Kid awoke to the screams surrounding him. He quickly scanned the room to search for the source, but came up with nothing. It took him a few seconds to realize that it was his own mind that created the dreadful scream. The scream followed him from his nightmare to reality.

Kid sighed as he walked out of his room to the gothic styled deck. The sun had barely pecked the surface of the water. Grumbling to himself, Kid set out to find Killer, his first mate and close friend.

Killer had been reading the newspaper he had bought on the last island. It was a week old but he didn't care. He dropped the paper back on the table when his captain entered.

"Was it that dream again?" Killer asked already knowing his answer.

A nod came from his captain who went to pour himself a cup of coffee.

"I'm sure she's alright. She's related to you after all," Killer replied.

The tense atmosphere led Killer to change the topic.

"It seems that we'll reach Archipelago soon." Killer said.

"Half a day to be exact," Kid responded. Having a Devil Fruit power connected to magnetism had big benefits on the Grandline. Log pose were utterly useless when it came finding Archipelago.

Kid walked back to his room to prepare himself for the hell ride. Archipelago was filled with both pirates and marines, not to mention the World Nobles. Going to his dresser, Kid clipped on his dagger and his personal flintlock gun. Both weapons were given to him by his mother before she sailed out to the Grandline. He stood by the dresser for a while staring at one his most prized possession. A tattered picture stood on top of the dresser. The picture was of a younger Kid with his arms tightly around a young redheaded girl who stood next to Killer. Kid gave off a smirk in the picture while the young girl smiled brightly. Killer looked the same with a polka dotted shirt and signature mask. The picture, dated five years back, was the last picture he took before setting off with Killer to find One Piece.

"Red, how are you doing?"

The damp floor had woken her up. Her head was in pain and she needed to pee. The last thing remembered was sweeping the floor before falling down. She also noticed that the leather collar she wore was replaced with metal ones. It took sometime to get on her feet with the Kairoseki shackles restraining her, but she somehow managed.

"I'm back here again. . ." She whispered to herself.

"You've been here before?" An unfamiliar voice asked.

She spun around to face the man speaking to her. The old man in glasses gave her a wave. She nodded in response.

"My name is Rayleigh. What's yours?" Rayleigh asked.


"My what a beautiful name. And it fits you so well," Rayleigh laughed. He took a swig from his canteen before giving a small wink to her. Akane couldn't help but giggle at the strange man. Even though he was in an auction house, he made it seem like nothing was wrong.

She wished nothing was wrong.

The doors soon swung open after their chat. A green haired mermaid was dragged in by two bulky guards.

She stared in fascination. This was her first and probably only time to see a mermaid.

"So pretty." Akane couldn't help but admire the beautiful mermaid, she quickly frowned at the sight of the guards shackling her up. The mermaid struggled. She could hear her yelling at the guards. Akane wished she could help, but the Kairoseki shackles were draining her. Instead, the rock next to her would be the solution. But before chucking the rock, the guards just fell.

The long trip had taken a toll on the Kid pirates and the first thing to always look for on an island was a bar. Bars were the best thing to find after a long trip out at sea. The Kid pirates took their seat in the darkest corners of the unknown bar. Kid flashed a wicked smile as he took a gulp from the rum. The burning sensation the rum gave to Kid's throat was comforting. After settling himself in the chair, he brought out a bag full of beli.

Heat, a man with blue shaggy hair and stitches running across his face had been in charge of gathering up medical supplies, while Killer was in charge of the rations. The rest of the crew would have to find someone to coat their ship. Without the resin from the Yarukiman Mangroves, the crushing depths of the ocean would kill them. Going to the New World required time and skill.

A man in a chinese garb gave Kid an impassive look, which the captain quickly caught.

"What the hell are you staring at?!" Kid yelled, his temper rising rapidly .

The man stuck with his impassive look. Kid stood up, along with the rest of the Kid crew who were all ready for a fight.

"Mr. Eustass, we both know that it is dangerous to cause a bar fight here. So I suggest we finish this in the New World," The impassive man said.

"Che. Fine by me!" Kid spat out as he left the bar. Turning back to his crew, Kid gave the orders of meeting back up at the Human Auction house later in the afternoon.

Akane watched as the number of slaves in the cell dwindled. Rayleigh, a giant, and the mermaid were now the only ones left with her.

"Akane, could you come here for a minute," Rayleigh asked as he finished drinking from his canteen.

Akane slowly limped to the man. It was a poor sight to see. Any man would cringe at the sight of the girl whose body was purple and black from head to toe.

Slowly Rayleigh raised his hand above Akane, making her shuffle backwards.

"I won't hurt you." Rayleigh promised. She nodded as she felt her pain drift away.

"It's called Haki. It can be used for both healing and destruction. I could feel the Haki in you too. I'm sorry, but the bruises are the only things I can't heal.

Even though it was slight like he said, Akane felt much better. She hadn't felt this much kindness given to her in years. The happiness soon died as Disco- the man who was in charge of the Human Auctioning House came to them.

"Well look who we have here again! Akane! This is your third time here isn't it! But all those bruises won't sell you for a high price! Get out here you mutt. You're going to be sold off with the mermaid. Be grateful you're not killed yet." Disco had grabbed Akane by her short red hair, dragging her behind the curtains before heading by himself to the stage.

The Kid pirates stood against the back wall as the Celestial Dragons had passed by.

"That's Captain Kid, from South Blue!" A man announced. He quickly looked away, afraid of what would happen if he stared too long.

"Compared to the "righteous" greed of the rulers, the villains of the world seem much more honorable. When scum rules the world, only more scum is born. At least we're honest about being bad people, right Killer?" Kid said.

"Your right," Killer replied.

"How about we buy anyone who seems interesting?" Kid laughed at the thought of someone interesting enough to buy.

"Chief Kid look at that," Heat said.

Trafalgar Law the 200-million man from North Blue, gave a nod to Kid from his seat.

"Che! His manners are bad," Kid said.

"Today we have an excellent selection of slaves for you all! We've also got a super deluxe item for later in the show! Now on with the biddings!" Disco yelled out, dancing to show his enthusiasm. Kid watched as each slaves were being pulled out and sold off. No one interesting had shown up. All were woman and former pirates. A sudden creak in the door had caught the attention of the Kid pirates.

"Chief, I think that's the Straw Hat crew." Heat said.

"Too bad their captain isn't here. I was hoping to see just how dumb he was myself," Kid replied.

The door opened again to reveal another World Noble. Kid looked at the so called noble. The noble continued to pick his nose while talking about wanting a mermaid. The Straw hat, Heart, and Kid pirates looked away, disgusted by the man.

"T-t-this way to your seat Saint Charlos!" The helper of the auctioning house chattered out as he led the noble down the stairs. The crowd grew silent as Saint Charlos went to take his seat. After his seating, the crowd soon began to cheer as Disco went on with the next slave.

"Now the next slave we are going to bring out is a super deluxe two for one deal!" Disco said as the drums began to roll.

"Countless people have tried to capture one! Have a good look at Keimi, the mermaid!" The crowd went into a cheer as the confused mermaid looked around.

"Che. Nothing interesting. Lets leave," Kid said getting ready to leave the auction house.

"Now! This mermaid also comes with one very special human child! This human child had been bought before having both experience and training! Lets thank the World Nobles for feeding her a mysterious Devil Fruit! Here is Akane!" The crowd roared with excitement as Akane was dragged out by her chains.

"Now let's start with-" Disco was soon cut off by Saint Charlos who bidded five hundred million. Drool ran down Disco's mouth as he tried to form words.

"She's only a child! What is wrong with you all!" The blonde man part of the Straw Hat crew yelled out.

As Kid left the double doors, he looked back to see Killer still in the auction house. Children were sold on the market everyday, why was it so interesting now? Killer gave out a noticeable gasp and he took a step back.

"Oi, Killer what the hell got yo-" Kid stopped mid sentence to see what had shocked Killer.

He recognized the ruby red hair anywhere. Not many people had the same red hair as he did. The girl's long braided hair was now cropped short, but it was definitely her.