Hyacinth slips into bed next to her husband and snuggles into the warm blankets. Richard's arm fits naturally around her waist. Sheridan is asleep down the hall. Hyacinth falls into a gentle sleep with pleasant dreams.

Early the next morning Hyacinth quietly climbs out of bed and pulls the covers up to keep Richard warm while she goes and makes breakfast. When she enters the kitchen she can smell coffee brewing. Knowing that she'd left Richard asleep upstairs she knows that her son must have gotten up early. "Good morning, Sheridan."

"Morning, mummy. Do you want a cup of coffee? It's still fresh." Sheridan says as he pulls a beaker out of the cupboard and begins to fix his mother's coffee.

"Thank you, sweetheart." Hyacinth says as she sits down at the kitchen table. She enjoys this time with her adult son. Her son is doing so much work at university that she rarely sees him.

"Mum," Sheridan says as he sighs and sits down heavily across the table from his mother. "Is dad disappointed in me?"

"What? Why do you think that? I don't think your father is disappointed in you." Hyacinth says gently. She knows her son is terribly sensitive.

"I know he thinks I should be studying something more practical at university. We just have different priorities. We don't see eye to eye on practically anything." Sheridan says as he looks down into his empty beaker. He worries about his relationship with his father.

"Sheridan, I know you and your father don't always get along, but that doesn't mean your dad doesn't care for you. He has his way of doing things and you have your way of doing things. You two are both a unique breed. It's why I love you both so much." Hyacinth says sweetly.