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Tarrant brought his hand up to his face without opening his eyes, feeling the most irritating sensation of something tickling his nose. Upon it stopping, he relaxed and laid his arm back around the warm body lying atop of his. Seconds later, the tickling sensation returned. Grumbling at having been disturbed from a most restful sleep, Tarrant opened his eyes and proceeded to curse in Outlandish when he saw the large, purple cat floating next to the bed, grinning widely with the Hatter's top hat atop his furry head.

"Why ye wicked kitteh!" Tarrant growled as he rushed to pull the blankets up over Alice's shoulders, whose nude body was prostrated over his, her face buried in his bare chest. Alice continued to sleep uninterrupted, sighing sweetly as she nuzzled her cheek against her husband's warm skin.

"Good morning lovebirds," Chessur smiled, he tail waving about as he smiled unfazed by the Hatter's murderous expression.

"Whit dae ye want!" Tarrant hissed as loud as he could, trying to not wake up Alice.

"I apologize for the intrusion," Chessur continued. "But I wanted to inform you of the hot meal awaiting you and Lady Hightopp. It was Thackery's idea but sent by way of the White Queen, well two of her lady's maids. Mirana implored the rest of us to give you two some privacy."

"Yet yer still here," Tarrant replied.

"Yes well…I was never quite adept at following instructions," Chess continued, spinning upside down. "I'll be on my way then."

"Well thank you and fairfarren," the Hatter replied, sounding appeased. "And leave my hat behind!"

Chessur sank down to the floor with a smile, evaporating into a mist and making the ornate top hat clatter to the floor with a loud thump, causing Alice to stir from her sleep. Feeling her beginning to rouse, Tarrant swore inwardly at the rapidly departed feline.

"Good morning," Alice sleepily said, lifting her head up from Tarrant's chest to his shoulder.

"Good morning luvie, how are you feeling?"

Alice opened her eyes and brought her hand up to Tarrant's hair, playing with his ruffled curls as she pondered his question. Her lips felt fuller and kiss swollen; Alice flushed remembering that whenever Tarrant's mouth wasn't nibbling at another part of her body he was kissing her. Her body ached and felt as if she'd ridden the Bandersnatch for hours on end and between her legs there was minor discomfort but other than that she had no complaints. Right then her stomach growled, as if answering Tarrant's question. "I guess that means famished," she laughed, sitting up.

Tarrant smiled, bringing a hand up to play with the sleep tousled curls that splayed out over Alice's naked back. Alice turned around to look at Tarrant, blushing prettily when she saw him smiling at her.

"As it happens, there's a wonderful spread awaiting us downstairs," Tarrant relayed. After seeing the curious expression on Alice's face, Tarrant explained what happened a few minutes before she awoke, leaving out the part of Chessur vaporizing in on them with her partially covered body exposed. (Although Tarrant was quite sure than he hadn't seen anything, which was sheer luck on the cat's part.)

After freshening up and dressing, the two went downstairs to find a large, white basket with a note from Mirana sitting on the breakfast table. After unpacking the basket and tucking away a hearty breakfast that had stayed warm the entire time, Alice and Tarrant decided they'd go for a walk.

After reaching the meadow that Tarrant had brought Alice to when she'd first returned to Underland, they plopped down unceremoniously onto the grass. Alice sat between Tarrant's splayed legs, leaning her head to rest against his chest while she idly played with his fingers. "Everything's how it was before," she murmured happily.

"I think things are better than before, Lady Hightopp," Tarrant replied, his arms tightening their hold around his wife.

Giggling, Alice turned around to face Tarrant. She plucked his top hat from his head and placed it on hers, grinning happily as she leaned forward to kiss him. "My hat suits ye," Tarrant laughed, amused at the sight of his oversized hat sitting askew atop of Alice's golden curls.

Tarrant then laid all the way back until he was resting on the grass, bringing Alice back with him. She now straddled his hips, her knees on either side of his waist. Hat still atop of her head, she rested her chin on Tarrant's chest, never able to get enough of his sweet Hatter-esque scent. Alice was able to appreciate the fact that he'd only worn his trousers and a dress shirt minus the cravat, as she was able to easily gain purchase to the pale, bare skin of his throat and chest. Alice's lips sought out the sensitive area, the brim of Tarrant's hat hitting his shoulder as her lips worked their way up to underneath his jaw.

Becoming agitated at the hat keeping her from kissing Tarrant like she wanted, Alice yanked it off and cast it to the side. Tarrant paid no heed to the negligent treatment of his beloved hat; he was too busy returning Alice's ardent kisses, his fingers entwined in her curls. "You know, I just realized something," he murmured huskily, breaking their kiss.

"What's that?" Alice asked breathlessly, her chest heaving slightly.

"We're underneath a tree," he replied suggestively, causing Alice's cheeks to glow. Her hips then instinctively pressed down upon Tarrant's body, as she looked around furtively. "There's no one around, no flowers either," he reassured.

Alice laughed as she looked up, seeing that they were indeed resting beneath a heavily shaded tree. Trembling slightly, she felt Tarrant's insistent bulge pressing against her sensitive core. 'I do hope it doesn't hurt like before,' she thought to herself frowning at the memory of their first coupling. Again, it was as if Tarrant was able to pluck the thoughts from her mind.

"You can stay like that, you'll be able to go at your own accord," he said.

"But I don't know what I'm doing," Alice replied shyly.

"Just do whatever feels good to ye."

Swallowing nervously, Alice scooted back until she was resting slightly on Tarrant's thighs. Her hands went to the front of his trousers, her eyes focused on Tarrant's as she released his swollen manhood. Prostrating herself to hover back over him, Alice lifted the hem of her dress up and fumbled with the slit of her knickers, angling her entrance to brush against the tip of Tarrant's cock. Surprised to feel that she was moist already, Alice cautiously slid down wincing when she felt the parting of her still tender flesh.

Breathing heavily, she paused when her hips were flush against Tarrant's. "Are ye alright?" he asked gently.

Alice nodded her head, keeping her body still as she tried to accustom herself to the feel of him inside of her. "It still hurts a bit," she confessed.

"Ye just need to become used to me, tis all," Tarrant replied tensely, fighting the urge to thrust upwards. "Just go slaw as ye need."

Alice planted both hands against Tarrant's chest and moved her body against his cautiously. While her movements weren't skillful after a moment they caused both her and Tarrant to inhale sharply. His hands went round her waist, holding onto Alice as his hips rolled up causing him to move smoothly within her. Alice cried out uncontrollably, feeling sparks of pleasure shooting straight up to the pit of her stomach.

"Did I hurt ye lass?" Tarrant asked, stilling his body.

Alice shook her head vehemently, her curls becoming more disheveled by the minute. "Don't stop," she beckoned, her body uncontrollably attempting to move in tandem with Tarrant's. Her moans grew louder as Tarrant's fingers gripped her waist tightly, urging her body to rock against his more rapidly. Alice's hands slipped from Tarrant's chest, falling to the ground as her fingers clutched at the grass. Uncaring if her voice carried off in the meadow, Alice cried out in insuppressible pleasure. The spring of tension in her body suddenly snapped, causing her snug walls to pulsate tightly around Tarrant's manhood offsetting his climax.

Once their simultaneous cries of pleasure had subsided, Alice's legs grew weak and gave out from underneath her causing her damp, trembling body to collapse on top of Tarrant's. They were still joined at the hip when he brought his hands around Alice's body, his fingertips massaging small circles into her back.

"Tarrant," Alice murmured into his neck when their breathing finally returned to normal.

"Yes luv," he answered, smoothing the curls back from Alice's face to kiss her forehead.

"You never got round to making my pair of trousers."

Tarrant's body shook with laughter at her statement. "Aye lassie, ye never cease tae amaze me." Alice looked up at Tarrant, feigning a serious expression yet the laughter in her eyes giving her away. "Alright darling, let's get to it then."

After they both stood up and righted their clothing, (with Alice still feeling too shy to look directly at her husband) Tarrant offered his arm. "Milady? I'll have you know that Time is not forgiving."

Alice giggled and held onto the Hatter's arm. They made it a foot away from the tree when she suddenly stopped short. "Wait a minute!" she cried out, lifting up her skirts and dashing back to the tree. After picking up Tarrant's forgotten hat, she rushed back over to him and placed it upon his head. "Now we can go home," she replied, smiling up at him.

"I rather like the sound of that," Tarrant said happily, his hand working its way into Alice's as he bent down to kiss the tip of her nose. Hand in hand, the two slowly made their way back to the Windmill.