Hero's Blue

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The cheers that rose up as the wall finally broke and the dust rose into the air were astounding. America had never heard such a thing. When his boss had told him of the peoples treatment and how it was their duty to save them since they were at fault for allowing them to be controlled, Alfred had known it was the right thing to do. Hearing their shouts though…he wished they could have done it sooner.

If he thought the sounds were astounding though, then the scene was even more amazing to the hero obsessed blonde. Out of that cloud of dust marched the people of east Germany and at the head, and old tattered Prussian flag flying from his hand was Gilbert…the embodiment of Prussia and Eastern Germany. As the older country passed off his flag to a citizen and slumped onto his dear younger brother, Alfred watched on, a sad smile on his face.

Injuries covered the once pristine white flesh of the arrogant albino and Alfred knew from his own days in the military that those wounds came not only from the treatment of his country but from a torture he must have endured on a physical level. Turning to glare at Russia, his face darkened considerably at the sight of the other man holding the Iron cross Alfred knew the two brothers (and Italy) treasured.

Casting a look back at the German brother's he could see tears streaming down both faces as they embraced and talked and shouted for joy. They had been separated for so long and Alfred wouldn't do anything to disrupt it. As his cold blue eyes turned back to the Russian, he saw Ivan place the cross back into his pocket and wait…as though something was coming. The man's cold violet eyes stared at the love between the two Germans with burning hatred.

Sure enough, when Feliciano stepped forward, Gilbert disengaged from Ludwig and spoke clearly; giving Alfred the chance to read his lips, as he told them he had one last thing to do. Turning his back on his brother and Allie he stepped slowly towards the Russian, his body trembling with either fear or anger, Alfred wasn't sure. When Gilbert passed him, Alfred could see determination in those eerie crimson orbs. Letting out a soft sigh at whatever the Prussian was going to do, Alfred fell into step behind the albino. He could tell by the stiffening in his shoulders that Gilbert knew he was there but the man didn't stop.

Instead, when he stood proudly before Ivan, his tormentor, Gilbert reached his hands up painstakingly slow to the buckle on the collar around his throat. As the loops slid free and the heavy leather strap was freed a red mark was left upon his throat. When it was off, he smirked at Ivan.

"I am free! You will never touch me again, this I swear! I am the awesomeness that is Prussia and my amazing self as well as my amazing people are hereby liberated from Mother Russia and Ivan Birginski!"

With that, he chucked the collar at Ivan though it fell short and turned away only to crash into the hard body that was Alfred.

"Wah, what do you want you hulking bucket of lard?"

Alfred just gave his famous smile and wrapped Gilbert in a tight hug. Gilbert could feel the thin wiry muscle of the other through his clothes and realized that although the other nation seemed bulky, he really wasn't. When the younger nation leaned down to rest his forehead on Gilbert's neck he could feel the tears slowly leaking and knew why the other was crying.

Just like Gilbert was always Awesome, Alfred was always the Hero…and it wasn't heroic to be crying, not even if they were tears of joy. Wrapping arms lightly around the taller blond, Gilbert smiled slightly (though to others it would look like a smirk) as he whispered softly.

"It's okay…thank you for helping me. You gave me hope so please, never change who you are. Always remember, Alfred…no, America, you are a true hero this day."

He felt a gentle kiss pressed to his raw skin before the younger stood and gave him a brilliant smile.

"Then please Gilbert…always remember that you are Awesome and never give in…"

With that, the American pulled out his infamous bomber jacket and draped the heavy material over Gilbert's shoulder's. For his part, Gilbert slipped his arms through the sleeves and held it tight. Next, and certainly the most amazing thing America could have done, Alfred slipped off his dog tags, something he is never supposed to do, and placed them around the Prussian's neck.

"Hold these for me…till you um…get your cross back."

With a small blush under his honey colored skin and a bright smile, Alfred wandered off whistling his national anthem. Feeling an arm wrap around his shoulders, Gilbert looked up into the bright blue eyes of his friend Francis.

"It's good to have you back Gilbert…that man really worked hard to make sure we all got you back. He has been beating himself up since the end of the war."

Another arm slung over him and he turned to look into the green eyes of Spain's Antonio.

"Si mi amigo, he really really cares about you and your people. I feel he has finally proven himself a true hero today."

Gilbert nodded.

"Ja, a true hero is someone that can see a mistake they made and, instead of covering it up, stand up to fight against it."

The other two parts of the trio nodded. Even though they normally only goofed off, they all knew very well when they needed to be serious and that time was now. Francis and Antonio knew Gilbert needed them to remain serious and strong for him because, for right now, he was malnourished and injured. Sure they had both seen him malnourished but injuries that didn't come from a battle were new to them.

Gilbert was the shortest but strongest of the three of them and what he lacked in height, he had always made up for in ego. Right now though, he just looked small. They would bulk him up though. They would return him back to what they had seen before and even more so, they would make him even better than that!

Until then though, all they could do is watch over him as the other Beilschmidt brother stepped forward saying he wanted to take Gilbert home and bandage his wounds. He could only smile when he saw the dog tags and jacket hanging from his brother's underfed frame.

As the brother's headed home with Feliciano tagging along behind them, Ludwig wondered if he should mention that Alfred had stopped by many times to plan with them but instead, the young nation would just sit and stare at the pictures of Gilbert.

When Germany looked in the rear-view though, for as he had pondered this, they had reached the car and were well on their way home, he saw Prussia out cold snuggled into the jacket and clutching the dog tags. It was then Ludwig decided to stay quiet about it until he felt it was right.


Line Break


Alfred smiled at his boss while eating a big thing of doughnuts. Although he was in nothing but a muscle tee, he wasn't cold, Hero's never get cold! His super awesome boss, JFK smiled at him and clapped a hand on the nation's back.

"Aren't you happy we freed your friend and his people?"

Alfred nodded eagerly, drawing attention to the fact he no longer jingled. His boss looked down and frowned.

"What happened to your tags? You lose them Al?"

Alfred shook his head and smiled.

"No Sir, I gave them to someone important…I'll get them back some day."

With a smile, Alfred shoved a doughnut into his Boss's mouth and walked away. It wasn't till later that he wondered if shoving that doughnut at his boss caused the famous speech. Didn't matter to him though, as long as Gilbert was happy and safe again, Alfred would be happy and his hero senses would settle down again…For a nation, he was definitely happy that he would no longer feel like he had to sneeze.




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