They never stopped for coffee, ever. Mike suggested it a few times, to and from the court house, but Harvey was always against having Ray stop. He said that there was coffee back at the office, free coffee. Why spend money on something they could get for free? So, it surprised Mike when Harvey tapped Ray on the shoulder and said, "Pull over up here."

"Java hut?" Mike asked surprised. "We're stopping for coffee?"

"You're always bitching about stopping. So, here you go," Harvey responded nonchalant. Mike really knew it was because he spotted the key piece of information that won them a very high profile case. Without that information, the smug defense lawyer would have wiped the floor with them despite Harvey telling Mike over and over: 'we're going to win, don't worry about it.'

Instead of the witty response Mike thought up, the younger guy just nodded and pushed his door open. He waited for Harvey to join him before moving toward the small building crammed between a post office and a loan office.

They stepped inside, Mike relishing the strong scent of coffee. He liked the firm's coffee, sure, but nothing could compare to the Java Hut. "Do you want anything?" he asked Harvey, the least he could do was pay for the older man's coffee. He had bugged him about this place since they first drove past it, about a week after they started their unorthodox partnership.

"Just get your coffee," Harvey said moving toward an empty table, taking a seat. Mike headed toward the counter, glancing up at the menu, barely taking in the door opening behind him. He was thinking about ordering a plain coffee with extra cream and sugar when he heard a voice shout, "Everyone on the floor!" a shot soon followed.

Mike dropped at the sound of the shot, growing up in New York teaching him to do as the gunmen say. It was best to obey and live than to fight and die. Of course, tell that to Harvey Specter.

"Do you think this is wise?" his slow, calm voice wafted through the coffee shop.

"On the floor," the guy snapped and Mike glanced up to see him waving a .45, the silver catching the light.

"Honestly, you're robbing a place that looks as if it makes thirty bucks a day. So, you'll probably only end up with sixty-some if you count the change in the drawer. And besides me, there are probably six other people in here. And I doubt anyone who stops here carries more than a couple twenties and a ten, at the most."

"I said on the floor." The guy pointed his gun at Harvey, Mike's heart sped up.

Harvey's face remained impassive, his tone cool as he said, "And I'm just saying it's pointless to rob…" the bang stopped Mike's heart completely. He had enough time to see his boss fall, the gun man drop his gun and take off, before he was on his feet. "Harvey…!"


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