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It had been five years since they had gotten off that planet. Five years since she had seen Jack or the holy man. Five years since he had abandoned her. Kat leaned back comfortably against the wall behind her as she listened to the commotion going on below her. They had come to finally collect her, it'd taken them long enough but she was curious as to why all of a sudden they wanted her.

"I don't know about this one man. You know who she used to run with right?" A smirk rested on Kat's lips as the smell of the mans fear rose to greet her. These were new to the job, fresh from where ever mercs slithered from. Leaning forward, Kat jumped behind one of the men grabbing him around the throat.

"Who sent you?"

"W..we're not sure. The man just gave us a price and told us to come get you." Frowning towards the man that was staring between Kat and his partner with fear emanating from his body Kat growled softly. Without a second though she snapped the first mans head to the side causing a satisfying pop to fill the air before she let him drop to the ground dead.

"Tell me where the bounty came from and you might just survive to see another day."

"It was a holy man from Helion Prime. That's all I know. I swear!" Listening to the fluttering of his erratic heart, Kat concluded that he was telling the truth. Nodding her head roughly she indicated for him to run before she changed her mind.

"Imam." Kat uncovered the ship that she had hid in case she would ever have to leave her hiding place. She set the destination to Helion Prime and waited for cryo-sleep to kick in even though she knew it wouldn't. Cryo-sleep didn't work for people who succumbed to the animal side, people like Kat.

Leaning against the chair, Kat allowed her mind to wander. She thought about the turn her life had taken in the last five years, about why Imam had put a bounty on her head, and finally about him. Riddick. Closing her eyes Kat thought about the last time she'd seen him.

Kat had awoken to something not feeling right. She sensed Riddick moving around downstairs and caught him trying to sneak out of the house. He didn't have to say a word, she already knew that he was going to leave. Without her.

"Why?" A grunt was her only response causing Kat to growl. Lunging at him she pushed Riddick into the wall. He was letting her hit and scream at him and it was only making her angrier.

"After all we've been through, you're abandoning me? You nothing but a cowa-" Riddick cut her off by covering her mouth with his. Kat started to pull away from him but he spun her around and shoved her against the wall. Pinning her arms down so she couldn't hit him, Riddick nibbled on Kat's lower lip trying to get her to open her mouth. Another growl erupted from her throat but Kat could feel herself starting to give into him. Riddick smirked against her lips and slipped his tongue into her mouth as he snaked his hands around her waist. Kat brought her hands to rest on his shoulders, but it was if her touch broke him from a spell. He pulled away from her quickly causing Kat to slip to the ground. Without another word Riddick was gone.

"I hate you!"

"Kat? What's going?" The commotion had woken Jack up and she'd come to the top of the stairs followed by Imam.

"He's gone Jack. Riddick isn't coming back." Kat stayed in her room all day and had disappeared into the shadows the next night. Just as Riddick had.

Kat sat on the couch waiting for the holy man to return home. It had been easy enough to sneak into the house when his wife and daughter had left. The only problem now was waiting patiently, which was a virtue she lacked. Closing her eyes Kat listened to the creaking of the house. She had hoped to find Jack still here but wasn't surprised to find she wasn't.

She heard the front door open and listened as the holy man's family returned. "Come Ziza. It is time for your bath." Laying still Kat heard them ascend the stairs to the second floor. Kat had no intentions of interacting with the two. Her visit was for Imam and Imam alone.

Again the door opened and Kat jumped to her feet. She spun around to face the front of the house with a scowl on her face. That smell felt too familiar, the smell of an animal mixed with the musk of a man. Those footsteps she knew too well; only one person walked like that.

Riddick's POV

It was understatement to say Riddick was pissed. He'd only told one person where he might go. He'd trusted one person and it had backfired on him. How could a holy man have the nerve to set a bounty on his head? Riddick set his newly acquired ship to Helion Prime and closed his eyes. He wasn't going to bother with cryo-sleep, it wasn't going to work on him anyway. For just a moment Riddick let his mind wander to her; the one he'd left behind.

Riddick had left to protect them all, especially Kat. He wasn't sure what had scared him more, almost losing Kat to those creatures or the reason she'd almost died was because of him. She'd let herself fall in love with him and was willing to die for him. The night Riddick had decided to leave, he knew it was going to be hard. He'd tried to sneak away undetected. However as if on cue Kat caught him red-handed. Seeing her had made it harder to leave and he'd almost caved in. One last kiss he'd told himself, one last touch and he'd nearly lost himself. Her touch broke the spell, he'd ran as quickly as he could but Riddick still heard her heart wrenching scream.

"I hate you!"

He watched the holy man's house with curiosity. A woman and small child had walked through the front door moments ago, presumably his family. Riddick smell another person in the house. One unknown to the two. He rushed to the front door, trying not to alert anyone in the house. Riddick knew however that if what he smelt was her; she'd identify him long before he could say anything to her.

A slender figured bolted to her feet as Riddick walked through the front door. She'd sensed him quicker than he had anticipated. Just looking at her caused Riddick to nearly lose his composure. However one look at the scowl on Kat's face helped keep his walls up.


"Hello Katherine."