Title: The Happiest Day Of Her Life

Author: jcfl16

Summary: It's a happy day. Kind of. Okay not really. Alright it sucked. But it could get better. Right? Last part of the "The Happiest Day Of Whose Life?" trilogy. Should read other two first to make more sense.

Rating: T

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Author's Note: Hey everyone here is your winning ending. 'The Happiest Day Of HerLife', now you'll find out if Casey is the 'her' or if it is Lizzie or if it is someone else entirely? Guess you'll just have to read to know. Sorry it took awhile I got kind of busy with classes. Hope you like it. Please read and review .

AUTHOR'S NOTE 2:Revised ending. Apologies to whoever read this. I didn't realize that I left out a whole section of writting. Thank you for calling it to my attention. The scene was in my head but it was five in the morning when I finished this so I didn't realize it didn't make it onto the paper.

The Happiest Day Of Her Life

15 months ago a.k.a. Derek and Casey's Wedding Day:

"I can't believe you tricked me into going on vacation with the family." Derek groaned sitting on the hotel bed that him and Ed had shared the night before.

"I didn't trick you. I asked you. And you agreed because we both agreed this would be the perfect time to tell them about us." Casey said as she slipped her blue sarong on over her bathing suit.

"I still say we should have told them before we left. So we could have gotten a room to ourselves."

"Yeah, because they would have been totally cool with that." Casey's voice was laced with sarcasm.

"Well it's better than having to sleep with Edwin's smelly feet in my face." Derek grimaced.

"Will you stop complaining." She said as she grabbed her beach tote and headed for the door. "Are you coming?"

"No but I could be." Derek smirked and Casey rolled her eyes, she was not amused.

There was a pause. Casey stood at the door very annoyed, and Derek just looked at her trying to gauge how angry she really was.

"You know you're supposed to relax on a vacation." Derek said standing. "It was just a joke."

"I know." Casey sighed.

"Then what is it Space Case?"

"I'm nervous." Casey bit her lip. "What if they don't approve, Der. What if they disown us? Or are disappointed? Or angry? Or something?"

"Then we'll deal." Derek said as his hands started to rub her arms.


"No 'buts' Case. We can do this."He pulls her closer and hugs her.

"When did you get all sappy?" She asks as she sinks into his hug.

"I'm not sappy, and if you tell anybody differently you'll live to regret it."

With a laugh they both leave the room to join their parents and siblings at the pool, and then later for dinner.

At Dinner:

"…and I was like kiss her I barely know her." George said finishing his story.

"That's get's funnier every time, George." Nora says through her light laughter.

All the kids rolled their eyes.

"And on that note." Casey whispered to Derek, before raising her voice to address everyone else. "Mom, George. Derek and I have something we want to tell you."

"Yeah." Derek cleared his throat. "Me and Casey, well we've…"

"We've been getting along a lot better recently and umm…" Casey was cut off.

"And the reason we've been getting along better is because our relationship has changed." Derek continued for Casey.

"Yeah." Casey agreed with Derek. "We have a different relationship now."

"Oh, we noticed Sweetie." Nora glances at her husband then back at them. "In fact we think this is great."

"You do?" Derek and Casey asked together. Shock clear on their face.

"Yes, of course. Don't look so shocked." Nora chuckled.

"We always hoped you to would come around." George said with a smile.

"Hoped we'd come around?" Casey said tentatively.

"Yeah, the way you two were always fighting." Nora shook her head "Well let's just say that more than once we considered hiring a family shrink."

"I'm not sure I understand…" Casey trails off.

"Well Casey you're fighting was getting kind of ridiculous." Nora said giving her a knowing look.

"Are we even talking about the same thing?" Derek questions looking between the two with a lost expression on his face.

"Don't be silly you two. George and I have always wanted you two to start acting like siblings." Nora grins.

Casey chokes on her water. "What?"

"Casey are you alright?" Nora reaches over and starts rubbing her back.

"Dad, Nora. I think you missed something…" Derek starts.

"No we didn't." George says looking at the two of them.

"Yes. I think you did. See we said our relationship changed."Casey hinted finally recovering from her coughing fit.

"Yes," Nora gave them a quizzical look "it changed from enemies to brotherly and sisterly."

Before Casey and Derek could correct them two people approached their table.

"Hi Seth." George says standing to greet a handsome young man that is Casey and Derek's age. "Everyone this is Seth. Seth, this is my wife Nora, and my children Derek, Edwin, Marti, Robby, Casey, and Lizzie." He pointed to each in turn, and they waved back. Derek and Casey cringed when her name was added to the list.

"He spent last summer interning at my office." George continued. "What a surprise to see you here. It's been a while. What are you doing in Las Vegas anyway?""

"It's been to long Mr. Venturi." Seth said giving George's hand a shake. "This is my sister Becca. She goes to university here in Nevada. This is why I'm here.

Seth looked over at Casey and smiled as he gave her the once over. Derek glared holes into the side of Seth's head. Casey didn't even notice.

"Oh, then you must know all the hotspot's, right Becca?" Nora asked in that over involved mother tone.

"A few Mrs. Venturi." Becca replied with a sweet smile.

"Well maybe you'd like to take my two eldest out and show them the sites." Nora said.

Becca looked over at Casey, then Derek, and smiled. She had obviously liked what she saw.

Casey and Derek however had different reactions."Mom!" "Nora!" they exclaimed at the same time.

"What? I'm sure they don't mind. Do you?" Nora smiled sweetly at Becca and Seth.

"No." Becca said. "No, we don't mind at all."

A few hours later:

"I think the hotel is that a-way." Casey slurred with a giggle as Derek and her stumbled out of a dance club.

"Noooo. I'm pretty sure it's that way." Derek garbled pointing in the opposite direction.

Casey ignored him and kept walking in the direction she had pointed out. Derek jogged (badly) to catch up with her.

"You know iii think you hurt her feelings." Derek proclaimed to Casey as they walked.

"Well she shouldn't have been hanging all you. And you broke Seth's jaw."Casey returned.

"He deserved it."

"My mom's a jerk for setting us up like that."

"Especially when we were trying to tell them we were dating."

Casey pushed her hair out of her face and looked around.

"We're going the wrong way." Casey says.

"You said it was this way princess." Derek reminded her.

"Ughhh! Nooooooo I didn't."

"Yessss you did." Derek then looked around.

"No I…" Casey starts.

"You know what would shut our parents up for good." Derek interrupts her.


"If we got married."

"You're not serious?" Casey says standing up straighter and moving away from Derek.

"I am too." Derek responds. "We love each other. We want to be together, So why not?"

Casey looked unsure.

"You only live once Case. Question is do you wanna live with me?" Derek asked. (A/N: I know it's OoC but he's drunk so neh)

They don't really remember anymore of that night, but Casey must have said yes because they woke up the next morning with wedding bands on, a marriage certificate on the dresser, and naked in a hotel room that wasn't the one their parents rented.

Present Day:

The Ceremony:

Watching Lizzie walk down the aisle had brought tears to Casey's eyes. Liz looked so beautiful dressed in her off the shoulder wedding gown with a bouquet of white roses and blue bell flowers. Casey knew her own wedding had been nothing like this, she was slightly jealous, but mostly happy for her sister.

Casey watched as Lizzie and Mike exchanged vows and couldn't help but glance at Derek. Derek stood on the groom's side in his tux with a small smile on his face. Casey's heart melted. He really did love her sister.

He looked over at Casey and she quickly looked away. Busted. When looking away she sees Derek's wedding date in the crowd and she snapped her attention back to the wedding before she does something stupid.

Liz and Mike said "I do" and began their walk down the aisle, towards the exit, as man and wife. This was definitely the happiest day of Liz's life.

After the Ceremony:

Derek's POV:

"Derek?" Came George's voice from behind Derek. "Can I talk to you?"

Derek set down his rum and coke and looked at his dad. "Shoot" he replied.

George looked out at the ceremony from his place next to Derek at the bar, then looked back at Derek.

"I wanted to talk to you about Casey…"

Casey's POV:

"Hi Casey." Simon says sliding in the seat next to her. He's smiling widely. "Did you see me dancing?"

Casey smiles. "I sure did. You're very good."

"I know." Simon replies. He grabs a cup of juice from the table in front of him and takes a sip.

Casey chuckles, he had to be a Venturi.

"Why aren't you dancing?" He asks look at her, and takes another sip while waiting for her to answer.

"Because I don't have a dance partner." Casey lifts her champagne to her lips.

"What about Derek?"

Casey nearly falls out of her chair she starts coughing so hard. People nearby turn to stare for a moment.

"You alright Casey?" Simon asks as he sets down his juice.

"I'm fine." She gives him a weak smile.

Apparently satisfied with that he returns to his prior topic. "Well?"

"Well, what?" she asks busying herself with organizing her utensils in front of her.

"Why don't you dance with Derek?"

"Because… because…" she bites her lip. "Because he has a girl here." Casey finally says lamely.

"Yeah but she's stupid." Casey smiled at Simon's remark "And anyway she had to go because her dress broke."

Casey couldn't help the bubble of laughter that escaped her.

"Now why can't you dance with Derek?" Simon says persistent as always.

"Umm…"Casey struggles to find a good answer.

"Because I haven't asked her." Derek says coming in from out of nowhere.

"Then why don't you ask her?" Simon says like it's the most obvious thing in the world.

"What do you think I'm doing over hear squirt?"Derek ruffles Simon's hair, and then turns to Casey. "Come on princess, they're playing a song for all of the family to come dance to." He looks at Simon "Marti's waiting for you bro."

"Uhhh but she has cooties." Simon says even as he gets up to go find Marti.

Casey looks up at Derek, but doesn't move to join him. She is so not ready for this. She doesn't even want to be in the same room as him let alone dance with him.

"Hey Space Case, didn't you hear me? Let's go." He says, expecting her to stand.

"I'm good. Thank you." Is her reply.

Derek sighs.

"Look I get it you don't want to talk to me. Frankly, I'm not too keen on talking to you either, but this is a family dance thing and Lizzie asked for it. And the way I hear it is you can't say no to a bride on her wedding day or something like that."

Casey looks at the down at the floor skeptically. "The whole family?"

"Yes the whole family." He says exasperated.

Sure enough when Casey looks out at who is on the dance floor she see's these pairs: Mom and George, Lizzie and Edwin, Marti and Simon, and Mike and his Mom. The only ones missing are her and Derek.

"Fine." She lets out in a huff. "But don't talk to me."

Derek rolls his eyes and walks onto the dance floor with her.

Casey, paranoid as she is, thinks that everyone is staring at her. So as Derek leads her around the dance floor she begins to fidget.

"Will you calm down." Derek whispers to her annoyed.

"I said no talking." She snaps quietly back at him, convinced someone will hear them.

"I don't get why you're so nervous anyway."

"Excuse me?" the look Casey gives him could peel the flesh off bones.

"Down, Cujo. I just mean you're acting like some waiter or someone is going to jump out from behind a flower arrangement and stab you with a butter knife or something. And I don't think anyone here wants to do you in that badly… Well, except me anyway."

Casey growled. But other than that stayed quiet, and worked to physically calm herself.

"Better." Derek stated matter-of-factly.

"Will you stop talking to me? I'm trying to get thru my sister's wedding without any incident, and I won't be able to accomplish that if you keep talking to me."

Derek opened his mouth to respond but was cut off.

"May I cut in?" Edwin asked. "Please say yes Case. 'Cause I'm pretty sure Liz is about to clock me."

Lizzie smacked him, and then laughed. Derek went off to dance with Liz and Casey danced with Ed.

After the Reception (Back at the Hotel):

Casey dragged herself from the elevator. The wedding had gone on without a hitch. Lizzie had left with Mike for their honeymoon, Casey had managed not to talk to Derek again, and she had managed to avoid her mother. So all in all it was pretty good. Now all she had to do was make it to her room sleep, pack and execute pleasantries tomorrow morning. Then she was out of here and didn't have to deal with this drama again till Christmas.

But of course life is never that simple.

"Casey." Came a voice from behind her.

Casey squeezed her eyes shut. If this was a dream she wanted to wake up now.

"Casey?" said the voice again.

"Yes," Casey turned around "mom what do you need?"

Nora had this determined look on her face.

"I wanted to talk to you about Derek." Nora said with a serious expression.

Casey groaned audibly. She couldn't do this. She knew dancing with Derek was a bad idea. Why did she do it? Oh, yeah, because her sister asked her. Never again.

"Mom can we not? I'm tired. And nothing's even going. So can you save your sermon for…" Casey started.

"I'm sorry." Nora interrupted her.

Of all the things Nora could of said this shocked Casey the most.

"You're what?" Casey said carefully. She wasn't sure she heard right.

"I'm sorry."

"I don't… I… I don't understand. What do you mean you're sorry?" Casey couldn't wrap her head around those two words.

"When you and Derek told us, George and I, about the two of you I was hurt."

"Mom…" Casey tried to interrupt her.

"No. Let me say this." Nora paused Casey nodded her agreement.

"When you and Derek told us you were together I was hurt." Nora started again. "I was angry and frustrated and worried and so many other emotions. I mean you had spent over a year lying to me. That alone was upsetting, and on top of that you were attracted to someone I had always intended to be your brother, it was just too much."

"But I never saw him that way." Casey interjected.

"I know. I know that, but that is the way I imagined you two being. What really shocked me was how worried I was about what others would think. I don't usually care about stuff like that but in this particular situation its all I could think about. But still you're my daughter and I shouldn't have done that. Now I'm not saying that I agree with your relationship, but I am saying I reacted badly and that I didn't give it a chance. And I know it will take more than one conversation to fix the bond between us, but I'm willing to try." Nora took a breath.

"That said," Nora continued "I can't honestly say that I'll ever be ok with the two of you together, but I know I can't stand for the two of you to be like this anymore."

"What are you talking about?" Casey asked eyes full of unshed tears (this dang hallway must be cursed or something).

"I didn't think you guys really had strong feelings for each other." Nora held up a hand when Casey went to interrupt. "I know you told me it was love, but I wasn't ready to accept that then, but now I think I am."

"Well it's kind of late now mom." Casey said somewhat bitterly. "Derek and I aren't together anymore. We're getting divorced, just like you wanted. Just because you changed your mind doesn't mean that Derek all of a sudden fell back in love with me." Casey wiped the tears, that had spilled over, from her face.

"What do you mean Casey?" Nora asked.

"Derek. He doesn't love me." Casey took a steadying breath. "And apparently never did."

Nora looked at Casey trying to decide if she honestly believed what she said. When it seemed like she really believed that, Nora Said:

"Sweetie, Derek is still in love with you."

"No he's not." Casey said, now unable to stop her tears.

"Oh, Casey." Nora reached out her hand to touch Casey's shoulder (still kind of an awkward gesture). "Of course he still loves you."

"Mom he and I barely talk. And when we do talk, it's to yell at each other."

"Isn't that how you started anyway?" Nora says trying to look in Casey's eyes.

"It's different."

"No, it really isn't. Casey, maybe it's just because you didn't see what I seen today, but…"

"But what, mom?"

"The way he loves you is obvious in the way he looks at you when he thinks no one sees him."

"The way he looks at me? How does he look at me?" Casey begins wiping the tears from her cheeks.

"Like a man in love. It's the way George looks at me. It's a Venturi thing." Nora smiles weakly. "Casey if there is one thing you are going to believe today let it be this: Derek is in love with you." Nora grabbed Casey's face between her hands as she says this.

"Then why is he so awful to me? And don't say that's how it was before. Because he was never this bad before."

"He never had to work so hard to convince you he didn't care before."

Casey was quiet for a minute.

"Where's Derek?" She finally asked.

Nora smiled.

Outside Derek's Hotel Room:

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

That was turning into way more than a mantra.

She raised her hand and knocked on the door.

"What do you want?" was the way Derek answered the door.

"We need to talk." Casey said as she pushed her way into the room.

"Uh, no we don't." He said trying to steer her out.

"Yes we do." Casey managed to maneuver out of his grasp and further into the room.

Derek let out a frustrated noise, but followed her back into the hotel room.

"What. Do. You. Want." He carefully enunciated each word thru gritted teeth.

"I want to talk."

"About?" he prompted.

"Hey Der, who is it?" Cue blonde bimbette.

"Perfect." Casey and Derek mumbled at the same time.

"Ugh, what's she doing here?" Barbie asked.

Without giving Derek a chance to answer Casey walks over to Barbie grabs her by the arm and starts dragging her towards the door.

"Look I'm sure a nice girl, but this kind of private. So I'm going to ask you leave."

"Casey!" Derek starts at the same time as Barbie says:

"Derek are you going to let her do this?"

"He doesn't have choice, Barbie." Casey opens the door. "Now I need to talk to my husband and you need to take a hike." Casey pushes her out the door. "Buh-bye now." She gives the bimbette a superficial wave then slams the door in Barbie's face.

Barbie starts banging on the door and telling them to let her in. Derek looks at Casey with anger written across his face.

"What the hell, Case?" Derek makes a move towards the door.

Casey gets in his way.

"Move." Derek growls.

"Not till we talk." Casey says calmly.

Derek tries to make a move around her so she goes for the jugular.

"I'm still in love with you." Mission accomplished Casey's words freeze Derek to the spot.

Derek looks at her and says. "I don't care."

"Yes you do."

"No I really don't"

"Yes you really do." Casey puts her hand on Derek's mouth. "Don't argue with me."

Derek glares at her and raises his hand to remove hers.

"Look if you don't care, the whatever, fine. But please let me say this. When I'm done with my little speech, that will take less than five minutes of your time, I promise to leave you alone and never bring this up again." Casey removes her own hand and waits.

Derek still giving her a stern look crosses his arms and nods, waiting for her to speak.

"I love you." Casey takes a breath. "I will probably always love you. I love the way we fight. I love when you kiss me. I even love everything about you that annoys me."

Casey looks down to collect herself. Once she's steeled her nerves she looks him straight in the eye.

"If you can honestly say that you feel nothing for me than I'll try to accept that, but I think that you love me too, and just as much as I love you. Now I know that you're allergic to all this mushy stuff so I'm going to try and wrap this up." Casey takes a breath "I want to be with you. For the rest of my life. I don't care if my mom never fully comes around, I don't care what people say, and I really don't care what Ms. Flavor-of-the-Week out there has to say."

Casey takes a step closer to Derek.

"So even though you are a self serving jerk, and insufferable, and even though I'm impossible and a princess, and even though we hate each other, I still love you." Casey smiles up uneasily at Derek.

Derek looks at her and breaths in and out evenly. "Are you done now?"

And just like that Casey feels her heart break into a million pieces. Her weak smile falls off her face and she starts to feel short of breath.

"Yeah," Casey says as her eyes glaze over "I'm done now." With that she turns on her heel to leave.

Derek reaches out and grabs her arm. "Where do you think you're going?" He says with a mildly angry look on his face.

"I'm leaving." She answers as she tries to fight back tears. "You said you wanted me to go."

"No I didn't."

"Yes you did."

"No I didn't."

"Yes you did."

"Before we start this again, Casey, tell me when? When did I ask you to leave?"

"Just now you said you wanted me to leave."

"No, Case, I asked if you were done."

"What's the difference?" Casey asked with a shrug. Her eyes were seconds away from letting out a flood of tears (it wasn't just the hallway apparently, it was the whole hotel, she was never coming back here again).

"The difference is that now I have something to say." Derek gives her a condescending look.

Of course Derek had to have the last word.

"What do you want to say Derek?" Casey sighed.

"Well it's not so much say as it is do." With that Derek walked to the hotel room door.

He opened the door, looked Barbie dead in the eye and said:

"Yeah, this isn't working out. It's not me it's you. Or however that's supposed to go. So could you leave and stop barking at this door like a mad woman." Derek then slammed the door in bimbette's face.

(Start of Revised Section)

Casey looked at Derek confused. He didn't want her, but he just dumped Barbie?

"Casey." Derek took a deep breath. "I am so sorry."

Derek smirked sadly at the look on Casey's face. She seemed astonished.

"Seriously Space Case, aren't you supposed to be smarter than this?" he asked her."You didn't do anything wrong."

"But I thought…" Casey paused "I know I didn't do anything wrong." she huffed indigently. "That wasn't about me doing something wrong. That was about me professing my feelings and telling you I don't care that you screwed up."

"Hey, I didn't mean to upset you Case." Derek said raising his arms in defense. "I'm just trying to apologize."

"Apologize for what Derek?"

"For everything." He ran a hand thru his hair. "You're really gonna make me say it aren't you. I'm sorry for thinking I know better than you. I'm sorry for being such a colossal jerk to you. I'm sorry for making you cry. I'm sorry for everything, but most of all I'm sorry for almost cheating on you."

"Almost cheating?"

"You remember that red head from the night we broke up."

Casey glowered "How could I forget. She was nothing but breasts and legs."

"I brought her to the house and took her to our bed room…"

"I'm a big girl Derek I don't need you to paint me a picture." Casey says cringing at the memory.

"Yes you do Case." He held up a hand. "Before you argue with me please just hear me out. It will take less then five minutes of your time.

Casey crossed her arms over her chest, more for protection than anger and nodded her consent.

"I had just gotten to the apartment five minutes before you. I had been going crazy trying to figure out a way to end things between us. A way that would, hopefully, help you move on faster. I thought if I could make you think that I was cheating on you and that I didn't care that you would think I wasn't worth your time and so you would be over me." Derek took another breath, this mushy girly stuff plus apologizing was taking a toll on him.

"Well like I said the red head and I had just gotten back to the apartment, and then I heard you at the door. I staged the whole scenario as quickly as I could. The redhead just thought I was over eager, so she didn't really care that I was moving so fast. Then it just became about acting. Man that was hard the second I seen your face I wanted to explain everything and just hope that you could find it in your heart to forgive me." Derek rolled his eyes at the cheese.

"Derek…" Casey attempted to interrupt him.

"Wait. Just let me finished." Casey got quiet again when he said this. "When I was done yelling at you and I left I went to Sam's house."


"Yeah lame I know. But even guys sometimes need a friend, and it's not like I actually told him the whole truth, so don't go yelling at him when this is all over. But I couldn't stay in the apartment, I couldn't face you, besides it helped my plan if you thought I was sleeping with the red head."

"So you didn't sleep with her."


"And the blonde you just dumped?"

"No. I haven't slept with anyone since the last time I was with you." Derek looked at anything in the room that wasn't Casey.

"What about every girl I've seen you with since then?" Casey's eyebrows were knit together in confusion.

"Just props to help you believe I was scum." Now he looked her in the eye. "Do you accept my apology. Because if you don't I am very willing to spend everyday of the rest of my life apologizing until you do."

"Wow, and we know how much you hate saying sorry." Casey mumbled still dazed by his confession.

"Is that a yes?" He asked with something like hope in his eyes.

"Yes." She said slowly.

With that he finally walked over to her and kissed her.

(End of Revised Section, again apologies)

Casey's train of thought went something like this: surprise, what's going on, denial, this isn't really happening, confusion, why is this happening, and joy, who freaking cares just kiss him back already.

She smiled wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

"Casey," Derek said breaking the kiss.

"Hmmm." She replied

"I love you, too."

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