There is no such thing as pure pleasure; some anxiety always goes with it. ~ Ovid

Months of planning. Years of being together. Friendship, trials, fights, break-ups, breakdowns, births, crying, laughter. It had all lead up to this day. To the day when everyone would come together and talk and laugh and cry. It was finally the day that Logan and Camille were going to get married. All the women were gathered in Logan and Camille's apartment, getting all the last minute things ready. The park was set up beautifully, the reception that would be held in the banquet hall of Rocque Records was being set up by decorators and the men has their ties tied. So far, everything was going according to schedule.

"My dress doesn't fit!" Camille yelled from the bedroom.

"What do you mean it doesn't fit?!" Jo yelled, still trying to get Lacey into her flower girl dress.

"I mean it doesn't fit! It won't zip! My dress doesn't fit!" Camille was obviously crying.

Jo pulled the white and lavender dress over Lacey's head and passed her to Mama Knight, who finished preparing her for her parent's big day. Jo hurried into the bedroom to find Camille crying on the bed, her wedding dress thrown carelessly to the floor.

"I hate this day. I hate Logan. I hate that dress. I don't want to do this anymore!" she cried.

"Babe, you're gonna mess up your make-up. Calm down. Deep breathes. The dress fit last week. Maybe you're just having trouble zipping it up. Let's try it again," Jo said, kneeling in front of Camille and resting a hand on her distraught friend's shoulder.

Camille shook her head, trying to calm herself down. "It's took tight around my stomach. I can't wear it. I'm getting fat!" After she said the last sentence Camille, again, broke into tears.

Jo stood up and grabbed the dress off the ground, shaking out some of the wrinkles that ran through it from how it was laying. "Let's try again. Come on."

It took ten minutes of struggling and crying but, after Stephanie had stepped in to help, Camille did end up fitting into her dress. She couldn't sit down in it or breathe properly, but she fit into it.

"I don't understand. It fit you before," Jo said.

"I understand," Camille mumbled, walking out of the bedroom. Everyone in the living room was dressed and happy and smiling. When Kelly saw Camille she whipped out her camera, taking pictures of her to document the moment. The twins here sitting on the floor, both now six months old and doing better than ever in the health department.

Lacey ran over to Camille, smiling up at her mother and twirling to show how pretty she looked in her dress.

"I'm like you!" Lacey proclaimed, clapping her hands excitedly.

Camille smiled down at her daughter, wishing that the dress would give a little bit so she could pick her up. "Yes you are. You're prettier than Mommy is though. You're the prettiest girl in the world."

"Are we almost ready? The wedding is set to start in ten minutes. We should start heading down there." Mama Knight grabbed the flower basket off the kitchen counter, looking around at everyone.

"Yeah," Camille said. "We're ready."

The wedding was filled with tears and smile and a major kiss at he end. Camille didn't stop crying the entire time she was at the alter and Logan broke down when Camille started saying her vows. They walked back to the limo together hand in hand, Logan picking up Lacey and strapping her into the little car seat the limo company had provided.

"You're sure you want to take her? I can take her and you and Camille can have alone time," Kendall said, watching Logan fumble with a clasp on the belt.

"Nah, I've got it. Camille insisted upon it really. You can have her tonight," Logan said, standing up and smirking at his best friend.

Kendall wrapped his arms around Logan, pulling him in for a hug. "You and Camille are a pretty cute couple, you know that?"

"I was aware," Logan said, hugging Kendall back before pulling away and offering his arm to Camille, who was over talking to her bridesmaids. "M'Lady?"

Camille blushed and took his arm, waving to the girls and then to the guys, getting into the limo and sitting down next to Lacey. Logan assured everyone that they would be to the reception shortly and ushered them all away before getting in and shutting the door. He wrapped his arm around Camille and kissed her forehead, a perminant smile plastered onto his face.

"Logan, I need to tell you something," Camille said, biting nervously at her lip.

"Anything, sweetie," Logan said, poking at Lacey's foot, causing the little girl to giggle happily.

"Logan, I'm pregnant."

It took a minute for the words to process in Logan's brain. When they did, his eyes widened and he looked at his new wife, trying to figure out how to talk.

"Excuse me?"

"Pregnant. I'm pregnant. With a baby. Your baby." Camille didn't look at him, she just kept her eyes trained on her hands.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Doctor confirmed and everything." Camille finally looked up to meet his eyes, tears threatening to fall onto her cheek.

Logan smiled, placing a hand on her cheek. "I... I can't believe this. This is great!" he said, excitement filling his voice.

"Really? You're happy?" Camille asked, a single tear falling her eye.

"Yes! We're going to have another baby!" Logan pressed his lips to hers happily, a kiss which she returned instantly. She was the first to pull away from the kiss, looking at Lacey and noting the confusion on the little girl's face.

"You're going to be a big sister, Lace," Camille said.

"Baby?" Lacey asked.

Logan nodded. "You get a baby brother or sister."

"No boys!" Lacey proclaimed loudly, crossing her little arms over her chest.

Logan and Camille both laughed. Logan took Camille's hand in his, entwining their fingers together. "We're making a whole new chapter in our family history," he said.

Camille nodded, smiling. "And I couldn't be happier.


Kendall: Fin?

Me: It's over.

Logan: But... But my baby! I wanna know about my baby!

Me: Calm down...

Carlos: And my family!

James: And what happens to me?!

Me: Ok, do ya'll want a little epilogue before the I close the document?

All: Yes!

Me: Ok. Logan and Camille have two more children; Zariah and Oliver. Logan becomes a successful doctor after BTR eventually breaks up and Camille stays at home with the kids.

Logan: Aww yeah, I get a son!

Me: Kendall and Jo end up married with two children; Charlie and Ella. They divorce after Ella is born and Kendall marries a woman named Megan. Together they have five more children; Aiden, Jasey, Daniel, Elizabeth and Jacob. He becomes a Band teacher.

Kendall: Holy hell...

Me: James marries Ruby but they divorce after Ruby cheats on him. Together they have four children; Kiera, Avan, Isabelle and Brooke. James ends up with one more son, Hesston, from his girlfriend Hadley but he never gets married again. He continues singing and acting.

James: I'm too lovable to be cheated on...

Me: Carlos and Stephanie don't have anymore children after the twins. They move to Detroit after BTR breaks up and Stephanie becomes a photographer and Carlos becomes a cop.

Carlos: Woo!

Me: So, dear readers, I hope you enjoyed the story and I'm so sorry it took so long for me to finish. PM me if have any one shot requests. Love Always, Emily