Richard shakes his head before he follows his wife outside. By the time Richard gets outside his wife is on her hands and knees over a flowerbed pulling weeds. She has such a lovely backside, Richard thinks. She thinks I've stopped noticing how beautiful she is, but I haven't. She just doesn't believe me now. He loves his wife dearly and she's been much more touchy feely and emotional with him recently. He doesn't really understand where it's all coming from, but he'll accept it. Richard gets his clippers out and begins clipping the biggest rose blooms into a bouquet. "Here darling, these are for you." Richard says kneeling next to his wife.

"Oh, Richard, they're beautiful." Hyacinth says as she looks up at her husband and tears begin to slide down her face.

Richard pulls Hyacinth into his lap and allows her to cry for a moment. "Hyacinth, what's wrong darling?" Richard asks cradling his wife.

"Richard," Hyacinth sniffs softly. "Do you ever wish we'd had more children?"

"Sometimes," Richard answers honestly. "There are moments when I think it would have been nice to have had a daughter or just another child. I don't think about it so much anymore. There are also moments, like this morning, when I think it would be nice not to have had any children at all. It's a little late to be thinking about all this now, Hyacinth." Richard says stroking her back.

"I know that, Richard, but there are times when I look at Sheridan and I see the awful mistakes I made with him. Maybe if we'd had more children he wouldn't be the way he is because I wouldn't have had as much time to spend on just him. I spoiled him and it's made him an uncooperative, selfish person. I'm sorry. I so wanted Sheridan to turn out like you, but it didn't turn out that way." Hyacinth says miserably.

"But, Hyacinth, you're always criticizing me. I never imagined you wanted Sheridan to turn out like me. Sheridan was your child from the start and I allowed it. He never liked me, really, and he never grew on me particularly. Maybe I wasn't meant to be a father, but we were always at polar opposites all the time. In his teenage years he did everything not to be like me." Richard says confusedly.

"Richard, I adore you. I know I don't say it, but I can't imagine life without you. Sheridan would have been much better off being more like you and far less like me. I'm concerned about his future. He hasn't made any definite or positive decisions about his future." Hyacinth says leaning her head on Richard's shoulder.

"He's still young, Hyacinth. He may not always make wise decisions, but all's not lost. He needs a job and some skills, but he can succeed. We did our best. It's up to him now." Richard says as he lifts the brim of Hyacinth's hat so he can see her face better.

"Yes, but Richard by the time you were his age you were firmly established in a career and we were about to get married. I see no job prospects and no relationship prospects on the horizon and I know he's not straight, but I'd settle for him being in a long term, committed relationship with another man at this point. I just want to see something positive from him to show me that I haven't totally failed as a mother." Hyacinth says sadly.

"We're from two different eras Sheridan and I. He's doing things the way his generation does things and I was conventional for our generation. We just have to let things progress and see what he does. He might surprise us yet. You haven't failed as a mother. You're not his only influence. If you were, he would have been perfect." Richard says as he kisses Hyacinth.