Author's Note: Okay, so this story was written in present tense, just like the original Hunger Games. However, I got through writing this entire chapter, only to realize it's all in the wrong tense. So, can we please just pretend that it's like the others, so I don't have to go back and change every single verb? Please and thank you. Have a lovely day.

Ten led the group inside the hallway, into an enormous atrium that offered a view of several floors above. The remaining tributes followed in, staring in awe at the gigantic space that had been seemingly crammed into the side of a mountain.

"What is this place?" Nine asked.

"You haven't been here yet?" came Eleven's confused reply. Nine shook his head.

"Nope. Last I was at, we were on our way back from Raxicoricofallapatorious," he said. "Then the TARDIS flew into a time storm, and, when we got out of it, history had changed. The Daleks achieved supremacy, and initiated the games."

"Not quite how I remember it," muttered Jack.

"But Doctor," River said to eleven, "Where are we?" If she was at all scared, her voice did not betray her.

"It's a sort of tv station," explained Ten. "A satellite."

"A perfect arena," Jack said, disdainfully. "For a game where the winner gets to live, and the losers die."

"Why so angry?" Christina chided cheekily.

"Other than having been forced to watch several innocent people be ruthlessly murdered," he replied venomously, "This was where I first died."

"Oh my god," River said, looking off to the side, at a window. "That's space. We're in space."

"The entire arena was on this ship," said Nine.

Christina was skeptical. "Impossible."

"No, no," Ten said, strolling away from the little group, letting his flow of thought carry him as it went. "It's perfectly possible, to someone with extensive knowledge of Time Lord technology."

"And Daleks know a lot about Time Lords," Jack said, "Just like them to use your own technology to watch you die. Some game."

"No, no, but there's something that doesn't make sense," Ten continued. "Something just doesn't add up. I just can't put my finger on it. But there's something off. I can tell. I can…" He stuck his tounge out and smacked his lips. "I can taste it. But what is it. Something obvious. Something about Daleks. Daleks. Games. Doctor Games. Time War. Doctor Games. What is it?"

Ten could have gone on forever, but River raised her hand to pause him, and said, "Call me crazy, Ten, but I think I recall that Daleks are a bit of an impersonal race. You told me that once, I think... I'm not sure…"

"Yes?" Ten replied.

River continued. "They don't have art or religion or families or love…"

Ten understood. "Or entertainment."

It clicked for Nine then, too. "Daleks would never have games. They'd just kill us all. So why did they do it?"

The air hung heavy and stiff for a moment, but then, Eleven shouted out in a eureka moment. "I remember!"

"What is it?" asked Jack.

"An alien who knows about Time Lords. A heapload about us. He'd have to, with how many he's killed. He's know how to make a space bigger on the inside. He loves being entertained… Yes! I know now! Oh, if Rory and Amy were here I'd have figured it out sooner, but—" He still didn't allow himself to react to the pain of their death.

"What is it!?" Ten prompted.

Eleven walked into the middle of the room, and began to shout at the sky. "Your perception filter couldn't keep the truth out forever! I remember you from that parallel universe. Last I saw you, you murdered innocent people. You've killed my people. You killed my TARDIS. Remember her? Idris? I thought I'd dealt with you then, but clearly I left some strings unattached. I don't know how you came to control the Daleks, but mark my words, House, I will end you."

For a few heartsbeats, everything was quiet and still. But then, it was broken, by a booming voice calling down from up above, just as the lights began to take on a green glow.

"Oh, Doctor," the voice said, eerily calm, "you always spoil my fun."