I redid most of the chapters. So read through them before reading this chapter. This is the last chapter. :) I hope you guys enjoy it and thanks to all of you who have stayed with the story.

Pushing herself to the front of the crowd Kat watched the fight break out. The Lord Marshal and Riddick circled around each other like dogs waiting to attack.

"You are stronger than I originally thought. Enough to even elude my most cunning of lieutenants." The Lord Marshal's eyes shot to the balcony above where Lord Vaako was standing with his wife.

"I have no concern of the matters of you and your followers. I've come back for what is rightfully mine."

"Ahhh which woman have you come for Riddick. The blind girl you left behind or the criminal you helped escape?" With a wave of his hand, Kyra walked from the crowd to stand next to him.


"Join us Riddick. The freedom is incredible. Adapt to the changing times." A growl escaped Riddick's throat.

"I see you're taking notes out of Kat's books." Lunging forward Riddick tried to dig his shiv into the Lord Marshals throat. He however was anticipating Riddick's movements and quickly moved behind the convict. Riddick grunted; falling forward he hit the ground with a hard thud.

Kat stepped forward as the ghost of a feeling flitted through her body. The emotion left her quickly and she stopped silently scolding herself. During her internal battle, Kyra had stepped back into the center of the room. This time she was carrying a weapon. Diving towards the Lord Marshal, she tried to kill him from behind. Grabbing her weapon, he threw Kyra across the room. Her body made contact with the pointed wall.

"Kyra!" Forgetting her composure, Kat ran forward. Catching Kyra before she hit the ground Kat knelt next to her.

"Fight for him Kat. You love him even if you deny it." The lights left Kyra's eyes. Her body fell limp.

"Goodbye Jack." Standing back to her feet Kat stormed back to the front of the room. Anger coursed through her body as she watched the battle continue.

Lord Vaako had joined the fighting. He was trying to kill the Lord Marshal and take what he felt was his rightful spot as the ruler of the Necromonger. Their policy was you keep what you kill. There was a clanging of metal where Vaako's weapon hit the ground. The Lord Marshal had transported himself to a different part of the circle just before being killed. To his surprise Kat was standing there with her dagger already out.

"Katherine don't do this!" The Lord Marshal stumbled backwards from the force of Kat digging her knife into his chest. He didn't have time to react to the convict sneaking up behind him. Riddick dug his dagger deep into the Lord Marshal's skull snapping the handle off. Falling to his knees the Lord Marshal fell to the ground dead.

"No!" Dame Vaako had turned back to see that her husband had not killed their ruler as they had planned. Instead Riddick stood over his body while the rest of the Necromonger fell to their knees in respect to their new Lord Marshal.

"You keep what you kill."

Glancing back at the man now occupying the throne, Kat drifted out of the ship. She didn't stop walking until she was far away from the Necromonger ships. Staring into the darkness Kat enjoyed the cool wind rustling against her skin.

"It's going to come back isn't it?" Turning towards the woman next to her, Kat stared at the Elemental with a knowing look in her eyes.

"Yes. When you helped Riddick kill the Lord Marshal, you broke the Necromonger spell. Your eyesight will leave you again."

"I think I'd much rather it be that way. Eyesight only brought me problems. Life was easier blind." The Elemental gradually drifted away and it wasn't long before the world around her started to get fuzzy.

"You have a good way of disappearing." Not turning to acknowledge the man standing next to her, Lexi shrugged her shoulders.

"I've gotten used to being alone. Missed that over the last few days."

"Look at me Katherine." Hesitating for a moment Kat slowly turned her head to reveal the bluest eyes anyone had ever seen. Riddick softly placed his hands on Kat's face.

"There's my Kat." Kat scoffed at his remark.

"I'm not yours."

"Of course you are. You were mine the minute we met. You will always be mine." Opening her mouth, Kat prepared another snide remark. However Riddick cut her off by placing a soft kiss on her lips.

"And I'm yours."