Dragonball Z: Saga of the Master Saiyan

Written by: Steeldramon21

Disclaimer: Dragonball Z is owned by Akira Toriyama and the people at Toei Animation. The only thing that I own is the characters of Gochi, Zero, Tracy, and Ramel.

Summary: This story involves a character named Gochi. He comes from the future, like Mirai Trunks, but a different one entirely. When he meets with the Z Fighters, he says that Zero, an unfinished program made by Dr. Gero, is on his way within one month. To stop him, they have to push their power to the level of a Master Saiyan, a level legendary among Saiyan for the power involved. Can Gochi help them while keeping the secret of his birth?

Rating: PG-13

Couples: Vegeta/Bulma, Goku/ChiChi, Goku/Bulma (It will be explained), Krillin/18, and slight Mirai Trunks/18. If you don't like it, then that's your problem.

Note: This Dragonball Z story is an AU a few months after the defeat of Cell. Trunks hasn't returned to his time yet and Goku is alive once more. Chibi Trunks has already been born. Finally, ChiChi isn't pregnant with Goten yet.

Warning: Since I haven't seen Dragonball Z since the end of the Cell Saga, most of the characters will be OOC.

Chapter 1: The Stranger Arrives

In the desert on the outskirts of the cities, the calmness of the early morning was lit by the re-entry of a space capsule. The white, orb-shaped pod slowly descended until it touched the earth, it's engines dying down until they stopped completely. As the door opened, a shape could be seen exiting the craft in a slow stride. He was wearing a blue jean jacket and a white T-shirt, his black, spiky hair rustling in the dying winds made by the pod's engines. He was Gochi, a Saiyan from a time far into the future. Like Trunks, he too was on a mission to protect his future from a threat. However, his was a future far worse than the Androids or Cell combined.

"It looks like this is the right place." Gochi thought to himself as he stepped onto the desert. "It feels so clean here, even though this is a desert." He touched a control panel on the door of the craft and the door closed. "Now I just have to find Dad and the others and hope they'll listen to me." With that, he charged his ki and took off for the skies.


Meanwhile, in the Son house, Goku was shoveling down his breakfast with his son, Gohan. ChiChi, as usual, was perched over him like a watchful hawk, ready to correct his manners at a moment's notice.

"Goku, slow down." ChiChi chided him as she watched him eat. "You're making a bad example for Gohan."

"What was that, ChiChi?" Goku said as he slurped down his food.

"Honestly, Goku, you could at least chew with your mouth closed." ChiChi sighed as she sat down to her own food and turned to her son. "So, Gohan, how is school?"

"So far, it going great." Gohan answered. "I've got some new friends and I'm getting all A+ marks this semester."

"That's my Gohan." ChiChi said as she beamed with pride. As Goku was stuffing more food into his mouth, he suddenly felt a flash of Saiyan energy. It was powerful… and close.

"That's strange." Goku thought to himself. "I haven't felt anything that strong before. It kind of feels familiar, and sort of tingly, but… I can't remember where from. I wonder what it means?"

"Goku, are you all right?" ChiChi asked him, wondering while her husband was staring off into space. He then jumped up, startling her slightly.

"Huh?" Goku snapped out of it and saw the concern on his wife's face. "Yeah, ChiChi, I'm fine. It was probably nothing." With that, he sat back down and resumed his messy eating.


Meanwhile, at Capsule Corporation, Vegeta was deeply engrossed in his training in the gravity room. Bulma and Mirai Trunks were busy eating breakfast and tending to Baby Trunks. Since the defeat of Cell, the Saiyan prince had been engrossed in training. He had shut out almost everything else, including Bulma and their recently-born child. All that mattered was increasing his skill and surpassing Goku, or Kakarrot as Vegeta called him.

As he continued to push his power to the limit, Bulma watched him through the glass of the room. Often times, she wondered what had drawn them together in the first place. When he first came to this planet, he had every intention of destroying it. That is, until he had laid eyes on her. The attraction had been lustful at first, driven by stubbornness and pride on both parts as well as sexual attraction. Then, since Mirai Trunks's arrival and the birth of Baby Trunks, he had been getting more and more distant. Vegeta would spend hours on end in the gravity room while Bulma tended to their child, with Mirai Trunks's help.

"Woman!" Vegeta yelled as he exited the training room, breaking Bulma's thoughts. "Food! Now!"

"It's in the kitchen, Vegeta." Bulma called to him. "I'm busy with the baby."

"The insolence of that woman." Vegeta thought as he sat down at the kitchen table, where Mirai Trunks was already eating. "To think that a prince of the entire Saiyan race would have to be reduced to serving himself. Instead she's tending to the brat, as usual." Just as he was about to eat, suddenly both he and Trunks felt something. "That energy… it is the full might of a Saiyan ki. It feels familiar, and yet I've never felt this much power before, not even from that third-class baka Kakarrot." Vegeta then looked at Trunks, who was as surprised as he was.

"You felt it too, boy?" Vegeta asked him.

"Yes." Trunks replied to his father. "An energy unlike any I've ever felt before. Hopefully, it was nothing." Just then, the conversation was interrupted when Bulma came in with Baby Trunks in her arms.

"What are you two talking about this time?" Bulma asked both of them as she sat down.

"Nothing that concerns you, woman." Vegeta told her plainly as he got up. "I'm going back to the gravity room to train. I expect a fresh battle suit laid out when I'm finished."

"What do I look like? Your slave?" Bulma said to him.

"Don't get flippant with me, woman!" Vegeta growled at her. "I told you what I expect." He then turned toward Trunks. "Boy, you will come with me."

"All right, Father." With that, both Saiyans walked back into the already battle-worn room.

"Sometimes, I wonder why I bother with that arrogant jackass." Bulma thought to herself as she watched both of them leave.


Meanwhile, Goku and Gohan were about to leave to train in the desert. Just as they were about to leave, there was a knock on the door.

"Goku, could you get the door?" ChiChi called from the kitchen.

"Okay." When the Saiyan answered it, he was greeted by a young man who looked as old as Mirai Trunks. His raven-black hair was styled similar to his own, his eyes a deep shade of cerulean blue. They were filled with kindness but a deep-seeded concern. He appeared to be muscular, as though he had worked out considerably. Yet, it was the fact that his ki was the same one from this morning that made Goku think he was familiar.

"Hi." Goku greeted the stranger. "Can I help you?"

"As a matter of fact, you can." The stranger said to him. "My name's Gochi and… I need you help."