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From very early on, Rachel knows her family isn't typical. Not by American standards anyways. She knows there's supposed to be a mother figure somewhere. She's always wondered, as any child would, where her mother was exactly.

But she's never had the heart to ask. She couldn't ask because her fathers were always trying so hard to be everything she and Sean need.

But Sean asks. And Sean asks because he isn't like Rachel. They look alike, they talk alike, they sing alike and dance alike. But Sean is blunt and honest. He's older than her by five minutes. And they're alike…but different.

Rachel tries to be modest and not hurt people, so she stays quiet, although she can hurt people unintentionally when she really wants something.

Sean asked the questions, Sean cried for his missing mother when he fell and scrapped his knee, Sean bluntly stated that even though he loved his fathers dearly…two gay men…were not women.

And Rachel had to agree. There were certain things a child couldn't talk to their fathers about.

For instance when Rachel got her first 'gift' from Mother Nature, their fathers had gone crazy and ran to the store and bought all kinds of things…pain killers of all brands safe for children, pads of all textures and absorbency. While Rachel and Sean sat in the parking lot in the car, Rachel blushing red as a cherry and Sean not knowing if he should laugh or try and comfort his little sister.

Or when Rachel started to develop and bought her first bra, Sean couldn't help his laughter when they went to the store and Hiram held sports bras to her chest. She'd refused to talk to him for days.

Sean didn't find it so funny when he got his first pairs of boxers and Leroy almost bought out the whole super hero selection for teens.

There were simply things their fathers didn't know. And only Sean spoke up about it because he wanted to know everything. And he found it strange that even though both men loved theater and loved music and trained the Berry twins in the Arts…that neither man could dance, sing, play any instruments, or even carry a simple tune.

He figured their talent must come from their mother. And so he asked, and when met with a dead end, he asked even more.

Sean Tony Berry…was persistent in all aspects of his life, so when he and Rachel entered high school, he insisted she wear something besides animal sweaters and punched the first jock he saw throw a slushy in her face at the end of the first day.

After several weeks of no slushy facials…Rachel assumed they were over, wrong. Sean got suspended for three days because he bodily tackled the jock that threw the last slushy of Rachel's freshman year. Because she was teased and picked on about so many things…she became insecure and very needy of self-assurance.

So when Rachel realized she much preferred girls over boys, she tried her very hardest to prove otherwise. Sean however; insisted she be herself and 'not give a shit', easy for him to say being the captain of the hockey team and having people terrified of him since he tackled the jock at the end of 9th grade.

Sean insisted Rachel try and make friends with Kurt, a boy who always said he wasn't gay…but Sean was an excellent people reader. They way Kurt, spoke, dressed, and acted, even the way he walked…shouted 'I like boys'; he unintentionally hit on Sean several times.

Sean took it as a compliment. And at least he had options of to many girls shot him down. But he had no issues with gays. He thought it was kinda awesome how someone could say they loved a person of the same gender proudly. He figured some people are just born gay and some aren't.

Their dad Hiram is gay, who is clearly their actual father, and Rachel is too. You get traits from your parents. It's shown in studies. Several gay or lesbian parents had children or grandchildren that were the same way. Sometimes things are genetic. He thinks it's stupid when people say it's a choice. Like people would choose to get called 'faggot' every day by super Christians? He doesn't think so.

Rachel is still confused, but she's sure she likes girls, and because she gets teased so badly…she figures it'd just get worse if people knew. So she tried to not like girls, she tried with all her might.

But even the mighty Rachel Barbra Berry isn't so mighty as to deny such a huge deal. So she admits it, to just herself and her big brother…and life goes on.

Rachel tried to like Finn, she did. He's sweet…but he had too many flaws to overlook. Like the fact that he was dumb as a doorknob, and actually made rocks look smart. But she's desperate to prove to the high school population that she isn't a lesbian, even though she's subtly eyed more than one set of Cheerio legs.

When Rachel sees the bulletin of tryouts for Glee club…she's ecstatic. She can finally show off skills people seemed to hate on her MySpace videos. Which Sean put a stop to once he saw who it was commenting on her.

"You know Quinn; you're a very pretty girl." He stated after cornering her after school one day. She seemed nervous. "But your bitch personality makes me wonder how any guy could wanna date you." He sneered. She looked shocked. "Lay off my sister or you'll have more to worry about than trying to stay a perfect 'daddy's girl'. Which is a total lie."

He knew Quinn was dating Finn and they made out and did more than that on a daily basis, nothing like blowjobs or any of that, but nothing a perfect Christian would do.

"You don't have to be a dick about it." She'd hissed at him.

"You know…I think I kinda do. Game recognizes game Quinnie, and you look kinda unfamiliar with how mine works." He hissed back. "Lay off or I'll have your buried so deep in trash you won't be able to get the stench off for months." He'd smirked and left her to think.

"You're too good of an actress." Sean chuckles when Rachel is cleaning off her face after she complained about Mr. Sandy (who, for the record, was even gayer than Rickey Martin by twenty).

She shrugged. "I'm born to do these things brother. You should invest in your talent."

Sean shook his head. Sure he could sing but, "I don't want to be the kind of person that does what they're good at and not what they want to do." Of course he enjoyed singing and dancing and musicals and instruments…but he didn't want it to define him because the Arts were not something he wanted to really do.

They listen to Mercedes Jones belt her high notes like she's been doing it since before she was born. And this was before they knew about Glee.

Rachel is curious so they stay in the shadows and watch the next day when Kurt audition. Sean knew he was gay, the other boy's performance shouting it. The dip in his hip and the hand that rested on it, the high notes he hit like a girl…the way he pushed his hair out of his face as he sung the last long note.

They listen to Tina something Chang trying not to stutter as she sings I Kissed a Girl (Sean snickers when she hits her hips and wonders if she was trying to diminish her chances of having kids).

And then they find the list…and Rachel is so happy she jumps up and down and squeals with delight, and Sean think he can't be the only one to think it's adorably funny, even as she grabs the front of his shirt. And because he loves his sister so much, he agrees and lets her sign his name after her and places gold sticker stars after each.

He wonders where they got the like for them, but he didn't care, because for some reason he got a tattoo of a large golden star on his right shoulder. It hurt like hell when they colored it in (he wanted it to actually be gold).

Rachel sings perfectly, with their perfect pitch tuned ears, it's easy to hit notes and know where you need work.

But Sean doesn't go for musicals or movies; he sings a modern song by a favorite band.

"The way your hair swings over your eyes,
the motor in my head turns.
Wanting you for such a long time,"

He loves that band, and Anberlin but he wasn't going for emotional songs that made you think. Just good music.

And he still thinks it's funny that Rachel pretends not to know who their biological father is. Until finally, "Rach, I think we both kinda know the big black dude isn't our dad. Let's be honest." But she persisted to say that she didn't know. Typical, Sean figured.

And Sean thinks it's funny that both Quinn and Santana try and make fun of Rachel when it's clear (at least to him) that they like her voice. Britt is just too blonde to know much, but he has to hand it to her…she knows much more than she lets on.

He had pulled Quinn aside when he red her 'If I were your parents I'd sell you back comment'. "You think that's fucking funny?" He growled and she literally shook. "You say that but we both know your parents would toss you out in a heartbeat if they found you doing something wrong. Quit acting like a bitch. It doesn't make you cool; it just makes you a bitch."

He'd simply shouted at Santana, who shouted back and hit him and he laughed it off and shouted more.

Sean Tony Berry didn't half ass anything.

"And I said to myself sit down,
Sit down you're rockin the boat."

Sean and Rachel thought it was rude to sing about sitting with the lead as a boy who could never stand on his own again. But only Sean stated it that way, out of frustration Rachel had snapped.

"It's pointless to sing this song to a boy in a wheel chair."

Sean nodded his agreement. And he followed, as he always had, when she stormed out. He feels like there's something familiar about how she struts, the way her hair moves as she marches off. He never thinks that when she's facing him. And he can't place why it looks familiar and why she sounds familiar. And he really wished he could.

Because it's been nagging at him since they'd gone to check out what high school they wanted to go to.

Rachel looks like somebody he's seen somewhere else, if only for a moment. And because he looks like her, he figures he must look like this person he'd seen. But who? Probably a cousin they met at a Christmas dinner in Florida.

He sits beside her on the bleachers and thinks about how they have the same shade of brown hair, only his was much shorter and he let his bangs fall into his face. He thinks about how they have the same eyes and dimples and laugh. He just wants to know where it all comes from, because Hiram Berry isn't a very attractive man, and from the pictures they'd seen of him years ago…he'd never been.

So Sean asks and asks and waits and sits and watches.

But he's silent as he sits beside his younger sister on the bleachers and watches the Cheerios. He thinks about teasing her…but he doesn't. And he doesn't say anything when he sees Santana shoot a curious look up at them. Several times.

The instructor, Mr. Shue, came and tried to talk to Rachel. Told her how she was the best in there and Sean came in first as the male lead.

But Rachel is tired of being mocked. She turns to Mr. Shue as he tries to get her to come back. "Everybody hates me. I know it. Or at least…," Sean pretends not to see her glance down. "Most people do."

"And just being in Glee is going to change how people see you?" Shouldn't he be saying something nice?

"I'm amazing at singing Mr. Shue, I know I am. Being part of something great and doing something great is going to change it." Rachel is steadfast and stubborn, and Sean knows from experience that she doesn't like to listen to advice when it's not saying she can do as she pleases.

"What are you asking me for here?"

"I need male leads that can keep up with me, if something happens to Sean we're SOL, he doesn't want to be a lead to begin with." She glanced at him, he nodded, it was true. He loved attention…but not when he was singing.

And before Sean knows it…Finn Hudson is there. Dumb and clueless as ever. He didn't seem to get that he was Sean's understudy. Or what an understudy was. But Sean knew Finn had been blackmailed into Glee.

He thought it was funny how Rachel tried desperately to act straight. But he'd tried so hard to get her to just be herself (aside from the animal sweaters). Rachel was colorful and bright, even more so when she acted anything out. Sean was dark and dim but when he sang, Rachel said she could feel it light up (despite his love for dark tank tops, so people could see his star tattoo).

Sean shot puck after puck into the soccer nets. He smacked Noah Puckerman once when he tried to throw a football at him.

When he heard the coach shouting he turned and looked, Puck glancing over his shoulder. Finn was being yelled at…Sean wanted to know why. He glanced at Puck, his friend since fifth grade and nodded.

"Let's do it dude." Puck grinned.

"Puck, you're an idiot." Sean laughed. Puck was very easy to read, smarter than Finn but still not bright.

"What's going on man?" Sean called as Finn passed.

Finn shrugged. "Just gotta miss a practice, coach got pissed."

"Why you missing practice?" Puck asked; face scrunching up in the sunlight. He tossed the football at a passing newbie who was running laps.

"My mom," he seemed embarrassed, only Sean knew why. And so did the coach. "I gotta help her out, she just had surgery."

"What kind?" Puck is nosy; he'd be the first to admit it.

"She had to uh…get her prostate removed." Sean just stared…was Finn really that stupid? Did he pay such little attention in Health class? Puck couldn't be that dumb…could he?

"Harsh man." Wait…this was Noah Puckerman. Of course he was that dumb.

Sean just huffed, and turned back to shooting pucks into the soccer net.

Sean thinks he should have noticed sooner…that Rachel seems to go out more and seem more confident. He should have, but he didn't.

And now he's wondering how he could have missed it.

He stands behind her in line at the entrance to the Carmel High Auditorium. He reads the big gold letters. He's in another short sleeved shirt, and the bottom of the star is glittering gold in its place.

"You're very talented." Rachel compliments.

"Oh yeah? Thanks, I mean…I'm not as great as Sean or anything but thanks Rachel." He gives her a goofy grin. He likes her, but he's dating Quinn, who doesn't like him. Sean thinks sometimes that maybe he sees too much.

But then he thinks when he sees Rachel smile and talk, that he still isn't seeing enough. He's missing parts of the puzzle as to why Rachel is suddenly different.

Sean glances around again, because he has this odd burning in his stomach that somebody is watching him, but all he sees are blurred faces, gray hair, chatting kids, and a flick of a curled ponytail flipping around a corner.

He looks back and mindlessly watched Finn and his sister talk. He can't help but notice that Finn is about two feet taller than Rachel, or looks like it anyways. Her head only reaches his shoulder, not to say he's tall himself (he only reaches Finn's ear).

Again he thinks that Rachel reminds him of somebody he's seen somewhere…

And again he notices that it's not Finn that's making the change in her. She doesn't seem very interested in what he says. But that may just be him.

Sean gets sour apple snacks before they go in and take their seats.

The announcer blares over the small black speakers. "…Regional champions," Sean is sure they won nationals. "Vocal Adrenaline!"

Sean opens his mouth and lays his sour lollypop on his tongue and closes his mouth as the curtains open. He eyes their competition; they don't look like much with the dark casting shadows over the stage. But they have so many trophies…they're a big deal.

Rachel blinks in surprise when the stage flares up with light and Vocal Adrenaline bursts into life, with flaring swirls of blue skirts and stiff collars and shiny dress shoes that flash white from the lights, singing Rehab by Amy Winehouse.

Vocal Adrenaline was a big deal.

Sean sinks down into his seat and his eyes flit around the stage, trying to take in all the flashes of clothes and lights and limbs. He spots someone to the side, mostly tucked in shadow…but he can see long curling dark brown hair and a gray suit…it's a woman with pale skin. It may just be his imagination but he thinks she's looking back, and he thinks maybe he's crazy when he sees she's smiling.

That person…who was she?

Out of courtesy he flashes back a smile of his own before subtly looking away and glancing around after a while. He spots a red and white uniform and thinks maybe the Cheerios are here, but it's just one.

Rachel pulls him back into his seat. "Pay attention." She mumbles. He whispers an apology before watching the rest of the show.

Now Rachel loves her brother, he's the only one she'll ever get. But sometimes he just seemed out of it. When he was a baby he'd cry over the smallest things. Even when Martinez Lopez accidently tripped over him at age three.

The New Directions sat quietly for a moment after the crowd erupted with calling and cheers. It wasn't until they left the building that Sean spoke up. "We suck." He called to Mr. Shue, who looked mildly insulted. Sean just shrugged. "We do."

"While I don't agree with how my brother said it…he is right. It'll take weeks to get ready for anything and be half as good as they are." Rachel reasoned.

Sean plucked lint off his shirt and chewed the Big Chew gum he'd just opened. "We need more practice, better music, and better moves."

"We are practicing, our music is fine, and so are the dances." Mr. Shue defended.

Rachel never did like to bring people down. So instead of head-butting it out with him, and winning, she stayed quiet.

Sean didn't. "The music is good, classics, but most of it is your music. What about us?" He shrugged and followed Rachel to her car.

Sean sees Finn in the bathroom on Monday, he saw what Puck and his friends did to him.

"You really didn't know chicks don't have prostates?" He had to ask.

Finn shook his head.

Sean laughed. "Next time tell a lie that you know is true. Like…I have to help her get groceries because we have relatives from out of state coming over. Puck would buy that." He doesn't mean to insult his friend, but Puck was dumb.

Finn was just dumber.

When Sean leaves the bathroom and heads for Glee, he passes Santana and Martinez arguing at her locker. They're only a year apart but Martin started school late, so they're in the same grade.

Sean doesn't care about their argument, they argue all the time.

'Are you an idiot? What if-'

'It's fine! God, keep your fucking voice down.'

'No, and it's not fine. She could end up-'

'I know okay, I know. To be honest…I don't care. I hope she does!'

'Don't be that big of a bitch San. You can't do that to her.'

'…At least she won't leave…'

'Or you know…maybe she does.'

'…Shut up.'

They were probably arguing about their mom. Their dad was always at the hospital and they had no other relatives in Lima really. But what could be so bad it'd make Three C Martin mad?

He shrugged and continued by them, he ignored Santana's worried glance.

'You're a fucking idiot!' He hears Martinez hiss at his sister, who just murmurs an agreement.

Mr. Shue is leaving.

Sean stands beside his sister with a blank face when they hear the news. He feels bad when he hears Mercedes ask if it was because Vocal Adrenaline was so much better in such a quiet voice.

"This isn't fair, Glee won't survive without you." Rachel murmurs. Which is kind of true, he fought to get Glee back…with no teachers really supporting the club besides him…it would once again vanish into nothingness.

Finn…stupidly asks, "Do I still have to be in the club?"

Sean glances back at him. "Shut it Hudson, let the guy explain."

Mr. Shue shakes his head. "Being grown up, an adult is about making the hard choices. I had to make one. And I'm sorry but I can't do Glee anymore. I'll do my best to find someone to replace me. I swear." He gives his students a half-hearted smile and turns away.

Sean thinks Mr. Shue is a coward. He's seen Terry, Mr. Shue's insane wife. She's clever…he can give her that. But she's also very…dimwitted. But Mr. Shue is very dimwitted also if he falls for her cheap tricks. He met her on her shift when shopping for a gift for 'daddy' Hiram.

She was calculating and very sneaky, the way he watched her talk to the other workers. Mumbling about how she couldn't work more than four days a week. She was just lazy and unhappy and a sheep…and had Mr. Shue wrapped around her little finger. And he didn't have a clue.

Sean walks out with Rachel, and he thinks that if that's how people choose to live their lives…so be it. He wouldn't make easy choices seem hard for them.

Rachel stays out a little later, scraping by on coming home on time for curfew. She doesn't eat dinner at home as much anymore.

Sean wants to break down and ask why. But out of the respect they have for each other…he doesn't. Her life is her business, and he's made a point of telling their fathers that too. She's growing up, of course she'll miss curfew by a little sometimes. There had been nights he'd snuck off with Puck to paintball people's cars in Carmel. It was his life.

And he thinks that even if anything is said, from the glowing megawatt smiles she seems to give more often, she'd still keep doing the same things.

But he doesn't mind. As long as she keeps smiling like that.

He just wishes he knew why.

Rachel stands beside Sean as he listens to his music on his iPod while she talks to Finn about Glee. She's always been an excellent people reader. Just like Sean. She can see below the surface, if they have a deeper mind.

"Finn," she speaks more firm and ignores his dopey look. "You have a talent. You shouldn't ignore it."

"Sean does."

Rachel huffs. "Because he doesn't want to be labeled by what he can do well. Your talent doesn't have to be what you want to do Finn. But you shouldn't turn away from what you have. At least my brother works with his gifts, not against them."

Sean has his eyes closed and rocks his head on his neck to the beat of the song blaring in his ear drums. He can't hear what she's saying but he's sure she'll tell him later.

Because he isn't listening or watching, he doesn't see Quinn and Santana walk up. He doesn't hear Quinn call his sister RuPaul, and he doesn't see the apologetic glance that's thrown her way too.

He opens his eyes to see them walk away, and his brow furrows when he sees Santana glance back, but only for a second.

He finds Quinn later after he asks Rachel about the encounter, it's after Cheerios practice and she's at her locker. He leans against the one beside it.

He smiles inside when she jumps at seeing him after closing her locker.



"I honestly have to know…what did Rachel do to you that's so bad you have to treat her like gum on the bottom of your shoe every day? Because I'm getting tired of having this conversation."

Quinn makes a face, tightening her jaw and raising her eyebrows just so. But she doesn't say anything.

"Nothing right? See I don't buy that…there must be some reason you hate her." He waits. "An answer would be super." He grins.

"Rachel is just Rachel, loud and annoying."

Sean sucks his teeth. "So are you. Are you jealous because my sister doesn't have to bring people down just to be happy?"

"As if."

"It's something…and I know it's something big." He eyes her face critically. "I'll figure it out…I think I'm already starting to." Sean grins and stands up straight. "Quit picking on my sister. She doesn't even look like a guy and have you seen her hands? Nothing man-like about them." He chuckles and turns away, leaving the blonde to think, maybe.

Sean sings back up in their first successful rehearsal. He doesn't complain about the brightness of the glaring red shirts as he sings. Or about how tight the starched blue jeans are. He just sings. And he sings because Rachel wants him to, because she's giving that megawatt smile when she asks nicely.

He could never say no, he could have given a maybe…but he'd have followed through eventually. He just really wishes he knew what was going through his sister's head.

Because he watches her while she sings. And she's giving that glowing smile and reaching, towards Finn. No, he thinks, watching closer now. She's looking right through him. Rachel sees a place she'd rather be. Or maybe a person she wishes she could sing with. But Sean knows she isn't looking at Finn Hudson.

But Finn Hudson doesn't know that.

And neither does anybody else besides the Berry twins. Maybe Quinn knows, as Sean catches her, Santana and Ms. Sue up in a balcony. Or maybe Puck knows, as Sean sees him back out of the doors.

Mr. Shue sure didn't know when he comes back.

Rachel asks why.

He shrugs and smiles. "It'd kill me to see you go on an amazing journey to win nationals without me."

Even Sean can't help his smile.

"Let's take it from the top."

Sean glances at his clock again while Phantom of The Opera plays for the third time that night on his TV screen.

Its five minutes till eleven, and Rachel still isn't home.

He shrugs it off and stands, he's been thirsty for a while. Once he gets his drink of juice he heads back to his room, he glances out of his window as he passes it on his way back to his comfy bed.

Holy mother!

He ducks out of sight quickly and peeks out…there's Rachel. And she's with…

"Oh dear God…," he whispers to himself.

His fresh glass of juice almost slips from his slack hand.

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