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"Hey love, are we still on for tonight?"

Tezuka cringed from where he sat in the school cafeteria. God, how often did he have to tell Atobe to lay down the mushy nicknames and just call him by his name? Tezuka glared at his phone, pressing it back to his ear.

"Yes, Atobe. And make sure not to dress too frivolously this time. You nearly gave my parents a heart-attack last time you came over." said Tezuka. "And don't call me that."

"Ah, were your parents that impressed with my attire last time, Mitsu-chan?" came Atobe's voice from the phone.

Tezuka twitched, refraining himself from telling Atobe that his parents had nearly had a heart-attack in a bad way, not in an impressed way.

"Just… please behave yourself this time. Namely, keep your hands to yourself." sighed Tezuka. "And don't call me that either." he repeated. "I have to go to class now, so make sure you come to Seigaku once your practice finishes."

"Will do, lovely. See you soon." said Atobe before he hung up.

Tezuka put his phone away, sighing again.

Well, at least this couldn't possibly be as bad as the first time Atobe had come over to his house.

It wasn't that Atobe was a bad guest. On the contrary, Atobe meant well. But Tezuka's parents had made it very clear that they did not like Tezuka's new boyfriend. Tezuka's mom even went to the point of asking "Whatever happened to that nice Yukimura boy?"

Atobe had a habit of using words like 'peasant', 'commoner' and 'poor' on a fairly regular basis, especially when he happened to be inside Tezuka's ordinary house. Tezuka's parents did not appreciate the fact that Atobe kept on using such words to describe their house. Atobe even offered to buy them a new house and new furniture. Again, Atobe meant well, but it was taken wrongly.

Besides that, Atobe just talked constantly, about himself mostly, and in a very dramatic way. Tezuka's family were all as stoic and silent as Tezuka, so Atobe had stuck out like a sore thumb at the dinner table. It had been more than awkward for Tezuka.

At least his parents knew what to expect this time, thought Tezuka, getting up and heading to his last class of the day.

Tennis practice was nearly over and Atobe was not there yet. Tezuka frowned from where he stood on the side of the field. He hoped Atobe didn't forget. The Seigaku team better hope Atobe did not forget or else Tezuka would be quite upset and start randomly assigning laps again to anyone who crossed his path.

Tezuka saw movement in the corner of his eye, outside of the tennis courts. He was almost relieved, tilting his head slightly and expecting to see Atobe there.

He was disappointed when he saw Sanada instead. Fuji paused in the middle of his match against Kaidou to wave at Sanada. Tezuka scowled and was about to yell at Fuji to keep his focus, but the genius teen's attention was already back on the game.

So Tezuka was left to sulk once again. Really, Hyotei's practice had ended quite a while ago. And Atobe could get to Seigaku by limo. Had Atobe truly forgotten or had he gotten sidetracked by something more important?

His worry was short-lived when Tezuka caught the motion of someone else walking along the side of the courts, behind the fences. Tezuka turned and his gaze softened when he saw Atobe walking closer.

Atobe waved back at him happily as if he wasn't over an hour late. At least it looked like nothing bad had happened to Atobe either. Tezuka shrugged off his irritation and replaced it by the soft glow of happiness that ran through him quite often when Atobe was around.

Once the initial happiness had worn off, Tezuka became aware of Sanada's glare and of Fuji's concerned face. Ah, that's right. Sanada and Atobe weren't on good terms at all. In fact, Tezuka was pretty sure Sanada was well on his way to murder Atobe judging by the look of utter hatred on said Rikkai player's face. The Seigaku captain decided that it was his cue to end practice a few minutes earlier.

He shouted at the first years to start cleaning up the courts and picking up any stray balls. Really, the last thing he needed was bloodshed close to the courts. At least Atobe should have the decent mind to ignore Sanada and stay further away until Tezuka could get to him. But instead, was it just Tezuka's imagination or was Atobe actually getting closer to Sanada, looking ready to talk to him?

"Tezuka, a word please." said a gentle voice.

Tezuka's eyes left Atobe only to land on the one person he thought was ready never to talk to him again.

"What is it, Fuji?" said Tezuka. Hopefully Fuji will hurry up with whatever it was he wanted to say.

Fuji seemed to be thinking along the same lines and cast a worried look in Sanada's direction.

"I just want to tell you that I am sorry. I have been rude to you in the past and… I should not be judging you for dating Atobe." said Fuji. "If he makes you happy, and you accept him, than that is fine. Maybe we can actually start saying hi to each other in the hallways again?"

Tezuka nodded, both surprised at Fuji's sudden phrase and shocked to notice that Atobe had now gotten Sanada's attention and was saying something to him.

This alarmed Fuji as the smaller brunette immediately began making fast pace towards the court exit. Fuji's comment only make Tezuka feel like maybe there was some hope now that they could at least talk to each other as regular acquaintances rather than ignoring the other like a complete stranger.

Tezuka pushed it out of his mind when he saw that Atobe was now walking in his direction and that Fuji was dragging a rather angry-looking Sanada away.

"Ready to go, love?" asked Atobe, looking far too pleased with himself. Tezuka wondered what Atobe had told Sanada. The Hyotei captain was quick to grab Tezuka's hand. "Unless you wish to kick your team out of the locker rooms early so that we can have some quick fun before supper at your house, than I am up for that too." added Atobe.

Tezuka showed no reaction. He was used to Atobe's every phrase containing sexual innuendos. "No, my mom won't be happy if we are late for supper." said Tezuka, not mentioning that the locker rooms were Seigaku tennis team members only.

Atobe didn't look like he had expected any different. "Mmm, that's fine. I can wait a few more hours, love."

Tezuka said nothing. He did not like the nicknames and he was sure his parents would not approve either, but Tezuka had to admit that it was at least better than being called 'Mitsu-chan'. He would never hear the end of it if anyone from his team heard such a thing from Atobe.

"Why were you late?" asked Tezuka.

"Some first year brat tripped and sprained his ankle so I had to drag him to the infirmary." said Atobe.

Tezuka raised an eyebrow. Atobe helping someone?

"I'm telling the truth, Tezuka, so don't give me that look. Ore-sama is very kind. Just ask Oshitari and they will tell that that's exactly what happened." said Atobe.

"No, I believe you." Tezuka looked briefly over the courts one last time, making sure everything was picked up and stored away before he headed out. Sanada was no where to be found and Fuji was in the locker rooms.

He showered quickly (after forcing Atobe to stay outside and be a good boy for a few minutes) and then made sure everyone had left before locking up and walking in the direction of Atobe's limo.

Just as expected, dinner at Tezuka's house was as awkward and silent as the previous time Atobe had been to the Seigakuan's house. Although, there was a lot less talking on Atobe's part, thanks to Tezuka who had warned his boyfriend not to talk unnecessarily.

Well, at least Atobe was not being as obnoxious as last time, thought Tezuka, watching as Atobe nearly looked normal as he ate, with his impeccable dinner table manners and then asking why there was no salad fork or soup as an appetizer.

Unfortunately, Tezuka's parents still had not forgotten their first impression of Atobe, which was that of a rich and spoiled brat. They were right in some way, and Tezuka didn't expect his parents to ever understand, but Atobe was so much more than that to him.

Even so, the meal went on without too many accidents or slips words like 'peasant'. It was a major improvement from last time in Tezuka's opinion. And Atobe appeared to be totally oblivious to the death glares he was receiving from Tezuka's parents.

Tezuka's mom looked like she wanted to say something. But she ended up closing her mouth again, getting up and pouring wine for her husband and then for herself. Atobe smiled and held out his glass. She stared at Atobe like he had just committed a huge crime.

"Atobe, those who are underage don't drink wine in our house." said Tezuka in a whisper.

Atobe looked like he was about to protest, but Tezuka shook his head, giving him a warning look that Atobe knew meant 'Say something and I will make it my life goal to avoid you and your sexual advances for the next week'. So Atobe lowered his glass, grumbling that he could always just take water.

"Kunimitsu tells me you are staying over for the night, Atobe-kun?" said Tezuka's mother, looking like she dreaded that fact.

"Oh, yes." said Atobe, wiping his mouth politely with a handkerchief. "My limo will be there in the morning to pick us both up and go to school."

"I see." she said. "I'll prepare blankets and a pillow in the living room for you."

Then, Tezuka knew that his mother truly did not like Atobe. Any guest would usually get Tezuka's room and Tezuka would sleep on the couch for a night. This time, she was telling Atobe to sleep on the couch instead.

Atobe himself looked scandalized. "T-The living room?" he asked, disbelievingly.

"Yes. Is there a problem?" she said, challenging.

Atobe very much did have a problem. He didn't expect any better from a peasant's house, but Tezuka's bed was certainly big enough for the two of them to share. He didn't understand why they couldn't stay in the same room. Sleeping on the couch was an insult to his libido.

"Actually-" began Atobe.

"It's fine. In fact, Atobe is very thankful for the hospitality." said Tezuka, looking at Atobe pointedly.

It took several seconds before Atobe grudgingly nodded.

That was fine. Let them think that, thought Atobe. But if Tezuka thought he could escape in that way, than he was dead wrong. Atobe did not agree to spend the night in a working-class house only to not get any private time in Tezuka's bedroom in the end. He would get what he wanted.

"Yes, thank you for your hospitality." said Atobe, bowing his head. "The food is excellent."

Tezuka knew something was up because Atobe didn't protest one bit when his luggage was left on the living room couch after supper. Tezuka ended up staying in the living room for the evening, watching a movie with Atobe. The diva tried several times to lounge down with his head on Tezuka's lap, like he was so used to doing, but Tezuka's mother kept on passing by every few minutes to check up on them. Of course, that meant absolutely no cuddling or touching whatsoever. Even Tezuka was beginning to get irritated by the time the movie ended. Atobe was looking absolutely furious, but did not make more of a fuss than that.

Tezuka snuck in a quick goodnight peck to Atobe's lips before walking up the stairs to his bedroom.

It took an entire hour, in which Tezuka had just put his book away after his usual pre-sleep reading and was about to fall asleep in his bed, until Atobe showed up. He crept silently through Tezuka's bedroom, a wide grin plastered on his face. Tezuka nearly snorted in amusement. Of course Atobe was there. The diva had probably waited until Tezuka's parents were fast asleep before attempting to walk up the stairs. Atobe must have had a hard time; the stairs were creaky.

"Surprised to see me, love?" asked Atobe, pulling back Tezuka's bedcovers and entering the sea of warmth under the blanket, complete with Tezuka's radiating heat. Atobe's skin was freezing and Tezuka nearly jumped when Atobe's hands found his arm.

"Not really." answered Tezuka, his eyes a little blurry from his lack of glasses. "I expected something like this after you didn't make a huge deal out of sleeping downstairs."

"Mmm… have I ever told you how sexy you look without your glasses?" asked Atobe, sending a heated look at Tezuka's face.

Tezuka sighed. "Atobe, you've told me I was sexy when I was wearing my glasses as well. You also tell me the same about when I wear my school uniform and even my tennis uniform. I'm beginning to think you just find me sexy in anything."

"That's possible." said Atobe. "But your tennis shorts really are the super sexiest things ever. They should just be a little shorter."

"And I think you need to leave and lower your voice before you wake up my mother."

"In a while. Let me stay here for a bit. Your bed is so warm. Not as warm as mine back in ore-sama's mansion, of course, but it will do." said Atobe, snuggling up against Tezuka.

Well, perhaps Atobe did deserve a few minutes like this, thought Tezuka. Atobe had been extremely patient today and had tried very hard to be polite. A few minutes of increased warmth and of having Atobe's intoxicating scent close to him couldn't hurt.

And then Tezuka was snapped back to reality when hands began grasping at his pyjama pants. And Tezuka realized that there was no way Atobe would be crawling into his bed unless the diva had ulterior motives.

Tezuka grabbed Atobe's wrists.

"Are you insane?" demanded Tezuka in a whisper. "My parents are sleeping just a few doors down."

"Then I guess you'll have to be quiet." replied Atobe. "Really, do you know how long it's been since I last touched you?"

"One day." said Tezuka.

"No. It's been precisely 27 hours. That's three hours more than a day." said Atobe. Clearly Tezuka did not understand the seriousness of the situation.

"I can't imagine how much you've been suffering since."

"Your sarcasm is not terribly endearing, love." said Atobe. "Besides, I think I deserve a reward after nearly putting my life on the line to apologize today."

"You did what?" asked Tezuka.

"I told Sanada that I was sorry… you know, about what I did in the past to Yukimura. I know it's not much, but I feel like it's better than nothing." said Atobe.

Ah, so that's why Atobe and Sanada had been standing so close at the end of tennis practice, thought Tezuka. "That's good, Atobe. I'm proud of you." said Tezuka.

"Of course. Ore-sama is just too skilled in the art of kindness!" proclaimed Atobe, a little too loudly that Tezuka had to shush him.

Tezuka hesitated for a second, hands still holding Atobe's wrists down. Atobe looked at him smugly, realizing he had already won. Sighing, Tezuka let go of Atobe's hands.

"Just, make it quick." hissed Tezuka. Atobe gave him a victorious grin before disappearing under the covers. The Seigaku captain could feel those unusually tender hands prying his pants and briefs off and then one pressed on him, rubbing roughly. Tezuka jerked. He would have to be very careful not to make noise.

And the next thing he knew, he was suddenly enveloped by the scorching heat of Atobe's mouth. That mouth coaxed his member to full hardness in barely any time at all. All Tezuka could make out was the lump in the covers that was Atobe's head, moving forward and back along his crotch.

Tezuka pressed his face to the pillow, muffling a moan he knew had to escape. While Tezuka did protest often, his objections nearly always died off once the pleasure settled in. God, how did one manage to be so skilled with hands and tongue? He had tried giving a blowjob to Atobe last week but it had ended in a complete failure. Not only had Tezuka nearly choked, but when he had tried using his tongue, it had just ended in a mess of saliva and his teeth had kept on scraping Atobe, making the diva wince.

But this was heavenly. Atobe's tongue control was exquisite; he always knew where to press and lick to drive Tezuka crazy.

"Are you taking notes, Tezuka? You know you'll have to repay the favour later." said Atobe, chuckling and going back down to suck on the head.

Tezuka panted. "Ato…be. You know I-I can't give blowjobs."

"Mmm… well, practice makes perfect." said Atobe. His lips left Tezuka's member and he crawled back up Tezuka's heated body, kissing a flushed neck as hands stroked the hard piece of flesh. "Don't feel bad, plenty of newcomers have trouble with it."

Tezuka's hips rocked forward, pressing against Atobe's palm. "And how many newcomers have been as bad as me?" asked Tezuka, breathless.

Atobe chuckled darkly, nipping at Tezuka's neck. "I admit, love, that you are quite bad at giving head. I've never seen someone be that sloppy at it."

Tezuka's hands went down along Atobe's body, touching until his hands met the elastic band of Atobe's pyjamas. He pushed it down, not really surprised to find Atobe wearing no underwear. No doubt this had been part of Atobe's plan for a while. He pressed their hips forward, their heated members touching. Atobe gasped when Tezuka's calloused fingers rubbed them both together.

"Well, I can at least say that you are getting better at handjobs." said Atobe. His lips came close and Tezuka pressed his mouth against them, brief but satisfying.

"It's only a matter of familiarity and knowing how you like it." said Tezuka, dragging his nail up the underside of Atobe's cock and earning a moan.

"Mmm… I think I know what you mean, love." said Atobe, his hands joining Tezuka's. "You know… I've rarely gotten the chance before now to be familiar with a single person's body for a long time. I like this better, knowing exactly where to press to make you feel good."

Tezuka's hips jerked suddenly, and they both abandoned conversation, feeling the heat becoming more and more unbearable. The friction of their hips rubbing together was splendid, along with the constant motion of their hands. Atobe twisted his wrist, pushing Tezuka over the edge in one swift move.

Jets of white flew out of Tezuka. Tezuka's eyes were closed and his mouth was open as he rode out his orgasm with a tiny moan escaping his lips and a beautiful blissful expression decorating his features. His hands had gone limp, so Atobe moved them, reminding Tezuka that Atobe had not finished yet. With a sated look, Tezuka re-started his motions, his hands moving languidly, but squeezing just enough. With Atobe's own hands jerking as well, the Hyotei captain came soon after, his essence joining Tezuka's.

Atobe's head was buried in Tezuka's shoulder, breathing heavy and working on calming his erratic heartbeat.

"You know…" began Atobe, settling into a comfortable position to sleep. "If you weren't a virgin, I would let you top me on our first time."

Tezuka rose an eyebrow.

"I just think you'd be equally as bad and awkward at sex as your first attempt at a blowjob." explained Atobe. "I want our first time to be pleasurable and not at all painful. I've had more experience in that field and I have no doubt that I can make it feel good, which is more than I can say what would happen if you topped."

"… Atobe, does it bother you that I'm not experienced?" asked Tezuka. It was obvious that Atobe was waiting for Tezuka.

"Oh heavens, no!" said Atobe. "I think part of your charm is that I have to show you how to do everything. I'll mould you just the way I want your skills to be." Atobe paused. "I thought it would bother you that I'm experienced actually."

"Not… particularly. You do have a very high sex drive… but that's manageable. And you… do make me feel good." said Tezuka. Atobe was sure Tezuka was blushing, but he couldn't see it in this darkness.

"Good. Although, I do expect you to catch the rhythm at some point and make me feel amazing." said Atobe. "I quite like to be showered with attention."

"Oh, I've noticed." said Tezuka. "I'll… try my best I suppose."

Atobe settled himself close to Tezuka, putting his head in the junction between Tezuka's head and shoulders.

"You know Tezuka, despite how selfish this may sound and how many unfortunate things have happened to cause this… I'm glad you're with me now." said Atobe. Tezuka made a small grunt and leaned his cheek against Atobe's hair.

"I suppose it's good you gave your feelings a chance then." said Tezuka.

"Indeed. Imagine I had gone with my prior love experiences and said no to you? That would have been easily a most regrettable decision of my entire existance."

Tezuka froze. Love experiences? Prior love experiences? Atobe had prior love experiences?

"You have… you've been in… love before?" Tezuka couldn't help but voice the question out loud, looking at Atobe and wonder if he had just misheard. Atobe looked oddly uncomfortable and his eyes shifted away, not meeting Tezuka's. It was enough of an answer for the Seigakuan.

"Who was he?" asked Tezuka.

"Ah, it's nothing." said Atobe. "Really, it was just a silly infatuation. I thought I was in love, but I wasn't. It's completely different. What I have with you is much more real and solid."


"Perhaps I should be going back downstairs afterall." said Atobe, shifting out. Tezuka's arms didn't budge from around Atobe. "Can you let me go, Tezuka? I know ore-sama is irresistible, but really-"

"Atobe." Tezuka said again. The diva sighed, knowing he wasn't going to get out of this easily. "Why don't you want to tell me, Atobe?"

"It's just… it's not even important." Atobe sounded quite serious for a change. "Really, I'm over it. I don't want to bring it up, especially since I've done many things I'm not proud of because of that past infatuation."

"Do you not trust me?" asked Tezuka. Nothing could make him think less of Atobe. But it was hurting Tezuka to see that Atobe didn't not seem to be trusting him with everything. "Atobe, it's not a big deal if you used to like someone. I used to like Fuji. It's fine if you did like someone in the past. It's perfectly normal actually."

Atobe looked conflicted. But finally, after a long moment of silence in Tezuka's arms, the Hyotei captain let out a long breath and nodded.

"The story might be long though, so don't fall asleep on me." warned Atobe.

"I won't." said Tezuka.

Atobe frowned once more, thinking about where to begin. "Well, you know… the only other person I've ever gotten familiar with their body is… Sanada." said Atobe. He paused to see if Tezuka would have any reaction. The brunette simply nodded, indicating that he was listening. Atobe continued, "For two long years, Sanada kept on coming to me for sexual relief. At first, I had only tempted him for fun, to see where it would go. The first few months were purely physical. To Sanada, it remained a physical relationship without emotional attachments the entire time. But I…" Atobe took a small pause, breathing deeply. "I admit that I began developing feelings for him."

"You… you like Sanada?" asked Tezuka, surprised. He had expected someone else; maybe someone from Hyotei. But not the cold vice-captain of Rikkai. Although, it did make sense since they did used to have an affair type of thing going on.

"Liked, in the past tense. I no longer feel that way today, but before… well these feelings made me do things that I now regret very much." said Atobe. "A-Anyways… yes, I liked him but I never told Sanada. Sanada would have left if he knew and I didn't want that back then."

Tezuka had to tell himself for the first time not to be jealous.

"But still, it hurt me. It hurt so much when Sanada would scream out someone else's name when I was the one who gave him pleasure." said Atobe, the words spilling out of his. It was a story he had never told anyone previously. Heck, he had even denied these feelings for such a long time beforehand. "Or maybe I was just jealous of the loving relationship Sanada had with Yukimura. Either way, I knew I was falling for Sanada. I was falling for him bad." Atobe's face reflected past pain.

Tezuka's hands squeezed around Atobe's reassuringly. Atobe didn't feel like he needed it. He was long since over it all.

"So when Yukimura found out of Sanada's adultery… words cannot even describe how happy I was at the time." said Atobe, smiling wearily. "I thought that Sanada would finally be mine alone, that maybe Sanada would now look at me with a loving gaze, that he would scream my name as he climaxed."

"That, of course, did not happen. I had been foolish to hope that would be the case. Sanada completely stopped seeing me altogether. And instead of being upset, I was in denial. I kept on coming on to him anyways, despite his protests saying he no longer wanted anything to do with me. I grew desperate, not taking no for an answer, constantly pestering Sanada. I didn't understand why Sanada was still chasing after a lost cause. After a while, it hit me that while I may know Sanada's body like the back of my hand, his heart was completely elsewhere. His heart has always belonged to Yukimura alone."

Tezuka said absolutely nothing, but Atobe didn't even need to look at Tezuka's face to know the brunette was listening. Atobe's mind was elsewhere, thinking back to a time where his mind was filled with nothing but thoughts of Sanada and feelings of pure resentment towards Yukimura.

"I was so angry at Sanada for rejecting me like that. And it was several weeks later that I got a call from Yukimura, asking for my assistance in a little plot to scare Fuji. I hastily agreed to Yukimura's course of action. At the time, my plan was to get Yukimura's trust and perhaps steal him away from Sanada, just to spite him." said Atobe. "But… Yukimura didn't go through with his plan against Fuji. And I saw another opportunity instead."

Atobe felt cold, despite the warmth of Tezuka besides him.

"I think you know what happens next, Tezuka." said Atobe, his voice gone low. He felt Tezuka nod. "I… I raped Yukimura. And I knew it was not at all about getting my share of the bargain. I did it to hurt Sanada, and I thought the only way to hurt Sanada was to hurt the person he loved most. I wanted Sanada to feel the same pain he had given me."

Atobe's silence was filled with regret. Tezuka hugged him closer to his chest.

"I know you regret it, Atobe. It's alright." said Tezuka.

"Ugh." said Atobe. "No, it's not really alright. I can still remember Yukimura's frightened eyes. I remember how he bit his lips so hard that blood came out, yet I didn't stop. It's not okay. I really scared him. He must have been so hurt after that. His mind must have been a mess."

"Yukimura is strong." said Tezuka. "He recovered. Maybe… if you want, we can go to Rikkai tomorrow. And you can properly apologize to him. I'm sure it will make you feel better."

Atobe stiffened into a statue. Tezuka looked at Atobe questionably.

"No. Not Rikkai." said Atobe, sounding very scared. "Anywhere but there."

"Atobe?" said Tezuka. "Why not?"

"I was nearly murdered by Yukimura last time I went there." said Atobe, his voice rising in panic. "H-He nearly killed me! His hands were around my throat and I could swear I saw my life flash before my eyes."

Tezuka blinked. Wait… was Atobe scared of Yukimura? But... Atobe had just been talking about how frightened Yukimura had looked... yet now, Atobe was looking absolutely terrified at the thought of the bluenette. The situation was oddly reversed.

"Relax, Atobe. I'll come with you. I promise Yukimura won't attempt murder this time." said Tezuka, soothingly running his fingers through Atobe's silver hair.

It took quite a while to persuade Atobe that going to Rikkai would not endanger his life. In the end, Atobe only agreed to go if he could bring 15 bodyguards, stay up in his helicopter and scream his apologies from a megaphone.

No doubt Rikkai will be unpleasantly interrupted in the middle of their tennis practice the next day.

"Now, I didn't finish my story, Tezuka." said Atobe, his voice once again regaining its normal confident tone.

"I think I know what happens next." whispered Tezuka, his mouth finding Atobe's before the other could have time to protest. The kiss was sweet, drawn-out and for once, it did not hide any hidden sexual intentions. "I show up after that."

"Mmm… you do. I quickly got over Sanada after that, especially after Yukimura nearly murdered me." said Atobe. "And right when I swear to never ever fall in love again, you show up only days later, as if mocking my resolution to never give love a chance. After several days of more denial and finally deciding to give you that chance, here I am, weeks later, having secretly snuck up to your room and thinking that I am glad all of these past events had occurred and brought us together."

Tezuka gave Atobe a rare smile. "Then I suppose I am selfish as well for being glad as well." said the Seigaku captain.

Atobe smiled and hugged Tezuka in what he thought was a sweet and special moment between them. And then Tezuka began kicking him off the bed.

"Ow! Hey, what are you doing?" complained Atobe.

"Mom still thinks you are sleeping downstairs. You have to go."

"No." Atobe said stubbornly, snuggling up against Tezuka. "I want to stay right here. That couch of yours is completely uncomfortable. Plus, I think I was wrong about your mother. She does not seem to like me very much afterall."

"How observant of you. Even so, she expects you to be downstairs tomorrow morning."

"And I will be. Look, just let me sleep here a bit. I'll wake up bright and early and go back downstairs before anyone wakes up. Your mom will never have to know."

Tezuka said nothing, finding Atobe's warmth against him to be very pleasing. Atobe had just releaved a hidden part of himself and Tezuka was sure the diva did not want to be alone at the moment. Tezuka ended up not protesting and letting Atobe fall asleep against his shoulder.

Atobe lied.

He didn't wake up earlier, let alone walk back to the couch in the living room on time. Instead, both Tezuka and Atobe were woken up by Tezuka's mom yelling at them, infuriated in the doorway of Tezuka's bedroom, looking at the sight of the two teens cuddling with something akin to anger in her eyes.

It wouldn't have been so bad if that's all that had happened. Unfortunately for the two boys, Tezuka's mother noticed much more than that. She noticed that Atobe had not put his pants back on. She realized her son had hickies on his neck that hadn't been there the previous night. And most of all, she certainly did not miss the dried up white essence that coated the sheets.

Tezuka was grounded for a month and Atobe was no longer permitted to step foot inside Tezuka's house. Atobe did not understand why, seeing as he had thought that Tezuka's parents, just like everyone in the world, genuinely loved him.

As Tezuka cleaned his own bedsheets that afternoon after a long morning of listening to his mother's constant ranting, Tezuka realized that his mother was foolish to believe that a simple prohibition would prevent Atobe from seeing him if he so wished.

Atobe should never be underestimated.

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