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The red-head awoke with a start. He felt his face on fire. Like... like it was about to explode! He gripped the couch tightly, wondering what occurrence had caused him to feel like this... Maybe it was Cold! When he had been out with Uncle Ba- um... the Flash, he had been shot with a freeze gun! Only, this time, the ice was more turquoise than blue. That was it! NOW HIS FACE WAS GOING TO EXPLOOOODE!



Or he had to sneeze.

Wally shook his shaggy hair, trying to pry open his green eyes. He was the only one at Mount Justice at the moment- or so he thought. M'gann and Connor were at school, Kaldur was in Atlantis, Artemis was at school- so Dick was, too. Wally was supposed to be in school, but Joker decided he would switch over to Central City for a day (don't ask why- Wally just went with the fact that he was crazy!) and ended up blowing up Wally's school.


It was a Saturday when it happened, so the high schoolers all had the next week off so that the principles could find an 'adequate place for their pupils to have knowledge bestowed upon them' and all that crap.

So... What was that noise he heard?

It sounded like running water.

Getting up, Wally pulled on his ACDC shirt to straighten it out. He had already kicked off his blue Converse, and he was wearing basket-ball shorts- a pair he had stolen from Robin. (That's why they came above his knee- Robin: not tall.)

The ginger zoomed through the Mountain, trying to ascertain where the noise was coming from. He checked the kitchen- "Nope!"- the two public bathrooms- "Nuh-Uh!" "Nope!"- and even every bathroom in the others' rooms- "Nada!" "Zip!" "Zoucho!" "Nothin'!" "Nope!"- except for Robin's.

Leaning his ear against the door, Wally frowned. He heard water running and... singing?

Okay, 1) what was Rob doing out of school? And 2) why did he sound like a girl?


"Yay!" Wally gave a rather girly shriek and opened the door silently.

The voice came out louder, this time.

"I'm goin' home, gonna load up my shotgun!"

Wally frowned, crinkling up his nose. Robin listened to country music?

"Wait by the door, 'light a cigarette-"

Okay, how did Robin hit those notes?

Unless it wasn't Robin...

Wally creeped towards the bathroom door. It was opened a crack, and he could just barely feel the hot mist coming out. He peered in and saw clothes on the floor- a heavy black hoodie and black skinny jeans- Yup, looks like Rob!- and a pair of stark white Converse.

"He slap me on the face, an' he shook me like a rag doll- don't that sound like a- real MAN?"


Rob sounded... sexy?

No- that made him sound gay.

But... he sounded... Good. That's it. Good.

Wally slowly pulled himself into the bathroom. He saw a shadow beyond the darkly tinted shower. This isn't perverted.

The fifteen-year-old cleared his throat. "Uh... Rob?"

There came a shriek, and the person slipped, falling forward and knocking over the shower poll and curtain. Wally saw a very, very slender, very bare back and two long, loooong white legs. The person looked up between long whitish-blonde bangs and shrieked.



Wally turned around, embarrassed that he had just seen his best friend's sister naked- well, he didn't actually see anything besides her lower back... and... legs...

Wally wiped the drool from his face as he scrunched his eyes shut. "Um... Blaine- n-nice to see you-"


Wally groped along the floor and found the towel, then tossed it over his shoulder. After a few moments of trying not to imagine that oh-so-attactive bu-


He would not think of Blaine like that...

"Okay, West. You can look now."

Wally turned and smiled. Blaine had covered herself up with the fuzzy green towel, but Wally could still see the way the water droplets shimmered over her snow-white shoulders. The towel came down about mid-thigh, and Wally had a hard time averting his eyes from Blaine's now very long and very bare and smooth legs...

"West, you're drooling, and my eyes are up."

Wally blinked harshly, shaking his head. "S-S-Sorry..."

Blaine giggled, putting a graceful hand over her gray-stained lips. Yup. She was still goth. Her onyx eyes shined as she tried to hide her smile. Her long blonde hair came down to the small of her back, and it stuck around her face gracefully.

"Um... Wally?"

Wally shook his head again. "Um- yeah. You... need to get dressed. Right-"

"Actually, I don't have any clothes besides those-" she pointed to the pile, using one hand to keep on her towel. "Uh... Yeah, I was just planning to wear a robe and wash them, because I didn't think anyone was... here."

Wally grinned cheekily, rubbing the back of his neck. "Yeah- the Joker kinda' blew up my school."

Blaine cocked a snowy eyebrow, and Wally shrugged.

Awkward silence ensues.

"Um... clothes, Wally?"

He jumped. "Oh! Clothes- right."

He super-speeded into Artemis's room and began to rifle through her drawers.

He accidentally pulled out a neon pink thong and shrieked. Blaine's giggles could be heard from across the hall. Sticking his head out the door, Wally called, "You don't need, like... under- yeah, or anything, right?"

"No!" she called back, still in the bathroom. If Wally craned his neck, he could see her wringing out her hair over the sink. And if he crouched a bit lower...


Wally flushed red and turned back to the drawers. "Right, right... heh..."

He managed to find some oh-so-short-shorts that he knew Artemis only wore for PJ's (oh, Wally...) and a tank-top. He assumed Blaine would wear her hoodie over it.

"Just toss them in," she ordered when he came upon the now-closed door.

Wally did as he was told, no longer trying to be a peeking-Tom.

After a few minutes, the door opened and Blaine, scowling at Wally fiercely, came out with her hair up in a loose bun. Her hoodie came down over the short-shorts so that it looked like she wasn't wearing any pants.

"You're a pervert, you know that?"

Wally smirked and stood, opening his arms wide. Blaine, despite being angry at the speedster, accepted the hug. She leaned into it, letting him embrace her fully. "I've missed you, Wally. And Roy. And Dickie, especially."

Wally nodded. "Missed you too, B." He suddenly pulled back, arms still around Blaine's back. She smirked at him. "What?"

Emerald eyes widened a moment. "You haven't seen D yet?"

She blushed. "Um... No, actually. This was supposed to be a surprise visit, but, well- yeah."

She pulled away, putting her hands on her hips. "Now, West, can I get some decent pants?"

He rubbed his chin playfully, taking in her white legs. "No, no I actually kinda' like this-"

She lunged, screaming, "WEST!"

Wally took a step back, tripping on a book that Robin had left out next to his bed, and fell supine onto the floor. Blaine had no time to react, so she fell as well, falling on top of Wally. Their legs accidentally twisted up, and Blaine landed with both hands next to Wally's head to land her fall. Sadly, this put her chest near his face.

But neither took it perversely. Wally howled with laughter as the girl he considered a sister- an attractive sister- growled at him. He locked his legs around both of hers, making it impossible for Blaine to get up.

The fifteen-year-old girl slapped his chest. "Wallace West, let me up!"

Wally grabbed her hands, and the two fought for a moment before Wally rolled over, pinning her down with her hands near her head. He straddled her stomach, grinning. "I finally beat you!"

She couldn't help but giggle. "Yeah, when we were kids, I'd always pin you."

Wally rolled his eyes. "Not even Jason could beat you-"

"-only Roy could," she finished, chuckling.

Awkward silence ensues.

"West, let me up."



She pulled her chest upwards to try and get out of his grasp.

Sadly, just then the door opened.

A high-pitched boy's voice crackled, "WALLY!"

Wally and Blaine both tilted their heads back to see-

Blaine paled (if that were possible). "Dickie! Good to see you!"

The raven-haired preteen's eye twitched beneath his dark shades as he watched Wally sitting on top of his sister.

Wally's face turned a brighter shade of red than his hair, and he quickly pulled his body away from Blaine's. The girl rolled over onto her stomach and leaped up, immediately going over to Dick and embracing him.

For a moment, Dick decided to forget about Wally. His big sister was here- his twin- and he hadn't seen her for a whole year. He was going to enjoy his hug.

The tender embrace was long and fierce, but when the two pulled away, Dick's eyes were instantly on the cowering speedster. Wally tried to slink into the shadows, but, sadly, he was not a Bat.

Dick cleared his throat, his hands stiff at his sides as he loomed over the now-crouching Wally West. "What exactly were you doing pinning my sister to the floor?"

Wally sincerely looked like he was about to wet his pants, so Blaine jumped in (even knowing how much fun it would have been to see that). She placed one hand on Dick's chest and another on his shoulder as she stood on her tip-toes to see over his glasses. "Dickie, it was all a misunderstanding. I attacked Wally, and we ended up rolling around a bit. Nothing bad, I promise."

After a long moment of utter silence and the Robin-little-protective-brother-Glare, Dick sighed. "Fine, I trust you, B."

She smiled and hugged him again, planting a kiss on Dick's cheek. He grinned and reached upwards to plant a kiss on her forehead.

Wally stood slowly, scratching the back of his neck. "Doooooes this mean I'm not in trouble?"


The threesome (with Blaine now back in her skinny jeans, fresh black color now upon her plump lips) walked into the kitchen of Mount Justice, laughing and talking non-stop, their chattering more annoying than cicadas in the summertime.

Blaine had donned an extra pair of Dick's sports glasses, just in case the others decided to show.

Finally, Dick brought the question to the table (litterally, they were sitting at the coffee table on the floor). "What are you doing back so early?"

Blaine's mouth opened, then slammed shut. She looked suddenly uneasy, even though she was able to hide it from Wally. "Dick..." she said softly, her uneasiness growing almost towards unsure excitement.

"Artemis- B07... Aqualad- B03"

Wally smirked at Blaine. "Guess Sparrow gets to meet the team!"

'Sparrow' smiled, her teeth looking stark white against her black lips. She stood, shoving the black glasses farther up on her nose, and shoved one hand into her pocket while pulling Robin up with the other. She placed him slightly in front of her, wrapping one arm around his elbow. She whispered into his ear, "Will they like me?"

Robin grinned and cackled- making Sparrow smile- and said, "I'm sure they'll love you!"

Suddenly, the slim archer came into view. Her long, golden ponytail was sweeping behind her back over a bare tan shoulder. She had obviously changed from her uniform, because she now sported a tank-top and jean shorts with a smile. The Atalantean came in after her. He was tall, lean, and muscular, his skin a deep chestnut color. His buzz-cut hair was a light blonde, and his eyes a bright silver. He had black tattoos running up his muscular arms.

Sparrow's grip on Robin's arm tightened, and she blushed, pulling behind him a bit more. Robin rolled his eyes and waved to his teammates. "Hey, Kaldur, Artemis!"

"Hey, Rob," was Artemis's casual reply.

"Hello, Robin," Kaldur spoke deeply.

Their gazes suddenly caught the small frame behind Robin. It was a girl.

She was about as tall as the minute hacker, her hair a bright, natural-looking bleached blonde. Her stark white skin stood out against her black ensemble and the glossy black lipstick she wore. More black, this time in the form of sunglasses, was perched above her pixie nose.

Gently tugging on her long hair, the girl pulled her body tighter into Robin's.

He sighed heavily, pulling her in front of him. "C'mon, Spar. You're never shy."

Artemis eyed the girl warily, scruntinizing her from head-to-toe, black hoodie, skinny jeans, and bare feet with electric-blue-painted toenails.

"This is Sparrow," Wally explained, zooming over to wrap an arm around Artemis's and Kaldur's necks. He nodded towards Robin. "She's Robin's- uh..."

"Sister," Robin spoke proudly, pulling Sparrow forward towards the other two. "My older sister, though we're called the Tandem Twins by some."

Artemis didn't trust the girl- then again, she didn't trust anyone. Anyways, she extended a wary hand. "Artemis."

Sparrow took her hand and shook it abruptly. Artemis smiled. Her grip was strong, but not painfully so, and she had a firm shake and not-too-quick release. Artemis's father had told her that you could infer a lot about a person from their handshake.

Maybe she could trust this chic.

Kaldur extended his hand, and Sparrow's eyes widened behind her shades. Kaldur blushed when Sparrow's white eyebrows appeared. "Yes, I have... webbed fingers."

Sparrow blushed, seeing her blunder, and took Kaldur's hand sharply. "My name is Sparrow," she repeated for KF. "I- I'm Robin's- well, yeah..."

Wally nudged Sparrow's shoulder, and she jumped slightly. A glare was suddenly shot towards the ginger, who rolled his eyes. "Hungry Spar, Rob, Kal?"

"What about me?" Artemis asked, cocking out her hip and crossing her arms.

"What? Oh, sorry, didn't see you there, Artie."

"You'd better watch it, Baywatch, or I-"

Kaldur'ahm cleared his throat loudly, drawing the two 'love-birds'' attention. "We have a guest."

He turned to her as Wally and Artemis left the room, headed towards the kitchen. "By the way, Sparrow, my name is Kaldur'ahm, but you may call me Kaldur." He inclined his head in somewhat of a bow, and Sparrow nodded. "Thanks... Kaldur."

Robin grabbed Sparrow's elbow lightly and nodded towards the kitchen, where shouting could now be heard. "C'mon, Spar, before KF eats all the good stuff!"

The three made their way into the kitchen, to see Artemis, steam practically coming out of her ears, glaring at Wally. Her left eye twitched slightly as Wally shoveled down the last piece of frozen pizza. The speedster suddenly turned to Sparrow, blushing. "My-"

"Metabolism," she giggled. "I know, Ginger, I know."

Kaldur cocked an eyebrow. "Ginger?"

Sparrow, pulling herself up onto the counter next to Robin, nodded. The younger bird explained, "We both go back with KF for a while, and Ginger is Spar's nick-name for him."

Wally nodded, his cheeks cock full of food. "Mrhmhm."

Robin turned to Sparrow abruptly. "So, Spar, why're you-"

"Superboy- B05... Miss Martian- B06..."

Robin groaned as M'gann (now in her green skin) and Connor walked into the room. M'gann was going non-stop on and on to Connor about her day, while the clone seemed intent just to pretend to listen.

He stopped abruptly at the kitchen doorway. M'gann bumped into him, dropping her books. "Ouch! Well, hello, Megan!" she knocked her palm against her forehead. "Sorry, Connor."

He ignored her- not rudely- but he was just too busy inspecting the newest blonde edition to their kitchen. "Who're you?"

The clone was tall, with massive shoulders and biceps, and messy black hair. (But not as messy as Dick's!) His crystal blue eyes were cold and suspicious. He wore simple combat boots, jeans, and a black tee-shirt.

'Megan' leered into the kitchen, and Sparrow's mouth just about dropped.

The 'girl' had green skin and numerous freckles on her nose. Her hair was a bright orange, and she wore a purple and white ensemble of a pencil skirt and cardigan. "Oh!" the 'girl' cried, rushing forward, her hand out in front of Sparrow. "Hello! My name is M'gann!"

Sparrow looked to Robin, who nodded slightly, then back to M'gann. "Hello, M'gann. My name is Sparrow."

Connor grunted and walked cautiously forward into the kitchen. "That's Connor!" M'gann provided generously.

Sparrow nodded. "So... Connor, M'gann, Kaldur, and Artemis?" They all nodded. Sparrow frowned at Robin. "Where's Roy?"

Connor cocked an eyebrow, and M'gann squeaked, "Who's Roy?"

"Speedy," Wally grunted, suddenly upset.

The goth girl turned to her 'twin', confused. Robin slowly said, "He skipped out on us- the Team, the League, Green Arrow..." A gasp emerged from Sparrow's lips. "And he goes by Red Arrow now."

Sparrow couldn't help but snort. "Original, Roy..."

There was an awkward silence, before Connor piped up, "Who are you?"

"She's my sister," Robin said quickly, smiling broadly. He swooped an arm around Sparrow's shoulder, his dark jacket boring down on her bright hair. "Aaaaand, I've been trying to talk to her, but people keep INTERUPTING!"

Everyone jumped (even Superboy) at the sudden rise in the Boy Wonder's voice. Well, everyone (even Superboy) besides Sparrow. She seemed used to it. "Sooo..." Robin turned back to the blonde. "Why are you home so ear-"

"Black Canary- 12... Batman- 02... Flash- 04... Red Tornado- 15..."

Robin groaned loudly, gnashing his teeth and pulling at his hair.

Sparrow, however, jumped from her seat and darted towards the entrance to the cave. (How she knew where it was, no one knew.)

When the rest of the team got there, they saw the blonde girl tightly embracing Black Canary, who was hugging her back just as tight. Sparrow turned to Flash, and he pulled her into a hug, too. "Where you been, girlie?" he chuckled, ruffling up her hair. She scowled, righting it with her fingers.

"Russia, actually."

Sparrow turned to Batman, who was smirking. Actually, to the Bats, it was his I'm-glad-to-see-you-and-I've-missed-you-but-I'm-the-darn-Batman-so-I-can't-say-so.

The teen girl rolled her eyes and tightly wrapped her arms around Batman's mid-section. He- to everyone's (besides Robin, get with the program!) surprise- hugged her back gently.

In his gravely voice, Batman spoke, "Sparrow. I would have said hello this morning, but I was out."

She nodded, then returned to her place next to Robin. "Yeah, I know. Agent A told me."

Apparently, Sparrow had read up on Robin's new little 'secret-game'. He had about seventy-six, so far. Sparrow had about ninety-eight.

Robin suddenly glared at his sister. "Wait! How long have you been back?"

She quickly counted on her fingers, then said, "About... Since 2AM? My flight let off in Metropolis at midnight, and Agent A drove me home."

Robin pouted fiercely. Suddenly, he stood. "Wait! So you- you haven't seen... the others?"

Sparrow shook her head, her crumpled locks flying around. "Nope!"

Connor suddenly stepped forward. "Sorry, but who are you, again? And why are you here?"

Sparrow sighed. "Okay, I'm Sparrow, fifteen years old, blonde, with a height of 5' 2'', blood type 'O' negative, weight of 120 pounds, expert in martial arts (all forms, thank you) and street-fighting, the Batman's partner, one of the twins of the Tandem Twins, and Robin's sister. Oh, and your new teammate."


Why was Sparrow in Russia?

Where's Terrence and Jason and Barbara?

What's going on?

Why the heck are you still reading this author's note and not reviewing?





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