A/N- I love all the emails I have gotten so far for Teen Wolf's Sister, I got so many emails. Therefore, here is chapter 2 of Teen Wolf's Sister. I promise that vampires won't be here in the story that often, they will be like Dracula not gay-sparkling-ass fairies and be mentioned in the passing. I think that the first chapter is the only time that it will be majorly mentioned. The reason why Naomi had to stake her father is because after a vampire drains a human of blood the human becomes a vampire. The reason why Scott doesn't know of Naomi is because her parents had a deal their dad gets Naomi and Melissa gets Scott. Melissa never told Scott of his older sister until Naomi was coming to live in Beacon Hills. When Scott lived with his dad, Naomi was still at school.

O2. An Argent Agreement.

Previously on Teen Wolf's Sister
"What are you doing here? How did you come across this place? Oh and, Hello to you too Derek." I said as I jumped out of the truck and Stiles and Scott were in the doorway of the front door. They both looked terrified, knowing that this outcome wouldn't be good.

"I came here to talk to Scott and I asked his mom where he would be. Hello Naomi, you haven't changed one bit." Derek replied coolly as I heard his heart speed up and saw in the corner of my eye that Scott heard it to because he looked at Derek curiously.

"Sure whatever Derek, you've always tried to lie to me. I know when you lie. Come back when you decide to tell the truth, wait actually just don't ever come back. You're a douche. Have a nice day. Stiles, Scott can you grab the other boxes? Thanks." I replied as I grabbed the boxes I had earlier. I walked into my house and threw the boxes on the floor of the living room. I walked to the window and looked out. Derek was standing there looking at me. I glared at him, giving him my signature death glare only given to things that I had to kill, and he flinched and turned away from me.

I stormed towards the backyard and walked into the woods that were surrounding the house. I hiked to the clearing that was a couple miles away. I walked out in to the clearing and ran to the big tree in the middle. I hopped into the tree and I grabbed a tree that I held onto the branch that was a good 50 feet off the ground. Now mind you this tree is at least 200 feet up on the air. I climbed up in the tree as if it was a staircase. I reached the top and I could see all over Beacon Hills. I looked down and saw Derek still in the front yard. I scoffed as I saw him helping the boys carry in boxes. Derek and Scott were carrying at least twelve and Stiles was about three for each trip.

"How do you know Naomi?" I heard Scott ask Derek.

"We met when I was 17 and she was 16. We hated each other for a while, until Laura set us up on a 'blind date' where we were supposed to meet her for lunch but she never showed and we started talking. We became fast friends until a day after her birthday, because on her birthday we ended up kissing. The next day we got together, Laura was so happy that we did, until she disappeared. I had to leave for some reasons that I can't explain right now." Derek said as I turned and punched the tree out of anger. I didn't want Scott to know that I dated Derek, and Derek goes and blabs off that him and I dated. I was going to hurt him so many fucking times.

I jumped out of the tree, grabbed branches, and swung from branch to branch until I was at least 80 feet off the ground. I jumped to the ground with a quiet thud. I ran back to the house and ran into the house. I ran into the house and lunged through the front door. I tackled Derek to the ground. I started wailing on him. Scott came over, pinned my arms to my side, and pulled me away.

Derek was bleeding and was starting to get a black eye on his right eye. I was pretending to struggle in Scott's arms so it would seem that I'm weak. He got up and walked over to me. He stopped in front of me and Scott released me. I stood in front of Derek and I was looking up at him. I stood at 5'7 and him at 6'1; I had to look up at an angle him. He smirked at me and I busted out a grin.

"Who knew that you could actually attack me? How do you even know Scott?" Derek retorted to me and I gave him my death glare. I decided to hurt him even more, so I lifted my leg and kneed him in the balls, hard. I stepped back and he leaned forward.

"You don't realize the similarities between Scott and I, The same eye color, jaw structure, and many more? I'm the older sibling." I snapped. I turned around and grabbed the rest of the boxes set them on the ground. I slammed the door down and locked the back of the U-Haul truck. I grabbed the boxes and walked inside. I set them down and shut the front door. I started going through the boxes and putting the boxes in the right room. I grabbed the boxes that were supposed to go into the basement.

I walked down the stairs and walked to a wall. I set my boxes down and walked over to shut the window curtains. I waked back over to the wall and pulled out half a broken brick. I stuck my hand into the hole and reached in. I felt around for the lever. I grabbed the lever and pulled on it. The secret door opened up and I grabbed the boxes. I walked into the secret room and set the boxes down. I walked over to the door, walked out of the room, and shut the door. I put the half brick back and ran up the stairs because somebody was knocking at the front door.

"Coming!" I said as I shut the door for the basement. I walked over to the front door and opened it.

"Can we come in?" Scott asked and I nodded. I stepped aside and they walked in. I looked out the door and saw Derek still on the ground. I smiled to myself and shut the door. I sniffed the air and smelled perfume on Scott.

"So who are you dating Scottie? I can smell the perfume on you." I said as I locked the door.

"I'm dating Allison Argent." Scott said and I gasped. I looked at him in horror and in awe.

"Is her father's name Chris, by any chance?" I asked as I picked up another box and started to shelf books on the empty book shelves.

"I don't know her father's name but her aunt's name is Kate, though she won't be coming for a while. Does that help?" Scott replied as he helped me.

"Damn it. Yes it does help; those are the Argent's I'm thinking about." I said as I paced more, itching the back of my head. I heard tires turning onto the long driveway that lead up to my house. I could hear the sound of Chris humming and I panicked. I had two other werewolves and a teenage boy in my house. This would not reflect well if the Argents arrived up.

"Stiles! Go get Derek and bring him in. Take him into the basement. Scott you help him and stay quiet!" I demanded as I started to freak out.

"Why me? He hates me?" Stiles whined and I turned to look at him.

"Because I have a hunter friend driving up and he would bring this to the Hunters Council that I am fraternizing with werewolves. NOW DO IT!" I hissed as I tried to calm myself down. Stiles bolted outside and helped up Derek. I paced and watched Scott help them. I ushered them down the stairs to the basement. I heard Chris pull up and stop.

I heard him step up onto my porch and I grabbed my Taser staff. I waited until he knocked on my door to open it. He knocked and I slowly opened the door with the staff at the ready.

"Hello Naomi. You've sure matured." Chris said calmly.

"Yes I have since I was 15 and surrounded by bloody thirsty vampires." I said as I kept the staff up and looking at him.

"But the Taser staff away and invite me in. I'm here to talk to you about the favor you owe me." Chris said looking at me with a smile. I slid it away and looked at him.

"Come in. How's your little daughter? Allison, if I remember correctly?" I asked sociably as he walked in and looked at me surprised.

"Pretty good. She is coping well with the move here and actually has a boyfriend, surprisingly." Chris said as he looked around.

"Really? Have you had a chance to frighten him yet and threaten him?" I said with a smile as I sat down on my couch.

"No I have not. His name is Scott McCall though. Perhaps you know him?" Chris asked and I kept my cool, trying to decide if I should tell Chris or not.

If I did and they found out that there was a Teen Wolf, they would never think it was Scott because of me. But that meant more things would come after him.

If I didn't and then revealed he was my brother later on that could ruin my accountability. I could tell by looking at Chris that he was waiting and I was taking too long to decide. But which one to choose?

"Yes. Yes I do know him. He's my kid brother." I said as I looked up at him honestly.

"Oh really? Does he have any clue about the family job?" Chris asked as he looked at me with curiosity.

"He knows as much as Allison does which if I know what I do, is nothing at all." I said as I leaned back in my seat.

"You are correct there, but I'm deciding whether or not to train her." He said with a sigh and I sat up looking at him.

"Do you want my opinion?" I asked looking at him seriously, forgetting about the three boys in my basement, to focus on an old family friend.

"Yes I would like that actually." He said looking at me hopeful for good advice.

"As a fellow Hunter I would say yes that you should train her. The more Hunters the better. But as a teenage girl who has grown up with the Hunter business shoved down my throat every single day, I would say no. It's up to her. Does she want to learn how to protect herself from this? Does she want to protect her closest friends and family from this? Does she have the capability and the strength to be a Hunter? If she does than teach her, guide her, and be her father and mentor. If not then mentor someone else and teach them how to do it." I said honestly as I looked at him with a calm gaze.

"For being only 19, you are as wise as a 193 year old." Chris said with a laugh and I laughed with him.

"Growing up in Hunters School did that to me. They beat the humanity out of most and the rest gain the knowledge provided to them." I said with a smile as I leaned back.

"Yes, not having a childhood must have been horrible for you." Chris said as he looked at me.

"I can't miss what I didn't have. Though growing up with Grandpa Argent couldn't have been a walk in the park for you and Katherine." I said as I referred to the elder Argent out of half respect.

"Not really. Though he was more lenient on Kate than I, but that is expected of males." Chris said with a sigh.

"Yes. Males trained to be like warriors and females to be leaders, as your family has set out." I replied with ease and I smile as I get up.

"Yes. Now about the favor, setting everything aside. When the time comes and if the circumstances are correct. If I do decide to make Allison a Hunter, I want you to teach her." Chris said looking at me.

"Not that I'm backing out of my oath to you, but why me? Why not Kate or Victoria (A/N-For this she is not referring to herself, but Chris's wife Victoria. Creepy woman…O.o) to train her? I mean usually the women in a Hunters family train the females." I said gently as I looked at him baffled.

"I don't trust Kate to train my daughter and Victoria, as much as I love my wife, would scare the ever living shit out of Allison. So that leaves it all up to you Naomi. I'm asking this as my favor." Chris said as he looked at me and I sighed mentally.

"I will train her in the olden ways then, the way that my father has taught me. Not that of in the Argent way which I refuse to hunt no offense meant to you or your family. I train her at my pace as well, for I am very busy." I said as I looked at him and held out my hand for him to nodded and took my hand. We shook and the deal was made.

"I hate to be rude, but Scott will be coming over soon and I don't want him to see you here." I said looking at Chris.

"That is understandable, Naomi. I will call you when my decision is made." Chris said looking at me and I nodded in understanding.

"Alright. Thank you for saving me again, Chris." I said looking at him and he laughed.

"It was fun saving you and a pleasure." Chris said with a chuckle as I lead him to the door.

"It was a pleasure to be saved by you." I replied with a smile and he opened the door.

"Be safe Naomi. There are werewolves here and I need you living in order to train my daughter." Chris said with a smile.

"I know now get home to that said daughter." I said and he waved as he got into his car. I shut the door and locked it.

"Derek wants to talk to you." Stiles said coming up the stairs as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Alone and down there." Scotts said pointing to the door. I sighed and walked to the door.

"You two go home." I said looking at them, I didn't need them to eavesdrop on my conversation with Derek.