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Previously on My version:

"Seth, calm down. We can trust Jack, I know it." Selena promises placing her hand on Seth's cheek drawing his attention solely on her. "Trust me" Selena whispers their eyes lock until he nods his head and both of their attention goes back to Jack seeing him motion for them to follow him.


The three of them follow behind Jack as he moved thought the heap of people in the restaurant keeping low and ducking behind pillars and railings. The government men enter Ray's looking for the four of them only to be held up by the Sheriff and his officers. Seconds go by the government agents pull their guns and so do the officers and a few civilians proving to outgun them.

"Ow!" Selena exclaimed softly after running nose first into Jack's back not noticing he had stopped, she looks around him for the reason. Seeing the agents are blocking every possible exit they could take. "Uncle Jack?" Selena questioned later wondering what they were going to do to get themselves out of this situation.

"It's not good" Jack murmured then turns around moving back the way they had just come, halting when he sees Tina standing in the middle of the walkway shushing them before they could open their mouths.

"Follow me" Tina whispered indicating for them to follow her and leading them to a door behind said door was a ladder that lead to the roof access hatch. Both Jack and Seth enter the room ahead of the girls.

"Thank you" Sara whispered

"Good luck" Tina responded to Sara as Selena grips Tina's hand and smiles her thanks as she follows behind Sara towards the guys as Tina closes the door and walks away. Selena sees Jack pushing against the access hatch but it wasn't bulging one bit, he shakes his head and starts climbing back down.

"It's locked from the outside" Jack said as he reached the last rungs of the ladder then leaning as Seth starts up the ladder to the hatch door. "Hey, hey, hey" Jack called as Selena goes by him following behind Seth shaking her head with a smile on her face at her uncle. Seth pushes his arm through the hatch door and pulls the lever locking the door therefore unlocking it. He pulls his arm out and pushes the door open.

"Or we could do that whatever that is" Jack said looking somewhat stunned and Sara climbs up the ladder stopping to face him.

"My brother has the ability to control his molecular density which allows him to phase through solid objects or withstand the greatest of impacts." Sara explained then continued up the ladder and onto the roof of Ray's.

"That's neat. Real neat" Jack nodded following behind them onto the roof as well.

"Why are you still surprised?" Selena questioned her uncle once his got to the roof eyebrows raised as they crouched looking for a safe way to get down.

"Oh I don't know. Maybe because this isn't a everyday thing for me, like you three" Jack said as they make their way across the roof onto another roof close by then on the top of a RV. Jack jumped down first followed by Seth and Sara with Jack bracing their falls. Selena jumps and levitates safely towards the ground, Seth grabs her hand as they start to make their way back to the cab. A growl erupts behind Jack followed by barking, he slowly turns around wide eyed to see a brown mid-sized dog snarling at him.

"Hi little fella" Jack cooed the dog and raises his arms to shield himself as the dog charges towards him. Seconds later after not feeling the impact or teeth of said dog he turns noticing Sara kneeling in front of the dog as it licked her face.

"We appreciate you understanding" Sara petted the dog then stood up "Let's go" Sara declares leading them away. Selena pets the dog before being pulled away by Seth and they follow behind the others. They finally make it back to the auto shop, hurrying to the cab. Seth, Selena and Sara climb into the cab, Sara in the passenger set with Seth and Selena in the backseat.

"Eddie, times up. We gotta go" Jack said slightly out of breathe.

"Go. There's still a lot of work to do" Eddie said confused and flinches as Sara slams the hood shut and Jack climbs into the driver's seat of the cab.

"Next time, we're in town we'll make an appointment" Jack handed Eddie a portion of the money for the work done.

"You want my card" Eddie offered

"No" Jack answered as he reversed and speed out of the shop turning and heading out of Stony creek. Selena seeing the back SUV s and guys with guns she glances at Sara who nods.

"Too many of them to outrun" Jack said just as Selena blows the a part of the engine of the first SUV and Sara blows the second one.

""Whatever you two are doing keep doing it" Jack said as Sara sabotages the last SUV and Jack speeds out of Stony Creek. "Say goodbye to Stony creek" Jack said as Sara balled her fist up stopping the cab. "No, no, no, not now. Sara? Selena? Are you one of you doing this?" Jack questioned the back door opens and in jumps the dog. "Oh hoo no, absolutely not this junkyard is not coming with us. I'm done picking up stray passengers, abso..." Jack stopped abruptly at the gunshots at the cab and speeds down the road with the dog.

"Junkyard is a good name for him" Selena said petting him as he sits in-between her and Seth. "Don't you think so?" Selena looks at Seth who nods his head in agreement as well Sara then lastly Jack. He shakes his head. "Now I get to have a dog, since you wouldn't let keep the other one"

"You mean the rat?" Jack frowned as he questioned her remembering the yapping little rat she brought home with her one day after school.

"She wasn't a rat, she was a chihuahua" Selena corrected looking out the window whilst petting Junkyard.

"Those guys that were chasing us. They were the same ones from the highway right?" Jack said

"Yes" Sara answered

"It is vital you take us to their base of operations" Seth demanded

"You want me to take to the guys who were trying to kill you?" Seth nodded "Let me explain to you how we do things here on Earth. The people who want you dead you avoid, that way you...stay alive. Make sense."

"No one on your planet will... stay alive, if we do not return to our planet. In order to return we need our ship, those men who were trying kill us have stolen our ship. Make sense." Seth declared as Selena covers her mouth containing her laughter which Jack hears and frowned at her to which she shrugs grinning at her uncle.

"Where do you suggest we began our search?" Sara questioned

"I don't suggest we began searching at all. I do suggest we go back to Vegas and I drop you off right were you go on. You too." Jack stated

"Well I'm getting off with them and don't een think about trying to stop me" Selena glared at Jack who looks slightly shocked by the announcement.

"Selena" Jack starts and Selena shakes her head not wanting to hear another word about it, clearly having made her decision about it.

"Selena" Seth questioned tilting his head slightly and glaring at Jack for upsetting her.

"I'm fine Seth" Selena whispered giving him a small smile and he nodded turning his attention back to the conversation at hand.

"Just as I thought no human is going to help us Sara, especially not this human." Seth

"Hey, hey easy on the human bashing, okay. Some of my best friends just happen to be human. An...and even if I wore to help you, I wouldn't even know where to begin. I don't know anything about UFO's or aliens..." Jack said

"Who is Dr. Alex Friedman?" Sara questioned

"Someone who can help" Selena and Jack said in unison "And for the record she happens to be human." Jack finished looking directly at Seth.

"What was the name of the place she went to? Something about convention or something" Selena questioned as Seth grabbed her hand that was resting on Junkyards' back .

"Planet Hollywood" Jack answered