familiar sight of Dave and Kurt holding hands in the halls. Many students secretly cheered the day when their ex-bully came out as gay, since it was obvious that Dave was a happier, brighter person now his secret was out and instead of bashing them in lockers, he was more likely to slap them on the back and ask how they were doing. The jocks Azimio recruited for his "intervention" quickly disavowed any prior knowledge or collaboration with the gay sex tapes and quickly threw their support behind Dave.

Az on the other hand, tried to deny that he taped anything and tried to point fingers at the other jocks. The more he denied the worse the rumours got. Stories got exaggerated grew and soon he was supposedly trying to get the whole football team naked for a shoot or was found lurking around in bathrooms with a camera. It was all untrue but it didn't stop the stares and nudges from his fellow students. He grew sullen and defensive and lashed out angrily at anybody who confronted him. This made fodder for even more taunts and rumours about him being a liar, a pervert and a whiner. By the time the last few weeks ended in the school year, Az was thoroughly ostracized by the entire student population.

Dave was one of the few people concerned about his former friend and over the summer he gradually drew Azimio out of his self-made shell. It was tough going in the beginning since Az still insisted he didn't want a "fag" for a friend, but since no one else was even talking to him, he didn't have much of a choice. Bit by bit, Dave was able to work his way inside Az's defenses to find out why the teen had such a hatred for gay men. Az finally confessed that he had been molested by an older family friend when he was a very young boy. It was one time and it fleeting but it left him confused, used and guilt ridden. He later had pinned all his hatred and anger on gay men.

Dave explained to him that most pediphiles were heterosexual men and that it wasn't about so much sexual desire but a need to contol and have power over another person. Az apologised to Dave when he realized that his own actions in the locker room were based on the same mind set as the abuser he hated. It scare him enough to allow Dave accompany him when he told his parents what happened. His parents were understandably upset and Azimio's father stated that it was lucky that that older family friend had died of a heart attack or he would have killed him. They were very supportive towards Az quickly saw to it that their son got therapy to help him through his earlier trauma. Az was doing well therapy, but was having a difficult time back at school. Dave and Kurt were the only students that interacted with him. Even so, coming to this pflag meeting was a HUGE step for Azimio and Dave was elated that his friend showed up. The jock was sure that given time, Azimio would be back to his old carefree, smart assed self and would make friends again.

"Hey Az, I'm sorry to have to leave you here but I'm supposed to be helping Kurt with the meeting. Once it's over I'll come by and sit with you." Dave said as the burly jock found a seat and sat.

"Ya don't have to babysit me. Go hang with your boy." Az replied waving him off.

Dave moved back towards Kurt and saw that he speaking with Blaine and his new boyfriend. "Hey Blaine!" Dave grinned and heartily shook the Warbler's hand. "I'm glad you could make it. Hey there, Phil." He quickly shook the boyfriend's hand.

"We were happy to come! What a turn out! The students are practically hanging off the rafters!" observed Blaine

"I know, it looks like you dragged a few Dalton kids along with you. Thanks for the support!" Dave enthused. Kurt beamed at both men; he was so happy that Blaine and Dave got along so well.

When Kurt ended it with Blaine, it was tough going in the beginning. Blaine had been completely blind-sided. But gradually talking it out, they realized that they were better friends than lovers anyways. Kurt couldn't have been happier some months later, when Blaine announced he was dating Philip, a fellow Dalton student. Dave, Kurt, Phil and Blaine had even double-dated a few times with great success.

"Kurt!" Dave roused Kurt from his thoughts, "It's getting late; we have to get this show on the road."

"Oh yes!" Kurt moved to the front and signalled to everyone that they were about to begin. Blaine and Philip quickly found chairs and soon all the scraping, coughing and talking stopped.

"First I'd like to welcome you all to McKinley High's first pflag meeting!" High energy whooping and applause filled the room.

Dave sat back and watched in undisguised awe as he watched Kurt take control of the crowd. His soft melodic voice had an undertone of steel that grabbed the audience and made them listen. It was times like this, he felt like leaping out of his own skin, he was so happy and proud of his boyfriend. Kurt was the best thing that ever happened to him and he thanked his lucky stars each and every day that this amazing boy loved him. His thoughts went back to the first time he kissed Kurt in the locker room when he was in a painful and scary place, not able to resolve his feelings about Kurt. It was also in the locker room that he and Kurt confirmed their feelings for each other. Since they were back at school the locker room was turning out to be one of their favourite places to fool around. Dave had already decided that the locker room was where he was going to ask Kurt to marry him some day.

Dave quickly pulled out of his daydreaming when he realized Kurt was coming to the end of his welcome speech. Kurt finished and turned to Dave and beckoned him to his side. Dave quickly moved in close to Kurt, as the smaller boy proudly introduced him as his boyfriend and co-founder of the pflag group.

Kurt stepped back; it was now Dave's turn to speak. He watched his boyfriend and lover step confidently forward towards the warm welcoming crowd, ready to move them with his enthusiasm, strength and courage.

The End

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