Danny and Grace
Chapter 1
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A/N: This is my second attempt at a Hawaii 5-0 story, but my first multi-fic 5-0 story. The imagery came to me first and begged me to write a story around it. As I mentioned before I'm really new to the series, haven't even seen all the episodes yet, but have youtube as much as I could and am totally hooked. Of course I love Steve, but Danny is quickly growing on me and if anyone has read any of my other works of fanfiction, you know I only hurt the ones I love. So that being said expect a heavy, heavy dose of Danny damage. This story came to me quickly and I'm still working on it, I hope to post every few days. I want to stay a few chapters ahead in my writing vs. posting so I don't feel rushed and do this story the justice of my vision. So with that being said, I will go hide behind a heavy piece of furniture because I know i'll be in trouble by the end of this chapter. Regardless, I hope you give this story a chance. I would say enjoy, but I was in tears as I wrote it so that might not be the right word.-Montez

His feet stumbled, his body cried out for him to stop, to rest, but he couldn't. He'd lost track of how long he'd been walking, or stumbling along the mudded trail that his partner would no doubt argue was a road. 'this isn't a road, it's dirt on a cliff' Danny remembered yelling at his partner during one of their hair-raising car chases, but Steve always managed to keep the car on whatever surface they were flying across.

Danny absently chuckled at the thought, his psychotic partner could keep a vehicle on any road, at any speed, but he was unable to do it at the posted speed limit on a paved surface. Yet as he stumbled along he had to admit when he rounded that curve and found a little black compact taking up his lane, he really didn't have time to react, to see exactly where he was on the road, nor did he realize the drop that was on the right hand side as he jerked the wheel to avoid a head on. Looking back now, a head-on may have been the better choice, because the only good thing about the accident is that the drop off wasn't a straight drop into the Pacific Ocean, like it had been on part of the journey.

However, when car finally came to a complete stop, he was several yards down an embankment with no hope of anyone seeing them from the roadway. When he'd come too, his mind was muddled, his body ached. The airbags had saved him from being crushed against the steering wheel, but it hadn't saved his head from meeting the driver's door window and with every step he took he could feel the pressure pounding. He was sure, regardless of the airbags he had some cracked, if not broken ribs. His hip hurt, his recently healed knee was screaming again. If he thought about it, he couldn't think of a single part of his body that didn't hurt at the moment, but adrenaline was a wonderful thing, it dulled most of the physical pain. No the pain that was tearing at his heart, at his soul was for the passenger that had been in the car with him.

The day had started out so different, so much had been planed. It was suppose to be filled with adventure. Well with as much adventure as a New Jersey transplant could handle in what he referred to as 'a pineapple-infested hell-hole' that he'd dubbed Hawaii. Yes to nearly everyone else it was a breathtaking paradise, but to a Jersey boy, born and bred, it was the last place on earth he would have ever chosen to live. The only reason he had ever considered living here was for his pride and joy, for the only person in his life that he knew, without a doubt, still loved him, his daughter Grace.

The divorce had been bad enough, but when Rachel had petitioned the courts to be allowed to take Grace to Hawaii to live with her new husband, Danny Williams' world fell apart. His daughter was his world and his ex was taking her to the other side of the world. So Danny did the only thing he could think of, he sold most of his stuff, which wasn't much since the divorce, put in for a transfer to HPD, said goodbye to everything and everyone he ever knew and he followed his broken family, just so he could see his baby girl twice a week and every other weekend.

This weekend was his weekend with his 'monkey'. Grace had begged him for a drive along the coast. As much as Danny detested Hawaii, his little girl had fallen in love with it, the sun, the beaches and since his daughter had met his partner Steve McGarrett and heard him talk about all the overlooks and places along the coast where you could see water forever, Grace had begged her 'Danno' to take her. So that was where their day should have led them, but now, now Danny Williams would give anything to have never left his apartment this morning, for this to have not been his weekend with his daughter that he lived for. Because if this day had turned out different he wouldn't be stumbling down an unmarked dirt road through the dark-green canopy covered forest with his little girl clutched to his chest, her little body unmoving.


"How much further?" Grace asked, just he hint of a whine in her eight-year old voice.

"Not too much Monkey, hey this was your idea, remember." Danny glanced up at his daughter strapped in the back seat of his silver Camaro.

"But Steve said it wouldn't take long to get there." She replied as she watched the green scenery pass by the window. Danny remembered Steve telling Grace about a look-out about thirty miles outside the city. The road ran along the coast, but part of the road did trail through some of the tropical rainforest that covered parts of the island. To listen to his partner talk it wasn't that far of a drive, but once Danny got directions he realized it was further than he thought, but his daughter really didn't understand the distance needed to get there, hence the subtle whining.

"Honey, what Steve considers not long and what you consider not long are two different things. I promise it shouldn't be much further, then we can set up our picnic and see how far we can really see, okay Kiddo?" Danny would do anything for his daughter, even drive an hour along this windy road to reach the exact spot Steve had convinced his little girl she just needed to see. "So why don't you tell me…OH GES…"


Forever that terrified word would echo in Danny Williams ears, never did he want to hear that terrified tone come from his little girl again. The Camaro came around a sharp curve only to nearly collide head-on with a small black compact. Danny recalled seeing the terrified, confused face of the driver before he jerked his own vehicle to the right. The wheels left the road almost instantly as the front end dropped down the embankment, the bouncing was unreal, he could hear metal crunching, glass shattering, his terrified daughter screaming. They seemed to drop forever before the front fender clipped a larger tree and knocked the car sideways, which caused it to flip at least once as it continued to slide. Airbags deployed and Danny's world went dark, the last thing he heard was the screams of his little girl.

"Ugh…" He moaned as he came to, his head pounding as he tried to take a deep breath. A sharp pain telling him maybe that wasn't a good idea. The airbag was somewhat deflated by now, a stick poking in the window having deflated the safety device. The car was upright, but he could vaguely remember it rolling. Blinking slowly he could see the shattered contents strung throughout the demolished vehicle; the few CD's he kept on the sun visor scattered over bits of windshield, the car mates that were usually on the floor under his feet were across the seat now, a few coffee cups he hadn't gotten out of the car, but what caught his eye, what made his heart clinch was the pink backpack that lay in the front floor board.

It was then his mind immediately cleared, his injures forgotten as he looked up into the shattered rearview mirror and saw the still, limp form a his daughter listing in her seatbelt. "GRACE!" He quickly turned as much as he could, his own seatbelt holding him in place, his shaking hands started to fumble with the release as he tried to face his little girl, "GRACE!…Oh God…Baby answer me…God, please…" He finally struggle with the release, it giving way as he haphazardly made his way between the seats.

For just a moment he hesitated, he was afraid of what he would find if he touched her tiny body. Danny's world was shattering in front of him, "Oh baby…no…please…" He reached forward, ignoring the blood on his hands, any pains his own body might be trying to make him aware of. His hand brushed her down-turned face, it was still warm, he took that as a good thing. Slowly his fingers connected with her neck, he held his breath as pressed gently against it, his own breathing stopped as he felt for the one thing that would tell him whether his own life would be over. For a second everything stopped, for a second everything ended, but he felt it, the faintest movement beneath his fingertips, he dared not move until he felt it again.

Letting out a small breath he whispered, "Thank God… Grace, baby can you hear me?…wake up for me sweety." Danny had taken his daughter's face in his hands, lifting it ever so gently. The sight of the pale face in his hands was nearly his undoing. In contrast to the destruction around her Grace's angelic face was unmarred, there was no indications by looking into her lax face that she was anything other than sleeping. But as he ran his hand through her hair, just over her left ear, his hands came into contact with a warm stickiness that made his stomach flip, pulling his fingers away from her brown ponytail; the tips of his fingers were coated in red.

"Grace, please wake-up…please…" Danny pleaded as he ran his thumb over her small cheek. He could feel his own tears falling, but didn't care. His world was imploding and he couldn't do anything to stop it, his whole reason for living was unresponsive in front of him and his heart was shattering. "It'll be okay, baby…Danno'll get you out of this…I promise baby, just please…please wake-up for me."

An untold number of minutes passed as Danny watched for any movement, but other than the seemingly steady movement of his daughter's chest, there was nothing. Looking around Danny tried to figure out how he was going to get them help, through the broken back windshield he could barely make out where the road was, to far up for him to climb and there was no way he was leaving his little girl in the car to try for it. "Okay Williams think…" He ran on hand through his hair, wincing when it came in contact with the gash he had on his own head. Without taking his hand off his daughter Danny started patting down his pockets with the other, maybe, just maybe his cell phone had survived the crash.

Finding it, he looked around as he pulled it out, realization dawning that there was very little chance of service, but he had to try, it would be at least a day before anyone realized they were missing and he didn't know if Grace had that long, he didn't want to think about it. "No, we'll get out of this…" Glancing at his daughter he spoke, "I'll get us out of this Monkey, God help me if it's the last thing I do I'll get you out of this."

Finally he freed the palm-size object, the screen was broke, but it looked like it was still on, the smiling face of his little girl looked back at him from the screen. Tears were filling his eyes at the contrast of the small picture to the scene playing out before him. "Please…" He whispered as he brought the object closer to his face, his vision slightly blurry, he squinted and saw two tiny bars in the top corner. "Thank you" he mumbled as he pushed number two and prayed it would connect.