The Doctor Games

In the not-so-distant future, Daleks take control of the universe. As if that doesn't suck enough, they decide to exterminate their enemies in the most entertaining way possible: Take twelve women and twelve men to compete to the death in a thing known as "The Doctor Games."

The twenty four "tributes" as the Daleks have called them, must kill each other off, leaving one remaining. The winner is allowed to survive, being granted immunity from the Dalek's horrible deeds of extermination. The winner and his/her family will be taken to a new planet, to live the remainder of their lives without fear.

Let the Doctor Games begin, and may the Oods be ever in your favor!

ALSO: You can go ahead and skip to the chapter "Mentors and Tributes" if you don't feel like reading the next dozen chapters. They're mostly pointless anyway. ENJOY!