That Simple Moment

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Surprisingly enough Chi-Chi didn't like using her usual spectacular gifts to please her husband, for her age she had maintained her good looks. It was there, just a man of men and it was a rare for her so, unlike her counterpart Bulma she was only recognized by her cooking ability and inexcusably naive husband.

Whenever she dressed herself she didn't go to the extremes of her friend as she did her usual chores. Her bland skirts ended at her knee so to allow her to kneel on the ground without digging her knees into the hard floor, and her strapped shirts and traditional gi's jackets hugged her waist and breasts body loosely, making it comfortable without stressing her body in trying to cram into two size two small dresses. She wasn't too big into makeup but when she wanted to look decent it was simple natural colors with pink blush lipstick and neutral day wear eyes. Her hair tied firmly back in a neat bun normally but as she sat in front of her mirror she let it float freely in front of her gently touching all of her face, just as Goku liked it.

Cool, calm and motherly. That's how she looked on the outside, but that was her greatest strength. To the world she presented a stressed and motherly, (some would say overprotective) front, but on the inside she was as secure unlike other women. She didn't have those thoughts that twisted and pulled at others, when she went outside she never worried. Would they like her? Did they think she was pretty? Did she sound stupid? She had easily hardened her mind to those wavering thoughts, she had trained hard as a girl, and worked hard as a mother and wife. Caring about such childish notions were far from her mind as she shopped or went out to eat with her family.

She didn't try to over compensate with perfume, lingerie, and that sexiness that every other women wanted. She didn't ever feel that way, neatly tucked inside cabinets alongside her mirror were several large combs and brushes, all derived to care for her long raven black hair gently. No one might ever see how tedious she was with caring for her hair, but it was just something she loved. Like a woman possessed she could spend hours gently working the knots and tangles from her hair.

She chose the largest brush, one that was passed down from her mother, it was an ornate wood carved brush that emphasized craftsmanship and care. The brush was inlaid with her mother's name, and a gentle gold trim that ran along the outside. Though She liked simple nature of combing her own hair there was something that was ever tender to her. The idea of a man combing her hair gently and tenderly not for some points or hitch later but out of the joy that she had. She had the great delight for that man to be her loving husband. The images of Goku next to her while sitting on bed while he carefully stroked, brushed, and combed her hair to near perfection. The feeling of being loved and cared for was magic on her self esteem. She smiled to herself as she sat in front of her mirror, her clothes set out on the bed as she gently ran one smooth stroke through her hair. She smoothed gently over her hair as if it was one hundred percent silk.

Dressed in her bathrobe as she had recently exited the shower this morning, she sat there and gently began to work her hair, taking each flow from her hands with a smile on her lips, a simple hum coming from her throat as she was absolutely radiant in this fleeting moment.

She lost herself in the glow of the mirror and her own enjoyment of this simple moment, she didn't even realize the shadowed figure leaning against the doorframe behind her, visible in the mirror to her but she didn't notice, her gentle humming filled the room and lifted the beings heart. It made him feel so happy seeing her happy like this. It was a simple joy for him, one that came without him having to do nothing but sit back and watch.

Though he loved to watch he loved doing more than watching, he walked up behind her, she knew he was there but continued brushing her eyes closed as she felt his hands touch her shoulders gently rubbing up and down. Marveling at his wife's simple beauty and in this moment he loved it. Without asking for permission he grasped the brush in her hand to which she relinquished into his careful grasp. The gentle sweeps in her hair, his careful touch as he lifted her up easily with one hand. and placed himself beneath her setting her gently in his lap. Her towel resting gently against his chest, having no shirt on since getting up, a trait he had picked up from Vegeta he smiled as she sighed as he gently swept his hands through her hair.

Each gentle stroke was like a cloud stroking her hair, it was amazing that a man who could lift mountains and stop the seas with his strength could so delicately cradle her and care for her hair in such a way. Sighing she leaned back against him, her eyes opening in a half lidded gaze of simple pleasure, a smile on her face looking back into a smile of his. Those charcoal eyes of Goku were so gentle, passionate even, the rigid contours of his body pressed into his wife's back, though a woman of modesty she decided that the towel had become and irritant and in a simple twist it fell from her sides and into Goku's lap leaving her back to rest against the radiant heat of Goku. The shivers it sent up her body because of the furnace heat of her husband was just another pleasure, the heat of his body, the muscles pressing into her back, his hands gently working in her hair it was heavenly.

If a moment could be eternal, Goku would stay like this forever, her simple frame, though pale in comparison to his darker skin was perfect, the raven black hair just a simple feature to many but to him it was stunning. Its softness, its contour, the way it felt against him was an irreplaceable feeling. Only his wife's gentle curves and soft flesh was its superior but because it was all apart of one woman, his woman, his wife, and his love it was all for the better. Her nude body though exposed to the world and its occupants they were meant only for him, together they lived in this moment. Company of one another, the touch of one another, the simple presence of each other was a factor in it all.

Chi-Chi let her eyes fall back closed as she relinquished all of her body to her husband, her body going limp as she felt his free arm wrap around her waist, his nose moving to her neck and breathing in her aroma. His distaste for women who puffed on perfume agitated his sensitive nose, he loved Chi-Chi's natural smell, nature, and her cooking were what he revealed in.

Her hand went up slowly to Goku's face her slender fingers gently brushing alongside his cheek to which he turned his mouth to kiss her wrist softly. His lips tender and loving just like she had dreamed as she had grown up. Goku had filled her fantasies ever since meeting him, she had met few boys and even men in her life that ever appealed to her in anyway. She could remember the days in her room months before the tournament, she had worked herself into a frenzy, she had imagined the day she would have the man who promised to marry her. So many nights she would wish he would descend from that yellow cloud into her room and take her. While she could never have confessed such thoughts in front of her father she had kept them down, and the moment she saw Goku in the tournament she had to fight the urge to kiss him then. Having not seen him in years she still knew it was him, that simple boyish look, those clothes, and unruly hair was a dead giveaway.

She could feel the heat of his gaze as his eyes filled with that passion that she loved so much, he would never look at another woman like that, and she would never forget that. No matter how much she got upset with him. She knew he would be there for her, dead or alive, in the next room or across the galaxy their bond together was strong. He would cradle her heart in his hands and treasure it.

Shifting her weight as she placed her hand upon the small rest in front of her mirror she moved her body, straddling Goku's thighs with her own. Her eyes gazed deeply into his.

His hands reached up gently to her hips, grasping her softly he pulled her closer. Her soft breasts pressed against his broad chest, the growing heat of his body made her body tremble as she wrapped her hands around his neck, a soft smile on both of their lips. In his grasp she felt so safe, and while he held her he felt so complete.

"I love you so much Goku..." She said softly kissing his lips gently as she pulled away his eyes softened, content with those words alone he could live happily and never ask for more. "Did you want something?" Her words soft almost a whisper

"Want?" He asked as he leaned to kiss the nape of her neck gently his teeth grazing her skin.

Chi-Chi shuddered as his teeth scrapped alongside her skin. "Something?" she returned her soft tone as he pulled back there faces just inches apart.

"Just this moment..." He said hushed before taking her breath away with his lips. Their gentle kiss was one of passion but reserved, they couldn't afford to get to 'into' it. But it didn't stop them from at least enjoying this simple moment...