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Three Months Earlier

Selena walked downstairs into the kitchen where her parents were sitting enjoying breakfast. Her father was looking over the newspaper and her mother was on the laptop checking to make sure the government didn't have anything they could use on them.

"Morning Mom, Dad," Selena greeted, kissing them both on the cheek, before grabbing her plate on the counter and sitting down to eat her breakfast.

"Morning sweetheart." "Morning sweetie." Her parents greeted.

"They don't have anything do they?" Selena questioned, looking at her mom as she took a bite of her French toast; knowing that the government was possibly still looking for them more specifically her parents.

"No, nothing at all," her Mom answered, glancing up at both her and her father.

"You guys going to check an outpost today?" Selena inquired, knowing of the several outposts over America.

"Yeah, we're checking on the one here in Vegas," Lucas told his daughter, sitting down the newspaper and sipping his coffee. Selena smiled knowing her parents weren't going to be gone when she got home from school.

"Bye guys, I love you," Selena told her parents with a smile after finishing her breakfast and grabbing her backpack off the floor.

"We love you too," they called out behind her as she walked out the door.

Selena had no idea that it would be the last time she ever saw or spoke to them.

81/2 hours later

Selena got off the bus in front of her house, only to see her uncle leaning against his cab that was parked in the driveway.

"Uncle Jack!" Selena screamed, running into his arms, noticing that she couldn't get a lock on his thoughts as they were all over the place.

"Selena," Jack greeted, holding her at arm's length. "You're going to stay with me from now on."

"What? Why?" Selena asked in confusion.

"Your parents were in a car accident this morning. They didn't make it," he answered solemnly. A few tears fell down his cheeks seeing the tears in his niece's eyes and for the loss of his best friends.

"Th-they can't be gone," Selena cried; shaking her head as tears fell down her face.

Jack reached out and pulled her into his arms as she cried, leading her into the house a while later to gather some of her belongings.

A month later, the court would appoint Jack Bruno as Selena's guardian, seeing as she had no other living family. Not to mention the fact that her parents had named him as their choice in their wills.


"I'm ready," Selena announced, walking out of the bathroom in a blue tank top, jean shorts and blue vans, as she tossed her wavy blonde hair into a ponytail.

Jack grabbed his wallet off the nightstand and then gave Selena a moment to pick up her purse, before locking the house so they could walk down the street to the taxi rank.

Selena thought about how her life had changed in the last three months. From having the two most important people in her life taken away from her by a tragic accident and having to cremate them to keep their secret, to moving in with her uncle. Jack slung his arm over Selena's shoulders as they make their way to the when they arrived at the cab, an SUV was parked directly in front of it, blocking them in. Two men, an African American and a Caucasian, stepped out wearing suits.

"Get in the cab Selena," Jack ordered before turning to the men."I told Wolfe I was finished," he stated as Selena readily got into the cab, watching the confrontation between her uncle and the two men. Feeling eyes on her, she turned around in her seat and saw a blonde boy and girl sitting in the backseat. Locking eyes with the blonde boy she felt something intangible pull her toward him, as well as an unnamed feeling she couldn't pinpoint. A police siren startled her, breaking the moment and blushing, she quickly turned her attention back to the front of the cab.

"What do you think you're doing? Don't you know you don't block a taxi rank? Now get out of the way before I give you a ticket," the driver called out his window to the two men who owned the SUV.

Once the men climbed back into their SUV, Jack climbed back into the cab and pulled out into the busy traffic of Las Vegas. Selena watched her uncle out the corner of her eye, waiting for him to notice his other two passengers. When he finally did, he slammed on the brakes. Selena stifled her giggle as traffic started to back up behind them.

"Where did you come from?" Jack questioned, looking at the two strangers in his cab.

"Outside," the boy answered, a little stunned by Jack's reaction.

"I know that. How did you get in?"

"Through that portal," the girl said as she and the boy pointed to the door.

"I'm Seth and this is my sister Sara," the boy, Seth, said. "We require your transportation services immediately."

"Really?" Jack asked sarcastically. "Well I require..."

"A currency transaction," Sara cut him off. Seth took out a huge wad of money from his pocket, causing Selena's eyes to widen, but she said nothing.

"What, did you two rob a bank?" Jack asked the kids suspiciously.

"Will this amount suffice Jack Bruno?" Sara asked, glancing between him and the money.

"How'd you know my name?" Jack asked warily. Sara pointed to Jack's taxi driving license, which was on the dashboard and Selena rolled her eyes at the obviousness.

"If we have a deal for your services we must move forward rapidly. It is urgent that we get to our destination without delay," Seth explained in a demanding tone.

"Jack, traffic," Selena announced, pointing out the back window, while sitting Indian style with her back against the door in her seat-belt, as the cars behind them got impatient and started blow their horns.

"Alright, alright I'm going!" Jack shouted out the open window. "Where to?" he asked the teens. Seth started to triangulate exactly where using the handheld device.

"I need an address," Jack said firmly.

"We must travel in that direction," Sara said, pointing out the window. Jack looked at Selena with a raised eyebrow, who just smiled and pointed in the same direction Sara did, causing Jack to shake his head at her.

"Well I'm going to need something a little more specific than just 'that' direction," he informed Sara.

"We must locate latitude 4-0.5-4 cross-intersecting longitude…" Seth explained, but was interrupted by Jack raising his hand.

"We'll stick with that direction," he concluded as he turned his eyes back to the road.

"Hi I'm Selena, Jack's niece," she said, smiled at the two, her eyes lingering on Seth briefly before retrieving her Smartphone out of her purse and beginning to text her best friend Lily, occasionally sneaking glances of Seth out of the corner of her eye.

Selena kept feeling as if she was drawn to Seth. 'What the hell is that feeling?' she thought with a frown, before seeing Sara tilt her head in curiosity, glancing at Seth then back to Selena.

'She can't-she didn't…stop reading my thoughts,'Selena said, looking directly at Sara. Sara's eyes widened slightly, as Seth tilted his head again in looked at the both of them in confusion as Selena's attention went back to her phone, a little stunned at the fact that Sara was actually reading her thoughts. After a while, Selena looked up from her phone and saw they were in the middle of the desert.

"So you guys aren't from here, are you?" Selena questioned the two with a raised brow.

"No are not, are you?" Sara asked curiously.

"I've lived in Vegas since I was three. My parents came here for work," Selena answered. Feeling her hair fall loose, she pulled the wrap out and tossed it to the floor, then shook her hair out letting in fall over her shoulders. Selena turned away blushing when she realized Seth had caught her staring at him. Seth turned his attention back to looking out the window, trying to stop the feelings he was experiencing for the human.

"Are your parents going to be okay with you spending all this money?" Jack questioned, suspicious about the two teens sitting in his cab.

"We had previously agreed upon our financial deal. If you're concerned regarding your compensation…" Seth said shortly.

"My concern is the fact that I've got a couple of kids in the back of my cab with a wad of cash and a drop off location that's pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Now in my book that's a little chapter called running away and…"

"Jack, you had better be getting desert miles on that fare. And they better be able to pay. And I expect an ETA! Capiche?" Dominic ordered through the radio, interrupting their conversation.

"I'm losing reception Dominic," Jack lied, turning off the radio, thus cutting off Dominic's next sentence.

"You should've done that. You know how Dominic can be," Selena said, slightly laughing at the way Jack had lied. "Who's older?" she questioned, indicating between the two; to which Sara pointed at Seth who was still trying to avoid eye contact with Selena.

"Jack Bruno, the vehicles behind us are indicating a pattern of pursuit!" Sara stated frantically after Seth, Selena, and she glanced out the back window, Selena with a small frown upon her face.

"There are no vehicles following…" Jack trailed off as a black SUV came into view in the rear-view mirror.

"At your rate current rate of speed versus theirs they will overtake our vehicle in less than one minute," Seth informed him, leaning forward in his seat.

"Speed up Jack," Selena requested, mildly panicked, knowing the vehicles that pursued them were a different kind of trouble from the men earlier.

"Relax, I'm just going to let them pass," Jack told her as he slowed the car's the vehicles behind them stayed on their tail.

"Jack, Speed up!" Selena exclaimed, looking at her uncle as he rolled down the window.

"Open road people, all yours," Jack announced, ignoring Selena as he waved his hand for them to pass him. One of the vehicles pulled alongside them momentarily, giving Selena the opportunity to see that the windows were completely tinted, before it pulled out in front of them.

"See? What'd I tell you, nobody's following us; I'm the king of these roads…"Jack said nonchalantly, looking at Selena and his passengers.

"Jack!" "Jack Bruno" Selena and Sara shouted simultaneously, thrusting their hands toward the SUV that had just skidded to a stop horizontally in front of them, causing Jack to hit the break, only to have the other SUV attempt a police PIT maneuver, trying to force the cab into a tail spin.

Selena reached out subconsciously to grab Seth's hand as he reached for hers, their eyes meeting the others' momentarily at the jolt of electricity that ran through them,before turning their attention to the problem at hand. Jack regained control of the cab and pulled around a third SUV that was blocking the road, speeding down the road as all three SUVs now sped right after them.

"I said I was out and I meant it" Jack yelled.

"Who is Mr. Wolfe? Jack Bruno," Sara questioned.

"How'd you…" Jack began, but was cut off by one of the SUVs ramming into the back of the cab, jolting all of them forward in their seat-belts as both Selena and Seth tightened their hold on the others hand. "Get down, NOW!" Jack shouted.

The three teens put their heads down, Selena facing Jack to keep hold of Seth's hand, not wanting to let go. Two of the SUVs pinned the cab on each side as the third began to continuously ram into them from behind. Hitting the SUV on his right, Jack managed to create a little space between the vehicles, and then he braked, freeing himself and knocking two of the SUVs off the road as he sped down the road.

"Jack Bruno, it would appear that we have not eluded them," Sara said after all three of the teens rose up and saw the third SUV still pursuing them.

"I'm so over this. Stay down! Stay down!" Jack exclaimed, urging the three teens to put their heads down once again.

"Seth no, it's not a good idea," Sara pleaded in a hushed tone after both her and Selena's head snapped towards him.

"Don't," Selena whispered, as her eyes pleaded with him knowing exactly what he was thinking of doing.

"I have to try," Seth whispered back to the both of them.

"It is too dangerous," Sara continued to plead.

Seth phased though the cab and Selena's hand that had been holding his, and onto the road, not bothering with hiding it from Selena, as there was no way for her not to see it. Both Selena and Sara watched out the back window as he stood in the middle of the road, facing the last SUV head on as it crashed around his form as if hittinga brick wall,then flipping over him, leaving him without so much as a scratch. Selena thrusted her hand out for the cab to stop as Sara switched it into reverse and pushing the gas, only to stop it a few feet from the SUV, confusing Jack as to why the cab was driving itself.

"You three okay?" Jack asked, his hands still holding the steering wheel as he keep his hands from shaking.

"We are…" Sara stalled as Seth phased back into the car.

"…fine. We should just keep moving," Seth finished breathlessly, as Jack ignored Seth and unbuckled his seat-belt, grabbing the crowbar under the driver's seat before opening the cab door.

"Jack!" Selena shouted after him, but was ignored as well.

"So, you're from Sigun?" Selena asked, returning her attention to the two in the back, wanting to confirm her suspicions. Seth frowned at the fact that she knew the name of their planet and he didn't recall either him or Sara telling her.

"Yes, you are as well," Sara replied as Seth glared at her briefly before it disappeared at the realization that Selena was from there as well.

"How?" Seth questioned, tilting his head slightly as he looked at her.

"Yeah I am. My parents came here when I was three years old to watch over the outposts. They passed away two months ago," she explained, answering their unasked question. "What are you two doing here?" she questioned.

"We are here to retrieve a device from an outpost here," Sara answered, just as Jack climbed back into the cab and started driving again.

"How are you three holding up?" Jack questioned, looking over the three teens in the cab after several minutes.

Selena looked back at Sarah and Seth, a blush forming as she smiled when she noticed that he was still holding her hand. But it quickly fell when he jerked his hand out of hers and turned to stare out the window. Sara and Selena glanced at one knew exactly what was going on between her and Seth, just not their mental thoughts on the subject though didn't stop the little pang of hurt in Selena's heart.

"We are fine," Sara assured her softly as Selena nodded her head, turning her attention out the windshield when Jack looked at her.

"Sorry I dragged you two into this, especially you Selena," Jack apologized solemnly.

"There is no need for you to apologize, Jack Bruno," Sara replied as Seth threw her a look. "You're not always the one to blame."

"However the urgency of our trip has not decreased," Seth added impatiently.

"Look, don't worry. I'll get you two where you need to go. You guys earned it," Jack replied calmly.

"Oh my god! Look at my phone!" Selena exclaimed,showing the cracked screen she had discovered after retrieving it from the floorboard to Jack, who just looked at her with an 'we got bigger problems' expression, causing her to look away and put it back into her purse as the cab fell silent.

Selena is not a half-breed just to clear up any confusion.

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