Heroes Blue 7

And So we reach our anticlimactic ending with a few bumps along the way and a long tribune to the future that may or may not happen.

Peace even for a short time is an amazing thing and I feel that's what this story represents, a strive for peace if only within the soul. I feel this chapter will show that, if only for a little while, Alfred and Gilbert found peace within each other.

Also, I dedicate Innocence by Avril Lavigne to this chapter!

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Alfred stared up at the tree he lounged under, a gentle breeze floating through the branches.

"Ten years huh? It's been that long hasn't it…"

Everything he had been through over the years, everything he had seen, felt, heard and touched… Yet here he was, relaxing under a tree and waiting for his lover. He could still remember the pain in his body that day ten years ago. Weather it was his heart trembling with love, his body from the marks that covered it as physical proof of their love or his eye…the representation of the pain and turmoil between them as countries.

Even now, though his body didn't hurt, it remembered. His vision was still sketchy in his left eye, the color darker then it's twin and his back would still ache for days after their love making but he loved it either way.


Alfred blue eyes turned to meet the ruby irises of his beloved while a smile danced across his face.

"Gil! You kept this hero waiting even though you're the one that set up this date!"

Gilbert smirked at him.

"Yeah well my awesomeness takes time to reach full potential!"

Gilbert's cocky smile softened as he pulled Alfred to his feet and kissed him gently.

"Sorry to keep you waiting…"

Alfred wrapped his arms around the other's waist and leaned his head down to his shoulder. He didn't want to admit it but not seeing the other made him scared…like it could be the last time. Sure, they had fights, Alfred had stormed out of Ludwig's home at 2 in the morning only to barge into Arthur's on many occasions in the last ten years but it didn't change the fact that they loved each other and that there could always be that moment where Gilbert didn't come after him…

That moment where he would never go after anyone again terrified Alfred.

"It's okay…we better get to exhibit before everyone else gets annoyed…"

Gilbert had called everyone in for their anniversary date. It was a date based on the promise ten years ago to see the Prussian Exhibit when it was finished…and this was the opening week for the historic event.


They walked hand in hand down the tree lined path, the sun was bright that day and Alfred was glad he could blame that for the glistening of tears in his eyes as he felt that hand…yeah, it was still strong, yeah, Gilbert was still healthy…but there were signs. The way Gilbert bruised easier…the way he got tired more often… They were all signs that he wouldn't last forever… Alfred was holding onto the hope that maybe seeing the exhibit would remind him that people still believed in his existence.

Taking the time to look at his partner's outfit, Alfred smiled at the old Prussian Blue uniform he wore, his Iron Cross placed beautifully at his tie…it was like being back in WWII.

"Prussian Blue…it's a nice color."

If Gilbert had been thinking, he didn't show any sign of being bothered as he smiled at the younger.

"Yeah…I thought it would be good to drag my uniform out. This isn't the original…that got burned away by Ivan but Ludwig kept the copies."

Alfred nodded and looked down at his own attire, sighing as he realized how lousy his choice was in comparison. Al had on a black hoody/vest with a muscle tee underneath and black skinny jeans. A pair of converse sneakers on his feet completed the look while his dog tags shone in the bright sunlight. Gilbert didn't seem to concerned about his outfit though so Alfred decided not to let it bother him too much.

When the large building came into sight, Alfred was surprised to see that no one showed up to wait for them.

"Erm, Gil? Where is everyone."

The albino chuckled slightly before nodding his head.

"Well ya see Al…I wanted this to be just the two of us so I told everyone our anniversary was the next day and to meet at a bar… Sorry for not telling you."

He gave the blond a peck on the cheek for his patience and the American just shrugged.

"Doesn't matter… I'm just glad we can go!"

With that, he rushed his lover into the building and up to the clerk. After paying for their tickets and getting a map of the facility, they picked which parts they wanted to see, deciding to end their day with the Prussian Exhibit. Gilbert commented a few times that maybe they should have drug Ludwig here to tell them more about his own experiences as they traveled through time to when the big man was once 300 states but personally Al felt that Gilbert offered more.

The albino man had a better memory than anyone gave him credit for as he told stories dating back to the Holy Roman Empire. He remarked about days when fighting was a great thing and the different types of wars 'back in the day'. When they reached the WWI exhibit their conversation turned to darker days. Days of when the Austrian/Hungary alliance was used to drag Germany into a war it didn't want and how that back fired leading into WWII.

It was in the following exhibit that they got edgy, neither enjoyed remembering that. Gilbert both for what his brother went through and later what he himself went through while Alfred hated remembering all the injustice done to everyone… There were some times the two could joke though, remembering days when things were calmer during the war…especially Gilbert remarking about all the drunken escapades with his gang.

They certainly got a lot of looks, weather it was how they were dressed, the comments they were making or the odd times at which they would laugh neither knew but they were stared at quite openly.

The day wore on with the men stopping at the museum café/gift shop to pick up food for the starving American and checking out souvenirs. It took them a while to decide before they ended up with a brand new Prussian flag, which Gilbert was excited about, and a book about Prussian warfare. When they had eaten and relaxed a bit, easily slipping into a comfortable silence, both agreed that it was time to head to their main attraction.

"Come on Gil… time to go see what we came here for!"

Gilbert only smiled softly and allowed his blonde lover to drag him to the second floor which was completely dedicated to Prussia. The entrance sign was huge and beautiful, reading "The Prussian Existence" which Gilbert read allowed for his none fluent friend.

"Ah! Look at this Al, this is from when I was the Teutonic Knights!"

Alfred stared at the painting of a silver haired boy leading his military. Their outfits were simple with some metal armor and white robes decorated in bluish crosses holding a matching flag. The boy at the front, red eyes ablaze and silver hair glinting in the sun, looked like a general for all his small stature.

"I fought alongside them even though I couldn't have been bigger than an eight year old. The battles were hard and long, my days as the knights lasting until I was a teen. I remember the first time I met Liet, he was just a small brat back then. Hungary was always ordering me around back then but I had thought she was a he so I didn't argue much kesesese."

Alfred listened intrigued as they walked through the first section. So many artifacts were preserved from that day and the stories Gilbert told were more amazing then anything they could read. The next part was the early days of the Kingdom of Prussia.

"Old Fritz! Haha, I remember this like it was yesterday. Guy comes marching into my country as the Teutonic Knight or the Germany Order and tell us 'You are now a kingdom and I shall call you Prussia! With that, I am now the King!' But you know, he was a great guy…he led us well for a long time, as did his descendants. I loved each and every one, helped babysit his kids sometimes too!"

Alfred laughed loudly, easily imagining Gilbert teaching the kids all the workings of beer!

The paintings of the man were great though there were none showing Gilbert until the Prussian/Austrian wars. Then there was a great picture of the Prussian/Spanish/French combined forces looking down at the Austrian military.

"Hah, that's from when I captured Silesia… I had gotten dumped by that piano loving bastard and he married Eliziveta. It doesn't matter now though."

Gilbert pressing a kiss to Alfred cheek having noticed the blonde looking slightly glum about this time in history.

"I have you now, and I don't need anyone else."

Alfred's hundred watt smile was worth it as they moved on to later times. The unification of Germany, Prussia being relegated to East Prussia and then, Prussia during WWII days.

"We didn't want to join the war. If we hadn't been invaded we probably would have remained neutral considering we didn't really have a bone to pick with the Russians nor Poland. When it came down to it though, we joined in easily enough and I fought hard along my Bruder."

"We hated what our people were doing but as countries we have no choice. When the war was ending though and you all broke apart Germany, I thought my time to fade had come…I didn't think Russia would put up an actually divider and turn me into East Germany."

Here he took a breath as they stared at pictures of the wall.

"At first, I was allowed to go around the house but I was usually beaten… or other things to the point that I couldn't. I didn't think about my people after a while…I just wanted to disappear and I didn't care if that meant becoming one with Russia." "

My body was pushed to limits and my pride was torn to shreds. Then Regan, your boss, came and made his wonderful comment to 'Tear down that wall!' and I cried… When Liet told me I cried. After that, I could see it, freedom that is and I knew why you fought so hard for it… it's a beautiful thing to have."

Next were three beautiful paintings…each holding a picture of Gilbert.

"I don't think I ever mentioned this but before I became East Germany, I was known as Gilbert Weilschmidt… It was an old Prussian name that died long ago which is why I go with the German name instead. This picture is from the other side of the wall…as I walked through that crowd and showed them that old Prussian pride."

Alfred stared at the picture of a battered man marching through crowds of people to reach the wall… The wall that Alfred drug down with everything he had. The picture was titled

'The Soldier'

The next picture was of Gilbert…Prussia standing upon a ledge with his hands stretched towards the sun, his back littered with injuries and the crowd cheered around him even though he looked ready to collapse. They rallied around their Leader, the stance of a man long beaten down by Russia but who had come out on top.

"When I raised my hand to the air, I wanted to be drawn up into that glorious sun…it was shining so brilliantly that day."

'Sunlight's Guidance'

Gilbert ran a finger over the name plate before looking at the third. It was of Gilbert as he came over the wall with the Prussian flag soaring out behind him…this picture should have held Ludwig and Feli who had rushed to greet him but instead, it showed Alfred. It was different though.

In this picture, Alfred had huge angle wings flowing from that brown bomber jacket, the sun acting like a halo while large blue eyes shone with crystal tears that slipped down lightly tanned cheeks. The wings seemed to be made of light instead of feathers as this angelic version watched Gilbert.

"The Angelic Savior."

Gilbert read the title aloud before both turned to look at the main hall…and the largest painting off all. This picture brought Gilbert too his knees and Alfred too tears as they stared at it. Both ignored the words of all around them as they remembered the hug they had shared and the different version they stared at now.

Before them was a painting of Gilbert, bloody and beaten but with a sense of pride still carried in his being even while falling to his knees. Holding him up was the same blonde angel, the bomber jacket and uniform exchanges for a flowing white garment matching beautiful wings as he hugged the albino man lightly. Those eyes shone brighter than the blues of the sky or the tattered uniform Gilbert wore.

"Young Sirs?"

Both sets of tear filled orbs looked up into an elderly face of a man who looked at them then the painting.

"Ah…you both are the first to show such a reaction to my painting…I wonder why though."

The man stared at them and his eyes opened wide in realization.

"Why…you're the man who gave me the Prussian flag from that day…and that makes you the American soldier that waited for us… But why have you not aged?"

And Gilbert could only smile through his tears at the man as he spoke.

"You may not believe us but in this world, there are men and women who represent their countries…we are the best kept secret in the world but you deserve to know…though, can you tell us the name of you painting?"

The man pulled out a note book and handed it to Alfred and Gilbert.

"Only if you promise to sign that and write your story."

Gilbert smiled and wrote about the beings who live in this world different from humans before signing his name…

Gilbert Weilschmidt/Beilschmidt the representation of the Awesomeness that was and always will be the Kingdom of Prussia!

Alfred took the paper and wrote his own little commentary about heroes and saviors before signing his name as well.

Alfred 'Al' 'Alfie' F. Jones, the being of America and the world's greatest Hero.

The man read both entries and smiled before answering the previous question.

"I will pass this on for years and years…all in my family will know of Prussia so that it may never die. That picture? Ah…that picture was called…

Hero's Blue




And the end! I hope you all enjoyed this short but beautiful story! I really enjoyed writing these chapters and I hope you will all review my ending! Thank you very much and always remember, Prussia was an amazing country and it should be remembered!

As long as you remember it, Gilbert shall live and Alfred will never be alone!

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The End