Chapter 1: A New Life

Dianna POV

"My parents are going to kill me." A very young (14 to be exact) and terrified Dianna Marie cries to her boyfriend, Jeremy.

"Why?" He asks and has no clue what she's going on about.

"I'm p-pregnant." I manage to say. Horror overfills Jeremy eyes. He shakes his head as if this is a nightmare and he needs to wake up. What happens next would crush any girl's heart. He gets up, and without a word walks away. Dianna is left to herself in the middle of the park. I know how my parents would be mad if I didn't get back to the house by 8:30, but I'm pregnant what other shenanigans could I possibly get into? I walk all the way home, and stop on the front steps then take a deep breath.

"Mom, Dad, I'm home." I shout and go up to my room. I grab my favorite pillow and scream and cry into it. When I hear my mom start to come up the stairs I quickly compose myself and grab a magazine to hide my face.

"Honey, Can I talk to you?" My mom, Carissa, asks. She the high society type, and everything has to be perfect and controlled by her.

"Sure." I look up to see my mom holding my pregnancy test.

"What are you doing with that?" I say and try to snatch it away from her, but she pulls it back.

"I was coming to empty your garbage can, and I saw it. I can't believe you were this irresponsible. I've set you up an appointment at Planned Parenthood for tomorrow at 12:30. You are to go there and come straight back." She says and tosses the test on my bed then leaves.

Tears fill my eyes. There's no way I'm going to kill my baby. Something so innocent. I know what I have to do. I get out my two suitcases, a duffel bag, and my purse. I load my stuff into them. When my parents are asleep, then I'll go. I wait any listened to my music player on full volume so I don't have to listen to my parents argue. It's about 12:00 a.m. It should be safe to leave. As I walk through I think about how I need some money. I go to the safe, and get about $700. Plus my saved allowance which would make $800. I get to the bus stop, and check out the departures. I get on the bus from Orlando to New York. Yes, I'm leaving sweet sunny Orlando for crowded noisy New York, but when you love someone, you do what's best for them. Especially if they can't help themselves.

There's hardly anyone on the bus, and good thing to because I was in the make-shift bathroom throwing up my guts. When I finish the bus driver makes a pit stop, and I get off and get something to snack on and a bottle of water. I have the far back seat that's next to the bathroom. No one fights me over it because they don't want to be barfed on. After my third trip to the bathroom it seems to calm down. I lean my chair back and cover my eyes with my arm, and use the other one to lay over my stomach. I think about the judgmental looks I've had, and about what I might want to name my baby. I drift to sleep despite the constant bumping.

"All off. Last stop. New York." The driver announces. I jump away. I get my bags and get off the bus. I don't waste my money on a cab; I just walk. I have no idea what to do. I make a list.

1) Find somewhere to live. 2) Get a job. 3) Food.

Let's do this one step at a time. Place to stay. I get a local paper and look at the listings. There's an apartment for $100 a month. I could baby sit, because I've done it before and I'm good at it. First, I check out the apartment. It's decent not to shabby just small. I tell the landlady that I can keep up rent, and she said she'll give a month to prove myself. I get her one hundred to start off, and she gives me the number to the phone. I look around I see a TV, phone, shower, stove, washer and a dryer. I'll hang up my clothes to save money, and not watch much TV. I head to a sign making company and make babysitting posters.

Need a babysitter? Then I'm the girl to call.

I've got experience. Please call 555-0823.

I specialize in 0-5 years. $5 an hour.

Thank you. ~Dianna.

I go back to the apartment and wait for a caller, but while I do I clean up a little bit. Actually a lot, there's dust everywhere and it wouldn't hurt to do some scrubbing on the shower, stove, and floors. I clean and clean then I sit down. When I do the phone rings. It's a lady named Ms. Elizabeth Enhart.

"Did you hear that, Baby? We've got a job." I say and look down at my stomach. You can't tell I'm pregnant. I hope this won't affect my job. I lie down on the bed and cover up with one of my favorite throw blankets. I listen to the busy sounds of New York. Soon it all just fades into the darkness and I go under.

RING! RING! I pop up and remember Ms. Enhart.

"Shoot." I sit up and feel queasy. I plunge for the bathroom. RING! RING! I clean out my mouth and go for the phone.

"Hello." I say and clear my throat.

"Yes. Dianna?" She asks.

"This is me, and I'm on my way. Sorry. This is the only time I will be late. I promise." I say.

"It's fine. I don't have to go to work for another hour. But get here as soon as possible."

"Thank you, Ms. Enhart. I will get ready and I'll be over there. I'm so sorry. Bye." I hang up and run around to grab my clothes. I brush my teeth, and put my toothbrush in my purse in my bag in case I need it. I throw on some jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and a cotton jacket. I throw my purse over my shoulder and step outside. It's late in September of 1995. I arrive at the house and it seems like a suburban like place. I knock on the door.

"Come in. It's unlocked." She hollers from inside. I twist the doorknob and take in one the most beautiful houses. Ever.

"Do I need to take my tennis shoes off?" I ask.

"If it's comfortable to you." I take them off and set them on the mat next to the door. I follow her voice to the kitchen. I look and I see her holding a tiny baby.

"Hello, Dianna. This is Jeanette. She is 3 months old." She says and stand up. She looks me over.

"Hi." I say.

"How old are you?"

"I'm fourteen."



"Have you ever been arrested?"

"No, Ma'am."

"Have you ever babysitted before?"


"You sound ok. I hate to leave my 3 month old here, but I'm a lawyer and have horrible hours. You understand? I'm not a bad mother who calls on a babysitter so she can go live it out on the town."

"I understand." I say with a gentle smile. It feels kind of toasty in here, and I feel like I'm going to be sick.

"Are you ok? You look sick." She asks.

"Where's your bathroom?"

"First door around the living room." I take off running with my hand over my mouth. I thank God in heaven that I made it to the bathroom. I flushed the toilet, and lean my head back against the wall. In the next second Ms. Enhart is in the doorway.

"Did you eat some bad shrimp?" She asks. I shake my head no.

"Well, why are you so sick?"

"I'm p-"

"Pregnant." She finishes.

"Yes. I'm sorry. I hope this doesn't interfere with the job. I need this for the baby." I say and feel shaky. There's an odd moment of silence.

"Do your parents know?"

"Yes. But they live in Orlando. I ran away because they said that I had to get an abortion. Please don't turn me over. I don't want to lose this baby." I say and tears run down my cheeks.

"Do you have a place to live?"

"Yeah. I live by myself in an apartment."

"And you're how old and keeping up a house?"

"Fourteen." I say and I stand up. I turn the faucet on and rinse my mouth out.

"Come get some milk." I follow her. I'm slightly embarrassed. She hands me a glass and I sip on it slowly.

"Thanks." I say.

"I've got to get ready for work, but help yourself to anything here. I had the housekeeper stock up on double of everything so you can have whatever you want. There's a list of things on the table that you might need to know about Jeanette. And feel free to roam around to see where everything is. And my number is one that page too. "She hands me Jeanette and stands there to see if I was holding her right.

"Wow. She doesn't like new people." She shrugs and walks away.

"Hi, Little Jeanette. You're very pretty." I smile down at her. I bounce her lightly as I walk through the house. I see her nursery is right across the hall from the bathroom. How convenient. I walk upstairs and turn my head to the left and see a huge balcony. How awesome. I hold Jeanette in one arm, and open the door with the other. I walk out onto the balcony and I take in each detail of New York.

What did you think? I know first chapters suck, but I promise that it gets better. It's all in my head. I just got to type it, and I assure you'll fall in love with it. Give me a chance. Thanks. ^_^ Kiss. Kiss.